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  • Thanks Justin,

    I think I will do a moderate cardioy on my off day just to keep myself moving.  You are right, I hit an energy wall last night at work.  I've worked out the last 9 days without a "free" work out day. Did'nt moderate the cardio, went at it hard on 4 days.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hey guys, I may join your forum because mine fizzled out unfortunately.  I am starting week 5 tomorrow and today is my free day.  I have been doing great with my free days and have not really been taking advantage of them but today I went for it and had my first taste of sugar in 4 I feel sick! 😖. Oh well, looking forward to a great week next week!

  • Hi Everyone, and welcome pennyready,squid, shaylas: Your all welcome here and thanks for your input on information.  I need all the help I can get.  I gained again. I am on a new pill and have been on it for 1month.  It's a estrogen pill and I think that it has made me gain. Going back to see the doc to check that out.

    Sounds like everyone is doing just fine. I was able to work out 2 days this week and walk 4 days, about 1mile a day. That's all I can get in, but each mile was in 20 minutes.  That was my high intensity work out.  Went to the web site that were posted and took in some good information. Thanks all of you who shared that.

    My day off does include alcohol but only 1and that is wine. Not to much on mixing alcohol and meds., so I don't do that to often. Well I think I will close now to see if this will go through. Be back Tuesday. Have a great week everyone.

  • Good morning everyone!  

    Saturday- This whole day was a waste of my freaking time.  I didn't get to do my cardio.....  All I did was house work and then my family was whining to go to a Chinese buffet.  I didn't want to go, but I did anyway.  I think I stayed pretty good on my diet.  I didn't eat any of the rice or fried stuff, but stayed more with just meat and vegetables.  But....  I have no idea what they put in those sauces that are on the meats, so it probably wasn't good for me.

    Sunday- Started the day off with a 24 mile bike ride to try and make up for missing cardio on Saturday.  I spent the rest of the day watching football and forgot to mow my yard.  Oops.......  I got some food prepared for the week, and the diet was awesome!

    Monday- Chest and triceps workout complete followed by 20 minute stair climb that burned 342 calories!  I changed up the order of my exercises today just to make things feel a little different, and did my cardio between the chest and triceps exercises to try to give them some time to recover before hammering them.  All in all I feel like I got a really good workout in.

    ShaylaS- Welcome to the Cottage Cheese Club friend!  Tell us a little about yourself.  Where are you from?  Is this your first challenge?  What kind of goals do you have for this challenge?  It sucks when your group dies, but it seems to happen a lot!  Hopefully that will never happen here!!!

    Tingles- Nice work on getting those workouts in.  I'd defintetly see the Dr. to see if that medication is causing the problem.

    Pennyready- I'm always glad to help.  How did your weekend go?

    Everyone else- What's new!?!?

  • Oh- That 24 mile bike ride supposedly burned 2030 calories.

  • OMG...24 miles? Thursday we did an 8 mile bike ride and that hurt my legs and butt so bad!!!  Stupid  It was humid out and that was the 3rd time riding this  

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Dr. suspects torn labrum.  MRI scheduled to confirm.  He says, "this isn't something that will fix itself."

    Not cool.

    Continuing to lift until we know more.  Chest scheduled for this afternoon.

  • JR- That sucks man!  It's better to get it taken care of before it gets worse though.  Hopefully if that's what it is it's not too bad and you'll be able to get by without surgery.  What finally made you decide to see a doctor?

    squid- Yeah, 24 miles!  Haha..  I normally ride 15.6 on my days off of work (Saturday/Sunday), so I'm used to long duration cardio.  Surprisingly enough at the end of the 24 miles I felt like I could keep going, but it was already over 90 degrees, so I decided to go home.  The humidity is high here too.  I hate it!

  • The funny thing was the first time we got off the bikes to cross the busy the legs did not know how to walk...we laughed all the way across the street...lmao

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Hello everyone.

    I had a terrible weekend.  I took full advantage of my free day on Saturday.  I had a not so healthy sandwich for lunch and later that evening I had wings and french fries and and a few drinks.  I got on the scale on Sunday and I gained 5 lbs.  I was so depressed.  It ruined my entire day.  I did my cardio half heartedly and went off the nutrition plan again.  I felt like such a loser.  I haven't felt like that since the day before I started the challenge.

    In fact the loser feeling continued today until I opened this forum.  It is good to read all of your posts, it makes me feel like I have a BFL team around me.  It inspires me to want to be as successful as all of thanks for that.

    I refuse to give up.  I will use this past weekend as a learning experience and not make the same mistakes again.

    Jr sorry about your injury.  Hope its a relatively easy recovery.  

    I hope you are all having a great Monday.  

  • and congradulations on your 5th week Shayla

  • Penny--- relax.  A lot of time you'll notice a spike like that after a cheat day, but in a few days you'll be recovered from it.  If you only weigh 1X per week the same day... you won't see as much fluctuation.

  • Jr I know you are right.  Everybody tells me the same thing...once a week only.  I am going to put that scale away for the rest of this week.


  • So I am a 30 year old mother of 2.  My husband and I own our own business that keeps us super busy. I come from a very over weight family where both parents and several siblings have had bariatric surgeries. I have tendencies to gain weight vey easy and got up to my biggest weight (kind of my max out weight as I've always been scared to let myself get too big considering my genes).  I finally decided a month ago that I was at a cross roads and I could continue getting big and unhappy or I could do something about it.  I had done BFL in 2009 with amazing results and was less than my high school weight but with several changes that life brought my way I gave it up. I tried running after that and even did a half marathon in 2011 but I never could get the results I had with BFL. I more just skinny-fat.  I gain weight very easy so my ultimate goal this time is to obviously lose weight (about 15-20 lbs) but more than that I want to gain muscle like I've never had before so my metabolism will be better.  If I don't loose the weight but look muscular (not manly) then I will be happy.  My biggest problem is sugars so I am avoiding them except once a month on a free day.  My eating and workouts have been going great so I'm happy there. I've lost 5 lbs so far but don't see/feel any huge changes yet. Lat time I did body for life it took 6 months to get to my goal so I am going to be patient.  However, we are surprising our kids with a trip to Hawaii for Christmas and I have full intentions of rocking that bikini!!! 👙😉

  • Happy Tuesday everyone!  Well...  My wife hit the pavement again early this morning, so I'll be doing my cardio after work today.  It seems like she's going to stick to her program this time, so I guess I'll be doing it after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice.  I'm planning on running on the elliptical machine for an hour, but they're normally hard to get on in the afternoon, so it may be an hour stair climb.  Either way it will be followed up with an ab workout.

    squid- I've had that experience many times!  You get off of the bike and walk like you're still trying to pedal...  Hahaha...

    pennyready- I agree with JR.  I think you should only weigh in 1 day per week, and make it the morning before your free day, or perhaps the morning of the free day.  That way you make sure that the junk is out of your system from the past free day.

    ShaylaS- Congrats on losing those 5 pounds!  The extra muscle will definetly help boost your metabolism!  BFL WILL get you to where you want to be.  I wouldn't worry about looking manly.  Women don't have enough testestorone in their bodies naturally to let that happen.  What part of the US are you in?  For some reason I get the impression that you are a southern girl...  And Hawaii!?!?!?  I've always wanted to go there!  That's definetly something to get excited about!