Need support to begin this journey...please HELP

  • Oh, thanks Kimmie on the migraine info.  It has been an exhausting and painful year so far for all of us...  Any info you can pass of would be great!  I actually just was told to buy a book called "Heal your Headache the 1,2,3 program" and it has outstanding reviews.  It is very interesting and all relates to what you put in your mouth...  My daughters are hereditary and my grandma had them from 7 - 55.  jenna got her's at 7.  uuugh..


  • WPBill, thank you for your comments!  You are correct in all you said and we CAN do this, it is OUR CHOICE!!!

    Amy and Kimmie,  I also wanted to be a P. Trainer for many years as I've been working out since I was 10.  I love gyms and free weights/machines you name it.  Isn't it funny how we are so athletic minded but let ourselves go to the point that we are embarrassed to show our faces in public?  How sad :(  We will overcome this together!!!  

    Lynn, maybe you can give us pointers on how to train for 5K's and hopefully marathons one day :)  That would be great.  How is your knee these days?


  • You are going to crack up.. but my mom's name is Lynn.. I'm not kidding..!!!


    ““How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”........ Anne Frank”

  • I am up for a conference call. I also started on Monday but it really doesn't matter! I work from 8-5 MST but am on the computer at about 7, so whatever time works for you works for me!



    ““How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”........ Anne Frank”

  • yeah, I didn't mean to forget you (starting already) sorry :)  yes that is weird that she is Lynn..., guess this group was mean to be for you as well :)  


  • Hi ladies!

    I do believe that us all meeting here is fate!  Too coincidental for it not to be :-)  I am good with a conference call to do some introductions. I normally travel exclusively for work but I managed to land a role that I get to work from home until July.  I figured that was a good sign that this is the time to make some changes!  I live in Arizona so we are on PST - we don't do daylight savings time.  I work very long and random hours with my current project.  We are deploying a software system into 16 different countries.  So...I interact with people in the US, UK, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brunei.  I often have very early morning meetings and later evening calls.  My workout time is going to be in the middle of the afternoon when the rest of the world is either off work or sleeping.  It isn't ideal for me but I'll make it work!

    I have had migraines since I was a teenager but they are pretty under control with daily preventative meds.  I have figured out the majority of my triggers so I can keep my daily dosage very low.  I do still get monthly migraines triggered by hormones.  Nothing I can do about those to prevent.  I hope you find the right combination for your daughter!!!

    As for picky eaters, my nieces are incredibly picky.  My daughters are not so I couldn't help her much.  She found The Sneaky Chef really worked for her.  Here is a link to their website:  She is able to "sneak" all kinds of veggies into recipes.  I don't know how inline they are with the BFL eating but it might be worth a glance.

    Is anyone else using the BFL Success Journal?  It looks amazing.  


  • I am so excited for us all!!  I used the journal on one of my attempts for this...  I will probably use it again...  

    You all tell me what time and I will make it work..  I am on EST...  I can use my cell so I won't miss the call!  

     I will check that out...  And compare recipes with BFL-  veggies are the hardest in my house-  I can eat anything,  but my family hesitates...  I just want them to enjoy it!!  Lol

    Is there a way for us to create an exclusive blog on here-  so only we can see our posts??

    We are all going to do GREAT!!!    Thank you all so much for this support!!

  • Mooooorning!!! Rise & Shine!!! I was trying to figure out how we could just do this privately but i'm not sure that it's a possibility. Although, at where I work, we use google hangout. We could consider that. Day 5!!! I am still sore but better. My cardio wasn't as difficult yesterday and I can almost straighten out my left arm. Shame on me! I was a trainer forever and over did it my first day, but my gym (hate it) didn't have any 17's or 22's.. what gym doesn't have those! I have really awesome weights at home so I think today I will be doing a home workout. 



    ““How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”........ Anne Frank”

  • Kimmie...  Great job!!  I cannot,wait for the soreness lol!!  

  • Hi Lynn,

    Good to see you back here!  Wow, your job sounds very interesting!!! And I agree, it was def. meant to be for you to do BFL at this time!  Think what you will look and feel like by the time your job goes back to traveling again!!!

