Can a vegetarian do this?

  • Help! Please!  10 years ago I bought the book and followed the program with good results.  Well, I am ready to get going and make the change.  The difference is that now I eat an occasional piece of fish but no other meat.  I do eat eggs and beans.  Where can I get meal plans for a vegetarian or is this not something I should try?

    thanks so much for your ideas!

  • A vegetarian can certainly do this. For that matter, a vegan can do it (although it's trickier because their protein choices are more limited).

    There have been a few threads on this forum that have touched on vegetarian eating: Vegetarian Meal Ideas, Anyone doing BFL as a vegetarian?, Vegetarian Support - How Do You Get Enough Protein?, Vegan Diet Help, Vegetarian, Great Vegetarian Start for the Week, plus I noted a couple of discussions at MyFitnessPal and Body for Life Tracker Forums about doing BFL as a vegetarian.

    You mention eating eggs, so I would assume you also use milk? Skim milk is a good protein source, and being fat-free helps since many other vegetarian protein sources are higher in fat. Plus there are a good number of meal-replacement options that use whey.

    Some of the most popular ways to supplement protein for vegetarians and vegans use soy (soy protein powders, Boca Burgers, various protein bars, etc.), and I use them extensively when I have to eat vegetarian-ish (Eastern Orthodox fasting days allow no meat or dairy products, and fish only occasionally). However, I fall in with the "soy is a great protein source" camp; the "soy is dangerous" and "soy is only OK in limited quantities" camps are pretty well populated too, so you'd have to decide which one is the most convincing to you. Information on all views is pretty easy to come by online.

  • Thank you so much!  I went to bed thinking maybe this was not the program for me right now, but after reading some of the forums you cited here I think I can do this!

  • Also greek yogurt has almost as much proein as a piece of chicken! I should ask my brother because he is vegan and a serious competetive cyclist. I know he uses protein powders, but also eats all different kinds of food for sound nutrition. He's always putting pix of his food on facebook lol. I will come back with tips he may relay to me.