Cottage Cheese Club

  • Yo CC Peeps!  Yes, happy Friday, what is left of it as it is 10:15pm.

    Again, props to you David, that was one hell of a meal plan.  I am thinking about following something just like it tomorrow, starting with the ice cream!  Adding protein mix to the Sonic shake is brilliant.  I have to say when I was reading it I really thought you went to Zumba then to the hot tub (then drive away in your monster truck)!  Yes, I am gullible.  :-) 

    Gina, love the car diagram.  You are looking like the car girl model that sells at the Auto Shows.  And the pic of bacon and cheesecake!  They made the forum!  :-)  Just wait till baby Gina and any other kiddos of yours trashes that car on a daily basis and you are going to be dreaming of getting that camaro back.  We are almost out of the minivan stage but Momma love those doors.  Is baby G still rocking the 2am hours? 

    Shorty, that picture of the snow just makes me want to cringe.  I just froze my butt off at 2 little league games tonight and it was 50 degrees out.  Funny how quickly our opinion changes cause 1 month ago, 50 degrees would be a beautiful day.  And I wish you could hang in my yard with the firepit and some brewski's.  It is fire pit season!  The problem is you can not sit at the pit without a drink in the hand.

    Jr - someone asked me why should I not have carbs later in the day and I was at a loss.  What is the answer to that? And I am with Shorty, I can't imagine anyone squatting with that much weight.  So cool!  Any golf this weekend?  I am out to play 9 on Sunday with a girlfriend.  It will be 65 and not a cloud in the sky!  Keep my head down and follow through...

    Hope everyone's derby day and Cinco d'Mayo rocks! 

    Workout planned: UBWO 6AM

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. GNCProteinShake/Coffee 3. Turkey/FiberEngMuff/Blueberries/CheeseStick 4. Protein Pancake 5. EggWhite/EngMuff - Just had my 5th and last meal at 8:30pm.  I guess that is good to cut down on the calories. 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Pushed my shoulder lifting and tweaked it a bit.  Not bad though.  :-)

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Cooking/simmering mushrooms in just soy sauce and some water.  So delish.

    Positive statement about yourself: My neighbor said 'You are looking super skinny'.  Ha!  I WAS wearing my skinny jeans but I was so happy with that comment!

  • 10:45pm over here......just did a little driveway drinking.....ugh oh!  Not again!  This warm weather is killer on my willpower.  I REALLY need to buckle down.  We're in the home stretch now and I'm really afraid I'll be disappointed in myself.... 

    OMG David, I when I first read your post I was rushing out to a meeting and must have just skimmed it, because 1.  I was sure your meal plan was real and 2.  it's sounded (big swear) delicious!  

    Sue, my etsy shop is: I haven't linked it before, I think Shorty found it by FB stalking :-)  Which I totally appreciate!  Oh, and I've heard amazing things about the mini van doors.  I bet it's easy to get hooked on the awesome options!!!  Ugh, Baby G is STILL waking up!  Is it teeth?  A growth spurt?  A Walking Dead Nightmare?  ALL OF THE ABOVE????  It's totally salting my AM BFL routine though, that's for sure.

    Hi Jr-Friend!  Yes, you are so right about the new Cadillac Market......It used to be just your grandparents drove a Caddy.  Now they're a very sexy, classy choice.  I mean, you know me!  TOTALLY CLASSY!  Like the cherry on top of a sundae.  ;-)  Oh, and that Nacho Daddy whatnot?  I would pretty much go anywhere that had the word "nacho" in it.  Just stop it!  YUM.

    Shorty!  Yeah Mama, get your sass on!!!!!!!  I love it!!!!  OMG, I soooooo want to drive to MN and crash the YOU KNOW out of your Cinco de DRINKO party!  Have the best time ever!!!!!!  You deserve it.  Also, anytime you wanna talk etsy, you know where to find me.  Donkey-deep in a bottle of wine, but that's besides the point!  

    Workout planned: HIIT/Spin/5pm plus 45 interval/incline walk with baby G that is my Sub.  

    Foods planned: M1: Thin Wheat Bagel/PB S1: Apple M2: Subway S2: Zone Perfect Bar M3: Subway S3: Protein Pudding. 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Well........I jacked up the drinking part.....Ooops!

