Cottage Cheese Club

  • Sharon- You're in the right place!  Welcome aboard!  Most of the action lately has been on Facebook, but some of us have been wanting to get this thread fired up again.  I think I had more motivation when I was posting on here and the energy was high.  I want everyone to get fired up again!  David is still out there, and posts with us on FB, but I think he was wanting to come back here because the FB thing wasn't working well on his phone.  

    I was going to wait until mid September to start C3, but JR's wanting to get a bunch of us on the same start date.  I think that will happen in about two weeks, but there's nothing set in stone yet.  

  • Thanks for the welcome Justin!  I am with JR, I will start on Monday but now that we are all past the first challenge, I am not sure start dates matter as much.  Motivation and support - for sure do!!!!  While people are still posting on FB but thinking of transitioning back here, can you add me to your FB group?  I am listed as Sharon Sachs Aut.  THANKS!!!



  • Sharon- We are coming back to the forum!

    OK, so we're all in for C3 starting on Monday 8/5/13  Are we going to stick with this thread or are we going to start a new CCC thread?  I think if we start a new thread we should have an original CCCer kick it off.

    I'm all in this time and am going to try to push harder than ever before.  LET'S DO THIS!  

  • Woohoo!  That's the best news I've had all week :-)  I did start back up with BFL this week but I will happily use next week as my offical start date to be inline with everyone here.  I am soooooo excited to have some friends along for this journey.  

    I am with you 100% Justin.  I am totally ready to do this :-)  Just keep me posted on the or elsewhere and I'll be there.



  • Hi All,

    I'm with you Sharon and Justin!!!   I want to start with you all on next monday too. I am really excited to be here with you all, if you don't mind. Just finished my C2 last week, but I'm all in for C3. My C2 wasn't as good as it should of been due to my broken toe and gained some of the weight back and some inches. Just let me know if you are staying here or going with FB. Hope you all will come back here or the other place we started when we were at C1. Thanks,


  • Good morning All!!!

    First day of our new ready to get this going!  My pantry is stocked properly, menus are planned, workouts put on my business schedule so the time is blocked out, and my new BFL Success Journal arrived on Saturday. Only thing that can get in my way now is ME and that isn't going to happen!

    I am up bright and early here in Phoenix for work but I did leave time to complete my writing in the journal: Power Mindset - 5 things I can do between now and this time tomorrow that will help me move forard in the direction on my 12-week goals and The Universal Law of Reicprocation - 2 things you can do between now and this time tomorrow to support and encourage others.  Tonight, I fill in the Focus on Progress, Not Perfection - 3 things I did very well today that helped me move toward the achievement of my 12-week goals.  My overall goals are largely the same as my first challenge because I knew it would take multiple challenges to get me where I want to clean, go hard in the gym, build muscles, and continue to reduce fat.  I have more specific goals within each of those 4 categories with milestones attached making them measurable and quantitative.  

    Looking forward to sharing the next 12 week journey with you all!

    Have a great BFL Day :-)



  • Workout #1 of C3 is in the books!  I felt like I might have lost a little strength during my 2 week lay off, but it'll come back quickly.  Can't wait to see how sore I'll be tomorrow.....  I've got everything ready to go for the week, and I'm ready to kill this challenge.  

    Sharon- Glad to see you're prepared to rock this challenge!

    Everybody else- What's up???  

  • Good morning folks!  Cardio planned for after work tonight.  I'm exhausted after working in the yard all weekend at 95 degrees.  8 pallets of sod laid along with 300 sq ft of patio pavers.  I think if I never saw another hand tamper the rest of my life, I'd be happy.  Unfortunately, I'm 1 pallet short on sod and 50 sq ft short on pavers.  Alas, the work never ends!


    1- EAS Advantage, 1/2 c. fresh fruit

    2- EAS Whey, Coffee, Oatmeal

    3- Grilled chicken and veggies

    4- TBD

    5- Probably gonna be Chickfila Chargrilled Sandwich

    6- Casein Protein Shake

    Let's do this CC'ers.  Shorty.... WHERE YOU AT?


    Good morning guys!  Like Jr, I had a long weekend working in yards (other than my own).  Me, my buddy and our 2 employed college students did 7 years (1 of them close to 10 acres) on Sat.  9 hours of 100 degrees....wore me out. 

    Had a great chest/back routine this morning - 3 supersets with little rest in between - good cardio too!.  My program is actually 16 weeks which I started last week, but am starting my official challenge this week with my fellow CCers.

    JR - looks like you definitely labored over the weekend.  DId you get any of your frat buddies to help you?

    Justin  and Sharon - ooks like you guys are 100% prepared.  Need to get my menus planned.

    Oh and JR - couldn't let you have the new ride for too long.  Actually, I had to change out my truck b/c it had 50k miles on it   Just picked up my new company truck on Friday....only 39 miles on her, but that will change in a hurry as  I put about 2.5k to 3K miles per month on them.  I really like the black Tundra you got, but my company fleet only provides Fords, Dodges, and Chevys. 


    Alright CCers, have a great Monday!!

