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  • OUCH!  Lifting was a complete disaster.  5 sets of light weight bench presses (135lbs), 5 sets of cable rows (150lbs), and about 3 reps of overhead presses (95lbs).  DONE!

    Guess that answers that question.  I have felt great the last two weeks.  And the steroid injection actually helped calm the pain.  Unfortunately, as soon as I started lifting again the pain came right back.  

    Going to take some time to decide whether to have surgery, deal with the pain, or adjust my workouts.

    Not excited.

  • Hello hello hello CCCers!

    Bet you thought I was out for the count huh?  Not gonna happen :-) After all, 2013 is MY year!!!

    Since I last checked in, my life took an unexpected turn that put my journey on hold until this week. I will not bore you with the specific medical mumbo jumbo.  Long story short, I am back with you all on this BLF journey and I am very happy to be here.

    I decided to use this forced down time to reassess what is most important in my life.  My health and my family.  My job takes a distant 3rd place.  So instead of continuing to ride the "traveling consultant" train working crazy long hours and plane hopping all the time, my husband and I took a temporary relocation to Calgary, Alberta where we will work for the next 12+ months.  My company put us up in an awesome fully furnished rental home with monthly flybacks to Phoenix.  We get a per diem which is a huge help since Calgary is really expensive.  We loaded a Uhaul trailer, drove up to Canada with our dogs and now call this home.  This is the first time in quite a while where we are both living and working in the same city - together.  It's exactly what I need at this point in my life ;-)

    I started right back into my BFL routine this morning after being cleared by my doctor yesterday.  Got in an UBWO this morning and feel fantastic.  I am sure the soreness tomorrow morning will be unreal but I am so excited to reconnect with the gym and all of you!!!  



  • Welcome back Sharon!  

    Well....  Yesterday my daughter got sent home from school with a fever and sore throat so now I have a house full of sick and wounded.  I'm hoping that Monday I'll get to go back to my normal routine.

    JR- Sorry to hear that your shoulder didn't get any better.  I'd probably get it fixed if I were in your shoes.

    Gotta try to get caught back up on this project now.  Sorry so short!

  • Morning yall!  Apologize for being scarce the last few weeks.  Work has been a bear...what's knew?  Have been faithful with my training and have actually increased cardio to 3-4 days/week. Got a 4.5  mile run in Sunday...not too fast overall, but it was a good run.  Still need to eat a little better...tough when store runs special on Blue Bell ice cream.  

    JR - hate to hear that your shoulder started hurting again when lifting.  Know you have a difficult decision to make.  I guess it comes down to your long term goals, what kind of weight training you want to do and such.  

    Justin - tough when the kiddos are sick.  I don't miss that.  How is your wife's recovery going?  The week rest may be a good thing for you.

    Sharon - sure good to hear from you!  Glad your situation has become less hectic and you and your husband get to work in the same town now.  

    Laurie - how was your visit to Texas?  Hope your epidural went well and will help with your hip and legs and you're back to going strong.  Good words of encouragement to everybody.

    Shayla -  glad you are having a great time with your family.  Your dietary discipline is to be admired. I tend to relax mine when with family.  

    Pennyready - don't beat yourself up over falling off......we all have.  You get back on it and you realize that it wasn't as bad as you thought.

    Well, work beckins.  Have a great day CCers!

  • Hi Everyone!

    It's been a slow moving around for me. The 2 shots were really really painful even though they hooked me up to an IV and gave me pain killers, I cried.  My husband took me out to lunch to cheer me up.  I sure hope these shots work a long time. I don't want to go through that again for a while. I am taking it easy and tomorrow will get in the pool and take it easy.  

    Sharon sure is good to here your back, about time. Now it sounds like you have more time to spend with each other.

    Justin hang in there it won't last very long. How is your wife doing? You should probably try to get some rest if you can before you start again.

    Pennyready, remember just put it all behind you and start again. it's all okay. Your doing a great job.

    Shayla, you must be having a blast with your sister. That's cool.

    JR, hope you do the right thing for your shoulder. Just go slow and lite on the weights and it will all work out.