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! Is this green font soooo obnoxious?!!  It's not on my work computer but at home on my Mac it is....

    Positive statement about yourself: Today after an all-staff the VP of my department told me, "thanks for making today fun".  Well....that's what happens when they hand me a microphone.... ;-)

  • For all of you that enjoyed unseasonably warm weather this week... please know that it was at my expense.  It's been in the 60s/low 70s here and very windy.  Typically, we have a warm Gulf breeze, but when the wind is out of the North here it really STINKS!  We have had about 2 good beach weekends all year, and typically we're rocking great tans by early May.

    Sue, no golf for me this weekend.  Thought about playing yesterday, but 25 mph winds takes a lot of the fun out!

    On the carbs-- the theory behind limiting late-day carbs is that carbs are stored in the body as glycogen.  Glycogen produces glucose, which is the fuel your body uses for energy (and muscle synthesis), but when glycogen goes unused, it is broken down and stored as fat.  The theory is that if you consume your carbs earlier in the day, your body has more time to breakdown and use the glycogen before your metabolism slows at night.  Most believe that having high levels of glycogen "on hand" at night, combined with a slower metabolism leads to increased fat storage.  

    Gina- you're worried about obnoxious now?  ;)  A joke isn't funny if I follow it up with an immediate apology, but I am totally kidding.  Your energy is great, not obnoxious.

    Hey.... you girls are in the final stretch!  My only advice (not that you asked) is to know you can do anything for 2 weeks.  That means you can go without the cheats... 2 weeks, you can do it.  Buckle down.  Hit your 10s.  Finish strong.

    ... and I'm out of motivational phrases.

    Workout:  LBWO, Squats!!!!!  No workout partner (surprise, surprise)

    Meals-  I'm really struggling with my meals.  At the end of C2 week 5, I weighed exactly 0.8lbs more than I did at the of C1.  Not what I was expecting from 3,000 calories/day.  I struggle to get all of those in, I'm not sure how to increase them, and I may go broke trying!!!  Next week marks the half-way point of C2, I'll probably do some research this week to find something to mix it up.

    1- EAS Whey (3 scoops), OJ, NOS Blast

    2- EAS Recovery, Apple

    3- Oatmeal, 2 Tbsp Peanut Butter

    4- 10oz Sirloin Steak, 1 lg. Baked Potato

    5- 2 smoked chicken breasts, 1 baked sweet potato

    6- 6oz lean sirloin burger, wheat sandwich thin, 3oz broccoli

    7- casein shake

  • Friends, I have an offsite meeting today (read:  unable to screw around) so I won't have a legit checkin till later.  I will say, JR, you are 100000000% right!  You can do anything for 2 weeks and the cheats stop NOW. 

  • 10oz Steak, 2 chicken breasts and a huge burger!!  Man you one lucky guy!  You are eating like a starved caveman.  Careful you don't get hairy and drag your wife around by her hair.  :-)

    Quick check-in cause I have had my nose in this laptop for just about the entire day for work.  AND, the Bruins are on, kicking some serious Maple Leaf butt.  Go B's!!!

    Workout planned: LBWO 6AM

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. GNCProteinShake/Coffee 3. ChickenBreast/LowCalWhWtBun/1RawPepper 4. 3CheeseSticks/Apple 5. EggWhite/EngMuff 6. Apple/CottageCheese.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: So WICKED busy today! Spent 3 hours at a printers office.  THAT was fun.  not!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: A Saturday treat - vodka soaked gummy bears. You must try this for your next Saturday driveway drinking party.  Let me know if you want the recipe, but I am guess you can figure out what the ingredients are!  :-)

    Positive statement about yourself: Feeling busy but great.  Busy makes the day go by so fast I forget to eat on time. 

