Cottage Cheese Club

  • Who doesn't want to work? This girl! We like to call it "I don't give a f*****ck Friday!" around these parts. I'm sure I will kick myself later, but.......I don't give a f**********ck 'cuz it's Friday!

    G, CONNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGRRRRAAAAATTTTSSSSSSS on the 50lbs!!!!!! YEAH GURRRRRRRRRL!!!! Wahoooooooo!!! Ummm, and I have never watched Happy endings. I'll have to check it out. Another fave: S*x and the city. Before all of this reality crap came on, TV was top notch. I totally am a sucker for the reality stuff, but it just doesn't hold a candle to the "old" stuff. And the Seinfeld, if I'm correct, is because he finally, ah, how to say this on the forum without being banned for life, is that he did something to Elaine that he wasn't doing before. And he decided to treat her, right before his show being his apartment was close by...he couldn't fulfill on the act so he felt like a failure and therefore he sucked ass playing the sax. I swear I have a life outside of TV watching!

    We knew it was only a matter of time until the bromance reered it's enduring head again. It's okay, we know that you two love each other in a non-s*xual way! Ahhh, and yeah, Jr, you are living such a tough life. If you're an alcoholic, well then my friend, we all are. I'm in the process of organizing a party with my friends that is centered around the derby, cinco de mayo and of course all-day-drinking - free day only of course! ;) And golfing without suckin' a few down, well that just seems impossible. It can be done, yes, but dayyy-yum it's tough. That crap they call MGD 64 = major beer foul. Just wrong.

  • Is it Friday yet!?  Am I coming or am I going?  No, thankfully 12 hour days are not the norm, but occasionally the work piles up and I must address.  The good thing is that I got home after 9pm so I didn't have to watch Grey's with the wifey.  Never liked the show - too melodramatic.  Tell me one hospital where all that goes on?  Apologies to those who still like the show.

    Now Madman, that's a good show,  Haven't missed an episode of Madmen.  Like, but no mancrush on Don Draper.  Roger Sterling has the best lines and I find myself wanting to kick Pete Campbell's a$$ every episode.  And cmon Megan, get your teeth fixed!  

    Shorty - loved Office Space the first time I saw it.  Was mostly filmed down her in Texas (Austin and Dallas).  And yes, I did meet with the two Bobs.  "The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care." Also told them Michael Bolton was a no-talent a$$ clown.  I didn't give Milton his red stapler back, but I did eat his piece of cake.  He was being greedy.  Pinche Gringo!  I think I might take the wifey out on a date tonight.  If things go well I might be showing her my O-face.   Oh...Oh...Oh!"  You know what I'm talkin' about.    Oh,  and why do they show the effin Golden Girls all the time, now?! Who on God's green earth would think it is better than Everybody Loves Raymond.  Geez Loueez!  Holy Crap!

    Sue - hahaha!  That was hilarious!   Funny when they had that settlement party for Tom and him saying he had finally "made it" while sitting in a body cast!  Laugh thinking about. Thanks for making me laugh.  Delbert is a documentary.  Never had his comics up on wall, I was more "The Far Side" type.   I normally get up around 430a and get to gym around 5a. Leave gym at 630 - 7a to get to the office.  Today I slacked and slept in till 530a but did make the 6am spin glass.  Damn tabatas!  A lot of folks in Texas drive pickups.  I actually sold my GMC when the company gave me a truck to drive.  I was never a Ford guy, but I definitely like the new F150s.  Can tow 9000lbs and still gets as much as 22 MPG - awesome!!  It is a 2012 and I aleady have 41K miles on it.  Will probably turn it in at 50k or so.  My 2007 GMC - which I LOOOOVVVEEDDD!, had just 55k on it when I sold it this past December.  By the way, I went back in thread and  saw your picks.  Very nice.  I could tell the change in your waist, but heck, your looked great in the first photo.

    JR - man, your killin me!  You show incredible restraint skipping happy hour.  And here I was eating Taco Bell working late.  (Yo Quiera Taco Bell - damn chahuahua).   Don't post a picture of your motorcycle and depress me.  Kick ball?  Did I miss something?  Must not have it down in Texas.  The last time I played kickball, Nixon was in the whitehouse.  Yeah, rub it in. Golfing today with a partner....mmm hmmm... we are witnessing your trajectory up the corporate rung.  I was actually going to play this afternoon with a buddy, but got too much to do.  My golf game has come to this.  Yeah, pity.  Agree, can't play golf without beer.  Gotta have that "swing juice."  Did you really count your fries?  Really?  Great job on the pullups. Most in the gym don't miss with them or they use the machine where you place your knees on platform and add weight to counter.

