Cottage Cheese Club

  • Workout planned:

    HIIT Walking 8:-8:20 am, getting ready right now!

    Foods planned:

    B- Turkey bacon with whole wheat toast and water

    S- Greek Yogurt, water

    L- chicken and rice with a salad, water

    S- cottage cheese with pineapple, water

    D- not sure yet.......

    S- cottage cheese with oatmeal, water

    Obstacles you have to overcome today : thinking of the same foods.....  ugh.  Plus I'm really sore!  I also got on the scale and I weigh one pound more than I did yesterday.  Hoping it's muscle weight.  I don't see what else it could be.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: DON'T LOOK AT THE SCALE DURING THE 2ND WEEK!!!

    Positive statement about yourself: "I didn't change, I just found myself."

  • Good morning friends! I have to make this quick as I just got to my desk…totally forgot to set my alarm last night - so not me so I am feeling a little frazzled! Aye yay yay…Wtheck.

    Welcome b2b!! My advice: take your own advice regarding the scale! That flippin' thing will screw with your mind if it doesn't read what you are hoping for. And I LOVE your positive statement - so great! How did your HIIT go this morning? One more q, then I'll leave you alone…for now ;) Do you plan out your meals in advance? If you're looking for ways to mix it up, read through previous posts. Oodles and oodles of fantastic ideas. I will say it was one of my fears going in - how the heck am I going to eat small meals (and I of course, thought "boring, healthy meals") and get over this mental thing that I have with food? You'll amaze yourself - it's easy and there are so many awesome options! My relationship with food continues to change in such a positive way.

    Gina, sister….come on now, you KNOW how awesome you are - you can totally rock out a kick donkey 12th week! What's going on…there has to be more to it. Are you at a point where you're looking good and thinking "eh, I'm doing good, wouldn't hurt to skip this or eat that or…" which ends up sabotaging your day? I only ask because I know that's how I'd be if I was looking as fab as you! STAY STRONG, and gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, bring it like you KNOW you can!

    Jr, JG, David - keep bulking up and kicking booooteh! You boys = da bombs. Jr, DON-KEEE = new fave! JG, I'm singing "movin' on uppppp, to the east side to a deeeeeluxe apartment in the sky" regarding the squat machine > squat rack. Wahooooooo = nice work friend!! David, where are you bud? I'm about ready to organize a road trip down to Texas...

    Workout planned: Running with inclines

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + melon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe wrap 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Not having a beer at sand volleyball tonight (or blowing out my calf muscle for that matter)

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: To remember to set my damn alarm clock! 

    Positive statement about yourself: Yeah girl, keep it up!!!!!

  • I had a great HIIT session this morning.  I added 10 minutes at a moderate level at the end and burned 570 calories.  Not to shabby for a 30 minute workout.

    byetobabyfat- It's only week 2 for you.  You need to put that scale in a place that you won't step on it and just focus on hitting all of your 10s in the gym and your diet.  The results WILL come for you, so don't get discouraged.  Look around on the forum and you'll see something called the "8 week miracle" that the ladies experience.  It seems that the majority of the results for women come at week 8-12.   Just be patient and keep on working hard and you'll have success.

    Eshorty- I love your energy!  Thanks for the props on moving on up.  Lol!  How do you make that protein pudding?  Does it taste as good a normal pudding?  I need to know more about that!

    JR- Are you back on the beach today?  

    David- You need to check in and let us know that you're OK.  How's your son doing in his challenge?

  • Workout planned: HIIT on the stair climber

    Foods planned: Same as every day.......

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: N/A

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I wan't some protein puddin! 

    Positive statement about yourself: I'm better than bacon.....

  • Dammit, Shorty, get out of my head!!!!  ;-)  But you're right, It's more than I don't want to do it.  I'm burn out, I'm bored, I need a break. I want a glass of wine every. night.  I'm going to try and push myself the rest of this week and get my photos done (for everyone's viewing pleasure, ha!) and get working on a new weight routine.  I have UB tonight which I kinda hate, but I'll suck it up, I promise.  :-)  I do have a cardio tennis date scheduled with J on Saturday so I'm super excited about that!  That's like HIITx1000 for me! 

    David, are you alive?  Seriously.

    WELCOME B2B!  :-)  So glad you're here!

    Foods planned: M1: Pancakes/coffee  S1: Shake/Yogurt M2: PB Toast/carrots S2: SC/apple M3: what should have been last nights dinner..... S3: Shake or protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: ugh.

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! I need a hug.

    Positive statement about yourself: Another adorbs outfit today!  I really do enjoy dressing my "new" body ;-)

    Sorry I have another mega short post, going into 3 hours worth of meetings starting at 2. 

  • Crazy busy!  Short post.

    Hitting up the Y today after work, going to check out their new free weights and machines.  May switch up, I've kind of out grown Planet Fitness, but I do love the price!

    LBWO today!  Real Free Weights!  Looking forward to the burn!

