Cottage Cheese Club

  • David- You're going to have to find a way to let us see your commercial!!  I think it is a rule that if you're on TV you have to show it to eveyone!

  • Hello this cottage cheese club sounds like a supportive group that I hope to become part of. Just entered the challenge, 5/20, feeling positive at this time. I'm tired of yo-yo dieting and want to do it the right way, shed the fat and get stronger. I'm 49, female living in Mn.  First challenge. Love life, kids, GOD and my husband of 31 yrs.  had a trial run last week. MIT went well.  Helped !

  • So do you all check in every day?  Wish I could get an app for my iPhone or iPad.  

  • Happy fri-dizzle CCers!! Hope you all have fantastic holiday weekends coming up. This gal plans to live it up while enjoying my freedom thanks to all the Vets/Service folks out there - pretty damn incredible!!! 

    JG, do you have a heart rate monitor? I have one that I wear (Polar brand; chest strap + watch) when I do cardio and I'm addicted to it. When I would go by calories burned via the treadmill or elliptical machine, it was always off by 50-100 cals burned - I had burned more and didn't realize it until I invested $90 in a HRM. I love it, plus it's pink!

    Jr, I'm excited to see you at the end of 2013, too - you are going to be ripped!! Tiffany, can we put in votes to have Jr grace the cover of EAS's largest publication? I'm serious - just look at the advice he gives and his results?! Hello! And Jr, I loved "2013 will make a great year of transformation!" Here, here my friend - I second that!

    Sue, YEYYYYY CONGRATS on your son's admission to the top school! How exciting sister :) One of my biggest fears with being a parent, if I am ever one, is seeing your kid(s) struggle in anyway/shape/form and having obstacles in the way with giving them the best of the best to help them (being on a waiting list, not knowing when he could go to this school sounds so frustrating). That kicks DON-KEE that he doesn't have to wait anymore!! Wahooooooo! And don't even get me started on how cute your boys are…watch out when they get older - I mean the dimples? The eyes? Such little studs!

    David, your post totally made me smile! Love the Shorty fix comment - thanks friend :) Sometimes when I read back on my posts I want to punch myself from the over-usage of "!!!!!!!!!" but then again, hellz nah! I canNOT contain my excitement for all my fine CCers. It's just not possible!!!!!! And you are SO RIGHT with the mind over matter. I need to bring my running mindset (when I don't think I can go on, yet the inner athlete in me kicks in and is like "really??? are ya flippin' kidding me? Get cho don-kee in gear sistah") to my lifting mindset. As for my logo, friend me on FB - I'll keep it off of here since it would be a shameless plug to support the BOOTS AND BOAS 5K/10K/RUN/WALK/DASH BEING HELD IN EDEN PRAIRIE MN ON SEPT 7 2013. I'll message you my fb info. Anyone else wants to be friends, just message me on here! And I agree with JG, it's a rule that if you're on a commercial, the CCers have to see it! Local celeb are ya now? :)

    Juanita, WELCOME!!! And a fellow MN babe - loooooove it! This group is simply: the best. We support each other, make each other laugh, can be totally real/ask anything you have a question on, etc. It's invaluable and I suggest posting at least every week day. It's rare that we all post on a weekend…but if you want to, by ALL MEANS, post whenever you feel like it/need support/want to share any bit of exciting news - use this tool. We're here for ya sistah!!!

    G, hope you are having a fabulous stay-cay!!!!!!

    Workout planned: LB @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + melon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel thin w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe wrap 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Zilch

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: At the tail end of my 1st challenge - my best advice to those who think it seems like a long time or it seems daunting: 12 weeks is NOTHING. Stop making excuses and JUST DO IT! USE THIS FORUM. It's hard to put into words how much you get out of it. The people on here, especially my fellow CCers, are f'ing A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and I would not have made it through my first challenge without 'em!

    Positive statement about yourself: C1 = check! I think I'll get my strut on today...pretty damn proud of myself :)

  • I'm a HUGE Shorty fan!!!!!!!!!  and !!!!!  Great post this morning!  And you're right, "12 weeks is NOTHING, stop making excuses, and start kicking some Don-KEE"

    Welcome Juanita!  

    Pretty good Push workout this morning.  I'm plateaued a little on bench press, but that stuff happens.  Hopefully I'll work through it soon enough.  