    I think I'm going to go Critical-Bench for the next 12 weeks.  Probably back off cardio a little.  I'd really like to get past 300 on bench and at my age, my shoulders ain't gonna handle heavier weight forever.  

    Gina - 50lbs?! Wow!  Color me impressed!!   Begs the question, where did you put it? And you want to lose 18 more?  I've seen your pics (yeah yeah!!)  There won't be any of you left.   Keep us posted on the Brad Chronicles. I think you ought to wear you skimpy out fit under a trench coat (apparently stiil cold enuf up wherever you live) and flash him the next time you see him.   Yes, I like country music.  Grew up in Houston (Houston Livestock and Rodeo). But I like most types of music.  My Nano has wide range - mostly rock (AC/DC, Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, Rob Zombie) and  naturally love the 80s music being that was my decade. Like the old bands (Earth Wind & FIre, Chicago, Kansas, Steve Miller).  OK I'm going to stop listing as I'm aging myself.  Miller 60......puhleeeze!  Might as well be drinking Lone Star or Pearl beer.  Shiner Bock!   Stay thirsty, my friend.

    Wow, you guys are wearing off on me.  Didn't mean to write an epistle.

  • Sue, that was a hilarious episode with the sax player.  Yep, performance issues.  One of my favorites (tough with Seinfeld b/c I loved them all) was "Master of My Domain"  when Kramer comes in Jerry's apartment shortly after the challenge started and slams his money down on the table and says "I'm out!"

    Hey, let's not get on the bromance wagon again.  Guys can love each other in a non-sexual, non-homo way.  "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

  • Have I mentioned that I la-la-LOVE this group?!?!  I also love Grey's, so take that David!  My husband swears he doesn't like it, but won't shut his trap the entire time it's on asking me questions about it!

    Thanks for the Seinfeld answer, haha!  Good to know......

    Shorty, I want to come to all of your parties!  They sound like my happy place...... ;-)  I can't WAIT to have some drinks tomorrow.  Wish it were today.........

    Jr, are you drunk yet?  Like most sports I "play", I do it all for the outfits and the beer.  I can't imagine one without the other.  So what I'm really saying?  Don't expect tough love from me; I'm clearly an enabler.  :-)  SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS!  EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina - I've caught myself doing the same thing while my wife was watching Grey's and she said "If you want to know, then just watch it!"  I usually go read something or watch "Person of Interest"  or "Swamp People" in the living room depending upon the mood I'm in.  Been watching "The Amercans" and that is an excellent show.  Damn Ruskies!!  I would definitely let Kim Russell spy on me and kick my a$$ (she's a tough spy) if she wanted to.  They got the accuracy of the early 80s style down good. I should know.  

    Just curious, did you deliver Baby G or was she cesarean birth.  Can't really tell by your pics ( may need to ask Brad) whether you are short or tall.  Both our boys were 8lbs at birth, but had feakin huge heads.  My wife had to go cesarean which was fine with her b/c she hates pain (epidural was not taking).  Probably also that my wife is only 5'1" too.  If I recall she gained 22lbs with one and 17lbs with the other.  I think I gained more weight while she was pregant than she did.

    Shorty - Definitely an I don't give a f*****ck Friday.  Pretty worthless today after working late yesterday.   As for the potty language thingy, I have gotten much better actually.  If you listen to my oldest son, you'd think he came out the womb cussing.  Great guy, great student, great athlete, but he has no problem letting the expletives fly.  I thought I could string some together in my younger days, yet he would say something and I would be intially shocked, but then think how the words strung together and would just laugh.  He's toned it down....a little.  Can't believe he's married.  I feel old sayin that. Sheeeaaaattt!

  • Instead of this group called CC it should be AA - I just bought beer this morning, my favorites - Sierra Nevada and Whales Tale Pale Ale (MA brew).  Totally looking forward to some cold ones tomorrow.  Also, I know beer definitely makes my golf game better!  

    And who said they liked reality TV?  Oh, ME!  Yes, I am a total sucker for The Biggest Loser and The Voice.  Never got into Grey's even though all my friends did.  All time favs are Two & Half Men (old ones), How I met Your Mother and Simpsons.  And HGTV/DIY shows!

