10 years later......here I am!

  • Hello, everyone! So, I actually completed a BFL challenge successfully.......in 2004.  Well, here I am, almost 10 years later and coming back. I've realized over the years, Body for Life was the BEST eating and workout lifestyle I've ever done. It was the time in my life that I really felt healthy and happy with the way I looked. I was the strongest I've ever been. The main difference now, is that I do have a 3 year old daughter that I am home with part-time. I have to really work on planning my meals out and eating on time.....this was not much of an issue 10 years ago. haha. I have just completed my first week and am having to remind myself to be patient. The results aren't going to just show up after one week. The main difference I have from 10 years ago is about 15 pounds. Last time I did this, I started at 144.....this time, I'm starting at 163. ugh. I am hoping for great results again and counting on you all for support! Glad to be back! BTW--I took beginning pics, but won't post until I have newer ones to compare them to.  hehe.
  • I completed my challenge just over 4 years ago.  I liked and felt great!  Guess I forgot the "For Life" part.  It was my 2 week active rest that threw me off.  But I'm back!  I want that body again.

  • Yay!!! Welcome back! Your story is like mine.  When I started then, I was 155 (the heaviest I had ever been) and ended at 124.  This time, I started at 165 ish.  It's 160 as of today on my second day of week 9, but it's finally trending downward.  Persistence has been the key, because I have been absolutely consistent.  I'm like everyone else.  It's very difficult to wait that long to really SEE the results, though I've been able to FEEL them since week 1.  Hang in there! My group is all in it for LIFE, so we will be around to see how you do.

  • WELCOME BACK Back2BFL,  It's great to have you returning to us and it speaks volumes about the program that you decided to complete a challenge with the BFL program and team once again.  I wish you the best and be sure to plan, perservere and as a result progress with all of us.  Please keep in touch with all of us on your progress and be sure to ask for guidance and advice and support as needed.  Keep Moving Forward as Bill always said and I agree with this one. !!!

  • We have lots in common!  I did this back in 2005 and just started up again on 2.25.13 with almost the same exact stats.  I have a 5 month old and it was time to get the baby weight off with a program that I knew would work!  Good luck to you and please feel free to join us over at Cottage Cheese Club--we check in daily and offer lots of support and sarcasm :-) 

    Good luck!!!  :-)

  • I am with  you all! I did my first successful challenge 12 years ago...at the ripe age of 40! Here at 52, bigger than I've ever been.  Anxious to start on Monday.

  • OMG... so glad I'm not the only one.  I completed 2 rounds back in 2000 and lost a total of 26kg (over 57 lbs). YES, I am also heavier than when I started back then.  And YES, I also realise it's the best thing I ever did for ME.  I now have 2 teenage girls (14 & 16) who are keen to do this with me, along with one of their friends and yes, I'm aware that challenge participants need to be 18, but we can't join the challenge anyway because we're in Australia.  Don't know when or why they pulled out of Oz... gotta say I'm disappointed.  But no worries, I'll plug into this forum for support anyway.  We're going to start in a few weeks once I get another few copies of the book (lent my 3 copies out and never got them back).  Just hope I can buy the book as easily as I did back in 2000.

    Keen :)