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  • pennyready- Holy cow!  That's a very nice home gym!  WANT!!!  That looks like some very high quality stuff you've got there!  Oh, and I forgot to tell you congratulations on making it past your "normal" 2 week mark.  You're going to keep at it this time and kill this challenge! I just know it!  

  •  Happy Friday everybody! 


    Pennyready - agree with Justin, definitely like your home gym and find myself wanting one!  Congrats on setting new  milestone. That has to be really encouraging and motivating for you! 

    Laurie - ha! No I did not play football at that stadium....probably would have caused severe injury to myself had I tried.  Haven't played since Reagan's first term in office. I'm just a avid high school football fan.  Watched both my boys play and still follow the Longview LOBOS who have a strong pedigree.  Kudos to you for staying so active.  My closest friend is 62 and swims at least a mile 4 times a week.  He definitely looks and acts much younger than his actual age.  Bet that is the same with you.  Way to keep it up with all that you have dealt with in the past year. 

    Justin - I hear ya on the diet temptations.  I pass 4 Sonics everytime I come home from week (that's saying something in rural east Texas.  Dammit Sonic!! Why do they make their shakes half price after 8pm.  Gets me every time I work late.  

    Shayla - 150 lunges and deep squats?!!!!  My legs be sore just reading that.  And then you go walking hills, you are intense!

    Well, no workout this morning. Had to work on some arbitration stuff  early and still not through.  Hope to get in some form of cardio later today.  Will swim and do the weekend landscaping on the weekend.  The LOBOS are taking on one of Mississippi's top high school football teams at the Independence Bowl in Shreveport. LA Saturday evening.  I hope to go but the game will probably not start till after 8:30P.  Not too far of a trek - little over an hour - so will see how tired I am.

    Lliking this MusclePharm Get Swole routine. In the 6 week of the 16 week program. Feel like I'm seeing results more so than Critical Bench, however, this is as little cardio as I have ever done in a program.  Holding steady at 200, but would like to get to mid 180s which may help get the definition I want.

    This pic was from yesterday morning right after a tough shoulder routine followed by pace class and 126 rollouts ..... I hate rollouts but they are good for core.  Pretty pleased but definitely helps to keep the shirt on. Hopefully by the end of 16th week, I will be there.  Have a great weekend CCers!!



  • Pennyready your gym looks pretty nice. I want one, maybe someday soon.

    Appreciate what you guys have said, thank you.

    Got my work-out in again today, a mile walk and ab work. Diet is going good too.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  • Hi everyone

    Thanks for all the nice comments about the gym.  It took alot of hard work to save up for that, bought the pieces a few at a time, and I gotta be honest I love it.   It's my favorite room in the house.   And guess what.....NO excuses, it's open 24 hrs a day LOL.  You're all welcome if you are ever in the area.

    David you're looking buff in that pic, you've obviously been working real hard, nice work.  

    Laurie you are an inspiration.  Defineately making me wanna finish strong.

    Justin your faith in me is awesome, it really keeps me motivated, Thanks for that.

    Did cardio last night and doing legs tonight after work

    Free day today, but I learned my lesson last week.  Only gonna eat free for ONE meal, instead of all day.   I remember how you all had to talk me off the ledge last Monday LOL.  This Monday will be different.  

    Have a great weekend everone.


  • DavidF41 missed your post, but that photo looks fantastic. Looks to me like you can take your shirt off anytime. WoW!  I remember your C1 photo, You look like a whole new person now.  Great Job my friend and thanks for the kind words.

    I'll tell you, when you start getting close to this age you start to lose those muscles and it's a harder to get them back.   Just takes a lot more work.

    Penny I think I will have to save up like you did to get a total gym. Keep going strong and thanks for your kind words also.  Got to go for my walk see you all later. Have a great weekend.