  • David, the best thing about your truck over mine is "company fleet!"  Unfortunately, I put about the same miles on mine (already at 3500- thanks to two trips to Atlanta), and all those miles come out of my pocket!  What kind of company replaces its fleet at 50k miles?  You must be seriously high-rollin'

  • Nah, no high-rollin here. Granted it is a nice vehicle, but I pay for all my personal miles. We are required to keep good records on the vehicle. The fleet company tries to get us to change vehicles every 16 mos for tax purposes and to keep vehs under 50k.  They then will sell them.  I'm sure there are tax advantages credits involved or the company wouldn't do it.  I remember when I interviewed, they said you wouldn't have to buy another vehicle as long as you worked here.  There are some that turn in vehs with 60k + but it just depends on the territory one is in. Some of the west Texas guys have very large territories b/c the population is more sparce than over her in east Texas.  

  • What up CCers!!

    Feels great to restart the awesomeness of the CC thread. Tiff, we'll **try** to keep it clean...can't make any promises as we have too much fun being the black sheep. Tsk, tsk. Sharon & Laurie, are you two ready for the dark side?! I kid, I kid...well sort of ;)

    What do you all think - should we keep posting on this thread or bring it over to the "Week 13 and Beyond"?

    I'm mid-way into my C2, but it's not nearly as intense as my C1 so I'm just going to start over. Why not, right?! Had a great day today: ate on the plan & got a great UB workout in. My goal this time around is to keep my calories low (1200) - and to watch my carb intake. I'm tracking it with MyFitnessPal as it really helps me to keep myself in check. I'm going to see how it goes for the first 4 weeks - then re-evaluate. Jr, you can bet your sweet don-kee I will be asking you for your expertise - as well as all of my other awesome CCers, of course!

    Feels GREAT to be back on here. Let me know what you all think about sticking to this thread or starting a new one. Peace out party people!

  • Good morning CCC!

    Had a terrific D1!!!  Killed it at the gym with the UBWO and totally paying for that today but oh so worth it.  Ate clean, got all my water down the hatch, and wrote in my Success Journal.  So happy to be back on track and working toward my eventual bikini body.

    David - so glad to be back in touch with you!  I missed you. My fault I know...stupid wrist surgery.  I love the new truck!  I'm a truck girl myself.  Toyota Tacoma extended cab full bed.  LOVE IT!!!!  When I was getting ready to come back from Iraq, my husband asked what vehicle I wanted.  We saved my salary for an entire year so I could probably have chosen anything I wanted.  I think I could hear and see his eyes rolling all the way from Arizona when I said I wanted a truck.  I had one when we met and got married but it got traded in somewhere along the line.  I got my truck and I baby it.  It's a 2007 with only 32,000 miles and I have no intent of getting rid of it anytime soon.

    David and Justin - any luck getting the spousal units onboard?  My hubby went with me to the gym yesterday but he was Mr. Grumpy pants.  He moaned and groaned the entire time.  I begged him to go with me and be my workout partner. For some reason,  the phrase "be careful what you ask for" kept coming to mind :-)  Hopefully, he'll fall in love with weight training and be more excited and energetic about our time together in the gym doing good for our bodies.  If not, time for a new workout partner.

    Laurie - excited to have you here too!

    Shorty (not sure if that is what you go by here - I can't scroll off of this particular page) - thanks for the welcome/warning!  There is no way I would have finished my first challenge without some support.  Since my fellow "Gladiators" came here, I figured it must be the place to be.   Awesome that you reset your challenge to keep us all together.  I did too but only by a week.  I don't care if we stay here or start a new thread as long as there are some peeps to chat with, I'm good!

    Have a great BFL day all!



  • Got my first cardio session of C3 out of the way this morning!  It wasn't one of my best, but it's done.  I've been debating on whether or not to go back to the 20 minute HIIT, or stick with longer duration cardio.  I think I'm going to go back to the 20 minute HIIT sessions and see if my legs will be able to recover this time around, but haven't made my mind up completely...  Oh...  And my chest is on fire from yesterday's UBWO!  I don't really feel it anywhere else unless I really flex, but any little movement in my chest and OUCH!  Lovin it!

    JR- Are you sticking to the BFL plan this time around or doing some sort of modification?  I'm wondering if it's time for try a different split in the weight room after 24 weeks straight.  Thoughts?

    David- Awesome truck!  My brother's company does the same thing swapping after so many miles.  I sure wish I could get my hands on  a free truck!  What's the 16 week program you're doing this time?  Did you hit your 300lb bench goal?

    Shorty-  Awesome work on that UBWO!  I'm going to be a lot more strict on my diet this challenge to try to get more results like I got during C1.  I don't really care where we post, so I'll leave that up to everyone else.

    Sharon-  Is the wrist 100% now?  Last weekend my wife told me that she was going to start working out in the mornings starting on Monday and that I was going to have to go do my workouts in the afternoons.  I told her that I was going to wake her up and if she didn't go I was going to go.  I woke her up at 5am on Monday and she didn't want to go.  I woke her up this morning and she still didn't get up.  So.....  Nothing has changed...

    Gina- Where are you!?!?

  • When I first started BFL in January of this year I bought a belt that has holes all around the whole thing for the purpose of keeping track of how my waist shrinks from challenge to challenge.  Here is a picture of what I was able to cut off after C1 (The Longer Piece) and what I was able to cut off after C2 (The Shorter Piece). 

    The holes are spaced 1 inch apart.