Cottage Cheese Club

  • Good morning everyone!

    1 hour cardio session followed by abs workout scheduled for this afternoon.  My legs are still pretty sore, so it may be just an hour walk or possibly a bike ride. I'll figure that out when it's time I guess.

    My wife had her MRI last night, so now we're waiting a couple of days to get results back and see what's going to happen.  Hopefully we'll get some good news on that!

    JR- How did your MRI go?  Did you get any feedback on it yet?  Hope it went well for you!

  • Yes, it is Thursday, September 19, 2013 and the temp this morning was 80 degrees. Hard to believe Fall is a day away.

    Good shoulder routine followed by pace class and about 150 rollouts.....grrrrrrr!  

    Penny - sorry about the interview.  I understand and have been through the excitement leading  up to only to be followed by the disappointment of it not working out for whatever reason.  Only setting the stage for a better situation for you. Hate the waiting in limbo part for ya.  Have serveral friends at a company I used to work for having to make the choice of moving to Austin or losing their jobs.  Bad BFL days come to all of us as we are human and emotions can dictate our eating habits.  I've had more than I care to admit.  You have 9 weeks which is still plenty of time to make significant changes.  I admire how you can come home and workout after a long day.  If I don't get mine in early, going to be tough to get it in late.

    Shayla - way to go the extra miles and hills!  Your determination is reaping great results.  Congrats on losing 7.2 lbs so far.  Looking forward to seeing your transformation.  You are right on the money about the difference planning makes!  Keep up the great job!  Good job on the clean eating...probably 80% of success is tied to diet.  

    Laurie - coming to Texas!  Greenville is about 80 miles west of my office (Mt. Pleasant).  Get ready, it is still hot down here.  We're supposed to get a little relief this weekend with some rain and a cold front moving through. Forcast is for mid 50's Sunday morning and highs in the low to mid 80s.  Hope you have a wonderful time seeing your daughter and granddaughter.  Be careful coming down.  That's one long drive!

    Justin - it's easy to wear yourself down with too much cardio.  You get to thinking you can't miss a day.  It's been a while, but about 6 years ago, I was going hard 6-7 days a week (sometimes twice a day) with cardio.  Mainly running and swimming.  I still have my journal from 2007 and at one point from June into August, I went 67 days straight of cardio - I had to back it off for few weeks as I had worn myself down.  

    JR - when will you have the MRI results?  

  • Justin- hope the news is good on your wife's mri.

  • Headed to MRI now.  Results next Wednesday.

    Been a crazy busy week, full of excuses.  Not going to stop a good leg day after work!

  • Good afternoon CC”ers

    Did a butt kicking leg w/o last night and killed an upper body w/o this morning.  Raised the weights on all exercises.  Felt good to work so hard. Was going to attempt a cardio tonight but I won’t get home from work till 9:30 tonight so I don’t think it’s going to happen.  I’ll make sure I murder some fat with a good cardio tomorrow morning.

    Thanks all of you for your kind words about the job search.  I did get a call back from that interview and will go speak to them again on Saturday.  The hours, money, and drive tell me that it’s not going to be a good fit but I’m keeping an open mind, and hoping for the best.  Meanwhile I will keep looking.

    Shayla, over 7 lbs is fantastic! Great work.  

    Laurie I hope you are enjoying your time with your family and are having a safe trip.

    Jr and Justin I hope all MRI results come back with great readings….meaning NO surgeries.

    Hey David, I tried to do some roll outs at my house.  I purchased one of those wheels a couple of years ago.   I could only do 3; you are my hero with your 150, kudos to you.    

    One more day till the weekend, hope you all have a good one.

  • Hey guys! I had a great Cardio workout this morning. I challenged that stairclimber once again and climbed about 20 more floors than last time. I managed to climb 117 floors in 24 minutes. I didn't have my HR monitor but I can assure you that I hit my 10!! I got on the treadmill for 15 min after that and did short spurts of walking on incline, jogging, and jogging on incline.  I had about 10 min to spare so I did some ab work.  I want to get my abs back sooo bad!!! Haven't had those since I was 18!  I am going to cry with my leg work out I have planned for tomorrow but it'll be awesome when I start seeing muscle lines so itll be worth it!  I'm super bummed because my mini desk fridge I bought for work already broke so it makes it hard to keep my mid meals cold😞

    Penny: hang in there, one door opens to another door closed. That's got to be stressful but good for you for planning ahead. That alone will prevent major stress if (heaven forbid) you are let go.

    well, good luck y'all and look forward to hearing from ya tomorrow!

  • Happy Friday everybody!

    Last night-  I went to the gym and there was finally an elliptical open so I ran 7.8 miles on it.  

    This morning- I stayed up way too late last night watching World War Z, so I missed my chance to do my workout this morning.  I'll hit the shoulders after work, but I think I'm going to give my legs a break until Monday morning.  

    Penny- Congrats on those awesome workouts and raising the weights!  I sure hope you find something you're happy with.