    Since this is the CC-AA group, a word from Homer Simpson...

           To alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

    Gina - How freekin' awesome are YOU?!?  50 lbs!!!  And those photos *absolutely* show your abs and your hard work!  I am excited for you and just think, the last few weeks is the best!  50 lbs is sooooo impressive.  Isn't it crazy to pick up a 50lb weight at the gym and know you carried that around every single day?!  You are kicking BFL ass and I have full confidence that you will attack the last 18lbs the same way you RIP'ed the last 50!!  As for fat babes, I nursed my boys for 6 months, which makes even fatter babies!  My little guy didn't have a defined neck until over 1 years old.  As for pregnancy weight, I gained 45lbs with each pregnancy.  Crazy to think!  I am thinner now than before both pregnancies AND my wedding!!  Are you sleeping any better??

    Shorty - Is 'Don't give a F*** Friday' over yet?  What do you do that makes Friday your busiest day?  How are you doing with your nights out with friends?  I went out with some friends and did substitute a glass of white wine this week for my last meal. It didn't seem to make a big difference.  I tried to drink a ton of water that day cause I knew I was going to have a glass of wine.  I was yummmy.  I will take a pick of my flowers and post to send you some spring!

    Jr - Has your weight changed much since tax season is over?  Sounds like that you did a 180 with your lifestyle since 4/15!  I am envious of your time and kickball - I love all sports.  I played 3 sports in HS, field hockey in college, ref'ed after college and played in leagues for years.  That is how I injured my knee.  Playing in a summer field hockey league just for COLLEGE kids as a 31 year old.  What the hell was I thinking?!  But I will watch all sport and I have to say, Boston is an awesome sports town!  And this is the best time of year when the Sox, Bruins and Celtics are all on - in one night!!

    David - Your wife is so petite!  How tall are you?  I am sure you could just throw her over your shoulders. How does she get up into the monster truck of yours?  I think my 10 year old is 5'1" right now.  Did you say your son just got married?  You don't look old enough to have a married child.  You must have had him when you were 20??

    Speaking of my 10 year old, the boy has ADHD and has been taking meds for 4 years now to help with the focus.  We have NEVER missed a day - until today!  We totally thought he took it this morning - got personal calls from teachers by 11am asking if I knew what was the matter with him!  Ha!  Why Yes I do!  I should buy them a bottle of wine for putting up with him all day!   :-)  At least it is Friday!

    Workout planned: LBWO 6am - not my best work... Nervous about hurting my knee during quad workout.  Jr - what is a quad exercise that goes easy on the knees?

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. GNCProteinShake/Coffee 3. Turkey/WWBun/Avacado/StringCheese 4. Protein Pancake 5. Fish/Asparagus 6. CottageCheese

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Feeling bad for my sons teachers!  Jack did say he had a great day though!  I am sure he doesn't even remember what the hell he did at school!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Best. Marinade. Ever - Soy Vay Teriaki!  SOOOOOO Wicked Goood!!!

    Positive statement about yourself: I am proud of myself because it is Friday and I am not hyper focused on the free day tomorrow.  This week has flown by and I didn't make a menal list of all the crap I wanted to eat on Saturday.  I am feeling confident about tomorrow!  And of course looking forward to my Whales Tale Pale Ale!!

  • Sue, you are toooo sswwweeeeeeeeeeeettt!!!! Thank ya darlin!  No, I was a little older than 20 when he was born (26).

    I have been 6' 0" since I was 16.  My wife is petite. She has gained some weight over the years through being on hormones which they are now weaning her off of due to history of family breast cancer. She hated being on hormones. Said it was like instant 30lbs. She was never into playing sports but was a naturally a big fan of our boys while they played ball in school.  She likes dancing more than anything.  Was hoping she would join me in challenge, but she does her own thing which is ok by me.  She does her Firm thing at the house.  She doesn't like to go the the weightroom or as she calls it "grunt and scratch room".  She's a most beautiful creature - incredibly spunky and feisty.  I can still throw her over my shoulder, but she knows she can still whip me.  She's only drove the truck once, but for years drove a big suburban. She now drives a Jetta, which she doesn't like as much.  Mileage is better, though.  Best of all she hasn't tired of me after 25 years of marriage.  Pretty lucky, I am  

    Your 10 year old is tall.  You or your husband or both must be pretty tall.  You look tall and athletic in your pics - not surprized you played college sports.  Understand about the ADHD. While our boys didn't have, several of nephews did, but they did well and are now grown up.

