Need support to begin this journey...please HELP

  • I have started BFL several times and have had to change my start date,  because I haven't followed through!  I am a married woman with 3 very active children...  Anyone out there that has ever had this hard of a time getting started!!!  I just need accountability...  My husband is tired of hearing me say I need to change...  He always replies with stop talking and do it!!  What helped to motivate you??  Please help---  all suggestions are welcome!!!

  • Good morning, A.

    I wanted to respond to your "hard time getting started" question:  I first heard about Body for Life before the birth of my third child.  I knew it was the answer to all of my questions - started it with a friend - and quit six weeks into it. (Too many people told me I looked great, it was aggravating me - insert Dr. Phil commentary here.)   Since then, I have "started" no less than ten times- never making it past three weeks - I have so many "Before" pictures it's not even funny. My third child is turning twelve in less than a month.  I'm heavier now (much) than when I first started - and I just spent a week in the hospital because of my blood pressure and heart issues.  

    So yes, I've started and stopped a few times - started again Monday the 11th.  I can't really afford to stop again - a week in the cardiac unit at 44, is pretty scary and motivating.  WE can finish it - look at how many people do - including my friend who has done at least two challenges and looks great, and another friend, that is male and weighs way less than I do - and none of the people that do finish know any magic tricks we don't.  They just do it - every day until it's done.  They don't do all twelve weeks in one day.  They do today, today.  Eat well, today.  Workout one time, for less than an hour today.  Worry about tomorrow when you're ready to for it.

    My husband has never once complained about my weight, BUT he has said:  if you're going to gripe about it, do something about it, otherwise be quiet.  And it was never you look like crap, it was, you'll feel better if you're healthier.   After visiting me in the hospital for a week, he's in more of a hurry for me to do something about it, as am I, so we both are.

    Things that motivate me:  aforementioned hospital stay, two daughters at home that think they can't leave the house without heading to a drive-thru and are so obviously picking up on my habits, and a husband, who despite all our problems, will work out with me because he doesn't want me to die.

    If I could have back any 12-week period from the last 12 years, I would take it - but I can't so I'll just take the next 12 awesome years and the ones after that, and the ones after that.

    Good luck.  I hope you finish - I know you can.  (I've seen it.)


  • ok Ladies... I am in.  I fit in perfectly with the both of you!  My name is Kim and I have started and stopped so many times.  6 or 7 years ago my doctor told me about this diet and I always knew in my gut it was the right one for me but never followed through.  Now I have just gained 10 pounds in the last 2 months from frustration and emotional eating :(  I will be 50 in July and I want to loose 30 pounds b4 that day 7/26.  I am more than ready and need a good support system.  



  • Good morning!!  

    Thank you both so much for the reply!  I would like for us to form a support group on here...  Holding each one of us accountable...  Would you both be interested??  Just to check n to see how we are doing,  give recipe ideas,  and motivation!  I don't want to stop...  My husband is the same way...  When I complain,  he replies with stop complaining and do something about it...  He is not trying to hurt me...  Just has faith in me that I can do it...  Bit on the flip side he does not hold me accountable like I need!  So what do you all say...  I can start on Monday and just join you all...  I know we will be on a different schedule,  but we can still check in??


  • Good Morning Ladies!!!! I knew it was karma when I looked and saw the posts were from "Amy" my sisters name and "Kim" mine...well actually I am Kimmie but all the same it meant I was doing the right thing. I am 50 (but much younger in heart and soul) and work for a start-up in SF( until recently the oldest in the company) remotely from my home in Sun Valley Idaho. I started this challenge 10 years ago after I gained 30 lbs from a divorce. It was amazing!!! I felt so good but then blew out my knee, had surgery and started this job where I sit in my home, managing a remote crew on the computer. I am now 40 lbs over weight. I was in SF last week with the crew that I started with (we are all managers now) and was so ashamed and embarrassed about my weight I could barely go to the office. I didn't go to the last day party because I was so depressed about where I was physically and mentally.

    FORGET THAT! So I got home on Sat and started planning my 12 weeks. I began Monday. I too had started a few more challenges over the years but I am never feeling that way again so I am committed.

    SORE SORE SORE!!!! But I know it will NOT go away LOL.. however it will hurt differently soon. Years ago I was a trainer and actually finished the "Escape from Alcatraz" triathlon so I have the experience and spirit!

    I have two daughters, 17 + 21, and they are behind me 100% because they know how I suffer staying home and being alone. I have to do this for them to get back the mommy they can be proud of and not worry about.

    I would love to be a part of your support group!




