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  • Pennyready your home gym sounds really cool, wish I had one. Were having a new home built soon and one of the rooms will be a workout room. It's takes a lot of termination to want to get into shape and your on your way girl. Don't worry about your weight, just keep doing the program, you'll soon see the result. Every thing happens in it's own time.  You gained 17 lbs but your going to loose it and it will come off, you'll see. keep doing what your suppose to do.

    DavidF41 I saw that Football Stadium and man is it big. You said it is new? Did you get to go and play there after they built it? All that sweating must of taken of some inches from that work out with the ball. I can't believe you guys sweat that much. I guess I'm not working out enough.;o).  Your doing a great job and you are helping me by giving me more ideas of what to change up on my workouts.  I can only do so much in the pool, so free weights will be a challenge in it's self.

    JR I hope that your shoulder is going to be alright. It's hard to do exercises when any part of the body is down. That watch

    that you bought, does that just show you the heart rate and calories? I would like to get something that can be worn in the water.  You know of any thing like that? keep us posted on your arm and hang in there, were all here for you.

    EShory you are so lucky to have a cabin to go to. How far away is it? My mother has a cabin we go to now and then and it is about 50 miles away. It's a lot of fun when we go there. You are here and doing a good job, keep it up were pulling for you as well as everyone.

    Shaylas you are in week 5 and have a pretty good start. Working and getting your kids around and keeping your house together is some work. What a mom, you are doing a fantastic job keeping it all together.

  • When you work out with your legs, just go slow. If they hurt to much, stop and give yourself a day off from the exercise,or change it up some. Maybe that will help some. Your here and doing a good job, keep it up and don't stop. That trip to Hawaii will be here before you know it and you'll look fantastic in that bikini.;o)

    Ok you guys, I have to tell you that I am the oldest here. Yeah DavidF41 you are pretty young as well as the rest of you. i just turned 63 years young. Can't seem to get a pic figured out so you can see who your chatting with, so if you go to FB and put Laurie dela, I should come up with a pix with my hubby in the corner and then you'll know who I am and who is chatting with you. Try it and let me know if you can see me or if it works.  I will keep trying to get some pix's on.

    You all are doing a great job of working out. Some of you have lost weight and some of you are getting there. Like me, it's a very slow process. I will probably be doing a C4. next.  Be back in the afternoon so all of you have a great day and thanks for all your help.


  • Tingles,

    Friend of mine works at gnc told me they aren't contracted to sell EAS for business reasons, they're concentrating on selling their own brand.  I found my EAS products at "the vitamin shoppe"    It's a national chain so maybe there's one in your area. Great store, they think gnc outdated.

  • I have a 1 hour stair climb planned for after work today.  If an elliptical is open I'll get on it, but I doubt it will be available, so stairs it will be!

    I had to go to a birthday party last night (with no notice),and I was totally caught off guard.  I didn't bring any food and they had pizza and ice cream cake.  At first I didn't eat anything.  I told my wife I'd just wait until I got home, but we stayed so long that hunger overtook me.  I ate the top off of one piece of pizza and then two real slices.  Then I ate a piece of ice cream cake (my favorite thing in the world).  I felt pretty bummed about all of that, but I'll just keep on keeping on...  

    Laurie- Do you have a Target store in your area?  They carry almost all of the EAS products and you can pick them up anytime you want without having to order them.  Why was it that you had to quit working out with weights in the first place?  I remember that you had an ankle problem, but can't remember any issues that would have kept you from doing your upper body.  I just need a refresher.....

  • Don't worry Justin... my diet was shaking yesterday too.  A buddy talked me into trying a new BBQ restaurant yesterday, and I'm glad I did!  Then we went to the local Mexican dive last night.  

    Glad I got that off my chest.  I've got some work to do.  

    Had a great HIIT run on the treadmill last night.  Followed it up with a back workout.  Pretty intense.  Monitor said 55 minutes 785 calories.

    Laurie- my HR monitor/Watch works in the pool.

  • Day 15 for me.  This is a milestone because my last 15 million attempts at getting in shape have'nt lasted past 2 weeks.

    I was off work yesterday so I was able to get in a lower body, ab and cardio.  Ate clean.

     Watched a ton of 911 memorial documentaries yesterday, sad stuff.

    Did upper body this morning eating clean again today so far.

    Justin it sucks getting caught off gaurd like that.  I bring a protien bar to the movies cause otherwise I could'nt resist the buttered popcorn.

    Jr I hate to say it but your day of BBQ and Mexican sound tastey, I'm sure you have worked it off already.

    Tingles thanks for the kind words that means alot an helps keep me focused

    3 hours left at work  have a good night all

  • Hey all, checking in for the day!

    Tingles: I was back reading and good gosh...100 miles to workout, AMAZING that you have the will for that! Big high five to you! I would like to start swimming because it is a great all around workout but havent done it yet. Maybe soon

    Jr and Justin: don't worry about it. You boys burn major calories it looks like from your other posts so a few days here and there won't bother you. Maybe skip your free day that you had planned for since you already had one?

