Is working on your abs 3 times in a 2 week period really enough?

  • Just wondering if all those people with great abs in their after photo worked on their abs more than 3x in a 2 week period.

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    Dee :)

  • You are working on your abs every time you eat a clean meal and every time you do your HIIT.

    That said, I am targetting my abs now that I have done the challenge and 3 x biweekly is enough.  Aside from the one longer period between LBWOs, they are sore right up until the day before my workout.  Find a good ab exercise, strive for your 10 and you will do fine.

    Abs, just like biceps, chest, calves, etc are a muscle and there is no need to treat them differently.  Treat them the same and you will get the results.

  • Personally, I do abs with every weight training, and I save it for last. That's just me, though. I have that "mommy pooch" that I am really trying to get rid of! (And it's going, BTW :) !  )

    I agree w/ Armster. Every time you do cardio or eat well, you are shedding the fat. Getting a six-pack doesn't just involve direct abdominal strength training, it also involves shedding layers of fat off the top.

    Just my opinion...

    Hope it works for you! Stay strong

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Thanks guys!

    What is HIIT?


    I was an ARMY wife for 14 years and us wives used to get together every morning to exercise together. Your friends in the military become your family and the support is wonderful!

    As for your sweet tooth, have you tried sugar free gum? Lots & lots of flavors!

    I got that tip from The Biggest Loser, I love that show, so inspirational!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)