    Spilled my recovery shake all over my work clothes at the gym this morning!  I'm an hour late to work now.  But the worst part is... It cost be $4 worth of supplements!  Take about insult to injury!

    I'm giving Shorty a run for her money with my "!!!!!"  Time to get my Friday on!

  • Thanks Shorty!!  You da bomb grrrllllll!!!!!!!!!!  I speak truth.  I will FB you on my other laptop at the house.  Can't use FB on work Laptop, one of the company blockages.  So many of them have.  I think I can also do so on my phone, just have to get it set up.  Just what I need, another option not to work.  Your attidude rocks!  As for the dvd, I'll have to load it and see if I can upload. They actually did a good job on the commercial.  We all had some small parts.  I remember giving one of the personal trainers a hard time while she was taping...they had to do several takes.  I got mine in one take, thank you very much.  Actually, I am more known around Longview as the guy on the side of the bus.  About 4 years ago when I was in really good shape, gym took pics of 4 of us in various forms of exercises and  they were put on windows of one of the city buses.  It was funny, people would see me and say,"I was sitting at a stop sign next to a bus and there you are!"  It was also another way to embarass my sons. Ha! 

    Great daze in da mornin peepulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday is arms day!  TRIs and BIs!  I am a dipping machine (not Skoal brutha). Weighted dips - wrap a belt with chain around the waist.  Man, loaded it up!  35, 50, 70lbs.  Build dem tris!  Never been a fan of curls,though. 



    Juanita - welcome to CC land!  See you and Shorty are neighbors.  And so glad to see another 40 something on board.  I'm 49 as well.  As Shorty said, this is a great group of fun individuals who do support each other.  We all share the same addiction so we can also be described as a support group.  And you don't even have to eat cottage cheese to be a memba!  How great is that!?

    Gina - hope you and J enjoyed the IMAX version of STID.

    A little somethin for the guys and the gals           



      Dammit Jim! I'm a doctor, not a CCer!

    JR - can't believe with all the calories you eating (3700 a day?!) and no weight gain?  I popped on the scales this morning and I'm up about 5-6lbs.  Lifting heavier, but I'm still getting at least 5 days of cardio in.   Not eating too badly, but not as clean as C1.  Agree, I'm sorry for your supplement loss. 

    Justin - what lift did you kill today, bro? 

    Sue - howdy!  Definitely like your summer line up!  College reunion?  Where did you go?  Never had a college reunion that I can remember.  It was 25 years for me last year.  Geez!

    Ok, gotta get some work in today, but it's all good.  Gonna enjoy this 3 day!






  • Good morning everyone!  I decided on Thursday that I'd take a day of vacation Friday and go fishing at the lake with a buddy of mine that was in from Virginia for the weekend.  So....  I went back to the gym Thursday night and did my LBWO so that I wouldn't miss it on Friday.  I was able to use the same weight that I had used on the previous LBWO despite having ran 4.2 miles during my cardio session that morning.  It was rough to get it done with only 9hrs recovery time, but I got it done.  My gym was closed for the holiday weekend, so I got back in there and did my UBWO this morning.  It was a pretty good one.......

    Oh....  And my diet was crappy all weekend.  I need to focus on it and get back on track!

    EShorty- I have a HRM, but I don't wear it.  The one I have you have to put your fingers on to get your pulse and I don't wear it because it's too hard to do while going at a fast pace.  I thought about getting a Polar one, but I probably wouldn't wear it. 


  • Workout planned: UBWO smashed @ 5:30am

    Foods planned: Back to my regular diet!!

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Getting back into my regular diet!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: N/A

    Positive statement about yourself: I can do this!  Again......

  • What's up party peeeeeooopppllleeeeeeee!!!! Hope you all had fantastic memorial day weekends…like June is right around the corner…What the?? I had a great weekend - wrapped up my C1 on Saturday, then went crazy with friends on Sunday: afternoon drinking/bar burger & fries/more drinking. I woke up yesterday and felt fine and kind of lost, like what do I do now for the next week until my C2 starts?! So after another day of crap eating, I told myself that this week I will re-evaluate and start over. I'm going to watch what I eat and get in some active rest while making a new plan for my next challenge. My C2 has to have more cardio - it's the only thing I can think of as to why....and I absolutely HATE to say this... I gained 2 lbs in C1. I mean, who the f GAINS?!? But I can't dwell on that (even wrote my dream weight on a post-it and put it over my scale) and need to shift my focus on setting a new goal. Before I was running and at least maintaining so I'm going to amp up my cardio while eating more proteins vs carbs. Don't worry Jr, I won't cut out carbs altogether, but I don't want to eat as much fruit - need to figure out a better carb for me. And I'm going to eat more salads vs. making recipes out of the EFL cookbook. Not to say the cookbook isn't great, but I have to have a cleaner C2 when it comes to my diet.  Any advice on what to change up, please share!! I'm also going to start a photo food diary as I'm just blown away that I gained - my portions have to be off still? I mean, I have small hands, but their not doll hands!!

