Cottage Cheese Club

  • Shorty -  where did you find that pic of me from my college days?   Coffee table ya go


  • I eat cottage cheese every night.  Can I join you troublemakers???

  • Ah, I would say h-e-double hockey sticks-to-the-yes, JG! We love bringing people to the dark side...mmmoooowwwaaaahhhhhhhhh... Welcome friend! 

    Wahoooooo another CCer!

    Would love to stay and chat but I have to get back to work. Hope to be back this morning with my full Fridizzzle check-in! Later peeps!

  • Had a pretty good bi/tri workout this morning followed by about 35 min of intense spinning.  However, think I may have strained right pec doing weighted dips.  Hopefully no more than that.   

    Working from the casa today.  Lotta reports and don't need the interuptions that come with the office. 

    Justin, welcome brutha Gladiator!  CCers were nice enough to relax their standards for me.  As Shorty said .....    


    Jr - I ended up going against what I earlier said and weighed this morning.  I'm about 4lbs up from end of C1.  I'm consuming more protein for sure, but definitely not enjoying your select diet.  I have gained a little bit of size, but some may be to a few nights of extra

    Sue - let us hear from you! How'd the big event go!?

    Gina - enjoy your day off and make some "special memories" this weekend.  Taken any family pics for Mamas Day? .  That'd be great. mmmmmkkaayy?!

    Shorty - hhheeeyyyy there!  Think I saw a few of those outfits this morning at the gym.  Think we've created a monster with these postin images.  Just another facet of our awesomeness!



  • Good morning guys!  

    I was thinking this morning during my workout... "I'm BACK!"  I wasn't in some deep state of depression or contemplating the meaning of life or drinking my life away prior to BFL, as with so many of the stories we read here (sorry that was a low blow), but I was in a funk.  Meaning I wasn't going to the gym and I didn't have the same energy, I tried several times to get back in gear and nothing would stick.  But after 4.5 months now, I'm definitely out of my funk!  I freaking love working out.  And eventually I'll have big muscles to prove it!  Thanks CC/AA/PM and BFL.

    Justin, be careful what you ask for.  This group can be a handful.  And they're likely to get you in trouble.

    So my only cardio over the last 6 weeks has been generally 1 run on the weekends 3-4 miles.  But, don't be dismayed... I found this video--It's time to SWEAT!

    Workout- UBWO Pull Muscles (am); Sweatin' to the Oldies (pm)


    1- EAS Whey (3); 12oz OJ; NOS Blast (pre)

    2- IsoPure Mass shake; 16oz Skim (post)

    3- Oatmeal

    4- TBD- need 825 calories from lunch

    5- 8oz pork tenderloin; 2oz wheat spaghetti; 2oz tomato sauce

    6- 8oz grilled chicken; 2oz wheat spaghetti; 2oz tomato sauce

    7- Casein Protein Shake; 12oz Skim

  • HOLY COW--- speaking of outfits at the gym, your post reminded me:  A couple weeks back (when I still knew where the treadmills were in the gym), I was finishing up my last two minutes of HIIT- Hitting my 10!!!  When this older lady (we'll say 65) jumps on the treadmill next to me, REEKING of cigarette smoke.  While I'm pouring it all out on the treadmill, I happen to notice in the corner of my eye.. SPANDEX- ALL SPANDEX!!!  That's right, spandex pants and... wait for it... a SPORTS BRA... That's it!  I almost fell off the treadmill at 10mph!  WHAT THE (SWEAR WORD) ARE YOU THINKING LADY??????

    I tried to run faster... but remembered... "you're on a treadmill- it doesn't matter how fast you run, you aren't going anywhere!"  30 seconds couldn't pass fast enough...

  • Jr - good post. I certainly understand where you are coming from.  Glad you are out of your funk.   Definitely love working out and hate to miss any. 


    Richard Simmons.......epic!


  • You guys crack me up.  I’ve been lurking in the shadows since the first post and have been reading off and on the whole time. 

    JR/David- How many days a week are you lifting?  Seems that you've broken up your workouts.  Do you feel like you're getting better results that way?

    David- Hope the pec gets better and is nothing serious.

     EShorty- Thanks for the warm welcome! 

    Workout planned: LBWO Done at 5:30am Noticed nice vascularity for the first time in my calves!

    Foods planned: 7am Protein shake and a banana; 9:30am Dannon Greek Yogurt; 12pm ???  Going out with friends so I have to find something healthyish; 3:30pm CarbAdvantedge Shake; 6:30pm chicken breast and green beans; 9:30pm 1 cup of no fat cottage cheese

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Getting through the workday……..

