Cottage Cheese Club

  • Oh HEYYYYY CCers!  What's up!?  Nothing much over here, except, you know, sitting at my desk in my PRE-PREG DENIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't worry, made my coworker take a picture--NOT BRAD--to show you!  haha.  I need to get a life.

     My belly doesn't actually stick out like that....

    Funny part?  The coworker that took the photo for me is a part-time model--for realz--and showed me how to pose and how to get a "natural" smile.  Close your eyes, have the photographer count to 3, and then on 3, open your eyes and smile!  Now we're all models.  How bout THEM apples.  Also, I don't know what this house backdrop is for, but it worked, yo!   

    So yesterday was pretty slow around the board, huh?  These have been stressful days at work again--another new store opening up and lots of drama surrounding signage.  Jeally. 

    This morning I was supposed to work out.  So I go into the gym, lay on the ground, and shop on my phone.  At least I made it to the gym?  :-/

    I've also been mega busy working on stuff for a baby shower this weekend.  I totally procrastinated, so I deserve this stress, but dude, it's crazy.  Thanks to Pinterest, there's no such thing as a party without a BLEEPING tablescape.  Looks like I'll be headed into the woods tonight for a BLEEPING branch.  Annnnnnddddd, breathe out.

    Shorty, show us your goods already! 

  • Shorty- I get a lot of these pics from Gym Memes on facebook.  They post a lot of funny stuff every day so I'll take a screenshot of the stuff that makes me laugh.  The other stuff I just kind of run across on Google image searches.  Sounds like you've got a pretty cool job.  If you love it then you don't heave to dread going in!  My old neighbors had family that used to come in from MN.  They were some party animals!!  In fact, so were my neighbors.....  I used to love going to their house when they had something going on.  They were a blast.  And yeah...  Show us them goods woman!

    Gina- Daaaaaaaaaaaang Giiiiiiiiina!!!  Shopping in the gym!?!?!?  Not sure that that'll get you very far....  You didn't even get to carry the bags!  LOL  Congrats on the pre-baby jeans!!!  That's awesome!!    Great looking pic.  I'll try to use those tips from the model.  I'm half way there, I just need to make sure I open my eyes before the picture is taken next time!  And yeah...  Yesterday was slooooooow around here.  I kept checking in to see if anyone posted, but didn't see anything until afternoon.  WTH!!  Enjoy your time in the woods!  When my wife was pregnant with Brock the baby shower was woodland.  Finally something I could relate to!  It was pretty awesome.

    David- Where have you dissapeared too!?!?  I'm about to have your landscaping pic put on milk cartons.........

    JR- I see you're traveling.  Hope you're having fun!  

  • This is my Friday!!!  No work for me tomorrow!!!  I've been really good on my diet and hop my weekend trip doesn't mess me all up.  We'll see...........

    OMG!!  My leeeeeegs!!  My leeeeeeeeegs!!!  I woke up this morning and my legs were stiff and they were very sore.  I knew that was going to be trouble for me because I had a hot date with the stair climber, and I just couldn't miss it.  So I headed to the gym and got my 40 minutes in.

    Hey Macho Man Randy Savage...  Should we tell em how it went!?

    Ooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahh!!!

    Well.....  I got my 40 minutes done, but I couldn't keep the same pace that I had when my legs were feeling good.  However, I burned some serious calories.

    Yeeeeeeeeeah Booooooooooyeee!!!

    Now.....  I'm wondering if you can actually kill a part of your body and the rest of it goes on living because I think I did that to my legs.  I'm hoping that next week I can get this number up in the 900s and I'm shooting for 1000 shortly after.  I'll just work my speed up because I want to get it done in 40 minutes.

    Since I'm leaving early in the morning to go to Branson I'm going to do my UBWO this afternoon right after work if time/wife allows.

  •  I got my Powerblock Dumbbells back from the fab shop this morning.  Before they were capable of 5-50lbs per hand and now they can go from 5-90lbs per hand.  They look great, but the paint is a little shiner than the originals.  Here's some pics.  I believe I'll use these babies tonight!

  • GINA--- looking great!