    Moving on :)

    G, received the etsy goods = LOVE! Your packaging is fantastic!! Just another aspect of your awesomeness. And how was your week coming off of C1? Now what is your plan??

    Jr, how do you overcome a plateau? Mix up the exercises?? Maybe drink your recovery shake vs. wearing it?? I kid, I kid! 

    David, you seriously are a local celeb: "The guy on the side of the bus" - NICE!!! Ummm, and your wife looks super young - what a gorgeous gal! 

    Juanita, fellow MN sistah, how was your weekend? When is your official start to your challenge? Let us know how we can help!! You're going to rock it and be one strong Mama in no time :)

    JG, how many cals did you burn today? 1000 in 30 min??

    Workout planned: My plan is to see if I can still run 3 miles…fingers crossed!

    Foods planned: 1. hard boiled egg + slice WW toast + coffee 2. cottage cheese + berries 3. salad with chicken breast, cottage cheese 4. string cheese 5. salad + chicken breast 6. ?? Peas maybe ??

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Moving on from what the scale said.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Thinking about changing my user name to "doll hands".... Also, as stated above, thinking about not eating as much fruit in my C2. I was never a big fruit eater before. Could the "sugar" in it have contributed to my weight gain?? I'm also thinking that on my cardio days in C2, I'm going to run 3 miles. I definitely have to amp up my cardio.

    Positive statement about yourself: C2 is where it's at for this foo, I just know it!

  • JG, you are my cross-posting buddy :) Good for you for taking a vacation day on Friday! Now back in the saddle...and wow, nice job on running 4.2 miles!! If you could send some of that energy my way, that'd be grrrrrrrrreat, thaaaannnks :)

  • Hey errrrbody!!   Can't believe how fast this year is rolling along.   CCCRRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPP!!!! (is that ok?)  I missed my leg routine this morning.  Got to find a way to get it done.  I've yet to miss a workout.  Yes, I got mine in yesterday (used guest pass to another gym that was open yesterday).  I even got some UBWO on Sat landscaping

    The routine is called "dig up a dead tree and replace with a 45 gallon Shumard Oak and yes, ground was mostly clay. The hole approx 5 ft across and approx 3.5 ft deep.  The 5 and 7 gal buckets contained "good landcape mix to help ammend the lousy clay soil.  Doesn't look like much, but believe me, it was.  I even had two strapping young bucks helping me.  Sorry ladies, I should've provide pics.  My bad.



    Shorty - thank you, Char will appreciate that.  Thanks for accepting friend request.  I'll confess, I looked at your pics and you definitely cement CCers reputation for having the hottest gals.  Am definitely impressed with your Boots and Boas design.  You have a nice family and speaking of looking young, you remind me of a girl that my youngest went to school with.  She was a Drum Major and damn good twirler and we had our hopes something would develop b/w those two, but alas, they kept it in the friend zone.  Unfortunately, upon graduation, she became lost and ended up a Oklahoma sad.    Hey, don't fret about gaining a few pounds, you have made great changes and use C2 to build on them.   I have cut back on certain carbs and am now embarking on the same "Wheat Belly" diet as Char.  Definitely more salads and vegetables.  It is ok to change up routine and you should every 30 days or so to thwart muscle memory.  I'm enjoying the heavier lifting right now, but I will change it up before long.  The important thing is focus and intensity on each workout, not the duration or mileage per say.  Even when I swim on the weekends, I will adjust and not just swim a bunch of laps.  I have started incorporating flip turns on my freestyle which definitely takes more energy than touching the wall and turning.  i am also adding backstroke to the mix.   I really don't have an answer for your "doll hands."


    Justin - don't sweat the weekend. Man, you had a great time fishing and enjoyed a little crappy eating.  That's okay every now and then.  You sound like you are focussed overall and definitly getting the cardio. 

