Cottage Cheese Club

  • Wow what a super nice group of people on this thread.

    EShorty your cabin sounds like a blast.  Never been to MN but i'm sure the hiking is beautiful. 

     j_gilmer you are excuses with a gym in the house.  I would like to post pics but i'm having difficulty uploading.  I will try again this weekend.

    jrmcnaircpt  You're right, 17lbs or not, it is awesome having the equiptment in the home, took 2 years of saving and a little 401K money to make it happen, but in the cold months you can't beat it.  Truth is I have been going to gyms off and on for many years, but I am currently at my heaviest weight of my like.  I became too intimidated to go back.   

    Great upper body work out this morning.  Made sure the muscles burned. Found out last night that GNC no longer sells EAS products so I guess i'm ordering online. 

    QUESTION:  Someone on another thread wrote to me that I should not be drinking alcohol on my cheat days because it slows the metabolism too much....Is this true??  I really do enjoy some cocktails on my cheat day after a long week of work and workouts.  


  • pennyready- Target has a lot of, if not all EAS products in their stores, and Wal-Mart has the pre-mixed stuff.  So if you have a Target nearby I'd go there so you can get supplies quicker.

    Here is a link to answer your question:

  • Yes I forgot about Target. Excellent thanks

    Great article by the way....I will continue to enjoy a buzz on my cheat day  

  • HAHA--- this is the wrong group to ask about consuming alcohol on your "cheat" day(s)... We're pretty well known for indulging.

  • Got bumped out of my morning workout spot by my wife again today, but that's ok.  I'm glad she's finally doing something to get in shape instead of just wishing it would happen all on its own.  So...  I'll be doing my cardio and abs this afternoon right after work.  I've scheduled myself for 40 minutes on the stair climber.  

    Aslo.....  Pulled the belt another notch tighter this morning, but my weight has stabalized again.  Can I really be putting on that much muscle??? This makes about 5 inches off of my waist at nearly the same weight (230lbs)!  At this point in the challenge I have only lost about 5lbs from where I ended C2., and I still have fat to lose......

    JR's right.  I believe most of the people on this thread would say that they'll find a way to have a drink!  I've really been trying to stay away from alcohol because when I drink my diet goes out the window.  I have some pretty big goals I'm trying to meet during this challenge, but I have a bachelor that lasts the whole wekend of the 21st this month and I won't be holding back during that time.  

  • I can not say the same  I am not allowed Alcohol!!  Addicted to it!!  Love it!!  Mine is a Coke!  I share a 12oz bottle every weekend with my girlfriend.  That is my

    j_gilmer1979 - I forget when you started.  I am really surprised that you have lost 5 inches and not much weight me, does not make sense, cause 5 inches is a LOT!! and 5lbs is good but so so.  I would just take the good over the so so, EVERY DAY!!!!  

    Keep it up!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Squid- I started C1 was 1/28-4/20, C2 was 4/29-7/21, and C3 is 8/4-Present.  I lost about 40lbs from the beginning of C1 - about half way through C2.  After that my weight has stayed pretty much the same within 5lbs and my waist just keeps getting smaller.  However, I can definetly tell that my shoulders, back, chest, and quads are getting quite a bit bigger.  I don't really mind being this weight if I could see abs, but I can't so it doesn't really make sense to me.  The only thing I can think of that might be making a difference is creatine.  I guess it's possible that my muscles are holding enough water because of that to make the scale not move, but I'd think it would have to budge at some point.  

  • Just keep going Justin.  Don't worry about the scale weight.  You'll get so caught up in that number that you'll short yourself valuable calories, next thing you know you're getting skinny-fat.  And nobody likes to see skinny-fat.

    If the waist is shrinking, call it a success and keep rocking.  You're obviously burning fat if your waist is shrinking.  Unfortunately, seeing abs really requires about 10% body fat or less for men.  That's a goal that takes a long time to achieve.  I've been floating between 12 and 15 for months now, and can't get there either.  But, I know it's obtainable with enough discipline for a long enough period of time.  

    Leg workout today.  Going in the afternoon so the meat-heads can help motivate me.  

  • Yep, you are now adding muscle weight, so that is good and gotta love the inches coming  My normal weight for my height and build is suppose to be around 150.  Well, I can say that 34's in the waist are almost big now and everything else is getting bigger and I am steady at to heck with what they say is suppose to be my normal weight...lmao.  When I start cutting back it would look awesome at 150

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Found all of my EAS supplies last nioght some at Taget and the res at Vitamin shoppe, so I'm set for a couple of weeks.  Thanks for the tip j_gilmer and good luck with that bachelor weekend.  Had a good cardio and ab morning.  Set myself up for some clean eating  while I'm at work today and this evening.

    Today is the first day of my week 2 and I'm still feeling great about the program.  I asked myself this mornig if I thought I could continue this lfestyle for another 11 weeks and the anser was a quick YES.!  

    I hope everyone has a succesful Thursday

  • Hey CCers!!  Man o man!  This week has been a killer.  12-13 hr days are a beatdown.  Hope it lets up soon.  

