Cottage Cheese Club

  • Hello CCers.  Tuesday is moving along.  Was able to swim over the weekend to get some cardio in.  Still not where I want to be. Had a great leg routine this morning - actually experienced the wobbly legs afterwards which is not often.

    Squats:  20 x 155, 15 x 185, 12 x 225, 10 x 275, 8 x 315  

    Leg Press: 20 x 440, 15 x 530, 12 x 620, 10 x 710, 8 x 800 (loaded down!)

    Leg extensions 25 x 110, 20 x 140, 15 x 160, 10 x 190

    Leg curls;  20 x 110, 15 x 140, 10 x 160, 5 x 180

    Standing calf raises:  5 x 25 x 350

    Lots of sweat!

    Getting to where I actually like working legs.

    JR - impressive discipline turning down the trays of bad food (tough during those long meetings)

    Justin - sorry about your wife's torn meniscus, good they can clean out and hopefully a quick recovery.  You guys are young!

    Pennyready - great news on your job!! That is a big load off.  You will certainly turn up intensity without the distraction.

    Shayla, Laurie - hope you guys have had good starts to this week.


  • I forgot to mention how sore I am from yesterday's high volume chest workout.  It is a very deep sore,  and I think it's exactly what I needed.  I'm loving it!  I wish I had the time to train every body part that way every time!  I think I'm going to have to try to work something like that out on paper for after this challenge is over (only 32 days away).  

    Penny- That's wonderful news about your job!  I've been hoping you'd get that news.  It must feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of you!  I'm very happy for you.  

    JR- Sorry to hear your shoulder seems like it's giving you more problems than before after the test.  If you have to have surgery how long will it take to recover from it?

    David- WOW!  Moving some weight around down there in TX!  You're going to have to wear MCHammer pants pretty soon if you keep hitting those legs that hard!  Yeah, Cammy's pretty down about the surgery, but I told her it could have been a lot worse.  I said what if they'd have just said it was all authritis an it would feel that way forever.  She immediatly said this was the better option.  Ha!  

  • Hey guys, finally getting some down time while at soccer tonight. I've had a great week do far! Great UBWO yesterday and chest and back are still pretty sore. I did Zumba last night to help burn the extra bad calories from Sunday. Burned about 600 calories there. Today I hit the treadmill. I upped my workout again and half way through was feeling it pretty good but MADE myself keep pushing. My old level 10 is now my level 9. :) I ran 5.5-6.0-6.5-7.0 (4 times) with my 10 being a 8.5. My HR got up to 194!!! Definetly hit my 10 there! I also had some time to walk the hills tonight with my Mother-in-law and burned another 200 calories.  I'm looking forward to my LBWO tomorrow. It's my favorite workout.

    Penny: HUGE sigh of relief huh😃 way to be prepared for the unknown though! I'm glad you won't have to deal with that extra stress!

    JR: that's a bummer! What did they diagnose?  Is surgery needed? Hopefully it will be a quick recovery either way. And huge kudos to you for ditching the sweets! We used to get crap like that all the time in the dental office and it takes a lot of self-discipline to avoid it! Keep up the good work!

    Justin: I love that deep sore feeling! I had that last week from my leg workout. I did squats with weights, sitting calve raisers with weights, lunges no weights (120 for fun😊) but the 150 deadman lifts on the half balance ball with 40 lb bar did me in! I had the deep soreness all weekend...and I loved it!! I hope your wife recovers quickly. It sucks when your trying to do right by your body and you get an injury. Hope she can get back at it soon!

    David: what the....holy crap you are lifting a lot! Way to go!! I can't even imagine doing a leg press of 800 lbs!!! Im speechless! You are going to totally rock this challenge!

    Laurie: I hope your doing well on your vacation!

  • Back and biceps workout was awesome this morning!  I followed it up with a 20 minute walk on a treadmill at 3.5mph with inclines between 5-18%.  I might be walking for the next few days because after my 1hr stair climb yesterday my legs feel just like they did last week.  Not good.....  

    Shayla- Way to increase the intensity on those cardio workouts.  You'll keep getting faster and faster.  That's a lot of lunges and deadlifts!

  • Good morning folks.  Glad to hear so many are doing so well.  