  • Hey guys! Wow what an eventful weekend for us!! Our 13 year old son had a football game yesterday and was triple hit by three teammates from the other team. He was downed with a hurt neck, back and and major concussion.  He got carried off the field on a stretcher and we had a very scary ride to the ER where he was losing consciousness, hyperventilating, hallucinating, couldn't feel his feet and hands for a while, deaf in one ear and eyes rolling back into his head.  Very very scary!!! They took X-rays and a cat scan, no bleeding in the brain and no broken bones, just a bruised rotator cuff and major concussion, so we are very grateful!!! He's played football since he was 5 but the last three years in a row he has had a broken ankle-early season 2011, concussion-early season 2012 and now this!  He also has a small concussion on his BMX bike over the summer and a broken collarbone. :( poor kid.  We are going to switch sports and remove him from football permanently which sucks because watching him play is the highlight to every fall.  He is doing much better today but still has a massive headache.  We will keep him home from school tomorrow possibly longer.

    Anyways, I didn't get to go to the gym yesterday because my daughter had an AM soccer game an hour away and then my sons game was later in the evening and family was in town all day. I did eat well though...even went to Outback and did not even bat an eye at the blooming onion that the rest of the table was eating on. :). We got home from the ER at 3:00 this morning so today was rough.  I did eat cake, ice cream and a few fudge cookies for my father in laws birthday but it is my free day and I did go walk about 4 miles just to burn a few calories, nothing much for me but I will work extra hard this week.  

    Penny: you are so lucky to have such an awesome workout area.  Looks like great equipment.  No excuses now right!?!  Keep going girlie.

    Laurie: wow, good for you for working around your injuries and not letting it hold you down!  That's got to be tough but you seem like one determined woman! Way to go!

    David: WOW, you look AMAZING so far. Not sure where you started but you are looking great!!! Very nice definition going on there.  You should be proud!  


  • Welcome to a new week eveyone!  This is week 7 of C3 for me.  I can't believe it's already 1/2 way over!

    Saturday- I did my 15.8 mile bike ride and pretty much sat around the house the rest of the day.  That night I had to go to my fater in law's birthday party and I had a salad as others were drinking delicious beers and having fried food and cake.  That night I went to my closet and got out a pair of jeans that were 2 sizes smaller than the ones I've been wearing.  They fit just fine so I wore them....  I'm moving right along.

    Sunday- I didn't get my bike ride in.  I had to go grocery shopping and do yard work instead.  Late in the afternoon my whole family went to the track and my daughter rode her bike and my wife and I pushed our son around in his stroller for about an hour so I guess I'll count that as a cardio session.

    Monday- Chest and triceps workout is complete followed by a 20 minute stair climb that blasted 342 calories away.  I got on the scale this morninng and am down a couple of pounds.  I've also pulled my belt another notch tighter.  So...  That makes about 6 inches off of my waist this challenge with only about 7lbs lost from C2.  I've gotta be putting on hella muscle mass.

    Shayla- Sorry to hear about your son getting injured.  I hope he gets rid of that headache soon!

  • Good morning guys!!  Looks like a few of you had some full weekends.

    Shayla - very sore to hear about your son, but glad he is ok.  It is very hard on mom and dad when their child is injured.  Football is a violent sport.  Both my boys played through highschool.  Ryan got a very horrible sprained ankle his senior year - basically missed the playoffs.  Ben busted his nose.....twice and he ended up having surgery for it.  That doesn't come close seeing your son knocked out and on a stretcher.  I think you are making a good decison. You can't take any concussion, much less multiple ones lightly.  Man, you guys are really active with your kids.  Sure hope he recovers quickly.  Thanks for compliment.  Working hard, just need to eat better....gets harder as you get older.

    Justin - you're my hero bud!  Way to keep dropping the weight and cinchin up the belt and getting into them skinny jeans!  Showed great discipline eating your salad while others were eating and drinking the fun stuff. As I've said before ---- need some of your MOJO!

    Swam 2250 yds Saturday morning and did some landscaping from 8-3pm.  Allergies were killing me later and into Sunday.  I had planned to either run stands at the stadium or get about 3 miles in, but just couldn't shake the congestion.

    This morning did chest/back routine - went pretty heavy and did the last 30 minutes of a bootcamp to get some cardio in.  May go back for a spin class at 545P depending upon how the day goes.  

  • Holy cow, there's some good reading this morning!

    Shayla--- glad to hear your boy is ok!  That's very scary.  I concur with David... the thought of multiple concussions just can't be taken lightly.  I'm sure he loves football, but the risk is just too much!