  • Suuuuuuper quick check in...this gal is swamped but I definitely plan to hop back on either later today or tomorrow. Hope all you CCers have awesome days!!! The finish line is in! No cheating and 10s it is...woop woop! Sue, isn't today your big event??? If so good luck/have fun sister! We'll talk soon my fine friends :)

  • Ah!  Friends!  I checked this last night and Jr and I were the only ones all day!  I was instantly WORRIED!  Shorty, I don't think you've ever missed a post!  I almost sent you a FB message!  haha.  So glad to see that everyone is ok.  ;-)  Now....where's our friend David?  :-(

    Ummmm, Sue?  Vodka Gummies?  Yeah, that'd be good to know!  How long do they soak?  I heard from a friend that those are a high school favorite right now....I wanna be hip, too!

    Shorty, as mentioned, I'm glad you're alive :-)  I was wondering if you made it through Cinco de Derby?!?  Was it so fun?  Of course it was, duh. Oooh!  Did you wear a sombrero made fancy for the derby? 

    Jr--I keep saying to myself, "you can do anything for 2 weeks", it's on repeat.  NO CHEATS.  HIT THOSE 10s!!!!! Also, I'm so glad to hear you don't think the green is obnoxious ;-)  But you're right, why worry about it now?!?  ;-)

    Workout planned: UBWO/Home/9 pm plus interval/incline walk with baby G. 

    Foods planned: M1: Thin Wheat Bagel/PB S1: Shake/Clems M2: Not sure!!! S2: Greek Yogurt/apple M3: Um, still not sure.... S3: Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing!

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! Totally random:  I realized last night that I will change whatever it is that I'm going to wear to sleep a million times if it makes me look/feel fat....

    Positive statement about yourself: OMG, Baby G said MaMa for the first time last night!  I even think she means it!   :-)  The video is on FB if you wanna see me being totally obnoxious and in love with my baby!  ha!


  • Good morning ladies... David you out there?

    Yea Sue--- I went a little overboard with the calories yesterday, hit 4300 calories.  I am planning to try to increase my calories, but not that much!  And definitely not all at once.  

    Two Things:  I realized I'm doing the exact thing I preach against, checking the (swear word) scale every (swear word) day!  I'm sorry, and I'll stop.  For the next 6 weeks, I'll only check on Mondays.

    Also, I did some research, and believe it or not... I don't think 3,000 calories is enough for me to gain any weight.  There are several caloric needs calculators out there, and they all say between 2800-3000 calories for someone my size & activity level to "maintain" their current weight.  It's also logical if you test against my 1800 C1 diet that produced a weight loss of roughly 1.5lbs/week  (750 calories per day deficit (6days/wk)).  Consider that my metabolic rate would have decreased a little during the low calorie diet, and this makes perfect sense.  Also explains why 5 weeks at 3,000 calories hasn't caused me to gain any weight.  Apparently it's not rocket science, and there is no magic answer out there.  I will increase my caloric intake to 3500 total calories, and see if I've gained any weight in 2 weeks.  Theorhetically, in 2 weeks, I should be up roughly 2lbs.  

    Just saw the email, so I know I cross-posted with Gina again!

    Workout:  UBWO Pull- no partner (growing trend).  Good workout.

    Meals:  Lots of good food.

  • AWESOME Gina!  I live vicariously through other people's great children experience.  It allows me to enjoy the positives without the responsibilities!  Really a win-win.

  • Hey guys, quick check in.  Appears all had a great weekend and have settled into the week.

    Liking the new routine I'm on.  Five days lifting and 5-6 days cardio.  Helps swimming on the weekends.  JR - starting to bench some weight I haven't seen in years. Shoulders are a little more sore, but noting ibuprofen can't cure.   

    Sue, Shorty, and Gina - time for the big kick!  Make these last two weeks your best ones!  They were definitely mine.  

    Shorty -  understand the busy more than you know.

    Sue -  vodka gummys - get the vitamin ones and soak and you can get your "healthybuzz" on..ha

    Gina - no words can describe when you first hear your baby call you "Mama" or in my case "Dadden".  He eventually got it to "Daddy."

    JR - got any spare calories to give me?

    Ben gets in from school later this week and is also doing  the challenge. He's actually posted on Forum. He started challenge last week as well.  Looking forward to showing him how it's done.    