    My oldest son is in grad school at Texas A&M (Johnny Heisman!!!).  Married his highschool sweetheart last June. No kids, just an Old English Bulldog named Farve.  He is planning to go to med school. Wants to be a surgeon.  Gets his brains from his mother.  My youngest is finishing his freshman year at Howard Paine University.  He is a ministry student and is doing really well.  We like having an empty nest.  Remind me and I'll be an obnoxious parent and post a pic of them.

    Okay,  bored you enough.  Think I might go grab some beer.  AA Group, I don't care who you are, that's funny!  You seem to have a dry sense of humor.  I like that!

    JR-  hope you survived your golf outing.  

    Shorty and GIna - behave yourselves...........nah.....why start now.

    Guys, have a great weekend!  I plan to enjoy mine.  C2 begins for me on Monday.


  • Hellllloooo CC/AAers! Hope you all had great weekends…we couldn't have asked for better weather here - it was incredible, especially after the bizarre weather we've been having. Warmer days ahead - wahoooo!

    David - Mad Men = love that show. I don't have AMC, however I watch it via OnDemand so I end up catching it sometime within the week following. I missed the first few seasons so I have some catching up to do…eventually! And wow, the way you and Jr talk about your wives is so sweet. Never stop spoiling those wonderful gals :) That's awesome!!

    Sue, I work in the mortgage industry and we are affiliated with local real estate companies (I design a lot of co-marketed pieces)…weekends are typically busiest so the day or two prior are always higher in volume for my job. I love it - I couldn't work in a job that wasn't demanding/challenging. Although some days I just want to slack off and email/post with my peeps :)

    G, any time you are in MN, I'll throw an all-day-drinking extravaganza! I was at the liquor store this weekend and had the dilemma of choosing what will sustain me for an all day bender coming up this weekend. I don't think vodka was the best choice, but I love it mixed with club soda so we'll see how I do! Kind of scared :{ My plan is to have one, drink a glass of water, have another, drink a glass of water, etc...I've tried that before but after the first one, I seem to forget the water?? ;)

    Jr, how did your day of golf treat you? I'm pulling my clubs out of storage tonight…hope to hit the driving range a few times this week after work. Woop woop!

    So this morning I had a punch in the gut…stepped on the scale and it went up 2 lbs. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but day-yum that sucked. I'm taking my 8 week pics tonight (couldn't do it after a free day…felt too gross!) so hopefully I'm gaining muscle and not fat - but I have so much fat to lose that it's mind boggling. I looked at my 1 week & 4 week pics this past weekend - didn't see too much difference but I know I'm in this for the long haul and just have to keep at it! Plus, I'm going to examine my foods a little more closely...think I'll give up the PB toast for the 6th meal and switch to a shake.

    Workout planned:  UB @ 5; might do extra cardio too

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + mixed berries + coffee 2. cottage cheese + melon 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. string cheese + melon 5. BFL enchiladas 6. shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing…and I'm considering going "office space" style on my scale. PC load letter…more like 2 lb gain, what is this $h*t!? Ha ;)

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Just a good quote: "I'm not saying it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it."

    Positive statement about yourself: 9 weeks…3 short weeks away will be the end of C1 = keep the faith and be proud of yourself!

  • In the spirit of Monday cross-posting, I'm going to respond back to everyone a little later so that I don't miss anyone.  :)

    8 week photo progress--I swear, no more till end of C1.  I had J pull back and get some leg action.  PS, got my herrrr did on Saturday right before this.  Which is why it's the first photo that isn't a hot mess.

    Season finale of The Following tonight!  Does anyone watch that?!?  Sooooo creepy, but soooo good! 

    Workout planned: HIIT/Spin/9pm

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Coffee S1: Clem/SC  M2: chicken sausage/rice/mozz S2: greek yogurt/apple M3: Thin Cut, Center Pork Loin, corn on the cob, veggies  S3: EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing really.......

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  I made protein pudding last yummy!  And mega easy! 

    1 cup skim milk

    1 serving protein powder

    2 tablespoons sugar/fat free instant pudding (half package)  I used Cheesecake flavor (duh!). 

    Use electric mixer to blend, separate into 2 servings, refrigerate.  Devour.