    Went and priced some home gym equipment after seeing Penny's setup.  There are actually some reasonable deals for the equipment I need.  But with the house on the market, and not knowing what the next place will look like... that will have to remain on the future want list!

    David--- you swam 2250 yards???  that's 90 freaking laps!!!!  I couldn't do that in a week, much less before 8am landscaping.  

    Justin- 6 inches?  On top of all the inches you've dropped from C1 and C2.  I promise not to "man crush" when you post your next photos.  

    My weekend pretty much sucked.  We reached an agreement to sell our house, looked at several properties, made a contingent offer to buy another property, and before we even got it sent to the agent, our buyer backed out.  No real sweat off my back, I wasn't thrilled with the offer we were accepting.  We've had a ton of traffic in 2 weeks, and this is the second time we've come really close to a contract.  We checked out some great condos and townhomes, which will be a lifestyle change for us, but one I think we're ready for.  One unit had an awesome gym... and would allow me to cancel my membership.  

    I ate like crap most of the weekend, but I'm ready to cleanse with a good week.  

    UBWO BFL style this morning.  Great workout.... I'll give it a 9.  Going to run 3 miles and play softball this evening.  That should get some calories burned.

    Going back to BFL style workouts and cardio with fewer carbs the next 3-4 weeks.  It's time to see some change!

    Novel complete.

  • Happy Monday everyone,

    Shayla I'm so sorry to hear about your poor boy's incident.  Thank God he's ok now, but your smart to take him out, 3 concussions is scarey stuff.

    Justin, nice work, it takes alot of will power to walk away from the "fun" food when everyone around you seems to be enjoying it.

    Hey, David Phelps, thats alot of laps.  What a great work out!

    Jr sorry about your offer backing out.  Buying and selling a home is so stressful.  Patience is the key, I'm sure you will get an even better offer next time.

    Good weekend, kept my free day (Saturday) under control.  I had dinner guests last night and opted for Fresca instead of wine.  The meal was BBQ'ed  chicken and a nice salad so I did fine there.  Skipped the chocolate cake with chocolate  frosting that my brother bought over.

    Legs and abs yesterday, and 20 minutes of cardio.  I had a job interview this morning before work so I did not have time for my upper body w/o.  Gonna have to do it after work which stinks cause I won't get home from wok til 9pm.  Oh well, gotta suck it up and stick to the program.    

    Have a great day all ":-D

  • Happy Monday everybody,

    Shayla sure sorry about your son. Hope he's feeling better soon. Will say some prayers for fast healing.

    Justin Wow another notch. that's pretty cool, wish I could take a notch off my belt, but I don't wear belts.:o) and the food,

    I know it's pretty hard to not eat what every one else is, and drink too. My mom has martini time every night at 5-6pm. She always ask me to make her and I a martini and I use to do drink one with her, but now I fake it. I make it for her and make mine with water and 2 olives. She doesn't even know and she's just happy to have me sit and chat with her when I make them. Sure saves me a lot of calories.

    David what a great work out, must of burned a lot of calories, Great Job.

    Jr. Sure sorry about the house, but keep your head up, someone will come along again soon. Homes are selling fast.

    Penny I really wish I was you right now, then I wouldn't have to drive so far to work out. But I see 2 doctor's tomorrow and wokout at the pool so the appt. make up for it.  I know how the food situation is when your with family and friends. You did a great job sticking to your diet.  Good for you ;o) Hope your job interview went well.  

    I didn't get up early today, to much pain. But did get a 1mile, 25 minute walk in this morning and a 3 1/2 mile bike ride in and it took me 40 minutes later on in the day, So I crushed about 378 calories off this body. Tomorrow I will be in the pool for LBW in the morning early, I figure about 30 to 40 minutes. Plan on killing another 300 calories.  I hope if all goes well.

    Have a great night and be talking to ya all later...


  • Good morning everyone!  Thanks or your concerns with my son.  He is doing better but still having headaches.  We're keeping him home again hoping he can rest as muh as possible.  

    I had to do my LBWO at home yesterday so I could be home for him. I had to do lots of squats, lunges and calve raisers because I don't have equiptment, only DBs.  I also went to Zumba last night for 2 back to back classes and burned about 1500 calories! I needed that after my free day on Sunday.  I love to much fun!  I have to figure out when I can get a HIIT in today because I'm home again with my son and we have soccer tonight. I'll have to run hills tonight for 30 min or so before I take her.

