thick legs

  • do you think just losing weight in general will help my ankles to lose weight?

  • lol!  I am a typical pear, with narrow shoulders and wide hips, plus my legs have always been chunky, including the cankles.  I started running years ago and although it made my legs smaller, they were just a smaller version of the old ones, and still really flabby, with no shape.  Due to sever plantar faciitis, I had to give up running, which led to weight gain and depression....UNTIL....I found the BFL program, and I am so greatful for having to give up running.  I am on C2 but with my first challenge, my legs got smoother and had shape!  nice shape.  They are still where I carry most of my weight, but I feel so much more comfortable wearing shorts, b/c there is so much less jiggly action and my legs actually look strong - something I never thought I, with the fat tree trunks for legs, could have.  I owe it all to weight training and having experience long distance running vs the BFL program, I know it is the program that has helped me achieve these legs.  They will never be stick skinny, but my skinny leg friends would rather have my legs and my husband loves them!

    hope this comes as motivation : )  I lived my entire life with hating my legs and I finally don't after 35 years!

  • Same here! One of my main goals for Body for Life is to lose that upper thigh fat! I used to run and run and get the idea. But a knee injury has limited me. My boyfriend likes my sturdy little legs and I can't wait until there is less fat so the muscle really shows!