    Shayla- Way to go on those workouts!  You're going to kill this challenge I just know it!  If you just bought the mini fridge surely you can go exchange it for a new one.  I bring a cooler to work every day.

    David- You're right.  It's easy to wear yourself out on the cardio.  I did this to myself real bad during C2 with longer HIIT sessions.  That's why I'm going to try to recover this weekend.  I really don't think it's the cardio that caused the problem though.  Last Friday I had an extremely heavy leg day and got some pretty major DOMS.  After that I never recovered because of the cardio I think.  Up to that point I was having zero problems.  So....  I think I'm going to keep my leg workouts higher rep/lower weight so I can keep my cardio going.  I believe the results I've been getting lately are because of the increased cardio and I want to keep doing it.

  • It's Fridaaaaaaaaaay!  Screw that camel this is a much better day.

    Extra sweaty cardio this morning worked hard felt good.  My shower never felt so good.

    I’m really looking forward to doing my upper body again work out tomorrow morning, excited about using the increased weights again.  

    Shayla- still thinking about your son, is he better?

    Busy at work so keeping this one short.

    Hope everybody has a terrific day.

  • Ugh! I had one heck of a free day! Oops. I didn't get to work out yesterday. I should have gotten up early to get it in before soccer and football (not playing, just supporting the team) but it was Sat and I was just plain lazy.  I ate well but then wow, what a day today!! Haha. I drove to Fredericksburg to spend time with my mom for the last week she's here then to charlotesville to show her the apple orchards.  It was a good time but I ate 2...not one...but 2 apple cider donuts! Then later took the kids for an ice cream, a few bite of apple pie the to top it off had KFC for dinner. YUCK...feel like crap! I'm gonna kick it up a notch in my workout tomorrow and add in double cardio to burn it off. My body can't handle this much crap anymore! I hope you all had a much better day than me! 😉

  • Penny: thanks for your concern.  He's much much better. He still gets daily headaches but they aren't as severe as they were. He's just really bummed to not be able to play.

  • Happy Monday everyone!

    I had a very lazy weekend.  I really didn't do much of anything because I was trying to let my legs recover.

    I woke up this morning and hit it hard.  Chest and triceps got an awesome workout this morning.  This was a volume day.  I ended up with 20 sets on chest to hit it from every angle possible.  I can really feel it now!  Lots and lots of pressing and flys.  By the time I got to my tricep specific movements they were pretty worn out, but I made the most of it.. I followed it up with 20 minutes on my ol friend the stairclimber.

    Penny- Nice work on that extra sweaty workout!

    Shayla- That junk food was jus a little bump in the road.  We all have them.  I have do doubt that you'll make it up and then some!  Go get em!

  • Wow... what a lazy weekend.  It rained all weekend, so we filled the down time with football!  Lots of it.  And Eastern Division Champion Atlanta Braves baseball!!!!  I'm a diehard Braves fan.  As those of you that are FB friends now know, I'm sure.

    I've got 6 weeks to get my "(BFL Censored)" together.  Started with a great leg workout this morning!  Shaky on the stairs kind of good.  And I turned down the 3 HUGE trays of breakfast sweets this morning in the office (donuts, muffins, danishes)...  Opted for a cup of black coffee, EAS Advantage and a banana.  Got a couple Salmon steaks in the fridge to get me through the day.  Softball tonight, which usually generates a good sweat.

    Cardio in the AM.

    Busy week at work!  

    Keep it up folks!

  • Had a good cardio session on the stair climber this morning.  I burned off 1028 calories.  It's a good thing too, because last night I probably had 600 calories of Nutella.  My daughter was eating it and made me a thick sandwich of it and a graham cracker.  I didn't realize how many calories were in that stuff until after I ate it.  WOW....  I should have known by how awesome it tasted.

    My wife had her Dr. appointment yesterday to get her MRI results.  Her original ACL replacement still looks good, but she's got a huge chunk of miniscus torn and will have to have it removed.  That'll probably happen next week and then she'll have to recover for at least two weeks at home.  

    JR- Way to turn down those bad foods!  

  • Happy Tuesday CCC

    Hope everyone is well.

    Found out I'm not getting laid off.  That takes a lot of pressure off.  I was completely pre occupied, but kept up with the work outs.  I feel like I will bring the intensity up more now that I can stay more focused.

    Justin sorry about your wife needing another procedure on her knee, I hope it’s a relatively easy recovery for her.

  • So glad you're still employed Penny!

    Bummer to hear about your wife's surgery Justin.  But really that's great news compared to ACL reconstruction!  A couple weeks and she'll be like new.

    This shoulder is really becoming a struggle for me.  Since the MRI/ huge needle and dye injection, it's been pretty inflamed and irritated.  Maybe I'm just making excuses.  Doc said I'm fine to keep lifting.  It's robbing my intensity though.  Again, maybe I'm just letting it be an excuse.

    No workout this morning.  I've got a tee-time scheduled for this afternoon, but the weather isn't looking great.  I'm hoping it gets rained out and I can get my workout in instead.

    Until next time... keep rocking CCC!