Starting challenge on 3/18/13 - anyone with me?

  • I started on march 18 its what I ment. Lol

  • hI!!! I started on 03/18/2013 as well . Lets keep in touch any feed back etc.

  • First week done!  

    Now we just have to do that 11 more times ;)

    I checked the scale and I have already lost 6 pounds!  Woo-hoo!  I can tell that I have lost weight and gained muscle in my upper arms, chest, and butt.  And I already have more energy and FEEL stronger.  I am excited to keep going with this program!  I worked out and stuck to the diet all six days.  This is especially awesome since work last week was cRaZy and Aunt Flo visited, both of which I would have used as excuses to quit in the past.  I still need to figure out the right amount of weight to use for strength training and tune-up my diet.  One thing I have found is that I seem to work harder if I do a work-out video for cardio rather than the elliptical or the stationary bike.  I HATE running, but at some point am going to try and get on the treadmill, and see how that goes.  But overall, things went really well this week.          

    I feel like Bill Phillips has done such a great job of synthesizing and summarizing information to make it easy to stick to the program.  Yesterday I was actually able to plan all my meals until Friday, and it made shopping soooo much easier.  I have always been confused and disorganized in my grocery shopping, and so easily swayed into purchasing fatty, sugary, and salty foods.  But I was in and out of the store quickly and left with nothing but healthy food.  The exercise program is  easy to stick with since the cardio is only 20 min, and the weight training is clearly explained and scheduled.  I can do this!

  • and....a second person has asked me if I'm pregnant.  That is how much weight I've gained in the past several months.  I'm just using it for motivation.  They are all going to be be suprised in 10 weeks when I smoking hot and not actually in my third trimester.  

  • Well, another week down and I have lost two more pounds!  My weight fluctuated a lot this week.  I had actually lost 5.5 pounds total, but some of that was from getting a mild case of food poisoning.  Yuck :(  I am proud of myself though, because I still did my LBWO even though I wasn't feeling 100% better.  But then I pigged out yesterday at Easter.  I need to think more about my free days, because late last night I found that I was almost forcing myself to eat scalloped potatoes and a cupcake just because it was my free day.  I was't even really enjoying them, but felt compelled to eat them for some reason.  The whole "free day" concept will need some attention.  But I still worked out everyday and followed the diet and lost weight.  Hooray!  

  • Hey guys, hope you are all doing well so  far! We are on week 3 so if you are still with us I think we've made it far enough to at least see some sort of results. I started at 186.5 and am now at 179. I'm noticing some small but significant changes in my muscular shape and frame. I'm sleeping better and feeling more energetic. Most rewarding for me is that my wife is so excited about this commitment I am making and it has motivated her to jump on board by being devoted to a healthier diet. Maybe not a body for life challenge but definitely a better nutritional plan with some exercise is great! I know for me thinking of this in a 12 week program sort of stresses me out in a weird way. I guess cause I worry about wether or not I'll reach my goal in that amount of time. Rather I just keep in mind that I have adopted a new way of life and this is how it will be from here on out. Sure I can relax a little more when I reach my goal, meaning I can enter into the maintenance phase. But, knowing that this is who I am helps to not worry about 12 weeks. Keep it up guys.

  • Congratulations on making it this far dsbroussard and everyone!

    I am down 10 pounds total although I gained back some weight this week.  I got very focused on the scale this week, which I don't think was helpful.  I can see and feel more definition all over my body, especially in my shoulders.  I don't think I even truly realized that I HAD shoulder muscles before.  It is a big improvement in my posture, as I used to slouch my shoulders constantly.  My energy is up and my sleep is better, although still not perfect.  I have been good about following the exercise program, but fell off of my diet last week.  I didn't plan my meals last week, ran out of protein bars, went out and drank one night, missed some meals, lost my notebook tracking all of my progress, and succumbed to eating massive amounts of chips and salsa two nights (they're my favorite).  But, progress not perfection!  Even with all of those slip-ups, my diet is so much better than it has been.  So now I am recomitting to planning my meals ahead and sticking to my plan.  It makes so much difference.  I also think I am going to change my cardio to try the couch to 5k program.  I hate running, but have started to enjoy the treadmill, so I will see what the treadmill version of C25K is like.  Let's do this!        

  • How are you doing so far Lila? hope you're hanging in there!

  • Well, I totally fell off the wagon last week.  It was my birthday and I took some time off work, and I basically stopped the program for 5 days :(  Everyone just kept wanting to buy me drinks and feed me cake!  Luckily, I didn't gain much weight back, but I can tell that I lost muscle and gained fat.  Certain areas that have firmed up have fallen again.  So, I am starting fresh today, although another friend does want to meet up with me tonight.  I hope I can find the strength to say no to drinks and sweets.  

    How are you doing dsbroussard?

  • Well, I am hanging in there, but have not been doing nearly so well for the past three weeks.  My birthday threw me off in week 5 and I still haven't fully recovered.  Missed two work outs last week, but basically stuck to the diet.  Then I strained my back this weekend after dancing like crazy friday night followed by cardio saturday morning.  So I don't think I can do my LBWO today, except maybe calves :(  But I am still losing weight and inches!  I am down 18 pounds total, I've almost lost a pant size, and I've lost inches all over, except for my arms which have gained .5 inches muscle.  So, progress, not perfection!  

  • aargh!  well i only got one workout in last week d/t my strained back .  stuck to the diet until this weekend, when i was visiting my parents and ate a bunch of crap.  i've gained back a few pounds :(  but my back feels fully recovered, so i am tackling these last 4 weeks with a vengance.  i'm going to add creatine this week and see what happens!  i think i can still make all of my goals if i focus.  fingers crossed!