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  • Haha, that's funny! I gues you could say that, I'm from Virginia.   I had a great workout this morning. My parents are in town do I switched up my UBWO and cardio days do I could exercise with my mom yesterday. Today was my UBWO and OUCH!! I am taking creatine for the first time and hope to see benefits from it.  I hope everyone is doing well!

  • Good morning everyone.  Had a very average chest day yesterday.  I just couldn't seem to find the energy.  And chest days have been the hardest for me to really get an intense workout lately.  I can kill back, shoulders, and legs, but chest and sometimes bis/tris just aren't as good.  I think I get discouraged with my crappy bench press and it zaps my workout.  

    Ordered some new running shoes yesterday, and I am going to (somewhat regretfully) be incorporating more cardio into my workout.  It'll be good for me.  I'm going to shoot for 180lbs and see how I look and feel.  That's REALLY small for me.  It'll probably put me at a 32-33 in waist.  It always makes my clothes fit funny because 32in waists and 26in. quads don't really match.  You want to see funny... try cramming these hams into a pair of skinny jeans!

    All joking aside, I'm looking forward to the next 8 weeks of the challenge.  

    Squid- when I competed in a couple triathlons, I learned that the hardest transition is off the bike onto the run.  You finish biking for a hour and immediately start running.  You're legs feel like bricks and you can't really comprehend how you're able to pick them up and put them back down without falling.  It takes about a mile to feel like you're actually running.

    Shayla- WELCOME!!!  Sounds like you've got great motivation.  Bad genes suck!  I'm right there with you, but the worse thing you can do is give in.  Just means you have to work harder and it'll be a life-long battle.  But a battle you can... and from the sound of it... you WILL win!  Bring on that bikini!!!!

  • Shayla--- I just did a little BFL stalking of your profile.  Excellent intro!  Love the kids' names.  Also, you write very well.  What's your background?  Communications/Marketing?

    Tell us more about your business!  What do you and your husband do in this business?

  • Yep, that's how I

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Happy Tuesday,

    Well the pity party I was having for myself is over.  Thanks for your support, I'm back on track.  Had a good upper body work out this morning.  I'm off tomorrow so I will be able to get in a lower body work out and a cardio w/o.

    j_gilmer you and jr are absolutely right.  I am going to only weigh in on my free days in the morning, that makes the most sense.  Sounds like you love cycling, what do you ride?  I'm partial to my orange trek.  Supposed to be in the 90's and sunny here tomorrow, might be a good morning to take a spin.  

    Jr, I can't get the visual of the thin waist and large thighs in a pair of skinny jeans out of my head..LOL.

    Shayla sounds like you have a terrific motivator for successfully comleting this challenge...HAWAII :-D  Sounds fantastic!

    Hope you all have a super day.

  • Good morning peepulz!!

    Good leg routine this morning made all the more challenging from hour spin class yesterday eveninng with our sadistic spin instructor.  This 2nd phase of Muscle Pharm Get Swole is definitely high volume.

    Squats - 20 x 135, 15 x 185, 12 x 225, 10 x 250, 8 x 275.  Hope to increase each week. Will definitely need to get a belt if I go any higher.  Mainly focusing on good form and squating deep (in the hole as my coach would say).

    Followed up with leg presses, extensions, curls, and calf raises with same rep sequence.

    Welcome Shayla and Squid!  Shayla, glad to see an experienced BFLer.  I understand about the struggle with family genes.  Sounds like you have a good plan - (congrats on 5lbs in 5 weeks!).  Keep it going and you'll definitely be rocking that bikini in December!

    Justing - hour long eliptical and 24 mile bike rides - well-oiled machine, my friend.  I miss the road back. Used to ride long distance back 20 years ago.  Maybe when I get Ben's college paid for, I'll get another one.  Spin class is fun, but doesn't match the road.

    JR - how'd your 5k go?  What type of running shoes did you order.  Hope your injury ios not too severe.

    Gina, Shorty? How you girls doin?

  • Hey guys! I love this group all are very welcoming and motivating!  I am running my kids to soccer and football now.  Thankfully soccer is only once a week but this football every night until 8:30 is rough! We don't getl home until 9:00. It sure makes the planning tough but I'm managing well so far.