    Positive statement about yourself: My denim is still kinda tight in the thighs, but I could *probably* still rock a bikini right now if I had to.

  • WOW!  Lot's to catch up on.  Sounds like you guys are all rocking along.

    The golf outings were great.  Friday afternoon I actually played without beer, and played well.  It always seems you play best when you haven't played in a while.  Looked at the score card after 15, started thinking, "man this could be a good round" ... then doubled 16 and 18.  Go figure.  Saturday, I played in a tournament and watched a buddy hit a hole-in-one.  Needless to say, I didn't have the same resolve to turn down beer on Saturday (it was a free day anyway).

    Sunday I cleaned up the diet, and got my workout in, but it definitely wasn't a 10.  More like a 6.  Sometime though, working through the crappy days is a bigger victory than dominating the good days.

    Sue- you asked about my weight.  No, it hasn't changed much at all.  I finished my C1 at 187lbs.  I've been around 190-191 the past few weeks.  I was thinking... this is slow for all the calories I'm consuming, but if it's all lean mass, and I gain a pound/week that AWESOME!  If in 12 weeks I was 200lbs and still no more than 12%bf, I'd be thrilled.  I was back down to 189 this morning, even after a ridiculous cheat day on Saturday.  I'm trying to be patient and trust that over the course of 12 weeks I'll make significant progress.  I'll re-evaluate in 2 weeks (that'll be half-way).  

    Crazy how fast the weeks fly by now.  I remember in C1 I was counting down the days, thinking "only X more weeks."  Now I can't believe I'm already 4 weeks into this one, and feel like there isn't enough time!

    David-  what's this "critical-bench"?  I'm not familiar with it.  My shoulders are definitely inflamed with this workout, but I usually take a couple advil and deal with it.  It's not and injury, just soreness/tendonitis type stuff.

    I know there's so much more to cover, but I gotta go earn a living.

    Workout:  Had a pretty good LBWO this morning, new high weight for squats (6 reps at 365lbs).  


    1- EAS Whey (3 scoops), 1c. OJ, Body Fortress NOS Blast (this is a new pre-workout product for me--- results TBD)

    2- EAS Recovery Protein (new product for me as well)

    3- Oatmeal, 2 tbs peanut butter

    4- Killing the last of the leftover spaghetti and meat sauce

    5- 8oz steelhead trout, 1c. whole wheat couscous, 3oz steamed broccoli, 1oz raw almonds

    6- 8oz grilled chicken, baked sweet potato, 3oz broccoli

    7- casein protein, 1c. skim

    Let's EAT!

  • I'm going to be tame so, and try not to come across like a forum creeper.  Your photos look great!  I've already obsessed about your abs, but I really can't believe your jeans are "kinda tight in the thighs."  That's where I see the most improvement.  

    Keep rocking it G!

  • HELLLLOOOO CCers!!!!!

    Everybody gettin their posts in early I see.

    Pretty good weekend as they go.  Did swim about 2500 or so yards on Saturday followed by some landscaping and JR - here is my old truck I sold to my buddy to use in his weekend landscape business.  Had only 55k miles when I sold it (2007 GMC).   


    Sue -  Mad Men pretty good last night.  Episode was mainly about MLK assassination and white executives' reactions.  Pretty sure we will see Bobby Kennedy's assassination soon (June, 1968), 1968 Olymbics (Black Glove fists in air on podium) and the DNC Convention in Chicago (riots).  Man, 1968 was a turbulent year!  It did end on a high night with Apollo 8 orbiting the moon.  Oh, almost forgot, MM even incorporated Planet of The Apes in episode..genious! (Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape! ).






    Gina - Looking gooooood!!!  nice do and leg action!!  Can't believe your jeans are tight.  Impressive progress you are making! Tell J thanks!  The Following is pretty intense. My wife has seen more of it than I have. 

    JR - found just searching for something different.  Want to increase my bench to over 300lbs.  Probably around 250 right now. Downloaded routine.  Looks pretty intense. It is a 10 week program.  Will see how it works.  Where are you getting your supps?

    This morning I did chest :

    Bench press   1. Warmup at 135lbs1/10   2 . 205lbs/6 reps  3. 215lbs/4 reps  4. 230lbs/2-3 reps  5.  Burnout - 135lbs/20 reps

    Incline bench   1. 135/10 reps   2.  155lbs/6reps   3.  185lbs - 3 reps

    DB Flyes         3 sets at 45lbs/8 reps

    I will be cutting back on cardio some.  Currently at 194.

