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  • Thanks!  Occasionally, when they're home, I'm lucky enough to get to work out with them, just has to be later in day (they are not early risers).  Ryan is into the MMA routines now, of course with grad school, his time is limited.  Ben will be home working this summer and I suspect will be hitting the gym so he can style in his Buckle attire .....he works there when not in school.  Wish he didn't spend so much there... I told him it's ok to spend less than $50 on a pair of jeans.  Speakin of kickin' ass in gym, if I can squat once what you're repping, I will be estatic.  That's a load!  

  • A big shout out to all of you Cottage Cheese Club members! You are doing great and we love how much you rely on each other for support and encouragement!

    Just wanted to drop a quick note and remind you all of the Community Guidelines. We know you guys are having fun and say what's on your mind, but we ask that you please watch your language. Any profanity, including  throwing in special characters so it doesn't actually spell out the word, is prohibited on the Forums (see section 4 in the following link if you have questions:

    The entire BFL Team seriously gets a kick out of this particular forum and we love your spunk!

    Keep up the hard work guys and gals!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Way to go, guys!  The CC/AAers are going to have to go to PMA now!  (potty mouths anonymous).  Hands?  Slapped. 


  • Thanks Tiffany!  We'll try to keep Gina in line.  

  • This is almost as funny as Gina sending pics to her work boy-toy.  Made my day.... now back to your good behavior.  

    It's actually cool to see that someone's reading!  Shout out to Tiffany and the BFL team.  Send us some love every now and then!

  • Haha, Jr.  RUDE.  ;-)  I bet it's not every day a thread gets a warning.  Look at us!

  • Heh heh!   Yep, no shortage of enthusiasm on here.  How many times has this thread been called out now? Or is this the first warning for the thread and Gina who has been asked personally to censor her rhetoric?  Gettn some reputation here.   

    By the way, here is my before pic for C2.  


  • Anyway....I suppose I should get on my replies....cleanly, that is...

    Shorty!  Hi girlfriend!  I'd love to crash your party(s)!  I need to get my BUTT to MN :)  Soooo, I'm not actually "allowed" to drink liquor anymore....Besides the occasional Bloody Mary. I have a problem with knowing my limits, and well, I've been known to make some bad decisions due to my "hell yeah, I'll have another drink" attitude.  ;-)  The drink/water combo usually doesn't work that well for me, either.  So I stick to beer or wine and attempt to stay upright.  #newmomoftheyear.  Also, not that we've seen you (not even facebook stalking has a lot of options...) but I bet there's a lot more progress going on that you know of. 

    Hi Sue!  Yes, 50 lbs.  I was a whale.  A big, bloated, beached whale.  I'm hoping that I'm nicer to my body the next time....It's so hard not to fall into the, "But I'll never be able to eat like this again"/"the baby NEEDS it!" trap. Haha.  But, looking at hot mamas like yourself gives me hope :-)  Your 12 week photos are going to rock everyone's world.  Seriously. 

    David....heeeeeyyyy!  So, it looks like I need to catch up on MM?  Once I make it through Bro&Sis on Netflix I'll get alllll over it :-)  I did watch it a few years back for a spell...not sure why I stopped?  But it sounds really interesting in how it ties in history?  They could have just as easily left that out and made it totally fictional.  I think I'll like that angle. So, do you watch The Walking Dead?  I'm obsessed.  Actually, I had a dream last night that it was real.....soooo scary!  Intense is the perfect word for The Following.  Sometimes I hide behind the baby when I'm watching....Another mother of the year award coming my way!  Annnnnddddd, thanks again for the photo love!  The thighs truely are a "trouble spot" but I didn't think 12 weeks would be a total cure all. 

