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  • Cross post with ya Shorty!  Love the Bruin's Love!!  My hubby is an enormous B's fan.  Like I was worried about him last night!  They play the Rangers now.  Love the NY/Boston series.  For sure to get out of hand.  The best kind of hockey!

  • want a good laugh this morning?  Watch Bryce Harper bounce his face of the wall, in slow-motion!

  • SWEET -10lbs Sue!  And Welcome back.  Not a hockey fan at all, but Boston has the best sports fans!

  • Suuuuuuuuueeeeeee! There you are sister :) First of all, HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN LONDON! Personally, go and enjoy it and don't worry too much about the challenge. When you get back, give 'er hell and hit it hard :) And did you say your birthday is over this trip?? Or is it a trip celebrating your upcoming 40th?? When I FB stalked you it says your bday is in September…just didn't want to miss it! Either way HAVE A FABULOUS VAY-CAY! And you best post a pic of you rockin' those hot jeans sister. And ah YEY-YAH, HUUUUUGE congrats on being down 10 lbs - WAHOOOOOOOO!! You are killing it :) Just like your Bruins - woop woop! Regarding races, my next 5k is the first weekend in August. It's another run, then drink-you-heart-out kind-of-thang, or so my friends and I make it that. I mean why not make it a full out girls weekend at the lake? Party on Wayne… ;)

    Jr, picture a light bulb over my head. YOU ROCK. Working to failure…makes perfect sense and helps GREATLY. Thank you!! As for that dude running into the wall……….yyyeeeeoooouuuccchhh! Stuff like that makes me laugh so hard (now watch I'll walk out of the office and right into a pole...karma's a B).

  • Listen to this crap; I've been in meetings like the entire day!  SHOCKER.  And per ush, I have a million things to say.  SHOCKER.  So Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 

    JR, thank you for inventing fitness.  You should get an award.  Like, a legit one. Presented by Billy Blanks, Richard Simmons and our Man Billy-Phil together in a spandex-clad ceremony.  Maybe Jane Fonda will make an appearance?  Anyways, what I mean to actually THANK YOU for helping me be awesome and answering all my specific questions like I'm your project in the making!  :-)

    Oh Shorty!  Aren't you just the sweetest thang on the planet!?!  Yes, the answer is YES.  I think we need to be on BFL for the rest of our lives so we can hear sweet things about ourselves on the regular :-)  I'm really just here to make everyone feel better about themselves.  You're welcome; all of you.  But back to shorty......were you like the homecoming queen?  I bet you were.  :-)  OMG, can't. stop. #whatshouldwecallme.

    Sue!  Hot Mama, so glad you're back!  I was getting worried, too!  I mean, enough was enough, we needed your spunk back!  Glad you survived your event and lost 10 pounds to boot, AND are leaving for London-town tonight!?!?!  Girlfriend, you win!  It's like you majored in life.  :-)  Make sure you take those 12 week photos and get them up here!  PS!  Priscilla!  For reals?  Is it my HUGE hair and 60s inspired dress? 

    Justin, I'm sorry for calling you out on the carbs....I'm glad you're full and skinny ;-) I bet I'm whiter than both you and shorty combined.  I put on SPF 9000 at 7pm.  For serious.  Not to brag.  ;-) But I guess I just did.....

    David, get your B Donkey back on here!  We need a seinfeld gif immeds! 

    Workout planned: LBWO/Home/9 pm

    Foods planned: M1: Pancakes!  I got a new blender! Screw you, Cuisinart!!!!!!!!!!  S1: Zone Perfect Bar M2: Sloppy Joe/wheat buns/green buns S2: SC/apple M3: Um, still not sure.... S3: Shake or protein pudding 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing!

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! Shor-Tastic, OMG, I bought the shelf-stable one!  Haha.  No wonder!!!!  I even put the pudding in the freezer last night and it STILL didn't set up!  Now, with real-life skim milk, it does set up fast,  but it needs the fridge for at least an hour I believe....

    Positive statement about yourself: I forgot to talk about it yesterday, BUT, my abs were STILL burning from my LBWO last Thursday.  Dang, GIna!  AND, I returned all these new belts today because apparently I'm a SMALL now.  Hey, girl, hey!

  • I'm in week 3 of C2.  I started C1 on 1/28/13 and started C2 on 4/29/13, so I only took one week off between challenges.  I lost a little over 30lbs during C1, but have only lost a couple of pounds so far during C2.  However.....  I've had to tighten up my belt two notches so I know that I'm putting on muscle and losing fat.  I'm happy about the results that this program delivers.  I can tell a pretty big difference from the end of C1 and now just by looking in the mirror.  I'm wanting to get magazine ripped, so I'll be doing this  for a while.  I plan on doing another challenge as soon as this one is over.

    JR- Are you lifting 4 days a week now?  How long are each of your workouts?  Can you post some examples?

    For the hockey fans:  

  • I'll catch up with replies in the morning.  I'm pretty busy this afternoon.

