Starting challenge on 3/18/13 - anyone with me?

  • Hello everyone!

    I plan to start a challenge on Monday, 3/18/13 and wanted to know if there is anyone else starting then.  This will be my first challenge!  I have gained 40 pounds in the past 6 months from a combination of medication side effects, holiday eating, and stopping smoking.  I started exercising more once I crossed the 200 pound mark, but have been inconsistent with it.  Plus I wasn't really dieting, so I just kept gaining and gaining weight.  I'm done with that!  I've always been overweight and my mom is morbidly obese, so it seems like now is really  the time to get in shape before it gets too difficult.  I'm 35 and have never exercised regularly, other than dance.  There is a gym at my work and I've been orienting myself to it this week.  I'm excited about the weight training and nervous about cardio.  Several people in my department have expressed interest in working out together, so hopefully I will have lots of support during this journey.  I'm nervous about actually finishing the program, as I am generally not very good at finishing what I start.  That will be first goal - just finishing the challenge.  So that's me!  I'd love to get to know people on here and share our experiences.

  • Lila.  First thing... CONGRATS on stopping smoking!  If you can get over that hurdle, you can definitely do this as well.  So glad to hear you have some co-workers interested in working out with you and being your support.  Nothing helped me more through this challenge than my brother-in-law that's 10 years younger than I am being my workout partner.  Through 15 years of working out, I've always been my best when I have a dedicated partner.  Good luck, you can do this!

  • Congratulations on the quitting smoking, Lila -- I, too, am a former smoker, so I know it is no easy feat! I'm new to BFL as well; I started (somewhat!) my first challenge 3/4 -- I had a bit of turbulence the last part of the first week.  I'm still doing the best I can (it's about the progress, not perfection -- right??!?).  I've actually decided to change my 'start date' to 3/11 (in light of my fall)... so, I'm basically where you're at :)  You can count on me to stick around and support you!

    Life, light & love,


  • Hi Lila, I plan to start 3/16 as my first challenge, and, quitting smoking at the same time!  

    good luck to us both!  :)


  • Hi Lila, Jen and Jennie,

    I'm starting on 3/18 as well. This is my second attempt at BFL and the first one was a miserable failure...I only lasted a week. This time, I'm mentally prepared for it and the intention is stronger. I do face a lot of hurdles and temptations this time as I am a busy single mom and I seldom cook. When I don't have my son, my bf and I eat out a lot  and we both love to drink wine. For me, this is more than just a weight loss goal but more importantly, a change in lifestyle, getting disciplined and proving to myself that I can commit and accomplish something.

    To be honest, I am very nervous as I enjoy my butter and chocolates and I hope I can resist the cravings. The eating part will be the most difficult.

    I bought the Eating for Life and Body for Life Books and they are suppose to arrive tomorrow.  I also bought the EOS Starter pack to start.  What I haven't done is get my body fat measured and just exactly do I go about doing that?

    Good luck everyone!


  • Hello Everybody

    I just signed up for the challenge.  Sorry for being so ignorant here. But I wanted to know if BFL will be sending us an email with what we should be doing each day? what kind of work out etc or what we should be eating during the day?

    Lila & Jen, Congrats on giving up smoking. Jennie - wishing you the very best.


  • Hi everyone,  I hope you don't mind me crashing your women's group and joining you.  This is probably my 3rd or 4th time doing the BFL challenge, and I'm excited to get started again.  The diet is my greatest weakness,  as I am a huge sweet-tooth and carb addict:-).   I've never smoked, but my mom has all her life, and is still fighting the battle to quit even after some serious (cigarette induced) health issues.  I have the utmost respect for anyone who has quit smoking, as I have seen how hard it is to do.

    Jenny-no emails, just follow the books diet and workout guidelines and you are set.  Good luck everyone!


  • Hi Lila,

    Well sweetie I attempted to start the challenge last week and haven't been very consistent my self.  So I would love to team up with you and encourage each other.  I see you stopped smoking, that's another challenge that I'm trying to do so we could encourage each other together.  I am 47 right at 205.  I don't know how to work through the forum very well yet but hopefully I can get my before shot uploaded and go from there we have so much in common I generally don't finish what I start either so together we can reach a major goal.  I just want to like what I see in the mirror and right now I really don't.  I hate how I've let myself go and have no one to blame but myself.  Please keep me posted and let do this girl

    Monday is the first day of the rest of our lives.

    healthier in 2013

  • count me in on both really struggling

    healthier in 2013

  • Hey everyone! I'm starting on the 18th too!