    Steroid injection this morning, 2 weeks no lifting, then back to lifting with increased intensity for 2 weeks and monitoring the shoulder. If it isn't better in 4 weeks, labrum surgery.  A little bummed, but it's kind of what I expected.

    Going to get to running for the next 2 weeks.  Hopefully that'll do me some good.  I may still lift legs and core, but no deadlifts.  

  • I hit snooze one too many times this morning and missed my workout.  :'-(  I don't think I'll have time to get it in this afternoon either.  I've got a full schedule after work, so I'll probably just have to miss today except for abs that I think I'll be able to do at some point.....  It was the best possible day for this to happen though.  My legs are still very sore and need some repair time.

    JR- Do they think the labrum will heal itself then?  I was under the impression that it was made of cartilage and once its torn would have to be removed.

  • Missed my workout this morning too.  Softball ran late last night, and I had to be into the office early.  Excuses are getting easy to come by... especially since I'm not lifting!!!!  This is not my proudest BFL moment.

    You're right Justin, the Labral tears won't fix themselves.  The only hope is that the tears are not what's causing the pain, but rather inflammation in the rotator cuff.  After seeing where the tears are on the MRI (interior) and that they appear to be relatively slight, doc was surprised that it is causing the pain where it is (posterior).  But realistically, the fact that the pain has been so consistent and predictable, both in severity and location, for 7 months doesn't seem to indicate that it's inflammation.  Doesn't really matter, I wasn't going to have the surgery for a month or two anyway, so waiting a month to see if the steroids have any impact won't hurt.  I'm all for anything that would keep me from having to have the surgery!

  • Morning guys,   I made my workout this morning (shoulders followed by pace class and 160 rollouts...tough).  The last two mornings I have woken up at about 2:45a and can't go back to sleep.  I'm ok through the mornings but fade later on.  Did get some good cardio in yesterday evening in spin class.  Was hopling that would help me sleep.  Rt. elbow is starting to swell again.  

    Justin - rest is good especially the way you've been going of late.  Your legs with thank you.  Understand about the long work hours.  

    JR - sorry about your shoulder and the pain you are dealing with.  Hopefully you will get some relief with the injections.  If determined that the labral tears are not causing the pain, will you have surgery to repair them?  I know that when I've had imflammation of the rotator cuff, the pain was posterior.  

  • Hey guys! Super sore today from my LBWO.  Today was cardio and I just wasn't "feeling it".  I was too sore for the stair climber so I figured interval jogs would losen the lactic acids. I got about 5min in and I just didn't want to. Haha I grabbed a magazine and walked interval hills instead. I did get a lot of lower back/oblique/abs in though. Also walked about 3 miles of hills with MIL. Good news though....I'm now down 9 lbs. I'm going to Idaho next week so my goal is to drop another 2 by then to get back into my 130's. Bikini body getting closer!! 😃👙. I'm thinking I will do another challenge after this one to finish up the weight loss and toning. Any of you going to join me?

    Jr: bummer! Don't let that shoulder get in the way of your progress! Don't allow it to stop you. Hopefully those steroids will help with the pain. Sorry you are having to go through that!

    David: you are crushing those workouts!! I don't think I can even do 5 roll outs. You inspired me to up my weight quite a bit on my leg press yesterday. Felt great and I'm looking forward to having toned, muscled lined legs!

    Penny, Laurie...where are you girls! Keep pushing

  • Shoulder workout is planned for after work today.  I was up later than I wanted to be last night and then my son woke up about 4 times throughout the night so I didn't get very good sleep and didn't get out of bed this morning.

    JR- I sure hope those shots work out for you.  Can you still work legs on machines, or are you going to stay away from weights completely?  I guess you could always do a bunch of cardio.....

    David- "The Rollout King"  Man....  That's a lot of rollouts!  Yes, I think my legs need a break.  I'm going to let them rest until Monday and then resume my cardio.  Only 30 days left of this challenge and it should be bearable to complete it.

    Shayla-  Good work on those awesome workouts!  It sucks when you legs refuse to do what you tell them to though doesn't it?  When does your current challenge end?  Mine ends 10/26, so I don't have enough time to do another challenge before the end of the year.  There will only be about 10 weeks left.  I'm planning to start my next one right after the new year, but will continue to be on here and working out as normal (with less cardio) the whole time.  