    David, Ice cream huh, that's okay now and then right? Your doing such a good job it probably melts off pretty fast :o).

    I don't know if I missed anyone, but hope you all are still hanging in there. Got to go, so have a great night.


  • Hello CCC

    Laurie and Dave you guys are right on.  I put it behind me and all is good.  Back to real clean eating and good w/o's.

    Getting in the gym for a good leg work out this morning before work has me feeling energized at the job today.  

    Egg whites and wheat toast this motning and a Lean 15 bar so far this afternoon.

    Justin- I hope you and your family is feeling better and that you are able to get back to your work out routine by Monday.

    Jr -  It's a bummer but that shoulder surgery may be inevitable.  I had bach surgery about 11 yrs ago and it stinks.  Totally throws you off of your game, but I'll tell you  it was worth it my back is perfect now. I have no restrictions.

    Sharon- nice to meet you.  I hope you enjoy your new location

    Have a great weekend all :-))  

  • Hi everyone,

    Just keeping you all in check. It's Sunday and I just went for a mile walk, fed the ducks at the park and took some cool photo's. Hope to be in the pool tomorrow. Hope your all doing really well and enjoying the weekend and football games.


  • Hey everyone! I'm back!!! Soooo.....I've been naughty the last few days😒 I did great while in Idaho (missed a few workouts but ate very well) until Monday.  That free day ran into Tuesday because it was my last day there. Then Tuesday/Wednesday was 4 hrs in a car, all night and morning traveling home (red eye) then back to work.  My time was off so much from staying up late each night with my sisters so coming home on the red eye, mixed with a 2 hour time difference has been rough! Long story story....I've eaten CRAP and have not worked out all week!! What the heck?!?! I am getting to the gym tomorrow for some double cardio and lifting. My kids have off school tomorrow and I have 3 extra kids at my house tonight sleeping over. I promised to take my son and his buddies to the skate park tomorrow so I'll have to fit it in sometime because I feel like crap!  I am not going to hit my goal this challenge so I will be continuing BFL and start another actual challenge Jan 1.  

    Justin: so sorry to hear you are still hurting! I think your best bet would be to get the surgery done and over with so you can move on instead of suffer through it. Just my two cents but you know your body best. Good luck with whatever you choose.

    Jr: ugh....sick kids are the worst! I hope they all get better soon! Gosh, you've got your hands full.  How's the wife?

    David: haha, so much for your comment on my diet! 😏 I'll be better

    Great job with keeping your momentum!

    Laurie: wow, the injection seems painful! Yikes!! Sounds like it may be helping through, you seemed to have had a very productive day. Keep it up

    Pennie: looks like we both slipped up!! Oops. I seem to do that every once in a while but I am glad I posted a bunch of motivational quotes/pics that have helped me get back on track. Hope you are doing better too!

  • Happy Monday Everyone!

    Well.....  I got up this morning and drove to the gym to find a note on the door saying that they're closed to day to celebrate Columbus Day!!  WTF!?!?!!?!?!  Freaking Columbus Day!!  So...  I'm not very happy about that.   Guess I'll try my luck again tomorrow morning.

    My Wife's Dr said everything looks good.  She got to do physical therapy for a few weeks and then she can return to normal activity.  The kids are getting better, so that's good.

    David- Welcome back buddy!  I was getting worried about you...  Is it cooling off any down in TX?

    Laurie- What did you take pictures of?  It won't be long and I'm going to be doing a lot of walking in the woods.  Hopefully with intervals of pulling animals back out!  ;)

    Shayla- It sounds like you've been killing this challenge so far.  Don't let a bad weekend get you down.  You were traveling and with family.  Either one of those things alone will make it hard to stay on the plan.  Don't beat yourself up over it.  Even if you don't hit whatever your goal is by the end of this 12 weeks just know that every day you stick with it you're getting closer.

    JR- Any news on a decision?

    Shorty- Are you still out there!?

    Gina- Are you ever coming back!?

  • Where is everyone!?

    This week has not gone as planned.  Still dealing with sick kids and I've been sick a couple of days.  I haven't been to the gym and my diet has sucked.  I just can't get out of bed that early after being up so late and nobody will let me go in the afternoons.  

