Calling all BFL experts

  • I have been reading my book and when I got to the sample meal plans I am more confused then ever, the following questions have to do with what is written in the BFL book.  Page 95 for breakfast is zesty breakfast burrito with ingredients of 1 small whole wheat tortilla, 4 scrambled egg whites or egg beaters, 1 Tablespoon salsa, 1/2 Tablespoon low fat cheese, 1 Tablespoon low fat sour cream.  Cheese and the condiments are not listed on the authorized food list.  Page 94 for breakfast it calls for 2 pieces of whole wheat bread and I thought we were allowed only 1.  Page 96 states for dinner may have a glass of red wine - whats up with that?  Peas are listed under veggies but I always thought they were considered a high carb veggie so like how corn is listed under carbs shouldn't green peas?  No pork tenderloin (the other white meat) is listed under proteins, why is that?  If I drank a EASAdvantage shake for a meal which it has 17 grams protein and 3 grams carbs, do I need to eat 17 more grams in carbs to make it a complete meal?  Sorry about all the questions but I want to make sure when I start my 12 weeks on monday I do it 100% right.  I really appreciate everyones' help.

  • landhippo: Page 93 last paragraph states that the following meals are a sample of a few typical days on the EATING FOR LIFE METHOD. Thats why you are confused.

    Most of us in a challenge are going by the authorized food list for Body for Life - people that are on maintenance switch it up a bit and can use the Eating for Life method. :)

    Hope that explains things.

    ps: I am far from being an expert, I just happen to read the book lots. :)

  • The amounts of the low fat cheese and sour cream are so small that the occasional use of these would be nominal on your results.  1/2 tablespoon of cheese is just a few strands of shredded product.  A real measured level tablespoon of low fat sour cream is tiny.  These would not add much flavor at all and I would skip them.  I truly think these were added to give the appearance that the recipes weren't restrictive.

    1 portion of carb for ME would be two slices, for YOU it might be different.  Use the palm/fist method to determine YOUR portion size.

    Red Wine, a 5 oz serving is about 125 calories.  I'd skip it.   For those that really enjoy wine, adding a glass occasionally might keep them on plan.  

    There are different varieties of veggies (leafy, root, legumes, etc.)  Look at the package nutritional information and decide if it will be a veggie portion or carb portion for you.  I personally would consider corn a grain and hence a carb.  You can do a search on specific varieties at

    About the pork loin, use it if after comparing the protein/fat/calories of one portion to other options you find they are similar.

    With the shake numbers you gave you will need a carb portion added.

    Enjoy your BFL journey.  You have a bunch of folks in your corner here.


  • I'm not an expert either but here is my take....

    If you go to the library tab and look at the food list, low fat cheese is listed as a healthy fat.  Use is sparingly but it is approved.   I believe the list has been revised since the book was released.

    Salsa is not on the list but you can use a little bit of salsa for flavor.  There really is nothing to salsa.  Make sure you buy some with low sugar content and don't drowned your food in it but a tbs here and there is okay.

    Skip the low fat sour cream until you get to maintenance phase or on a free day

    Not sure about the 2 slices of bread as I don't use it.   I like the whole wheat tortillas or whole wheat sandwich thins myself.  roughly 20 carbs is one serving so I suppose it would depend on how many carbs per slice of bread.

    Skip the wine until maintenance or on a free day

    Corn is a carb.  Peas is a veggie.  I don't know why but that's what the experts came up with so we just gotta trust them.

    Lean Ham s on the revised food list in the library.  

    Yes you need to add a carb to the EAS Advantage shakes to make a meal.

    Don't feel bad for the questions.  It's good you are researching instead of guessing.  Good luck with your challenge!

  • Ya'll are Great!