    2nd attempt too! I did good for 2 weeks then had a free day that lasted 3 months!

    Looks like we have some things in common.

    Does anyone want to set up a name for us? so we can keep connected here (or even start a fb group?) Maybe we can call ourselves the lucky charms since we're starting around St. Patricks day! LOL. idk.

    ditto: Monday is the first day of the rest of our lives. Love it!

  • I'm cool with creating a group, I guess anything that can keep us going. There's 2 more days before our first day and what are you guys doing to get ready?  My biggest challenge is the cooking, but I'm going to plan this weekend and I hope that will really help. This past week I'm just mentally psyching myself up...and now it's almost time.

  • Hi Lucky Charmers!  I did my first two days of the challenge. I had checked the book out from the library and I also found helpful meal plan examples and exercises here on line.  Its a bit of a guessing game with the weights right now.  Most of what I was using is too light and I will need to buy some heavier weights.   My plan is to do the upper body work outs at home and the lower body and cardio at the gym.  I had printed out the work out logs and wrote out my plan the night before as advised.  This really helps!  I bought some apples, bananas, frozen berries (to put in the shakes), protien bars, whole grain bread, turkey lunch meat, eggs, tuna in water, and some low calerie frozen dinners.  I have not taken my before picture yet, but plan to today.  

    oh, I'm 55 and weigh 138.  I'm don't want to just admire the althletic bodies of others, I want my own!

    Good luck everyone tomorrow!   Write out your work out plan this evening if you haven't already done so.

    Who knows how to make a group thing for us???


  • OMGYAY!  I was out of town for the weekend without access to internet and I came back to a group with a name!  I am so excited!  I really hope we can help each other out over the next 12 weeks.  The Lucky Charmers are going to f*#@*ing rock this challenge!

    How interesting that there are so many former smokers and ready-to-quit smokers.  I did cave this weekend and share cigarettes with a friend, but I am re-committed to stopping completely.  If you are interested, there are two books that have been really helpful to me over the past two months.  One is the Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr, which kind-of reverse brainwashes you to view cigarettes differently.  In short, he says that the pleasure we get from smoking is mostly just from stopping the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.  He likens smoking to wearing really tight shoes so that we get pleasure from taking them off.  The other book is You Can Stop Smoking by Jacquelyn Rogers, which has a six week program of identifying the triggers that make you light up.  Most of y cravings are gone now, but obviously the triggers of socializing with other smokers and boredom have not been conquered yet. 

    And we have three various Jens.  Hi Jen, Jennie, and Jenny!  It reminds me of the song 27 Jennifers by Mike Doughty -  And hello to Row, Matt, Hapkym, and wanttolookfitter.  Jrmcnair, thanks for your words of encouragement

    Tonight I am going to plan my dinners for the rest of the week.  There is a cafeteria at my work that is not too bad, so I can definitely do a healthy lunch there.  I will need to figure out breakfast, though.  There is oatmeal and granola at work, but I don't think there is any healthy protein.  I am NOT a morning person, so breakfast might turn into a problem.  I am also going to re-read the book and write and list out everything he talks about in "Crossing the Abyss," like reasons for change, goals, negative patterns of action, and positive patterns of action.  Maybe that is something that we could share here if you feel comfortable.

    Row, I feel you on the wine, butter, and chocolate.  Yum!  But that's why we have a free day.  I know I couldn't do it without the free day, because the idea of no chocolate ever makes me want to rebel immediately.  And the only ways I know to measure body fat are to use those old-school calipers or get a new-school scale that measures body fat.  I think you can find them for $40 or so.  I plan to get one eventually, but it will have to be a couple of paychecks in the future.

    Jenny, you work out 6 days a week, alternating strength and cardio.  And the strength alternates between upper body and lower body.  The book has a chart and it is explained on this website under "Library" then "Exercise."

    Jennie, I don't know if there is a way to make an "official" group.  Let's research and find out.

    Ok, I will post more a little later.

    Go Lucky Charms!

  • Oh, the link didn't work.  It is a song called 27 Jennifers by Mike Doughty.  The video is on youtube @

  • I'm in! I started today and would love to join the Lucky Charmers! My meals are cooked for the next few days and I made a big calendar on poster board to mark my journey. Now to take my before pics... Yikes!