  • What's up parrrrrrttttttttyyyyy peeeeeoooooppppllllleeee! I'm back, and ready to write a novel - all the while, in true shorty fashion, abuse the exclamation points!!!!!!!!! Work is not getting in the way this morning, hellllz naw. It has been crazy. We had one person quit and have since rehired - I had taken on a portion of that job, plus training the new person. Now things are falling into place, which means this short thaaaang is back in BFL forum action!

    G, I see you are riding around in style! Ooooooh those caddies are mighty fine cars. And I loved your first car's name. I mean why shouldn't she be a Judy? Judes! And o'mgosh - this weather is sooooooo fantastic - driveway drinking/willpower/the like, I agree it's a total test to all that "bad" stuff. I had dinner with a few friends last night on a patio and it took everything not to get a beer…or 10. And since we're on the drinking subject, which is turning into the norm (tee hee), my "Feliz Derby Dia" party this past weekend was great! Good food (I actually made healthy potato skins to share…what the?!), awesome drinks (beeeeeeer, sangria, vodka), and a fantastic time with my college peeps. Yep, we made hats, put a 'lil wager on the race, and whooped it up. Thankfully I wasn't hung over the next day (truly shocking) because I had my niece's 1st communion and a girl sitting right in front of us in church barfed. It.was.disgusting. Changing topic…. and to a much better topic: baby G! Adorable that she said MaMa!!!! Awwww, how sweet :) I'm going to stalk your FB page today to see the video…and yes, that is how I discovered your Etsy site/FB page for B.Cheniful ;) You have mad talent my friend!

    Jr, sorry #imnotsorry MN stole FLs nice weather! Don't worry, we're supposed to get a few degrees cooler so I'm sure it will be sunny and beautiful in FL, just in time for your next 18 on the links.  Um and I'm still friggin' amazed at how much you squat. I mean seriously, insane. Your explanation of glycogen - yep that pretty much sealed the deal for me not eating late-day carbs. I'm definitely going to re-do my meals in C2 as I have not had weight loss, and to be quite honest, am disappointed in my results so far. I definitely need to tweak things to figure out what the h is going on. So no more PB toast at night. I'm going to have something with the protein powder as my 6th meal (which btw, I bought the vanilla myoplex you recommended = MUCH better, thanks!). I'll visit the tweaking after I've finished C1 - as for now, I'm taking this challenge to the end - you're so right: you can do anything for two weeks!! This CC/AA/PMer will finish strong, fo shizzle! Giddy up. Ummm, and if there was a "customer of the month" spot at your grocery store, you would so get that. You have to be keeping them in business with all the food you are buying! 

    Sue, you had me at "vodka soaked gummy bears"…it combines my love of two things. Must.try. And G, you mentioned that's the hip thing to do in high school now-a-days - "back in the day" when I was in hs, it was putting a jolly rancher in your Zima. Anyone else do that?? RIP Zima. Ahhhh, Sue, brutal about spending 3 HOURS at a printer?! And I reread the post where you said your event is May 9 (for some reason I had May 6 in my head) - after tomorrow night you're home free sister! And ah, hello, isn't your trip coming up?!?! Wahoooooooooooooo! I can't wait to FB stalk your pictures, so ah yeahhhhhh, if you could post those, that would be grrrrrrreeeattt. ;) 

    And David, that last sentence was for you buddy. Courtesy of Bill Lumbergh. Umm, and Eddie Murphy in the hot tub = AGAIN, you did not disappoint! I'm going to print that one out and put it up in my cube. Hilllllllarious! How is your son doing so far on the challenge? Being he's so young, he is going to rock it! Not like you need to be young, but as I've learned, the older I get the harder it is to get rid of this fat. If only I had taken better care of my body in my 20s :) Ya di ya di yada. Any who… how much (as in minutes each time) cardio are you doing this time around? Are you doing more than the 20 min of HIIT each day? Ok, and your idea of vitamin gummies in vodka = genius! Do you realize that you really could make money off that idea? Imagine how many people would buy "HealthyBuzz" at the liquor store…you're on to something! And if you do strike it rich, can the CCers get a lifetime supply of the goodness?

    Okay, time to get back to it. I feel sooooooooooooooooooo so so much better now that I've posted… ;)

    Workout planned: Running w/ inclines @ 5 followed by UB (missed yesterday's workout…is that considered cheating Jr??)

