Fat Burning Supplements BFL Challenge Start 3/11/13

  • Good Afternoon! I am starting my challenge today. My goal is to lose around 40 pounds in this 12 weeks. I am adding in extra cardio to help and looking for the right diet. I am finding myself hungry but am eating often. I know this is going to be mental in the beginning but I remember reading that one of the winners did take some type of appetite suppressant. I can't find that information now. This is my 3rd time to try to complete this but am determined for success this time. Does anyone know of what it might be that previous success stories have taken?

    Thanks so much!


  • Hi Amber I just started for the first time and I am finding it so hard especially at work.  I get the support I need from home but it's here at work everyone in this office needs to be on this program.  I want to lose about the same as you so we can suppport and push each other.  

    Good luck


    healthier in 2013

  • I started yesterday also. I really want to complete these 12 weeks and also lose about 40 pounds. I would love to drop a couple of sizes and look good for summer.

  • AWelshGal,

    We don't have any specifics on an appetite suppressant, but feel free to check out the tips from our many success stories here: bodyforlife.com/success-stories

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • I don't know about appetite suppressant, but the diet in the Body for Life book worked very well for me. I lost over 50 lbs, but wasn't in a contest for it. I'm in now for a final 25-30. I started 3/11 too.

    Portion size and frequency are key. load up on plain veggies and salads. I learned to love salads with grilled chicken and a variety of veggies with spinach, peppers, romaine, nuts, dried cranberries. Drain and pour on a single serving cup of no sugar added fruit like oranges or pears.  I can't eat dressings on salad anymore. The dressing really detracts from the tastes and textures of the food.

    Did it take time to get used to? Yep. Does your body take time to get used to new, intense exercise? Oh, yes!  Taste is no different. It's a process.

    Pick a few recipies and stick to them. if you think too much about different food prep and a whole bunch of recipies, it gets too cumbersome and frustrating. As with exercise, consistency is key.

    Virtually any diet plan will work. BFL, Eat Clean, Skinny Girl, etc. They will all work 100% of the time IF you follow it 100% to the letter.

    One day at a time. One meal at a time.

  • Hi Amber, Kym, & Lori,

    My name is Kim and I have 30 pounds to loose :(  I gained 10 just in the past 2 months....  I have tried this b4 but never continued and am ready to tackle it with you ladies.  I am starting on the 15th.  If I overthink all of this I will go crazy so like Paul said, I'm just going to pick a few recipes and not obsess over this too much...