  • Hello CCC,

    Off work yesterday (working Saturday), ran around all day, but got a good cardio w/o in.

    Legs tonight after work.  I only have 320 lbs in plates for the leg press.  I’m still hitting a good intensity using the 320, but I think I need to buy a couple 25 and 45 lb plates over the weekend.

    Shayla- congratulations on that weight loss.  You certainly earned it.  Look out Idaho ;-)

    David- 2:45 AM…. I feel for you, that stinks.  My dogs get me up every morning around 4:00 to eat (don’t ask, they are goofy) but I am able to get right back to sleep.

    Jr- hopefully that shoulder heals up with the shot.  Be careful not to overdo it for the next couple of weeks.

    Justin I’m in the same boat with a Friday after work w/o.  How’s your wife?  

    Till tomorrow friends

  • Hey everyone.  I made a good cardio comeback today.  I couldn't make it to the sat spin class due to a soccer game so I went to the high school and ran bleachers and track instead. I pushed myself hard.  I ran 12 sets of 20 steps, half around track, 12 sets of 9 steps, hit my 9 with a set of 57 continuous steps then half around track then did that 4 times.  My 10 was singles on final 57 stairs, back down, then skipping steps on same stairs, and back down.  My legs were burning! It was a perfect day for it outside, not too hot, slight breeze.  Overall I climbed 1734 steps and burned 676 calories. :). I'm doing great on my diet. We went out with friends last night to PF Changs and I ate edamame and steamed chicken with broccoli, no sauce.  The crap food doesn't even phase me now during the week. My husband ordered pizza and cinnamon sticks for lunch and I instead ate tuna, avocado sandwich.  It feels great to make good decisions and to see results of your hard work!  

  • Hi everyone,

    I just got back today around 3:30 pm. Had seen my doctor before we left for Texas and he told me I had to get this extra weight off right away.  It's putting a lot of pressure on the interior of my spinal cord.  So I had pancakes while I was gone and that came from the free breakfast at the Motels. I haven't had pancakes for a few years, so why not.  I did eat my fill of scrambled eggs and yogurt. Didn't do very well but I still have about 30 days left to try some new things to lose this extra weight I've gained. Going into the pool to see if the therapist can help me find some new ways to get down faster with out putting pressure on my back. I wasn't able to do to much walking. I was just in to much pain, so I just tried to continue to keep my diet cleaner after those pancakes.

  • My mom had a great time and so did I. The weather was okay going to Texas and while we were there, but Colorado was cold and it got down to the 30's at night and rained the 3 days we were there. We got to see some of the flooding and also got caught in a terrible rain storm and had to pull over and wait for it to stop. The winds in Wyoming were up to 50 + miles and hour and there were warning signs all over.  The deer were all over the place, we even saw 3 bears crossing the road.

    It might sound like a bad trip, but it was fun, we didn't let a little bad weather bother us.

  • Sorry about the bad spelling, this computer is stopping me from getting this done, so I'm trying to finish this fast.

    It sounds like everyone is still hanging in there.

    ShaylaS: Good going on losing 9lbs. That is just so wonderful. Great job. Hard work pays off. You'll be in that bikini before you know it. I will be doing another challenge. It will be C4 for me, so I will be here with you to cheer you on.

    David: Way to go on the Leg weights. Just couldn't make that extra 80 mile trip to say hello and tell you your doing great job

    but I can here, so that will have to do.:o)  Sounds like you 3 guys are going to tie in this challenge. Your all doing so well.

    JR: That injection should make your shoulder feel a lot better soon. Just take it easy for your 2 weeks and go slow getting back into the shoulder exercise. Your doing such a good job of keeping everything else together, this is just a little bump in the road.

    Penny: Did you get that job? I'm not sure if you said you took that one or not. Good job on the cardio and the leg workouts. sounds like your doing such a great job in workout plans.

    Justin: your C3 ends in about 4 weeks. I think, I am about the same time. I am going to do another one, but not sure if we can do another one for this year. Hope your wife is doing okay and heals up really fast. You are dong such a great job and sticking to the plan very well. Keep it up, I'm sure you can see a big big difference from when you first started in Jan.

    Got to go, will see you all tomorrow. Have a great week all of you.