    Today's meals:

    1. 2 egg whites, 1 turkey sausage, 100% whole wheat English muffin

    2. 1/4 c fat free cottage cheese, 7 garden herb triscuits

    3. Myoplex lean15 bar

    4. Big spinach salad with drained tuna and a little bit of sprinkled cheese, no dressing

    5. Cliff bar, about 10 baby carrots, 1 spoonful of peanut butter (probably a no no but I was super hungry) 😉

    6. Grilled chicken, avocado, whole wheat tortilla wrap, with mixed veggies

    Jrmcnaircpt, thanks for your compliments!  It's funny, I actually went to school for dental hygiene and worked in the dental field for about 12 years.  While in dental I was in charge of the marketing and treatment coordinating so I try to keep an eye for detail.  My husband started and ownes a company (Elite Window Solutions) here in VA and needed additional help in the office since we grew so quickly.  I have now put my dental career aside to help with the business.  I technically handle all of our accounts, payroll, marketing, orders and such.  I always had a desire to work in accounting when i was younger so its neat how I'm kind of working with that now.  It keeps me busy for sure and I started losing sight of my needs.  I finally got myself locked down on a consistent schedule that has helped me, and will continue to keep me, on track.  

    Looking forward to tightening these legs up tomorrow with my LBWO.  Does anyone else have a hard time walking down stairs after working out the legs?? Haha holy moly they feel like they will give out at any moment!!

  • Happy Hump Day everyone!  

    Last night- I went to the gym after work and all of the elliptical machines were in use (I had a feeling that would be the case), so I did an hour on the stair climber and burned 1027 calories.  Funny how nobody else wants to use the stair climber.  Every time I go to the gym it still has my calories on the screen from the time before.  I've seen a couple of other people get on it and never do it longer than a couple of minutes.  Anyway....  I followed that up with my ab workout.  I think I'm going to have to switch up my ab routine soon.  It seems to be getting pretty easy....

    This morning- Back and biceps workout complete.  I followed it up with 20 minutes on the stair climber that burned 342 calories.

    JR- It's kind of weird that your bench press, bis and tris is suffering so bad and your shoulder workouts haven't. Do you think it's all from the shoulder issue or something else?  What kind of shoes are you getting?  Skinny jeans??  I laugh anytime I see a guy wearing those...  Haha..

    Shayla- The creatine will help with explosive strength, but be sure to drink lots of water every day.  Creatine works by sucking water into your muscles, and will dehydrate you if you don't drink enough. Looks like you're busy with two sports going on!  And stairs definetly suck after doing legs, but I normally have to do 20 minutes on the stair climber right after my weight workout is done.  That is my most hated cardio session of the week.

    Pennyready- My bike isn't anything special.  It's a Next Avalon all aluminum 7 speed hybrid bike.  I've had it for about 8 years and have put countless miles on it.  A few years ago I bought a road bike and I hated the hand grips so bad I took it back.  Leaning that far forward for an extended period of time hurt my back.  I've been looking for a road bike with straight bars that's in a reasonable price range.  So far all of the ones I've really liked have been over $1000, and I'm not going to pay that mich.

    David- That's is some high volume training you're doing!  Are you getting sore?  How's your recovery? Yeah, you'd think with all of the cardio I've done I'd be ripped by now.  It's helping, but I'm nowhere near where I want to be yet.  You're right about the road.  It's so much better than sitting in one place.  But....  It's a lot cooler inside the gym!  I've been sweating like crazy on my rides!

    Shorty/Gina/Susan-  Where are you ladies!?!?!?

  • Long work day yesterday... no workout!

    Didn't get up for the gym this morning because I had to be in early.  But after workout I'm planning a Back workout, and possibly some cardio.  New running shoes came in yesterday.  They are the Brooks PureConnect2.  It's a minimalist shoe (super light weight) with 4MM drop (meaning it encourages forefoot landing).  Hope they workout!

    Yes, I think the shoulder issue has a lot to do with my bench press.  Bench and Military press are the two exercises most effected by the pain.  But other chest exercises are impacted too, flies, crossovers, etc.   I get plenty of good should work with exercises other than overhead presses that don't bother my labrum.