    Foods planned: 1. Cottage cheese + watermelon + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. WW bagel w/ PB 4. string cheese + melon 5. Santa Fe turkey stuffed potato skins (what I made for my Derby party… BFL friendly: 6. protein pudding - G, you weren't kidding, it is DA BOMB!!

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Not a dang thing.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: G, you mentioned nacho in one of your posts and it reminded me of this:

    Positive statement about yourself: You've come this far…and now the eating/exercising feels "normal" - only good things are ahead...stick to it!!!

  • YAY!  Shorty is back and all is right with the world!  We missed you, sister!  I was beaming reading your post.  #awkward.  HAHA.

    I'll be back soon; I have an 11am meeting with who else?  BRAD! 

  • Guess whos back, back again.  Shorty's back, tell a friend.

    Morning CCers!  Got my workout and spin class in (bruuuuutttallll!!!) so, I am set for the day. 

    Shorty -  love your posts - so much awesomeness! So much energy!  Who needs a MONSTER drink followed by a large travel mug of coffee and 2 more cups when arriving at the offiice.  I have not really been doing any hits, but have been mainly doing 3 spin classes (2 45 min classes and 1 60 min class) during the week and swimming for about 45min to an hr on Sat and Sun.  Grant you these classes or pretty tough (if you are using the resistence like you should) lot of ups and downs, intervals, tabatas, climbs.  We have several certified instructors who are bascially beasts.  I may start doing some HIITS again, but at the moment I feel like this is challenging me pretty well.  Agreed, the older you get, the harder it is.  I consider 25 - 35 my lost least in terms of weight training.  I cycled and ran, (couple of centuries and a marathon), but not much lifting.  Oh well, no regrets.  Yeah, Ben should be able to rock it if he can be disciplined about how much he is eating.  That's the key for him.   Speaking of gummy  bears and liquor..

    I too have been indulging in a little late evening carb action,  So far that I can tell, no visible effects, though I haven't weighed since end of C1.  Will weigh again at end of week 4.  Wll be interesting to see where I am since my focus is a little different in this challenge.  Don't be too hard on yourself regarding the results, this is a lifestyle change and for us older folk (believe you're notably younger than I) a little more patience is required.  Gina and JR still enjoy the fast metabolism of their youth.....God Love em! 

    Gina - enjoy your meeting.  Say hi to Brad for all of us.  How's Baby G?!  She sleeping better longer?  How can you stand having so many meetings?  Used to work for a company where we had maybe 2  or so a week and I hated it. Seems like you have 2 to 3 a day.

    Jr- - you be squatin a bunch, man!   I can rep only 275 probably 8-10 times, but don't know how much heavier I want to go.  Feel like my form is least my training partner says it is.   Any heavier, I may have to wear a belt and I don't like weight belts.  I've been using the NOS Blast as well for the past few weeks.  Seems to be ok so far.  How's it working for you?

    Sue- must say that 3 hours with a printer doesn't strike me as prime time.  Sounds like in a few days you will be far more free.  See your first meal is egg whites with english muffin.  McDonald's now has Egg White Delight Egg McMuffins.  They're pretty good and probably one of the few good fast food choices you can make for breakfast on the run.  

    Ok CCers, I've rambled enough.  One more thing, Star Trek comes out soon.  One of the few movies I may go to the theater to see.  Probably with my son.  Wifey hates anything SCI FI.  Yes, I am an old Trek fan, still love Shatner and his "overacting."   He sits in his captains chair and basks in his "awesomeness."




  • Good morning guys.

    SHORTY-  Interestingly enough, before I read your post this morning, I saw where you had posted on wickedsisters' thread.  I decided to click on your profile for a little BFL profile stalking.  When I read about your disappointment with C1, I thought about that in light of the points you list in your profile:


    50 lbs from my dream weight

    I can run 3 miles, yet can't say no to bad food

    I need need need to learn portion control

    I don't mind working out....most days

    I've tried BFL a few years back but only made it a few weeks...time to dust off the book/cookbook

    I long for the day where I feel great, don't obsess over my weight/food, and look good in pictures...soon right?!!  