  • Hey everybody!   Man! Been a real "beat down" here.  Don't know whether I am coming or going.  Just a lot going on right now.  Will xpln later.   Still have been making my workouts and they've been intense, however, I need more hours in the day.  Just a quick visit to say hello and hopefully will be able to catch up with you guys.  

    Been so crazy that I haven't had the chance to even stop and look in the mirror........till now



  • Had an awesome UBWO this morning!!  I was lifting so much on my pressing exercises that I actually started getting dizzy (I wasn't holding my breath or anything, this just happens when I go to extremes).  What a wonderful feeling when you force your body to do what it tells you that it can't........

    David- I'm glad to know that you're ok!  Hopefully you'll get to post an update soon.

  • Workout planned: UBWO KILLED at 5:30am

    Foods planned: 1) Protein shake with 5g creatine and a banana. 2) Dannon Greek yogurt. 3) ???  Going to lunch with friends. Hopefully will find something healthy. 4) Carb Advantage Protein Shake. 5) Chicken breast and green beans. 6) 1 cup non-fat cotage cheese. 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: None

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: N/A

    Positive statement about yourself: I'm loving the GYM!

  • Hello again!  I really like this thread!  

    Workout planned: Lower body- I However I didn't get the full effect because the kids were sick and extra needy... so I had to use my trusty old pilates band- Didn't get the BEST work out, but I still did HIIT and I did feel a "burn", it just wasn't what I was aiming for  :(

    Foods planned: Ummmm.......  I didn't plan.  I need to though.  I had .... wait... DID I have breakfast?!?    I had a greek yogurt for snack and chicken with brown rice for lunch.  Cottage cheese with pineapples this last snack... and NO idea what to have for dinner.  

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: KIDS.  and not planning my meal plans.  I have been under so much stress chasing kids around that I'm lucky IF I get a chance to eat something!  

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Does Muscle Milk work?  I'm in another country and can't find the BFL protein powder here....  but they have Muscle Milk.  Ideas?  It would be great if I could use this as a quick snack!

    Positive statement about yourself: There will be a day when I won't be able to do this.... today is not that day.

    Eshorty-  No, LOL  I am not planning my meals.  I know I should but I feel like I just don't have the time!  Have any suggestions on how to make this easier?  

  • Nice job Justin!  I had what I guess was a really good LBWO yesterday at the Y.  Didn't feel all the great doing it, and my lower back really got tight.  Today I'm sore, but not injured, so it's got to be good!

    Taking today off, and running a 5k tomorrow.  Worried about my back soreness when I run.  Not looking forward to it.

  • Yes, B2B, Muscle Milk will work as a meal replacement.  It's a little high in fat, but just make sure your other meals aren't too high in fat, and it will be fine.

    Some people love the taste, but I don't think it's very good.  Are there other products where you live?

  • Late morning to all,

    Justin - man, sounds like you are on fire with both HIIT and lifting!  Congrats on graduating from the squat machine. Not quite sure what that is.  Our gym has leg press, smith machine, and squat racks.  Learning to love squats. All about the form.  Finally flirting with 300 territory - repped out 8 at 275lbs with gas left in the tank.  Getting stronger in the shoulders - finished shoulder presses (dumbbells) at 70lbs. Hope to get bench above 300 by end of challenge.  Your intensity (Im gettin dizzy) is inspiring! Keep it up!

    Jr - how you liking the Y?   

    Say hello to the guys for me.   Actually, most the Ys I've worked out in (when traveling) are pretty nice and no signs of the Village People.  Hope it's nothing more than soreness with your back.   Hopefully won't affect your run and vice versa.  Good luck in your 5k.

    Bye2babyfat - don't believe we've met.  Welcome!  Understand about the lack of meal planning.  I've slacked lately because I've been busy (NOT AN EXCUSE). Fortunately, I eat pretty much the same thing everyday so I haven't been too bad.  Will be better starting next week.

    Shorty - hi there!  Still maintaining posting excellence, I see. Yep, love your moving on up and to give you props.....George Jefferson gettin his dance on!


    Gina - great family pics! Such a nice looking family you have.  Baby G is precious!  And, emperically stating, your arms are not fat.  You look great and are hopelessly incapable of taking a bad picture.  Hang in there with the burn out and boredom.  Your break is almost here.  Enjoy!

    Sue - Congrats on finshing your event project and that it went well.  Hope you are enjoying a big time in London!  To the motherland!  Look forward to hearing how it went.  How's the queen?

    Guys, as I said in last post, just a lot going on at work and home.  My youngest son is about to leave for an internship with a church about 6 hours away.  He wants to be a youth minister.  He is the son with the good language.  Charlotte is not excited because she will not get to see him much this summer.  It's amazing once they get a taste of independence at college, how short and infrequent their home visits become.  On top of this, Charlotte has not been feeling well for some time....migraines, allergies,fatigue, and having numbness after she works out.  She went to her new lady doctor (her one for past 23 yrs retired).  He thinks she may have celiac disease.  She had blood test done so she should know something next week  I know next to nothing about this stuff.  Her doctor told her to get the book, Wheat Belly.  She's already read most of it and will have it read by her next visit this next week.  The book is definitely an eye opener.   Mainly, she is just frustrated because she has been small all her life, lost all her baby weight with both boys and was 105lbs prior to hysterectomy several years ago.  She has struggled since she has to be on hormones and hates it.  She wants to be liike she was before.  I just want her to feel better and not have to deal with all these symptoms.  Hopefully, they will get it figured out so she can feel like herself again. 