    See we have some new folk...welcome Pennyready!  Glad to see you onboard!  Sounds like you have an impressive home gym.  Hard for me to workout at the house and am impressed with those that can.  And another 40+.  I'm the old man of the group.  Currently 49 and holding as long as possible.  This is a great group of folks. We have fun and we are funny.  Oh, and we definitely encourage each other.   I am in my 3rd challenge and have gained back about 7lbs from my low, but it is mostly the good kind of lbs.  Justin is the cardio beast, Jr is our resident certified (or is it certifiable) PT.  He has a wealth of knowledge so pay close attention.  Shorty, well...she is..just .......AWESOME!!!!!  Gina is also awesome, but she's very busy posting pics are her amazingly adorable 1/2 asian baby!  We also have Laurie (Tingles) who is walking on water or is it in the water.  She's kept the discilpline through the challenges.

    Did shoulders today followed by a tough pace class and then 100 rollouts......jeeeeezzzz!   I posted the proof on BLF FB board, but thought I'd post here as well.

    The dark line is from me rolling the wheel as my sweat was dropping to the floor.  Nice, eh?

    Well,it's September and that means FOOTBALL!!!  Everything is right during football season.  My Baylor Bears should be 'bowling" again this year. Was worried when RGIII went to the NFL, but they are still doing good.  My Friday nights and some Sat afternoons in Waco will be full this fall.   Of course, my favorite is TEXAS HIGHSCHOOL FOOTBALL!!!  It just doesn't get any better.

    I posted this on FB Saturday from our Friday night football game in Allen, TX.  This "high school stadium is unbelievable.  It holds 18,000 and has a 38ft wide video screen.  It cost 60 million (yes, I said 60 million!)  It houses only the Allen Eagles and no other school.  Allen is a suberb of Dallas, just north of Plano.  Check it out:!!

    Have a great Friday eerbody!!!





  • Last Night- Went to the gym and burned 1027 calories during my stair climb.

    This Morning- Legs and shoulder work out is complete and followed it up with a 20 minute stair climb that burned 342 calories.

    David- Those rollouts are killer, as noted with the pool of sweat that dripped beneath you!  That stadium is crazy!  That's a lot bigger than the one that was at my college!  I bid a lot of schools down in the Dallas area and the schools are crazy big down there.  I guess they need to be that big with all of those kids though.  I've been going to my old HS to watch games lately and we suuuuuuck!  We have no size on the line, and most of the kids in the stands look like they'd be better players than the ones we have on the field.  It's weird, kids here are too lazy to play.  That's all we wanted to do when I was in school.  I guess that's why we were district champs every year when I played (patting myself on the back) ;).  I sure wish our kids would get into it and play!

    Pennyready- I'm glad you found all of your supplies and are still excited.  Are you planning on doing multiple challenges?

    Squid- I hate those stupid BMI charts.  They always say that I'm too short....  ;)  I really think that they're unrealistic.  It always says that I should weigh 165lbs, and according to my scale that measures BF I have more lean mass than that.  

  • Didn't go to the gym this morning.  Need a recovery day from killer workouts this week.  Yesterday's leg workout was great.  315lbs of freeweight squats felt pretty easy, but I'm definitely a long way from 405lbs like I was doing on the Smith Machine.

    There is a beerfest tonight at a local watering hole.  I guess it's safe to call today my "free day."  Got a healthy lunch planned, and I'm downing a protein shake right now, but all bets are off come 5:00.

    Got a 5k in the morning, for my first cardio in 2 weeks.  That should be interesting.  

  • Happy Friday

    Wow David crazy rollout reiduals...LOL.  Looks like football is big in TX

    Yes j_gilmer I do plan to do multiple challenges, I know that 50lbs is too lofty of a goal for one challenge, but a girl can dream ;-)  Hope ur bachelor party weekend is a blast.

    jrmcnair I'm jealous fo the beerfest in your town tonight.  I've been looking forward to my free day since last Saturday, so you can be sure I'm gonna have a little fun tomorrow.

    Did legs this morning before work, wanted to squeeze in an extra set of abs but ran out of time.  I plan to do cardio and abs tomorrow even though its a free day.  

    Question:  Anybody have any thoughts on working out on my free it over doing it?  I'm early in this challenge, am I risking a burn out  working out 7 days a week or is more better?  Appreciate any feedback.    

    Have a great day

  • pennyready- I would follow the program exactly as written for your first challenge.  It WILL work for you without modification.  After that it's up to you to to decide what you want to do.  Most of us on this thread change what we're doing from challenge to challenge, but it's really important to get off to a good start.  Its possible that you'll burn yourself out if you do too much all at once.  However.....  If you feel like you must do more then have a look at this page to see what is possible to do without hurting your end results.

    If you're thinking of adding more cardio then this is probably the most important section:

    If you do add more aerobics, my own recommendation is to use the high intensity 20 minute pattern no more than three times a week. You can do more aerobics at lower intensity, but too much of the high intensity cardio will bonk your energy and compromise your recovery. A mild tweak would be to do the 20-minutes at high intensity, and to add up to 10 minutes of moderate level 6-7 activity to the end of each. A more significant tweak would add yet a fourth 30-40 minute moderate session (no high points) on your free day. And the maximum tweak would be to do three 20-minute sessions at high intensity, adding up to 20 moderate minutes to the end (40 minutes total), and then add an additional 30-40 minute session on the free day at moderate intensity throughout. And get plenty of rest. That maximum tweak will trade off muscle gains for fat loss, so it's not something you want to do over the long-term.