    Glad your hormones are under control, I have got 3 day migraines since I hit about 42 around my cycle :(

    Ok, as for the success journal, do we get that on line and print it off?  I'll do it as well....

    Kimmie, great on your soreness!  I was going to start working out on Friday but was dealing with a 3 day migraine and no sleep and just couldn't keep up with my schedule so I haven't worked out yet.  I am very ready to start on Monday!

    I am on Eastern time also so anytime will work for me except after 2:30pm. I have a great idea for a private group as I was in one and just told the ladies I am out for now cause of too much going on (mainly this) and life.  We all met on Dr. Oz's Sharecare website and things go out of control and we were having too many problems with the website so someone created a "private" group on FaceBook and sent us all friend requests.  there were only 9 of us and it worked fabulously!!!  You can see it on your Home page but nobody that is not a part of the group can see any posts on the page at all.  We could share all of our successes and struggles and became like family sharing our lives as well and felt very safe as no one would judge us.  I know this website is very challenging but has great information to view.  So if we all want a place to post easily, can get the updates straight in our e-mail account so we don't miss any posts (or you can elect not to get the e-mail updates and just go on the group page as you wish) and be able to share without others knowing our business, it is a great option...

    I am very ready to start on Monday and am really excited that we all met!  I think we can be great support for eachother and really make wonderful progress...

    What day do we want to do the conference call?  Monday?  


  • I like the Dr Oz idea!  Monday morning would work for me if that works for everyone else,  or do you all want to conference tonight later on so we can jump start for tomorrow??

  • Amy, I can do tonight but I have my stepson, girlfriend and 3 mo. old baby coming over for dinner so it would have to be around 7pm.  I e-mailed you my phone number, if you text, text me so I know you got it and we can go from there.  I wish this website was easier to navigate...

    As for Kimmie, Lynne and Lynn, I sent you a friend request so if you accept it, we can swap phone numbers privately and set this us :)  I am still sick with a horrible headache but am praying I'll be good tomorrow cause I am soooooo ready to start this.  I've been reading the women's champion stories and am pumped up and ready to go.


  • Hi girls (Amy,Lynn,Lynne,Kim,Kimmie),

    I can't believe I am actually nervous about asking for an internet friendship. But, I am. I would really like to join your group. I have tried to complete this program a dozen times before and never had that accountability I needed. I tried this site once before but everyone in my group stopped responding and I felt heartbroken and totally discouraged. Thus I gave up too. I really relate to all your stories. I have always been the titled the "little dynamite", I loved being tiny and yet have that explosive unpredictave power that comes with lifting weights and never doubting that I could do anything. Now fast forward 5 years and I am 38 with a 3yr and 1 year old and I have completely lost myself. My husband works too much to ever be home and help with the kids so I can workout. So 5:30am will be my workout time. This is why I need to be accountable to someone else. It will be way too easy to hit snooze. I also work part-time too. It's my sanity saver! I need this program to help get me out of whatever depression I am experiencing. I have always been so active and now it's so much work to leave the house-winter time and two little ones- I feel so trapped. So I know if I can start eating better and working out I will feel better with life in every aspect.

    Could you please be kind enough to round out your group number to a six?

    Fat and unhappy!


  • Of course Angie :)  Welcome!!!  We are all in the same boat it appears and need the support of eachother.  I really want to talk with people fast because I am already feeling the negativity coming in quickly!!!  When I have tried this before I barely lost anything and that is why I gave up.  I have read others comments and they seem to say the same thing...  No I am freaking out!  I have always been the "quick fix" girl and never struggled with weight at all until I got married and began to gain and then baby fat and a non healthy family etc ...  Angie,  I am going to send you a friend request and my cell phone so you can text me and we can set up a call time :)  K?  Kim


  • Ok Ladies, I was just going to take it upon myself to set up the group but we all need to be on FB and I need you as my friends 1st.  So I'll send you all a private message on here with my facebook name and as you get them to me I'll send you a request.  I was going to call the group "BFL Girls"  any other names you'd prefer?  Doesn't matter to me, I just know I need a place to come and post and tomorrow will be here quickly :)...