    Goals for C2: officially started today

      1.  Increase my bench max from 245bs to over 300lbs

       2.  Increase my squats to over 350. 

       3.  Run 5k in under 24 minutes (may be tough with reduction in cardio this time)

       4.  Swim 1500 yds in under 25 minutes (currently at 27.5 minutes)

       5.  Reduce body fat to 10% (will take some work)

       6.   Reduce weight to 185lbs (may not jibe w/strength goals)

    Juggling b/w this thread and my Gladiator buddies (starting C2 today)  Better get some actual work done.


  • David-  I get supps everywhere.  I'm kind of a whore.  I generally favor Vitamin Shoppe, but they don't have the best selection of EAS products.  We buy the EAS Advantage shakes at Sam's Warehouse (CHEAP).  I have only found the EAS Recovery Protein at Target or online.  I don't like to plan ahead so that my supplements ship before I actually run out, so I end up going brick-and-mortar most often.  Probably costs be a few extra bucks, but it's more convenient for me.

    I know you didn't ask for a critique of your plan, but here's my $.02:

    1.  You didn't mention your diet plan.  Your diet will be critically important this time (more so than last) because you have some "competing" goals.  You'll need a lot of fuel for your workout intensity, and your desired muscle gain.  The challenge will be making sure that you don't get any wasted calories.  You need to be as efficient as possible with your intake, given your goal to lose weight and reduce body fat.  

    2.  Why are you cutting back on the cardio?  Fear of losing strength?  I think cardio will have a bigger impact on mass than on strength (though mass and strength are fairly well correlated), but more cardio means more calories.  I think you'll need the cardio for goals 3-6.  And holy cow, that's a fast 5k.  I'm a terrible runner.

    3.  I assume 1-6 represents your goals in priority as well?  If so, I like the order.  I'd venture to bet that if you accomplish goals 1-4 and make significant progress toward goal 5, you won't give damn about what the scale says.  

    4.  Squats are all about form!  Not sure about your lower body workout history, but if you haven't neglected legs your whole life and your lower body strength is similar to your upper body strength, some really good technique will go a long way to helping you reach your squat goal.  Think about a good squat like this:  When you are at the bottom of your squat, there should be a vertical line from the barbell, to center-point of your chest, to the center-point of your quads, to your ankles.  Try it next to a full-length mirror.  Make sure your shoulders are back and your chest is out, look up throughout the exercise to keep you back from bowing.  

  • JR - you read me well.  I am already planning out difference in nutrition especially avoiding wasted calories.  It's funny.  We do a lot of the same things. I go brick and mortar more out of convenience and we have WalMart/Sams w/in 4 miles of the house.  II have tried Vitamin shop as well and was very disappointed with lack of EAS.  GNC wasn't any better.

    Yes, I have placed the goals in order of priority.  Truthfully, I did not really want to put down an actual weight goal.  I figured if i did accomplish the first 4, the last two would fall in line.  I don't consider myself a true runner- God did not bless me with the best biomechanics (flat feet and over pronation).

    I still like to run when I can. It's just been about 6 years since I've run anything consistently.  Crazy, but I remember one morning going 8mph on treadmill for an hour!!  Then went over to Le Tourneau University Sohlheim Center (nice indoor pool) and swam about 2200 yds.   I have run a little over 22 min in 5k and about 48 min in 10k, but that was many years ago.  My biggest challenge will be when to get cardio in. I'll have to do some after lifting b/c program is lifting Mon - Fri with Sat and Sun off.

    Squats will be the challenge.  I have squated over 300, but it has been at least 5 years.  My upper limit for repping is 275 (don't use a belt).  I believe squats are one of the best lifts you can do.  My form is decent, but I will definitely be trying what you said about the vertical alignment.  Also plan to incorporate front squats which helps to keep you on heels and off toes as I can tend to do.  Both of my boys have really strong lower bodies.  My oldest reps 350 out fairly regularly and my youngest is pretty strong as well (young lower spines).  I can out bench them and even out jump em, but I definitely can't out squat or dead lift em.  Their football offseasons in high school (Longivew Lobos had a very tough offseason program) served them well.

    Appreciate the info

  • I doubt they say it, but I'll bet the boys are proud to have their old man kickin' ass in the gym.