    So glad to be home!  Got my meals planned out, and I already feel better.  I wasn't terrible on the trip, but I definitely did not hit my macros for the diet, and the workouts were basically whatever I could find time/equipment to do.  Ready to get back to my gym (crappy as it is).

  • What up CCers!!! Sorry I'm late to the party today, but this gal has been working to the bone. Does anyone in my office NOT understand that I have personal business to attend to?!?! ;) Actually it's all good as this girl landed herself a promotion. BAM! Life just keeps getting better and better - next up, smokin' hot bod ;)

    Gina, you LOOK INCREDIBLE! You skinny little thing you! Love the photography tip…I'm going to try that next time I have a pic snapped. 1…2…3…oh heyyyyyyy. Regarding your gym visit, the real question: did you buy anything cute while shopping on your phone, at least?? Okay, and this baby shower - I must see pics. Please post on FB once the extravaganza is over…I bet it is going to be amazeballs!!

    JG, I mean Macho Man JG - ummmmm 843 CALORIES IN 40 MIN?!?! Dayyyyyyyyyyyyy-yum son! And after killing your legs? You get the BFL award of the week!!! Okay, and how does one even go about adding fabrication shiznit to powerblocks?!? That seems like math to me…and wayyyyyy over my head. But hey, they friggin rock! Oooooooh and have such a great trip if you don't hop back on!!

    Jr, WELCOME back! And what was the best part of your whirlwind vacation? Now it's back to reality, huh (not like your reality is all that bad!)… 

    David?????? Hello, David?? JG, I think you should move forward with putting his picture on the milk cartons…

    Sue, damn Hawks. I was rooting for Boston last night! Your boys better get it together! ;)

    Quick q on protein powder. Being I want to slim down and tone - and take in a little more proteins vs carbs, which would be a better supplement to use: EAS Lean 15 (currently using but almost out) or EAS 100% Whey Protein? I have only been having it in my protein pudding (5th meal). Here's a side by side comparison:;eas-lean-15-protein-powder. Help! Me so confused as to which would really be better (sure the 100% whey has more protein, but is it really better?)… The side by side is like reading Latin to this girl…or better yet, like looking at a math problem.

    Workout planned: Running @ 5
    Foods planned: 1) WW toast w/ egg + coffee 2) 1/2 cup cottage cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, 1.8 oz chicken 3) 2 string cheese 4) 4.0 oz chicken + lettuce, frozen corn/peas, cottage cheese, grated parm cheese, low fat dressing 5) Protein pudding 6) Licorice root tea 

  • JR- Welcome back man!  Hope the workout goes well!

    Shorty- CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION!!!  Big raise!?!?  The fabrication= make.  I drew up some plans and had the shop cut the material they need and all of the other stuff to match the existing plates then got everything welded and painted.  It cost me nothing at all instead of having to spend 300 bucks to get them from Powerblock.  It took a little geometry, but that's how it's done.  I'm still with you on the math!!  4 out of 3 people struggle with that.  Too funny.  I've been telling that to a lot of people lately....  On the protein.  I can't look at the link because my work computer's web filter says it's under the catagory of "illegal drugs"...   WTF!?!?  And I've learned that Muscle and Fitness is "porn".  Haha...  Yeah right!  I've used them both, but I didn't feel like the Lean 15 had enough protein per scoop for me.  The 100% whey didn't taste as good to me and always made clumps in my shaker bottle (I can't use the blender because it makes people mad early in the morning at my house), but my strength really started to increase when I used it.   With that being said your protein requirements aren't going to be as high as mine, so Lean 15 is probably good enough.  My guess....

    David- I'm having those milk cartons printed up.  They should be out shortly!

  • O.....M.....G....... Justin = BEST.POST.EVER!! I have tears!! Well done, my friend. Well. Done.

  • Justin-well done! I salute ya. Fortunately, I showed up.  If you had to rely on that pic, noone would want to claim finding me. Fddfrrrriiiggggiiinnn busy burnin up the roads lately. Will check in later.

    + rep Justin

  • David- Glad you're back!  Hope the workload decreases soon.