    Last weekend's 5k went fine.  We finished in 30 minutes, which is pretty typical for us.  I'll never be a fast runner, but if I can keep it at 8-10min/mile, I'm happy.  And my lungs didn't fall out, so that's good.

    And I am in no way condoning the use of skinny jeans by guys.  In fact, I don't even like them on women.  But I'm not exactly one to look to for fashion advice!

    OK- back to work.

  • Hello ladies,

    I just started on Monday and I hope it's okay if I join ya'll!

    Workout planned: Treadmill workout with incline changes

    Foods planned: Oatmeal and eggwhites for breakfast, protein shake after workout, tuna and veggies for lunch, cottage cheese and apple slices, chicken with greens for dinner. I may have another snack if I get hungry at work tonight.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today : I was in a really bad mood today. I did my workout and kept on with the eating right. I also browsed the forums (which is how I found this one!). Now my mood is a lot better

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I'm curious on the workout routine... I thought I was doing it right where alternating days of cardio and strength and then the rest day. However, I am seeing lots of people posting about doing their cardio the same day as weights.( I have the old book from 1999) Can anyone clear this up for me?

    Positive statement about yourself: "Even if you only lose 1/2 a pound a week, you will still lose 26 pounds by this time next year"

  • shysweetheart03- Welcome to the Cottage Cheese Club, and congratulations on getting started!  You are doing it the correct way by following the book that you have.  It's not outdated material or anything.  A lot of us on this thread are on our 3rd challenge of the year, and have changed things up a little bit. It's improtant to do your 1st challenge by the book to get a strong foundation to work from, but after that you can change things up and modify a bit if you want/need to.  

    And....  We're not all ladies.  ;)


  • Shysweetheart- don't let Justin fool you.  He gets to be a little like Betty White when he's hungry.

  • Hey guys.  Hump cometh and nearly gonneth.  Good bi/tri routine.  Arms fried.  Was hoping to get some form of cardio in this evening, but can't seem to get out of the office.

    Yeah, glad you cleared that one up, Justin.  

    Welcome Shysweetheart! Follow the book, it's program is timeless.  If you do some cardio on weight days, make it easy to moderate "non HIIT".  

    JR - let me know how your shoe s work out.  I wear motion control (excessive pronater) shoes and might experiment since I don't put in too many miles on the road anymore.

  • Hi everyone, Yes this day is almost over and my work out is tomorrow, but just want to also welcome Shysweetheart to the group.

    I am on my 3rd Challenge too and would say to stick to the book and follow it as much as you can. Sorry you were down a few days ago, but it will get better as you keep going. Don't let one bad day spoil your goals. Just put those thoughts behind you and keep on trucking.

    I got a good workout in on Tuesday and got on my bike and was out for about 30 minutes. My legs were okay, but my knees were killing me and my butt was killing me too. Yes I said butt.  I haven't been on my bike for a year also, but I wanted to up my process and see where it get's me. Sore butt that's where.

    Thursday will be my UBW in the pool and when I get home I am going to do some more arm exercise. I went back and read more on John Hussman artical that was posted. I am going to try to put a home gym into the bedroom that my husband and I are staying in at my Mother's house.  I brought the weights from the storage, so I plan on trying to do, out of the pool work outs here if that is possible.


  • I have to drive round trip 100 miles 2 times a week for workouts in the pool. You guys all know this already, but so far my results are very, very slow, so even though I am not suppose to use weights, I am going to try them out and go slow and see how that works too.

    Justin you lost 41lbs from C1 to now and that is really fantastic. Your abs will come when your body is ready. You are really working hard and getting in a lot of burned calories, remember it just takes time. Some people loose faster than others.

    I went to GNC also to get some ESA protein and other stuff and they didn't have it. I asked them why they didn't carry it any more and the manager said it was out dated. I said what do you mean out dated and he said that the BFL hasn't come up with new products, that there all old and out dated, so they don't order it any more. WOW, I was surprised.

    I am going to order online, I don't care what that guy said because I know the products work. It has for me.

    I will have to stop and come back in a minute.