Cottage Cheese Club

  • 900!  CCC now has 900 posts!  Yay!

    Happy Monday everyone!  I have my workout planned for when I get off of work this afternoon.  Can't wait to get back into the gym!  It seems like it has been forever!

  • BFL style UBWO completed after work yesterday.  Wasn't my best workout ever, but I got it done.  Cardio after work today.  It's time to get my diet back in check too.  Lots of bad food and candy lately....  Haloween supplies....  :(

  • Happy tootin Tuesday CCC

    Had a great weekend enjoyed free day and ate well otherwise.  Had family to my house to celebrate my mother's birthday.  It was good to see family.  Stuck to the program.  No peach sponge cake with butter-cream icing for this gal.

    Good cardio last night after work and a good leg and ab workout this morning before work.

    Feeling good.  Deep burn in upper body muscles from heavy work out over the weekend.

    Going grocery shopping tonight to restock my shelves and fridge with clean foods.  

    Hope you are all well  


  •  Happy Hump day CCC

    Went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on chicken, egg whites, wheat bread, and veggies.

    Good upper body work out this morning.  I’m making sure to hit high intensity levels.  I will do cardio tomorrow morning.  

    I’m finding this challenge much more enjoyable now that I am getting my work outs done before work.  I find that having an intense workout looming over my head all day while I’m at work is not motivational.

    Hope you are all hanging in there.


  • Happy Saturday CCC

    I sure hope everyone is doing well.  

    I had good leg w/o last night and a sweaty cardio this morning before work.

    Today is my free day.  Meeting my sister out for a cocktail after work.  I will find the most conducive BFL food on the menu.

    I' m down to 4 weeks til my challenge is complete.  I've been doing pretty well.  

    Hope to hear from you all soon

    Have a great weekend


  • Happy Saturday Night CCC

    Got my 2 pool work outs in this week. Pulled a muscle in my shoulder so I sat in the hot pool for 15 minutes and that seemed to help take most of the pain away.  Our house just got sheet rocked yesterday and is coming along really fast.

    Hope to be starting to move in by Nov. 15th.  Monday I will be out hunting for that big buck and that is the only day I can go,

    so I sure hope one of us in the family gets one.  If not, it will still be nice being out in the mountains.

    Sure hope your all doing okay and having a great weekend.


  • I just got laid off today…….AWESOME!  

    After I passed on that other job last month because they “assured” me that they were not going to lay me off.

    I guess this anger will help my work out tonight.  

    I hope you all are having a better day than the one I’m having

  • Penny- Sorry to hear that!  I sure hope you find something quick.  It's a really tough market these days!

    Laurie- Sorry to hear about your injury!  Any news on that big buck?  

    I've been very bad lately....  Luckily not so bad that my clothes are getting tight or anything, but I'm definetly not losing any fat.  With my wife's downtime due to surgery and the kids being sick I haven't had much time to do anything.  I was all ready to go last week, and before I could even get started I got a really bad eye infection.  I had to go to the doctor a couple of times, take my contacts out, and wear glasses.  I couldn't find my new glasses since I almost never wear them and ended up wearing a pair that are about 10 years old.  I've had a bad headache the whole time because of that and didn't feel like doing anything.  Today is my first day back in my contacts and I still feel like I have a scratch or something in my eye, so I'm probably going to take them back out.  I had plans to go to the gym Monday morning, but my baby woke up about 6 times during the night, so I didn't want to get up and go.  The same thing happened last night...  I guess I'll get back in my routine when I start getting the proper amount of sleep.  I've been very tired at work the past few weeks.

  • Hi everyone,

    Penny, Sure sorry about your job and hope you find something better soon. Keep up the good workouts.

    Justin, hope your eye gets better soon and that your wife is doing better too.

    Where are you all...DavidF41, Jr, ShaylaS, Shron, Shory, Gina, what happened to you guys. Still hanging in there?

    I haven't been here to much. Been painting my Mom's kitchen. Making it a Boise State Kitchen. Also went on a trip to Utah for my son's birthday. And went out and sighted my 308 lightweight rifle in last week. Only got to get one day in on hunting Bucks and didn't see anything. My challenge is done, but I am going to check in here once a week.

    I start my next challenge in Jan. 14. Well hope you all are doing okay.


  • Hi everyone, Hope your all doing okay and still coming back here. I got in a good LBWO at the pool today and can feel it tonight.  I think I told you all that I was painting my Mom's kitchen. It's blue and orange, the color's of the Boise State Football Team here in Idaho. She been waiting for 2 years and we got it done. It's not the whole kitchen, but just half of it.

    My Challenge ended a week ago and now I have to send in my papers and photos through the mail. I will continue to eat well and keep working out 2 times a week. Well I sure hope everyone comes back here. Have a great weekend.


  • Hi all CCCers

    Where did you all go...I hope everyone is doing okay and still working out everyday. I am still here for you all and I'm counting on you all coming back soon.

    I just found out that I can still hunt, so I will be going out this week  and maybe get my deer. Got the kitchen all painted and my Mom's all happy.

    Miss the BFL program, but I am still watching my food and still working out 2 times a week. Down 5 lbs so that's making me feel a lot happier.

    I hurt up my shoulder about 2 weeks ago, or longer, and now it's feeling better. I got in the hot pool each day I worked out and I think that took out most of the pain. It's gone now. I'm thinking of starting my 4th challenge. I was going to wait till Jan. 2014, but I not sure yet. I will wait another week and see how I feel about it.

    Well guess I will go for now, Hanging in there everyone and please come back soon.


  • Hello everyone,

    Getting back on track.  I hope everyone had a good Holiday season.  I finally found a job in December.  I had a trying couple of months up until then, in fact this is the first time I have logged on to this site since October.   The job is great.  Now I need to get back into the body for life program.  I am starting on Friday because it coinsides with my company's "biggest loser" competition.

    I hope all of you are still going strong.


  • I'm still here!  Congrats on the new job!  I joined the 1/6/14 group.  Come on over!

  • I'm still here!  Congrats on the new job!  I joined the 1/6/14 group.  Come on over!

  • where is that group?