    Penny: way to keep going! You should pat yourself on the back for continuing on a healthy path.  I am becoming very comfortable with eating and working out this way and hope to keep this a lifelong journey.  Great job and keep going!

    Justin: you have inspired me to start using the stair climber 😲 I did my HIIT on it today and OUCH!! Not to mention I did a killer leg workout yesterday with well over 150 one legged lunges and over 150 deep squats so my quads are screaming at me today!!

    I only did the 21 min on the climber and climbed 96 floors so I have room for improvement but it's a start.  I then did 15 extra min fast walk (almost jogging) on a good incline to burn my booty even more! I burned 473 calories (I have a Garmin HR monitor). After the cardio i added lots of abs and lower back. I am sore all over, even my arms and chest from Tuesday! My mother in law came tonight wand wanted to walk the hills in my neighborhood so I walked another 2 miles with her.

    I saw this quote and love it.  "The man who moves mountains, begins by carrying away small stones.". How true is this!

  • Justin and Penny thanks for the info on the EAS. I will get to Target on my next trip into the big city which will probably be Monday or Tuesday.  I am pretty much out of everything except food for planned meal. Don't know if there is a Vitamin Shoppe, but I will check that out too.  Want to find a watch something like the one JR has.  I think that will help me out and keep me more on track with calories that I'm burning.

    Like ShaylaS said, Justin and JR you both do so much to burn calories, you shouldn't worry about one day.  Just skip your reg. Sunday free day and you should be ok.

    I woked out in the pool today and did a really good upper body on arms. Only could stay 30minutes and had to get out and do some shopping. Didn't get my walk in but will do that tomorrow.

    Justin I will explain your question on why I can't use weights, but I will come back later on tonight and do that. Be back after dinner.


  • Thanks Justin!

  • Thank you for the input David!

  • Justin my first Challenge was back in 1999. i was working and had my own business. Massage Therapy. Life was pretty good but I was over weight. So 1 Challenge was all I needed at that time and got into shape pretty fast. In 2004 I was in 2 car accidents a week a part. I had 4 herniated disc in my neck and had surgery on my neck. I also have Syringomyelia which is an illness caused from the accidents. It is a trauma caused in side the spinal cord. So I have a liquid cyst which is inside my spinal cord and it is call a Syrinx which is short for  Syringomyelia.

    So while my spinal cord is damaged, I can not put any kind of pressure on my spine. That is why I am in the Elks Rehp. Pool 2 to 3 times a week for the rest of my life. That is the only exercise i can do that doesn't put pressure on my spine. Syringomyelia causes chronic pain in my arm, legs, back, shoulders and neck.  This illness is progressive and will never go away. It causes weekness and stiffness.

    I am taking pain meds every 4 hours to help me cope with all this mess. So when I started C1 in Jan. with you all, I was using the pool and adding extra pool exercises. In C2 I was doing really well until i broke my foot. While I was out of the pool used my weights from years ago, but only 2 lbs and 3 lbs and 5 lb. I was doing ok, but really had to be careful.

  • I did loose 3 lbs and 15 inches in C2, but gain it back and then some more from those new estrogen pills.  It's hard to get out of bed early, because of the pain i'm in, that's why I'm not an early bird like the rest of you. I'm trying though.  I am going to continue to do this pain or no pain, (no pain no gain) Ha, Right? i will get the weight off. It might take a little longer, but I will do it.  

    All of you here help me keep going, by being here to encourage me too. I do appreciate it a lot. Thanks all of you and I will get my pix up soon;o).


  • Sorry if i miss spelled some words, have a great day!!



    Last night- No elliptical machines were open as suspected so I did stairs for an hour and burned 1027 calories again.  I got my ab workout in right after that.

    This morning- Legs and shoulder workout complete followed by a 20 minute stair climb that burned 342 calories.

    Question for those of you that have HR monitors: Are the machines that you plug in your weight typically richt on the calories burned?  If not, are you normally burning less than it shows or more?  I gotta get me a monitor!

    Laurie- Sounds like you had a very rough time after those accidents.  I admire your determintation to do these challenges!  But be sure to try to follow Drs orders.  You sure don't want to make it any worse than what it already is.  

    Shayla- I'm glad to have another climber in the CCC!  That thing will work your but off!

    Oh..  I'm not really all that worried about the junk I ate the other night.  I've been skipping free days pretty much this whole challenge anyway, so I might have needed it.  I just hated that it wasn't scheduled.  


    Hi everyone,

    Happ Friday.  Justin here's a couple of pics of my home gym you asked me about last week, it took me a while to figure out how to upload.

    Woke up too late to do cardio this morning, did'nt want to rush through it so I will do tonight after work and make sure I make it count!  Eating good today protiens good carbs and veggies with a couple of Myoplex shakes for good measure.

    Hope you all have a good day.

    Tingles sounds like you have had a rough go of it, sorry to hear.  I give you alot of credit for pushing yourself.