    ““How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”........ Anne Frank”

  • I am in!  I really personally don't want a huge group though.  I don't have time to read 50 peoples posts a day and so on...I've done that b4 and it gets way too time consuming.   If we can keep it small and help each other I am in.  My hubby doesn't like to workout, hates it I think.  Always has excuses not to so I don't have a support system here at all.  He tries to be but...  you get the picture!  My 11 yr. old daughter has been very sick with migraines since September so she cannot work out with me other than slow walks.  I can wait and start on Monday with you Amy.  I'll change my date till then.  Would you 2 be up for a mini conference call where we can see how we plan to workout, what foods we are planning, etc?  



  • Hi Kimmie,  so glad you are ready to start too.  Seems like the 4 of us have the same weight goals basically and all are in pretty much the same boat.  I also work from home and the only time I get out is school functions (very rare), doctor appointments, and the gym (which I have stayed away from for 5 weeks now) started with sickness and then eating myself fat and my low self esteem.  I really need you guys to do this with me :)  How is your knee now?



  • Greetings ABrown,   Writing down you goals will help,  a BFL Success Journal may also help.  Planning, determination and resolve to change will definately guide you down the path to success.   We are all sure YOU can DO this..  Put a before photo on your fridge or panty door, maybe start a calender with intermediate smaller more realistic goals and that will give incentive to Keep Moving FOrward!!   Keep us posted on how you're doing and be sure to ask for guidance and support along the way from this forum.

  • This sounds amazing!!  I am all in for the small group!!  I too, used to be a personal trainer-  almost embarrassed to say it...  As I have completely fallen out since I had children!  I stay at home with my children-  so during the mornings are usually better for me to communicate.  A conference call would be nice to get us started!  I am ready to start whenever-  just thought maybe starting on a Monday world be easier!  Where are you all located?  Can we also share our first week of meals to see that we are on the right track??

  • Hello Ladies!  

    I'd love to take this journey with you as well.  Your stories are my stories.  I am 43, used to be a marathon runner and triathlete before blowing my knee out, I now work from home, I gave up on myself after blowing out my knee and now I have 40lbs that need to be removed, I shy away from social events especially with people who knew me back when, I've started many, many times but haven't finished, and my husband doesn't complain about having "more of me to love" but I know he is sick of hearing me complain.  Time for less talk and more action :-)  This is no way to live my life.  

    I do have the BFL Success Journal, the Eating for Life Cookbook, and I just reread the original Bill Phillips Body for Life Book.  I have my shopping list ready to go, my pantry purged, plan on shopping on Saturday and cooking meals for the week on Sunday.  I know you are looking to keep this group small but do you have room for one more????


  • Absolutely...  One more wouldn't hurt!  I think the main thing of keeping the group small is that you lose that close contact-  having too many opinions can throw off the initial goal!  I believe that as long as we stick with each other we will succeed.  What do you say ladies!!??

  • How did you all upload your before photos

  • Sorry I keep writing so much...  I also need advice on how to make meals to feed my picky eaters that are acceptable

  • Ha!! Shut down those finicky eaters now!!!! Basic is easiest, let them help make it.. didn't really work for me but it might work for you. I'm lucky, my kids ate everything, but then again, I served what I served. I do a lot of wraps, grilled chix & broccoli w/ small potatoes.. easy stuff!

    I think it's funny how we all work from home!

    Kim, my family, myself included suffers from migraines but its her 14 year old that has been hurt the worst over the years. She couldn't go to school, do extracurricular activities or anything! It really took it's toll on my sister and especially her son who is 3 years younger. She has spent thousands going to doctors. I will pass on information that she has accrued over the years. She used to be a producer for 20/20 and really knows how to fish it out. I feel your pain and know how hers can translate to exhaustion and defeat for you. That is where we will come in. One day at a time. We're moms, we can actually do anything, we just forget that sometimes.

    Looking forward to our 12 week adventure! I'm too scared to post my pics but I will if you will.. yee gads!!!!



    ““How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”........ Anne Frank”

  • Wow, this is very bizarre!!!  What are the chances that all of us have such similiar stories, goals, ages???  And Lynn, of course there is room for you (did you notice the other Lynne) with the same age as you and almost the same screen name?  I am a Christian and God knows how bad I have been struggling for years now so my belief is that he brought y'all into my life to help me out :)  

    I think an initial conference call to get to know eachother and get our ideas out there quickly and not tons of writing is a great idea if we can all swing it.  Mornings are fine with me, I'll just plan it!  Then we can help eachother on line here or I know when I was on years ago, they did a weekly conference call but there were tons of people in that group.  I'm open to what ever as long as we all make this work once and for all and together is a great way to make this happen :)  

    Do we all want to start on Monday?  I know the other Lynne already started and hasn't been on her but that is ok, she'll be a week ahead of us.  The good thing about us all starting together is we can compare numbers (wt. loss) and see what is working and what is not type thing...

    I haven't been this excited in a very long time ladies :)  Oh, I am in NC