    Jr, hey, thanks for throwing me under the bus, big guy ;-)  And thanks for "obsessing" over my abs--haha!  Hopefully in my final photos I'll be rocking my denim; thighs and all!  Hey, good for you on the beer-free-fairway-Friday.  Like what I did there?  You're welcome.  But seriously, you are mega committed and I really commend you!  You know how you're a Supp Whore?  (Supp, Whore.  HAHA!  Oh God, is that a Vio?)  I'm a social drinking whore.  Can't say no.  Now, J doesn't count as "social", I can turn down drinking with him, but it it's 2 or more people, I'm doomed.  My point?  Just to say good job, friend!  :-)

    OMG, guess what?  I broke my blender!!!!  Or blew a fuse on it?  Ugh, anyway, dear Cuisinart,  GET A LIFE, you're not a Sunbeam.  I expect more from you.  And so do my pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David, your photo is broken!!!  :-(

  • Gina - hide behind Baby G?!  Mother of the Year - no contest. Hehheh. Have seen every episode of TWD.  Me, Ben (my 19 yr old), and the wifey love the show.  However, I was a little disappointed this season.  Some episodes were kind of a waste (Lori's ghost - puhleez, Rick's gibbering around like an idiot) and gee guys (section 4 approved) everybody can do a headshot from 100 yds in the back of a truck?  Not sad to see Andrea go.  She annoyed me.  Always had only one look on her face (like Shane) ....confused.  If it weren't for her, Michonne would have killed the Guvna.  That said, my favorite is Daryl DIxon.  Has been from the beginning.  If they'd killed him off, I was done with the show.  DARL RULZ!


     Yeah brother yeah!!

  • someone's got to be to blame.  Might as well be Gina!  BTW, my reference to the "W" word was before we got our hand slapped.  I've cleaned up my language.  You should follow our example ;)  Althought your reference to "Supp, [w-word]" is pretty funny stuff.

    Your posts are entertaining as always.  For all your compliments, I made up for the beer-free-fairway-Friday with the maybe-I-can-drink-like-I-am-in-college-Saturday.  

    Anyone reminded of the "7 words you cannot say on television" skit?  You tube it.  I'd post a link, but that's probably not kosher.

  • OMG - Tiffany calling us out!  That is so funny!  Yikes!  Call out the BFL team and all you guys do!  Thanks!!

    David, is that a picture of you with the cross bow?  It kinda looks like you!?  ;-) Do you hang that sucker on the back of your truck?  I did have a good laugh with your before C2 pic.  I think the black socks really make the outfit. 

    Jr - 7 words you can't say - Is that a Carlin skit?  I just YouTube that.  Love Carlin!  So funny.  "399,993 good word to 7 bad ones, they must really be bad!?"  This group does offer support and HUMOR! 

    Shorty -Glad to hear the weather is turning for you and you are going to dust off those clubs!  I hit the links, just 9, on Sunday and it felt great.  Not a great score but some good shots here and there.  As for that GD scale - I have lost a total of 8lb but because of this weekend eating I gained 5 back.  I mean honestly, I didn't eat 17,500 extra calories this weekend?!  Grrr.  I have my 9th week photos tomorrow AM and not looking forward to it!

    Gina, I love the 'hell ya, I'll have another!' attitude! Girl after my own heart. Only remember half of my freshman year at college.  People tell me I had an awesome time.  As for your pics, I can TOTALLY see your legs trimming down.  You totally can rock that bikini today!  That is not an early morning pic, is it?  Your looking good, hair done and all!  It is so freekin hard to loose weight in my thighs too.  I mean SO HARD.  My jeans are just getting looser.

    'Hell Ya, I'll have another" - That was exactly my problem on Saturday.  It was beautiful out, had some peeps over and cracked open the fire pit early so the beer was flow'in.  I tried so hard to be good on Saturday morning/afternoon that I broke down a bit Sunday afternoon. I guess I just didn't get it all out on my free day and be done with it!  On Sunday during golf I forgot to pack an extra snack which I think was the whole downfall.  I was starving when when we finished so my 2nd snack of the day was buffalo tenders (protein) and beer (carb) at the clubhouse.  It seemed right at the time, he he.  And then I went home hungry and THEN had ice cream and crackers later that night.  This is like confessional...  Am I absolved??  I'll say 10 'Hail CC'ers' and move on!

    Workout planned: UBWO 6am but missed my sholders and back but rocked the other three. 

