Magnificent Middle-Age Women.

  • I think there are more of me out there!  I've done this challenge before.  It works! I need to know my "people" and talk daily.  Anybody interested?

  • I am happy to support you however I can.  It does work...I'm on week 8 through my 3rd challenge.  I'm not on here very often, but email me anytime you need a boost!

  • I am definitely interested!!! Starting a new challenge on Apr. 1st! Hope to hear from you!

  • I too am starting April 1st. I signed up in the past, and failed to even really begin. I SOOOOOO need this!  I would welcome some support. :-)  

  • I completed this challenge many years ago and it worked great! I am starting April 1st and would love to offer and receive support. Count me in!


  • Hey, is anyone out there?  It has been awhile since anyone has posted on this blog.  Are you guys still working the plan.  I am starting Monday April 22nd and would love to keep in touch....I fit right into that middle age category and the little battles that come along with it : )  I would really appreciate the communication during the challenge.

  • Hi!  I'm planning to start Monday, April 22nd, and it's great to know I'm not alone out there!  Gonna start my shopping list so I can fill my fridge with tasty, healthy, quick meal options.  Any tips you have on how best to store pre-made salads and other meals would be great.  And congratulations to all of us for taking on this challenge!

  • Hi, dpatt! I'm starting tomorrow (Monday, 4/22) as well. I did this program about 13 years ago and it was incredible. I've seriously fallen off the bandwagon these past few years, though, and need to get back to taking care of this body. At this age, it sure isn't gonna take care of itself! ;) Would love it if we supported each other.

  • Hi Ladies!! I'm starting tomorrow 04/22. I have taken on this challenge before it work's... if you work it. I have a little more in my "middle" then I want, so it's time to get down to bizness and work it. We all need support and a shoulder to cry on, can you say menopause!! I'm so in.    

  • Hi ParisRat,

    I started today 4/22 as well.  Good luck

  • GettingSkinnyforlife, feel you regarding the middle.  I have the same problem, but with more weight to get off.  I want to go all the way (12 weeks).  Know I will not be perfect, but I do want to do it and complete it.  Looking for some encouragement.  

  • How is everybody's first day going? I felt SO GREAT when I finished the cardio this morning - well, sweaty and tired, but GREAT! Now it's the food struggle all day. Y'all doing okay?

  • Seeking Grace you can do this and we are GOING to complete this 12 weeks TOGETHER. I live by this ... I can do everything through him who gives me strength Philippians 4:13, every time I got to lift a weight that I think I can't or before doing cardio I say this to myself and amazing strength comes. I got your back :))) Get it Girl Get it!! Rebeca...Feeling great!!! Food struggle I hear ya...we can Do it ladies!!    

  • Ok, y'all, how are the workouts going? I realized today that, like a goofball, I started on day one with aerobic instead of weight training. So, I'm going to do two days of aerobic in a row to get in the right groove. Duh. Last night, I headed to the gym to do upper body weight training. Got there, and realized they have no free weights. Seriously. It's a small town with one gym - and they have no free weights! Went to Walmart (basically our only store) and bought what they had, came home, and "made do". Going to have to either go buy real weights this week or go to the neighboring town's gym for non-aerobic days. (I have an exercise bike that I'm doing aerobic on here at the house.) What kinds of challenges have y'all hit with the workouts?

    Hang in there, folks! And thanks, gettingskinnyforlife, for the encouragement!!

  • Seriously....I can't believe I am going to post but I know that I better because I wanted to be part of this group : )  I have not started yet.  Life got in the way and so I said "next Monday" and then here I am again 2 weeks later!  How does that happen?  I did run on Monday and Tuesday of this week but have not done anything else.  I will start this Sunday, 5/5 and will post a couple times a week to keep up with everyone!  Rebeca, you are doing great!  It is awesome that you just keep going despite the setbacks with the weights, etc..  Gettingskinnyforlife, thanks for sharing the scripture...I will have to remember it when I am finding reasons to not workout....or just wanting to say "forget it" when things seem to get in the way : )  SeekingGrace, hope you're doing great...we can do this!      Have a great day everyone!!!