    Work is crazy.  Had some horrible storms here in Texas a few days ago and some of us are being called for storm duty.  One of the guys in my office has gone for the next week.  I suspect I will be called as well, just don't know when.  The money will be good, but you definitely earn it.  With him being gone, the rest of us pick up the slack here.  Good thing it is only temporary. 

    Well, sorry to bore you with so much.  Was not the intent. I just got started and couldn't stop. 

    Gina and ShortY, and Sue - finshing strong and then enjoy the restl. Expect you to be firing up again for C2 in a few weeks.

    Have a great weekend CCers!





  • wanna know what I love?  Bacon.  Garage Sales.  Eating corn on the cob by the row.  Car dancing.  Karaoke Bars. Your mom.  Oh, and FRIDAYS!  I'm ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!  This has been a long, stressful week. 

    My brain hasn't turned on today or something, because I can't..........................concentrate! 


    PS, my boss just told me I can leave, so byeeeeeeeeeeee!  :)  Tomorrow's my last day, HOLLA! 

  • Good morning CCers! Hope you all have had fantastic weekends. This gal took last Friday off so it was a great long weekend!

    JG, 570 cal in 30 min? NICE work!! What type of exercise were you doing? While I errrr, ah, enjoy?? my running, I think I need to mix it up. Will probably hit the elliptical from time to time. As for the protein pudding…it's delish. I made the mistake of accidentally buying cook & serve, which didn't set up so be sure to buy the instant pudding mixes! Here is the recipe, courtesy of Gina/EFL! 

    1 cup skim milk (I use the 30 cal/serv unsweetened vanilla almond milk you buy in the refrigerated section)

    1 serving protein powder 

    2 tablespoons sugar/fat free instant pudding (half package)

    Use electric mixer to blend, separate into 2 servings, refrigerate.

    G, what up sister! How's your mindset today? I'm sending you a (((HUG))) if you still need one ;) And are you officially done with C1??? If so, CONGRATS!!!!!!! Wahooooooooooo! Or did you decide to crank out another week because of Chi-town? Either way, you rock gurrrrrrrl! And I LOVED the ecard great! 

    Jr, how was the 5k? How did your back hold out? Good to hear that you didn't injure it…be careful lifting those insane weights my friend!

    B2B, my advice for making this easier, time block about 30-60 min every Saturday or Sunday (or whenever works best for you) to PLAN PLAN PLAN. Plan your meals for the entire week, plan your grocery list, plan your workouts. Once it's all on paper (use the tools provided here: it makes is so much easier to follow the program! Prior to C1, I printed off the progress reports/journal and made myself a binder. It has helped me tremendously, just like this group! I also made copies of the exercises in the book and bring those with me when I'm lifting. I've made this as easy as possible to follow - no excuse not to when everything is right at my fingertips. And have a list of go-to snacks for when you're in a time crunch with your kiddos! You sound like a super-mom over there :) take some time to plan this program out (even if you have to recycle your meals each week, at least you'll have something to turn to in a crunch). You deserve this sister!! 12 weeks will fly by - and you'll be amazed at what you learn from this program. Just give it 12 weeks…….for now ;)

    Daaaaaaaaavidddddd, there you are!! We've missed you, if you couldn't tell :) NICE pics, from the Y to the Jeffersons = top notch! Regarding your family: wow, that's amazing about your son (both: becoming a youth minister and having "good language" - ha). 6 hours = much better than cross-country, but still tough I'm sure. And it sounds like Charlotte has gone and is going through some real crap :( But it sounds like she's closer to getting answers to what the heck is going on. It seems as though more and more people are being diagnosed with celiac disease… Your wife is the 3rd person I've heard about in the past month. My uncle has raved about the Wheat Belly book - might have to pick that one up and read it - please share helpful tidbits your learn from it! Keep us posted on Miz C - I'll send positive thoughts her way. I've realized that growing up, women never really talked about all the changes they go through with hormones and crap. Hang in there and stay strong for her, my friend! Sounds like she has a fantastic, supportive hubby :) She'll be her old self in no time once she gets the answers as to wtf is going on!

    Workout planned: LB @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + melon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel thin w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe wrap 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nada

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I mean seriously, is this REALLY the start of my 12th week?! The time has flown by…I LOVE the CCers!!!!!!!!!!! And I love that I was able to say no to an incredible looking dessert last Friday - hesitated for a second, then bam, turned that puppy down. Kiss my donkey, cookie-suuuucckkkkaaaaahhhhhhh!

    Positive statement about yourself: Holy (really want to swear here). Proud of myself for sticking to it….looking forward to mixing things up in C2!!