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. GNCProteinShake/Coffee 3. Chicken/SmallPita/Veggies 4. Protein Pancake 5. Chicken/Salad/Feta/Olives 6. Chicken/Grapes

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Going to the ice cream shop with the family after the driving range and not eating ice cream!  Soooo hard!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Must drink more water!  I didn't drink enough on Sunday and I think that is why I was hungry last night.  Do you guys find that?  Not enough water and you are more hungry? 

    Positive statement about yourself: Friends commended this weekend on how good I looked.  That's nice...  ;-)

  • 7 words - George Carlin - classic.  Hard to believe the author of the 7 words was also the conductor for Thomas the Tank Engine that my boys watched the videos all the time when they were little.  Little nostalgic - had the album as a young teenager.


  • OH SNAP! We have been served! I tried to keep it clean, I swear (as I snicker)… Fine, fine, we'll be good - can't promise all of the time…there might be an occasional slip…or 20. Kidding, kidding #maybenotkidding. Thanks for the "tough love" Tiffany - glad we can make the BFL team laugh :) It's the least we can do being your group provides this awesome forum for us!

    G, cute hair! And I agree with the other PMAs, your thighs are shrinking so the fact that your jeans are still a little tight amazes me. As for the liquor ban, I hear ya. I've been banned from the "cheap" stuff - only top shelf for this girl now but I'm glad I wasn't banned altogether. At least you can still indulge in the other goodness ;) As for FB stalking…that's the beauty of *most* privacy settings: selective pictures. Thank God FB/social media/cellphones weren't around in college - I just can't even fathom. As for the blender, get on the horn with Cuisinart - that (I really want to swear here) shouldn't happen! As for the bikini, rock that (I really want to swear here) sister!

    Jr, "maybe-I-can-drink-like-I-am-in-college" - oooooh, that just makes my head/body hurt. However, I'll cheers to that come Saturday when I'm in that exact mindset. As for the George Carlin link = hillllllllllllarious! Oh, and I tried the pancakes from the site…I prefer the version from the EFL cookbook. However, I need to try a new protein powder as the kind I use is pretty strong tasting. No matter what you mix it with, it overpowers the other ingredients, which could be why I prefer EFL's version.

    David, the before C2 pic = classic! You know that at the end of your C2, you HAVE to have your photographer stage the same picture…that would be top notch! And as Jr said, you know your boys are uber proud of their pops :)

    Sue, it sucks when your weight fluctuates so much in a short amount of time…does that even happen to guys?!?! No worries, I'm sure you'll be down 10 tomorrow ;) After your 10 CC'ers you are absolved, carry on my friend… that was hilarious! As was your statement on your college years!

    Workout planned:  Running with inclines @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + mixed berries + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. peanut butter on ww bagel 4. string cheese + melon 5. BFL enchiladas 6. shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Zilch

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I agree Sue, water = key.

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep working at it…and a new wardrobe will be in your future!

  • Good morning folks.  Let's make today as entertaining as yesterday!  It's becoming like an new challenge every day... can you out-do what you did yesterday?  If only my workouts had the same pattern.

    Sue- don't beat yourself up over the flexible diet this weekend, or the scale.  Yes the scale was heavy, but not because you ate 17,500 extra calories... most likely because what you did eat caused to retain more.  A few days of clean eating and all that retention will be gone.  No worries, just jump back on the bus!

    For all you girls... love that the "obstacles you have to overcome today" is so often: "Nothing!"  That's right nothing is keeping you from kicking a little (I really want to swear here) today!

    Workout:  UBWO Pull Muscles, this morning at 6:30 (late start but probably 8.5/10)


    1- EAS whey (3 scoops), 1c. OJ, NOS Blast (day 2 of this pre-workout, no complaints yet)

    2- EAS Recovery Protein (early results still pending)

    3- PB banana sammich (NOM, NOM, NOM)

    4- Gotta get some Oatmeal (need the carbs)

    5- 8oz steelhead trout, 1 med. baked sweet tator

    6- 8oz grilled chicken, wheat sandwich thin

    7- repeat meal 6 + 1oz raw almonds

    8- 6oz top round stir fried with veggies, 1c. brown rice

    Am I really eating 8 times today???  3066 total calories; 37% carb, 41% protein, 22% fat.

    What are the chances that I cross-posted with Gina... AGAIN?