    I went ahead and did my UBWO last night with the dumbbells. Got a pretty good pump with them.   They're the heaviest dumbbells that I've ever used and are way better than 50 pounders, but I really need a set that go to 125lbs per hand to hit 10s consistently. However.....  The heavier dumbbells did give me a sensation in my chest that I don't get with 225lbs on a barbell, so I liked that!

  • OK folks... time for a real post.  Although I still don't have time to read back through all the pages I missed... but let's be serious... that probably isn't going to happen, unless I have a rainy weekend.  We'll start fresh.

    1st--- not looking forward to this thread turning over to page 41.  Page 40 starts with that Hottie picture of Gina... and that'll be hidden soon.  

    SHORTY_  First, you're rockin' the 20's then the promotion??  There's no holding you down!  Actually, yesterday was Promo day at our office too!  Got the promotion and raise, but the corner office and waterfront view will have to wait I guess.

    On the protein.  I'd stick with the Lean 15, especially if you think it taste better.  The serving size is a little smaller than the 100% whey, and that the biggest difference in total calories.  However, the Lean 15 has a good serving of fiber, which is great for getting lean!  Neither is a bad choice, but I like the Lean 15 for your goals.

    Justin- Nice work bro.  Both in the photo edit booth and the gym.  

    Sue & David... Hope all is well.

    Vacation was awesome.  Too much to fill into one post.  Best part was probably wiffle ball in the front yard at my brother's wedding reception.  Beer-in-hand, keg on 2nd base... you know, the way real mature adults would play wiffle ball!  Worst part was either the rain in NYC, or the food prices in Niagara Falls (tourist trap), or maybe the complete inability to plan a good diet (with the exception of Lobsta straight from the Ha'ba'... NOM NOM NOM)

    Pretty good Chest workout yesterday.  Switching up the program a little, just because things were getting a little stale.  Went with high reps last night, which was a fun change.  Only planning to work each muscle group 1X per week (with more exercises per muscle group) for the next several weeks and see how I like it.  

    Got some fresh red snapper for dinner last night... Not sure if you guys can get it up North, but if you can... DO!

  • Bad news... I'm replying and I was the last one to post.

    Good news, that hottie pick is still at the top of the page.

    This is week 12 of C2 for me.  Vacation during weeks 10-11 didn't help, but I'm not thrilled with my results.  I've put on about 6-8lbs of scale weight, with little or no change in body fat %.  That's about 1/2 of what i was hoping for.  I really want to gain size, but I'm not a big fan of this "bulking" diet.  I'm thinking I may cut back 500 calories for C3 and see if that helps me firm up.  I'm sure it will cost me some scale weight.  I hate to give up on my 200lb goal, but I feel like I've been spinning my wheels for the last 12 weeks.  I wish I had someone, like a coach, that had been in this spot before.  WOW... I sounds like a whiny little brat.

    OK over that.  Good meals planned for the day and shoulder workout this evening.  

  • Ok - I'm going to still post on here some if for no other reason than I hate dialing on my droid - my thumbs are too freakin big for the keys and the correction mode is not that good.  FB is blocked here at office....along with ESPN and all things sports.  Guess they expect us to be productive or something.  Anyways, as I stated on FB BFL, I would provide proof of my hotness....well here it is.  It was 96 on Saturday and heat index was about 105.  This was taken after an hour of trimming you name it with a heavy gas trimmer.  The only dry spot on me is my shins as evidenced by the lighter color on the jeans.  Needless to say, we still had to mulch, but one of my buddies had a extra pair of shorts and sleeveless shirt so I could at least be dry for about 10 minutes.  This will be funny if this (hottie) pick starts off the next page.  This post may kill this thread.




  • I read the post in the mail before logging on the see the picture.  I was expecting a shirtless, fireman calendar look.  I'm a little disappointed, but I can see you're definitely still making gains.

    I just read a couple of really good articles.  Here's a take-away I had to share (couldn't cut and paste to FB because it's blocked at work):  

    Here's a tip I learned from nutrition expert Dr. John Berardi: When it comes to real world results, there is virtually no difference between following a program 90 percent of the time and following a program 100 percent of the time. If you were stubborn enough stick to a perfect program all day, every day, the stress and sacrifices you'd inflict on your life probably wouldn't be worth the measly extra bit of progress, anyway.