Lifestyle Change New Beginning

  •   Start date 3/18/2013 weight 200 pounds.Goal weight 130 pounds

    I'm motivated to transform myself including my body,mind and soul. I've discovered by me being inspired by others whose on their "Body 4 Life transformation" will help me reach my goal which  to come off All Blood Pressure and Heart Medication also to maintain my weight, so I want fall back into that unhealthy lifestyle.  I've download the three concepts which will help me along the way which are Eat Right-Exercise Regular and Enough Rest. Really looking forward to your support.

    A Meditating Thought: We are all giving tools in our life to help us fix the problem for  whatever we're facing but the key is we have to use those tool in order for them to work. Good Luck

  • You are in the right place. Great post, it is a lifestyle change! The best thing for me so far is that I do it every day, AND feel like it is better than the way I used to live! My start weight was 240, one month ago. I am 5'10" I got weighed at the doctor so I don't know how much weight I lost cuz I don't have a scale. But I can feel it! My pants are feeling so big. My heart felt so unhealthy when I started. I felt like sitting down all he time because just standing and walking around was a huge strain. That feeling is actually going away now.

    You have so much to look forward to by doing this. The challenges you face will have you appreciating better health so much when you achieve it. My heart doesn't beat too fast when I just roll over in bed, and I don't take that for granted today.

    If you need any help using those tools, we are all here to share our experience on what we did with those tools. There are other new people like me, and pleanty of people who have been successful for years who still reach out to others. Welcome and good luck to you!

  • Congratulations on making a commitment to your health and well-being! You are about to enter a journey that will be life transforming. Naturally, exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel wonderful. This feeling will filter into every aspect of your life: as a women, a mother, a wife or a business professional- your entire aura will shift in a positive direction. Remember, to honor yourself and embrace the lifestyle with love, patience, and a light-hearted nature.

    Regular exercise has been proven to:

    Reduce stress

    Ward off anxiety and feelings of depression

    Boost self-esteem

    Improve sleep

    It strengthens your heart.

    It increases energy levels.

    It lowers blood pressure.

    It improves muscle tone and strength.

    It strengthens and builds bones.

    It helps reduce body fat.

    It makes you look fit and healthy.

    Best of luck my friend, keep up the good work!


  • Thank you for reaching out to me.I'm very grafeful

  • JK, I am starting today 25 March 13 so I will join you on your endeavors. Ten years ago I successfull dropped from a size 14 to 6/8 in one 12 week cycle. I made some significant changes in my life (new supportive spouse and 10 yo daughter) and I am absolutely sure that I will not only achieve success this time BUT build from this success to other achievements.

    Lori was spot on about the improvements in lifestyle so this is going to be fun!!

    Congratulations for taking this amazing step!!! I'm right there with you!!!