  • Good morning all! Hope this hump day finds you getting your swagger on ;) 

    Jr, when I said it was supposed to be in the 90s this week, I wasn't lyin' - we hit 98 in Minneapolis yesterday. I believe that was warmer than sunny FL - insane. And I concur with G, you need an award for your immense wealth of knowledge/awesomeness!

    Gina, I agree - BFL forum/CC/AA/PM for life! I'm not only doing this challenge for the body portion, but because I absolutely love this group. It can never go away…NEVER! Ah, as for homecoming queen, negatory my friend. Is it bad that I can't even remember who were my class's king and queen?? Thank you college days for depleting my brain cells…and maybe the years to follow…and maybe a few years prior...and maybe current days. And YEAH SISTER on the size SMALL!! Wahooooooooooooo! Get it gurrrrrrrl! What ab routine are you doing? I'm excited to mix it up come C2.

    JG, wow, CONGRATS on the 30+ lb weight loss in C1 = amazing!! Are you feeling incredible or what?!?! Ah, and that video of the YOUTH hockey fight? What little punks! I can't believe how tiny they are…to see them going balls-to-the-wall at that age? Crazy. And the music playing - yea, I kept hearing Viagra vs Miagra or whatever they were saying. D-oh! :)

    Daaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddd, we miss you! 

    Anyone else uber jealous of Sue right now?? G, that was awesome = Sue, the girl who majored in life. Your wit = off the chart amaze-balls!

    Workout planned: LB = done, woop woop

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + watermelon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. ?? (having dinner out) 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Making the right choices at dinner tonight…wiiiinnnneeeeeeee, I love you but I hate you.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: People who are reading these posts, feeling blah or down or in need of motivation - get your donkeys on here!

    Positive statement about yourself: My skin is looking awesome - I've got the "workout/eating right" glow. Yeah dawgs!

  • Had a great LBWO today!  I have totally maxed out the capacity of the squat machine at my gym (320lbs), so I have to move on over to the squat rack and start loading plates on a bar and use them instead.  I hate to do that because it hurts my shoulders and back even with proper form so I've been avoiding it.  Oh well...  I'm glad to be too strong for the machine!

    EShorty- You're right, I do feel great!  I can't believe it's that hot in MI.  We haven't even been in the 80s in MO where I live, and when I lived in Northern IA i don't think it ever got that hot.  The good news is that it probably won't stay that way for long!

  • Workout planned: LBWO Completed at 5:30am

    Foods planned: 1) Protein shake with 5g creatine and a banana. 2) Dannon Greek yogurt. 3) 1/2lb lean turkey and 2 slices of cheese. 4) Carb Advantage Protein Shake. 5) Chicken breast and green beans. 6) 1 cup non-fat cotage cheese. 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: None

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: N/A

    Positive statement about yourself: I'm too much man for the squat machine!

  • This is the picture I tried to post yesterday when I said I was too busy to respond, but apparently you can't cut/paste directly from your phone to the message board.  It was a huge image.

    Life is tough.  I had an hour between a dentist appointment and meeting yesterday, so I thought I'd get some reading done.  What better place to read?  FYI if you've never been to/heard of Perdido Key, FL... well the picture says enough.

    Justin- I'm lifting 6 days a week.  It's not a plan I would recommend if your goal is still to burn fat.  You should continue doing cardio 3-4 days a week, and I really like the HIIT cardio.  Your muscles are getting plenty of work with the BFL workouts, and your noticing gains, so just be patient.  I'm definitely not burning any fat this time, as result of both the higher calories and lack of cardio.  And stacking cardio on top of lifting 6 days a week is definitely over-training = injury.  

    Sorry for the short post, making up for "working outside the office" yesterday.

    Crappy chest/tri workout today.  I had to get up at 4AM!!!  To take Mrs. JR to the airport.  I was so tired that my workout suffered.  Early bedtime tonight.

  • oh and I'm about to go into a lunch meeting where lunch is provided, and I didn't bring my own.  This is going to suck.

  • Oh wow, what a rough life you live, Jr...

  • "Get your Witch-Donkey in the gym RIGHT NOW"!  That's what I had to say to myself last night; on the 79th day of the challenge, because I was thiiiiissssss close to talking myself out of it.  OMG, this week has been horrible motivation-wise for me.  Last week?  Nailed it.  This week?  Not even close!  I could kick myself; it's week 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not cool.  Also, I'm starving!

    Shorty, thanks for the bidnass!  youda bayst!  David, where you at boooyyyyyy?!?!  JR/JG, I see you're both still kicking donkey and taking names! 

    Workout planned: HIIT/Spin/9 pm

    Foods planned: M1: Pancakes!  S1: apple/shake M2:brown rice, black beans, corn, salsa S2: Protein Pudding M3: Pork, corn on the cob S3: Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Um, you know, just getting out of this week 12 funk.  Ugh, get a life Gina!

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! I've become obsessed with garage sales.  This cannot be good for my borderline hoarder in me....

    Positive statement about yourself: My outfit is adorbs today.  True story. 

  • GINA!  Get over it!  And get you DON-KEEE back in gear.