    Has it become easier to say no to bad food?  You just mentioned turning down the beer at the patio dinner.  Have you learned portion control?  workouts?  I've heard tons of stories about your workouts, that's not a hurdle any longer.  Most importantly how do you feel???  

    I think as you look back over your goals, you'll find C1 was a great success!  And if you haven't reached your "dream weight," so what?  You knew going in it would take longer than 12 weeks to lose 50lbs.  Thrilled to see that you're making plans for C2.

    David- I use a belt for squats and deadlift.  I've tweaks those muscles too many times in the past just be careless.  Even with great form, it's easy for your core to relax just enough to hurt your lower back.  the NOS blast is not bad.  I'm not blown away by it.  I'm thinking of switching up after this container is empty.  I'll let you know what I do.

    To the rest of you-- keep chugging.  

    One thing that I wanted to point out:  The late-day carb thing, and other advice, it not absolute.  I tend to believe its good science, and I understand the theory, but others will swear a 1 calorie = 1 calorie: what, when, and how you consume it is irrelevant.  Ultimately, I think you have to see how your body reacts.  If you aren't happy with the results your getting and you've given it enough time to work, make adjustments.  Over the last 18 weeks I have learned a lot about how my body reacts to changes in my diet and exercise.  I finally feel like I'm armed with the information (if not the patience) to build the body I want.

    I'm all screwed up today, because I planned my workout for this evening with Mrs. JR.  It totally screws my day up now to not start with my workout.  My meals are all jacked up too.  And we didn't cook last night, so no leftovers for meals today.  But for me, this plan to easy to adjust on the fly.  

    Workout:  UBWO Push- with the Mrs. 7pm


    1- EAS Whey (3), OJ

    2- 6" Subway steak and egg white on wheat (double steak)

    3- TBD- probably go out with the team

    4- Apple, 2 tbs peanut butter

    5- other half of the Subway (another 6" double steak)

    6- Grilled chicken, pepper, marinara, wheat spaghetti

    7- casein protein shake

    I need to add 1400 calories (I realize that's a whole day's diet for some).

  • Meeting with Brad.....haha, totally fine!  He was acting completely normal, not in a Hey-girl-I-saw-your-goods kinda way.  So there's that.  And to answer your question David, this is a very meeting-heavy company.  I usually have 1-2 per day; sometimes even more! 

    OMG, so I've been shopping soooooo much lately for myself..... Um....It's honestly giving me a high.  Which is really dangerous.... and if I don't calm it down, this will be me.

    But at least I'll be well dressed.  ;-)

    David!  I'm so glad you're back with your awesome posts!  and I'm soooooo excited for the new Star Trek.  My husband had to drag me to the last one and at the end he asked what I thought and I didn't want to tell him!  because I LOVED it!!!! And that would mean he was right.  ;-)  Oh hey, Baby G slept through the night last night!  And until 5:30am the night before.  PROGESS!!!!!!!  I'm so happy that sleep and I are getting back acquainted.  PS, I'm sure you'll show Ben the ropes!  Work it out, work it out nowwwwww...

    Alright Shorty, I already went nuts over your return, but seems how I thought you were dead when you didn't check in for ONE day (business days, that is) you can imagine my excitement for a full-out shorty-post!  #runonsentence.  :-)  Did you see Baby G?  Omg, I'm a huge nerd, but she was melting my heart!!!  I'm so glad to hear your party was awesome, and double glad about the hats!  Girrrlll, you are CLASSY!

    Jr/Sue?  Where you at?!?!  ;-)

    Workout planned: HITT/Home/9 pm plus planned interval/incline walk with baby G. 

    Foods planned: M1: Thin Wheat Bagel/PB S1: SC/Yogurt M2: Gina's Pantry Scramble:  1/2 black beans and 2 eggs scrambled together.  Topped with salsa and FF cheese.  #outoffood S2: Greek Yogurt/apple M3: Um, still not sure.... S3: Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing!

    Tips/Help/Randomness--you choose! Brought to you by Gina's Freeday:

    Positive statement about yourself: I said NO to driveway drinks last night!  AND pizza that my super sweet and sensitive husband ordered for himself.  I'm in training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!