    I need to try and take my 6 week pics tonight.  Not sure I will post them or not but I am starting to feel much better but still have a way to go to get to my goal.  I may need to do C2 after this to finish building the muscle and burning the fat.

    Have a great day everyone!


  • Good morning everyone!  I have an hour cardio session planned for the afternoon sometime.  It will most likely be on the stair climber once again....

    I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my wife started running.  She's been doing some pretty high intensity stuff, and has injured her knee.  She's had ACL replacement once (about 12 years ago), and then the knee had to be scoped to remove damaged tissue (about 11 years ago).  So she's already had two knee surgeries on that knee in the past.  Now it's looking like she's may to have to have another.  She goes to see the orthapedic surgeon at 9am, so I'm hoping for the best and getting mentally prepared for bad news.

    I kept telling her that she needs to find something low/no impact to do, but she's hard headed and refuses to do anything but run.

  • Good morning everyone.

    Workout scheduled for this afternoon.  HIIT and LBWO.

    I ate great yesterday.  Was a little light on calories, but I didn't starve.  I'm hoping the intense lifting will keep me from getting skinny fat if the calories are light as I drop down to 180.  I was at 194 this morning... so I got a ways to go!

    Heard from the doctor yesterday.  Scheduled the MRI for tomorrow.  They have to do the die injection.  And the MRI is a closed tube... which absolutely sucks!!!!  Had to have one a couple years ago and it was almost unbearable.  

    OK- no more whining. Going to have a great day!

  • What up CCers!!! This gal is back in the saddle after a friggin' amazing vacation last week. MN really is a gorgeous state - I feel we get the shaft a majority of the time (ahem, Jr, it's not always cold!) - I just love where I live. However, after being MIA for a bit, it's time for a little BFL don-kee kicking once again. I feel like I've really slacked with the program the past 2 weeks - I will say though, I did so many hikes on vacation that I think I ended up burning way more calories than normal. My eating wasn't horrible, but I had my fair share of beer. Eeek! So here I am, once again sore from a great UBWO yesterday. Woop woop! Like I-had-trouble-moving-my-hanging-clothes-to-the-side-in-my-closet-this-morning sore. Feels good.

    LOVING the new friends on our thread - WAHOOOOOO!! Sounds like everyone is doing great, minus a few scary moments with kids (so sorry to hear about your little man, Shayla) and spouses blowing out their kneads…Justin, I feel so bad for your wife. Right when she's getting back into it - that sucks. Hope all goes well at the doc today - keep us posted. And um, Laurie - you are a frickin' rock star = spinal cord damage/driving an hour to the pool, yet still kicking don-kee and not letting it slow you down?!?! AWESOME!! You are a huge inspiration girl. Pennyready, day-yummmmmmm that is one sweet home gym…you definitely have the makings for a hugely successful challenge! I have no doubt that you'll be finishing this one, then moving on to numerous others. Get it!! Okay, Shayla, you sound like you are DOM.IN.A.TING this challenge! Love it. Give those hills hell tonight, sister! Jr, Justin, and David, well you boys are just as awesome as ever - David, Spock with the cat?? Every.single.time = tears! And wowza, your hard work is paying off = STUDLY (as I whistle)!!  Um that high school football stadium?? Sheesh, I was at the MN Gopher college game this past weekend - which is a fabulous venue - and I can't imagine something like that being for a high school team. I've always heard that FB is Texas is no joke…clearly! Btw, how is Char doing?? Is she still kicking don-kee on the wheat belly diet? Jr, Jr, Jr just saw your latest post…damn, sounds like a crap doctor appt you have coming up. As you're in the tube, just close your eyes and picture yourself on that kick don-kee beach that you have posted pictures of (and made me insanely jealous with). Hang in there - don't let a small tube get the best of your awesomeness. OMG, speaking of awesomeness, Justin = another belt notch?! Duuuuuuuuuuude, you are f'ing dominating!!! Nice.f'ing.job my friend. You ROCK!!

    Okay must get back to work. Have great days everyone!!

    (but not before a shout out to our girl Gina….MISS YOU SISTAH! Get 'cho don-kee back on heeeaah yo)