  • Hey Justin,

    I'm still out here.  Been raining steadily for a few days here - which we need.  Sorry you are still dealing with sick kids as well as yourself.  Hopefully you can get up early and get to the gym this week. Sill can't believe your gym was closed for Columbus Day.

    I have eaten clean for 2 days - barely any carbs in hopes that it will jump start my weight loss.  I have put on a few pounds and am hovering around 205lbs.  I have gained some size as my son's handmedown xl polos are not swallowing me any more in the shoulders and arms.  

    Leg routine was short and brutal.  Two tri-sets (squats - leg press - leg extensions) and (stiff leg deadlifts - leg curls  follwed by 3 minutes of walking lunges)  The lunges was actually just one set.

    Hope all CCers are doing well this week.


  • Hi everyone! Today is Wed. and I was suppose to go to the pool, but didn't make it. The sad thing is, I have put on another 10 lbs from those darn estrogen pills. The doctor said it is bound to happen and there's nothing she can do for me. So with that said, I am going to continue the pool 2 times a week like I have been, but drop down to 1200 calories.

    My back doctor said that for every 5 lbs of me being over weight is 25 lbs of pressure on my back and knees. So he said try harder and get the weight off fast.

    I feel defeated...

    but so what, I will be done with this Challenge next week and start number 4 in January.

    Hope you all are doing better and getting your workouts in the best you can. Take care,


  • Happy hump day all!

    Things are going really really well for me up here in Canada.  We had Monday off for Thanksgiving here - not Columbus day.  So, we took full advantage of it and took a road trip to the Rockies.  We did a ton of hiking and walking and I got up early to get in upper body workouts at the hotel.  We did picnics for lunch and made good choices for breakfast and dinners.  I made it through my first week back on BFL 100% clean and hit all of my workouts :-)

    Sounds like the crud is going around all over.  My husband has been really sick since we got back on Monday night.  Fever, aches, coughing, and basically miserable.  He isn't sleeping well which equates to me not sleeping well.  However, that hasn't stopped me from adhering to my 5:00 wake up call and getting my workout on!  

    Bought a new crockpot/slow cooker this week to have hot meals ready when we get home from work.  I made a delish vegetarian chili yesterday.  I used the soy crumbles and you couldn't tell it was meatless.  It had the consistency of ground beef.  I am doing my homework but am about 95% committed to returning to a vegetarian diet.  I barely eat meat now as it is.  Beef and pork haven't been in my diet for almost 2 decades and lately I have been grossed out by chicken.  I do eat a fair amount of seafood but I think I can sustain a clean, healthy, well balanced diet without it.  Anyone have experience in this department?  I was a strict vegetarian for about 5 years but that was 20 years ago.  There are a lot more alternative protein sources available now.  

    Off to a lunch meeting but I will take the time this weekend to respond to everyone's individual posts!  For now, have a great Body for Life Day!!!



  • Happy Friday CCC

    Our IT guy blocked this site recently, I was posting from work. Took some doing but I convinced him to unblock.  Not that I couldn’t post from home, but this week has been hectic.

    All is good.  Program is going well.  I’m eating clean except for off days.  I do eat some junk on off days but throw some good stuff in as well.

    Work outs are going pretty good, except one day this week.  I had a seminar that was 2 hrs away so after 8 hrs of learning and 4 hrs of driving I was spent.  I did eat well at seminar.  They had a breakfast and lunch spread.  I was able to find good foods and avoid the Danish, and pasta salads.  I just had some turkey lettuce and tomato with mustard on wheat, and held myself to a protein bar for breakfast.

    Laurie- finish out this challenge strong and you will flow into the next one

    Sharon- sounds like you have made yourself at home in Canada, good for you.  Congratulations on you first week.

    Shayla- thanks….I am doing much better.  I know by the time you read this you will have been back on track for a few days also- you are a rock star :-)

    Justin- you need a new family…. LOL!  Hope by now you are back to your work outs and everybody is relatively healthy.

    David –Great to hear you’re still a work out maniac :-))

    Jr – hope you are well  

    A great weekend to you ALL


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