Starting challenge on 3/18/13 - anyone with me?

  • wanttolookfitter, you cracked me up!  I too had a free day that went from about Jan 10th until last week-haha!  I started my challenge this past week, and unlike some of my other attempts, I am sticking to the diet!  I will say that the morning HIT runs on an empty stomach are challenging, but I can really tell it must be melting away fat, as I feel like my body has nothing else to give.  I hope you all have a great first week, keep us posted!

  • I'm also starting 3/18/13. I bought a new weight bench and weights. Planning out first week of food. Before pic is taken. I'm ready to do this! Congrats on setting your goals. I have gained about 45 pounds over the last 5 years. I was busy with school, getting married having my first child. My health was on a back burner that I never got to. I'm very displeased with my gut finally it's gotta go. Ultimately I want this and I wanted to promise my wife that by Christmas I would have a flat stomach and a defined physique. I always keep my promises so no backing down now. This seems like a really good program to get started.

  • Wowie -- this is awesome!  I had to work this past weekend (um, yes... I know it takes a code to crack, but I'm a nurse ;) ).  My work days are about 14 hours, so I don't have a chance to really do anything other than work on those days.  I'm technically beginning week 2 of my first challenge.  I got all my workouts in the first week (however, not all of them were before breakfast).  I had my first "free day" yesterday.... Umm, well, let's just say I need to come up with an entirely different name and approach for the cheat day.  I'm quite certain I "un-did" any good I had accomplished throughout the week -- dead serious!  I have yet to work out today, as I am feeling the aftermath of upwards of 3000 calories of sugar, which then triggered some now after work binging :o - hence my need for a new name and outlook on the 'free day', lol.  I'm hoping everyone's day is going well and am excited that we've all found one another. :)

    Life, light & love,


  • Happy Monday Lucky Charmers!  How is your first day going?  I've had an egg white omelet  with some mushrooms and bell peppers for breakfast and then a turkey burger on whole wheat for lunch.  In between, I had a protein shake for my morning snack. I also managed to go to the gym to workout on my upper body. I spent a lot of time looking at the exercise animations and writing them down to make sure I don't forget how they're done. I must admit I didn't sweat as much without doing the treadmill, I'm not sure if I did get my workout in. But I know as much as the exercise is important, the food intake is what will really make a difference.  Having said that, I am at the moment,'s the 2pm afternoon snack craving - waaaahhhh!!!! Can I have cottage cheese?  I think I can...

    I think I will have to go back to the grocery store and buy broccoli, more greens and some apples. In the mean time, my goal is to stay at 1200 calories and I am tracking what I eat using the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone.  It will be interesting to see how my evening goes as my son has a flag football game and while I plan to have salmon and brown rice for dinner, I hope we can make it home without making a detour to a restaurant or drive thru.  

    Would love to know how you all did.  Btw, I still have to take my measurements and picture. Have you done yours?  Did you get a caliper and one of those BMI scales?

  • Hey Lucky Charmers!

    So far so good! Great upper body workout this morning then some physical therapy in the pool this afternoon. My diet has been super clean and totally delicious. Unfortunately my new blender turned out to be a piece of garbage, it can't even crush ice even though it has a crush ice setting. Oh well, not letting it get me down. Anyone know of a good fruit smoothie book? I can just add in protein to the recipe.

    I won't be counting calories on my challenge, partially because I'm still recovering from back surgery 4 weeks ago and my body needs good healthy food to heal. All my doctors agree that working on my strength is really important at this point, so i'lll be doing lighter weights and higher reps until my back is ready for more.  I'm so motivated! 83 days until I look awesome! I bought one of the electronic body fat calculator thingies, it was $30 on Amazon. Starting BMI: 25.4.

    How is everyone else doing with the workout today? Did anyone try a new recipe or something yet?

  • Hi! I started today 3/18.  I did complete a challenge 3 years ago with great results.  Time to get back on track!  

  • Day 1 complete.  Congratulations everyone!  

    I did alright.  I couldn't sleep well and then work was crazy (Jen, I' in healthcare too.  Social worker on maternity floor of a hospital), so I ended up eating almost all cafeteria food today.  Our cafeteria isn't bad and I made healthy choices, but I still feel like I probably ate more fat than I needed.  I think I need to spend a lot ore time planning out my meals.  Also, I'm stuffed!  If I don't get to breakfast first thing in the morning, I can't eat until around 9 am, then I have to eat basically every two hours.  But I didn't eat any of the St. Paddy's day cookies nor the chips and queso!      