    JR, Gina, Sue, Juanita - hope you guys had a great long weekend.



  • SHORTY-  What's up girl?  I really want to help you rock your C2!  Are you up for counting calories?  I know it sounds dreadful, but I actually like it.  It helps me to know EVERYTHING that went into my body, and I can typically see how the scale reacts.  Of course in short time periods it isn't perfect, but over a long enough period of time (definitely over 12 weeks) you learn so much about your body.  You can definitely still use BFL as your platform, but just make adjustments if you find out you're getting too much or too little of one nutrient or another (if 70% of your calories from carbs... you know you need a change).

    Do you have a food scale?  They're really cheap, pick one up.  You don't have to measure every single thing you eat, but after a few meals of measuring out your portions, you'll have a really good idea of how much of each food you're eating.  

    A couple other things... Scale weight is just one measurement?  How are your other measurements?  I remember reading something about fitting into a skirt that you couldn't before... that's MUCH BETTER than any scale number!  

    Also, the fact that you stuck through the 12 week program when you weren't seeing the scale weight changes you wanted is incredible!!!!  That has to be the single biggest demotivating factor, and you didn't let it slow you down.  That's freaking awesome!  You definitely have what it takes to reach your goals!  Feel free to message me if you need.  And I'm happy to talk on the phone too.  Anything I can do to help, I will!

    As for my weekend, it was another awesome weekend at the beach, but not a very good diet weekend (as expected).  Going to get back in the saddle this week, and drive home the last 4 weeks of C2.

    As for my C2 results:  This was the end of week 8 so I finally took some measurements.  I'm up 8lbs (195), and still at 12% BF (the same as the end of C1).  I'm pretty happy about that.  My goal for C2 was 12lbs in 12 weeks with as little increase to my BF as possible.  I think I'm right on track.  I was a little discourage my the tape measure only showing minimal growth, but when I took the BF measurements I felt a lot better.  

    I'm off to  a meeting and a productive day.  Short week CCers!  Make it a great one.

  • Since we're posting weekend pictures... eat your heart out:

  • What up, yo?!?!  I'm STILL on vacay--holla at cha gurlll!  :)  Meaning, Baby G the time suck, requires all my attention and more so I don't know how much I can get out.....So yeah, the last 6 days?  A lot of whatever Gina wants, Gina gets ;-)  I did manage to work out a few times, but just as I reported the last time, my cardio was pretty much non existent.  ;-/  I started back up my modified C2 today.  It was supposed to be yesterday, but considering I only ate off a meat/cheese/cracker tray and then had 2 glasses of wine and no workout.....Yep, started today!  I spent a ton of my weekend selling stuff on my town's garage sale FB page and going to real life ones.  I'm officially a garage sale whore.  (Vio?)  2 North Face Fleeces (MidWest GOLD!!!) for $20.  Yes, please!  Then I turned around and sold mine for $50.  Don't hate the playa......I also got a tad d-runk with the neighbor dudes and when I came home ate an entire bag of popcorn (so I heard anyway....)  The next day J says to me, "um, next time you get drunk, don't sweep your popcorn crumbs from the chair to underneath the coffee table.  Bacon was starring at it the next morning trying to get it."  I told him there were too many rules around here!  I mean, I don't bring up the time that he opened the moon roof in the middle of winter and 5 inches of snow fell on our heads as I was driving us down the highway.  Nope, I NEVER bring that up.  

    Um, David, excuse me, but I wanna be your FB friend, too! I wanna see how hot Char is :-) 

    Shorty, don't feel bad about gaining weight, it's totally muscle!!!  How are your measurements?  I remember one transition post on here where the chick didn't lose any weight but looked totally different.  Everyone's body reacts differently, but I give you MAD PROPS GURL, for sticking with it!  I know I would have said eff it!  You're amazing!  Keep going!  Enjoy this break and figure out what you want to modify to work for you.  I mean, it sounds like you already have, so no worries, you got this!  So happy to hear you got your package!  I checked the tracking last night and was so glad to see the holiday didn't slow down the delivery.  Also, did I mention that I think you're the best?  

    JR!  WTH?  Is your photo broken?  I wanna see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JG, dude, you OWN this!  I can tell that you LOVE you some BFL.  It's awesome!  :-)

    Sue, hi pretty!!!!!  How was your holiday????