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: N/A

    Positive statement about yourself: Today I beat my personal record of most consecutive days lived.  It’s been a lifelong achievement….

  • This is what I wear to the gym...

    you're welcome.

  • Happy you-know-what-it-is Frrrrrriiiddaaaayyyyy! Hope you all have fabulous weekends on tap. This girl will be enjoying the weather via walking trails and possibly swinging ye 'ole golf clubs. Yesssssssssss fiiiiiinnnnaaalllllllyyyyyyy. Then I'll be going back to where I grew up so I can spoil my Mama & Grandma. Probably bring my daughter, ya know, Cabby Patch along for the ride.

    Jr, WELCOME BACK :) Those dang funks suck a fat one. I'm right there with ya - it's definitely not a state of depression or anything, just a shiznitty blah feeling. Glad to hear you went all Bruce Lee on that funk! Get gone!

    Oooooh and get your sweat on with lil 'ole Richie. I hope you have an outfit to match his? Drive your wife crazy! Eh-ohhhhh. And ummmm, the old lady in spandex reeking of cigs = naaaassssty! I'm guessing she was putting out the vibe for a young buck such as yourself. You have to watch out for those old cougars.

    David, genius - pure genius with the "coffee table" book! That is a must for the CCer compilation. Ah, and were did you find the Darth Lumbergh?! MONEY! As for my pic, I find a lot of the beauties on Pinterest, aka the biggest time-suck there is. But wow, you can find some real doozies on it. And to answer you about my running - being it IS a workout related forum I guess I'll enlighten ;) I'll start off with a brisk walk for two minutes, crank up the speed on the treadmill and run for a minute, crank up the speed a little more and run for a minute, then drop down the speed a little and jack the incline up to 7…then I'll do another set starting with two minutes of brisk walking and ending with a run setting the incline to 8, then another set with incline at 9, and end with an incline at 10 for the last minute. My goal in C2 is to not walk at all, then at the end run at an incline for 2 minutes vs. one. Am I making sense? Also, I live in a pretty hilly area so now that it's nice, I'm going to hit the trails and incorporate the hills into my runs. I have a 5k in August and I'm curious to see how this affects my time, if at all?? I have not run stands but have thought about it as I live pretty close to a high school…I'll have to check it out! And in the sprit of yesterday's posts:

    G, hope you are having a fantastic long weekend! I'm guessing your coworkers are now in a funk because The Fun is on a mini vay-cay ;) And girl, stay strong with the driveway temptations….YOU CAN DO IT! And then "reward" yourself by celebrating your all-around-awesomeness on Sunday!! Awwww yeah sister!

    Sue, did you survive your mega event????? I'm guessing this weekend is going to have a little celebrating involved for all of your hard work! Cheers sistah! Can't wait to hear from you again!!

    JG, yessssss, welllllcome (and the welcome is supposed to sound like Darth V). Congrats on the calves! So now, you are in your second challenge?? What do you think your biggest hurdle has been? I love love love hearing previous challenge advice so share away friend!

    Workout planned: UB & LB @ 5 (making up UB from last Friday….son of a)

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + watermelon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe turkey stuffed potato skins 6. protein pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Trying to stay off of this awesome forum and actually doing some work!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: G, regarding the protein pudding, I make mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Soooooo good.

    Positive statement about yourself: Feeling pretty day-yummmmm good!

  • G! Get it gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! TWO SNAPS

  • Son of a... Jr, this pic was supposed to upload along with the Bruce Lee blurb (I hope it works this time...):

  • You guys keep uppin the awesome factor..... can it ever!  neva! neva!

    Gina - aaawww yyyeeeaahh!!  Very nice! Thank you. Diggin the "Pebbles" hairdo and your workout bling.  Could you add a little more color to that pleeezzz?!  Love the belt!  and love yo swaggaa!!  Guess we will all need to show our gym outfits now.

    Here's mine:


    and after a shower/and shave I head to my job -


    Shorty - you're a image posting genius yourself.  Love the running pics! Can't stop the lulz!  Your rountine is good varying the running and walking inclines and you have a good C2 goal.  I am going to start running some inclines again once a week.  Decently hilly around here and yes, hills affect 5k times but if you train running hills once or so a week, you'll do good.    

     Alright folks, gotta worky worky!   Pimpin aint easy.


  • Sorry, no compilation prize this time, guys.

    Glad you're all having fun! Just remember to keep is clean! ;-)

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Thanks, Tiffany.  Glad you are there to keep these guys in line.