    The UBWO went well.  I can probably use more weight on chest and back, but I definitely got to a 9 on everything else.  Those last two tricep dips were intense!  Questions - When I was doing chest flys, it was my arm muscles that got really tired, not my chest muscles.  What should I do about that?  Also, should I do anything different since my right arm is so much stronger than my left?  At times my left arm would be shaking and weak while my right arm was fine.  Also, how should I count the time between sets when I do one arm at a time - like the one-armed dumbbell rows?  And how can I do the last two sets without stopping when I have to switch arms?

    too sleepy to continue.....must rest....          

  • Day 1 went well. I figure it might take just a few more work out sessions to figure out what amount of weights I should be using. Lila, I had the same problem with the left arm being weaker than the right one. I figure we just go for it, if one arm is lagging behind, push it till it's finishes the rep. I am going to start using a large expo marker board to list the reps and work outs with intensity and time and put it next to a clock. This might help me to be more prepared rather than looking at the small print in the journal. I cooked a bunch of chicken breasts, and 2 dozen eggs (boiled). Also have a bunch tuna packs ready to go. The night before I'll make a list of what to pack and have it ready in the mornings. I really organization will be a big key for all of us. Staying on track makes it easier to stay on track. Day 2 is next.

  • Day 2 and starting with sore upper body muscles!  Got on the scale to record m y starting weight.  Ouch!  Not my highest but close. Treadmill day today.  I have some challenges working with a hip replacement, but I can work around it.  My meals are planned.  

    @Lila ~ When you do flys picture your chest muscles being used to bring the weights up and imagine a ball on your chest that you are bringing them around.  It works for me.  

  • Holy Calves, batman!   The calves exercise was most challenging for me and also, leaving me the most soreness.  I guess that means I better hurry and get my before picture done before my calves start to look more defined  :).      Anyway, I set my alarm this morning for 4:30 am to exercise before work.   NOT!   I laid in bed and listened to the radio for 45 min.   Silly.   So, I have my workout to do when I get home.   I hope you all are doing good.


  • day 2.  work crazy.  diet ok.  cardio intense.  legs wobbly.  sleepy time.  

  • I always overdo the leg workout the first time in a challenge-talk about sore!  Makes the HIT run the next morning that much more fun-haha!  I have stuck with the diet, and already have lost a couple of pounds in the past week and a half.  Great UBWO today!

    Does anybody else use Bowflex Selectech dumbells?  I have those, a bench, and some running shoes--it's all you need.  They work great, and take up very little room.  No membership fees or waiting either.  

  • I am 2 days after, but my husband and I are on the bfl challenge wagon. I am excited to be connecting with other to change their worlds. I have lost weight previously through an eating disorder, than a really unhealthy diet and dependence on phentamine. I am excited to make this life change. My daughter is 15 months old and I realized that my current food habits, are not okay when I couldnt share my meals with her. Its amazing how having a child changes everything.

    I suffer from sciatica and I am looking for relief from this as well as being able to run at the park with my little girl. She is wonderful and deserves a Mommy and a Daddy who can live life with her and not watch her. I can't to get healthy and fit as well as hear all y'alls stories!

    Meals are cooked for the week. Before pics are happening tonight, but guys its bad. I am a size 20. Im trying to get over the shame and focus on how much  more awesome my story is going to be for me knowing what I have overcome. Being an exsmoker as well, I know if I can do that, I can do this.

    Lets get this weight off and change our lives!

  • i took front and side before pictures the evening before i started.  and it was clear i needed to lose weight, but they weren't too gruesome.  with the front picture especially, it was hard to see where i was storing all 216 pounds.  then i realized i should take a back picture, which i did last night. OH. MY. GOD.  i had no idea what has been going on back there!  it looks like ALL of the 40 pounds i have gained recently went directly to my a$$.  it looks like i am smuggling beach balls under my skin.  i cannot believe it.

    so i am going to get rid of all of that!  that fat has an expiration date of 6/16/13.  it is already good motivation.  i think i am going to find a picture of what i want my butt to look like for even more motivation.  no more and never again.            

  • I started on my 18 today its my day 5 but I can't figure out how to upload my before pics in here. Contracts everyone in here.