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  • Good morning everyone.  Late check-in this morning, now that tax season is over, I'm having to back to my "real job" and all the things that have piled up.

    E- I like your approach.  Stick to the plan, at least through the entire C1.  You'll start to learn how your body reacts to things like carbs.  If you're not completely satisfied and want to experiment afterwards, you've got a lifetime of healthier lifestyle to look fine tune your diet, a few extra weeks of carbs aren't going to hurt.  But you'll never learn much about your body's reaction to your diet if you're constantly making changes.

    Progress report:

    I can't believe I'm already into week 4 of C2.  I notice that I'm not counting the weeks like I was at this point in C1.  It really just feels like the new normal.  I hate the thought of missing a workout, so I DON'T!  I love how I feel, and I'm definitely getting stronger.  I also notice that I'm a lot more vascular, I'm not sure that there is any real benefit to that, but it makes you look leaner.  Wish it wasn't such a pain to get pics from my iphone onto the forum, I've got a great picture of an impressive sunburn.  Don't ever ask me to help you with spray-on sunscreen (FAILURE!!!!).

    UBWO (Pull) this morning at 6:30 (I'd rate it a 9 overall)


    1- EAS Whey (3), 1c. OJ, ON Amino Energy

    2- EAS advantage shake, 1 apple

    3- Unbolted stone-ground grits (this were delicious--- you northerners wouldn't understand), 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 slice whole grain craisin toast

    4- 8oz smoked chicken breast, 1c. brown rice

    5- same as meal 4 + 1oz raw almonds

    6- TBD (softball tonight- probably eating out- translation: Chickfila)

    7- Casein protein, 1c. skim

  • Sunburn in stripes!  OUCH.

  • Thanks, E!  I guess by cleaning up is stopping the little mindless binges in the evenings.  I don't eat anything too bad, but occasionally I will find myself eating vanilla wafers or half a pbj (natural pb and polaner fruit spread) on whole wheat.  I know it is my sweet tooth and I need to figure out a healthier option.  For the past few weeks I've been eating per BFL for the most part, but without the planning ahead, I tend to eat fewer meals and find myself ravenous by the time I get home from work.  Like you I love bread and only eat wheat bread.  During C1 I did fairly good at limiting it, but now I'm probably having 2 servings a day.  That will change come Monday.  Just gotta end my 40+ year love affair with bread, that's all.  

    Did you kick your cold's a$$ on the treadmill (inclines - impressive, need to do those myself).  love coffee too (black - no sug or cream).  Speaking of non-BFL subjects - saw "My Counsin, Vinnie" on tv this weekend.  Man, I never get tired of seeing that movie and I even have the DVD.  Marissa Tomei was both hilarious and hot. She still looks good and she's about my age.  No wonder George Constanza had a crush on her.

    Good cracking whip impression - actually jumped when I read it.

    JR - tried push routine this morning and liked it.  May incorporate it with pull routine in C2.  You said you lift 6 days and 1 off per week.  Do you do push, pull, legs and then repeat next 3 days?

    Back to the salt mines.


  • Dang Jr - that looks painful.  Definitely getting big up top - looking swole as my son says.  Your routine is paying dividends.  By the way, love Pensacola.  My sister used to live there many years ago when she was a Nave Ensign.  She had a condo on the beach.  Think the Florida panhandle has the best beaches around.  Spent a week in Destin about 4 years ago and definitely want to go back.  Enjoyed the fishing and open water jet skiing.

  • David- Yes, I do exactly that.  3 workouts 2X per week, then 1 day of rest/cardio.  I'm going to try to stick with that plan for whole C2, but I think the lack of cardio and high calories may keep my body fat around 12%.  It's only been 3 weeks, so I may be surprised later, but that's my early guess.  Looks like a C3 will be in order to get below 10% BF.  Ultimately I'd love to be 200lbs and <10%.

    Pensacola is awesome.  The fishing, boating, and golf are exactly why I wanted to live here.  The weather is great, and the beaches are beautiful.  Pensacola tends to be a little forgotten, compared with Destin, but it's every bit as gorgeous.  I'm always teasing my wife that its a shame we have to live in such "terrible" place.

  • Yeah, feel sorry for ya, bro. Tough place to live.  I loved Pensacola.  While in Destin, I played on a nice course there one morning and went fishing about 30 miles off coast later that afternoon.  All that after a really good workout at a local gym early that morning.  You'd think I would have given that a rest while on vacation.

    200lb and  under 10% would be impressive.  Bet you have no problem with that. I've got to decide what I want to do - lean up more or put on more size.  Figured if I was wanting to get to 10% BF, would need to lose another 10 or so.  Obviously don't have problem gaining .....hence, my starting weight.  Don't know how long my shoulders are going to last going with heavier weight.  Last set on dumbbell shoulder presses was 60lbs and no problems, but a number of guys I know around my age have had rotator cuff surgery b/c they tore or strained in gym from lifting too heavy.   Also, afraid if I cut cardio to one day a week, my BF% will definitely go up. It was hard enought getting it down to 18%.  Once I get my youngest son through college...$$$.  I want to ride again.  Sold my roadbike ten years ago and I miss it.  Want to ride again, but you got to plunk down some change for even an entry level nowadays. Definitely like to do some tri's. It's funny, over the years, I have done each leg an ironman triathalon - just not at the same time.  Oh well, long term goal to shoot for.

  • Hi Friends!!!!  First off, AWWWW, David and Jr!  Look at your little Bromance!  Super cute!  ;-)  Sorry, but that's all I could think of reading your posts!  haha.  I hope we can still be friends.  ;-) 

    So last night, I got a beer for my husband.  I took the tiniest of tiniest swigs, and he's all "You didn't think I saw that, but I did!  If this were 2 weeks ago you would have never done that."  Things that annoy me for $1000:  when my husband is right.  WTF.  It's not about the beer, but a clear indication of where my head is at.  My heart is still in it, I just need to step up the focus, by, oh, 10,000%.  It's day 58, DAMMIT, get your ass in gear Gina! 

    Shorty, hey GF!  Um, no, baby G did not do a good job in the sleep department last night!  Her deal is that 1.  she's outgrown a swaddle because, well, she's the world's largest 6 month old.  and 2.  we're working on new ways to sleep without sad miracle blanket.  Including, but not limited to, this sumo suit!  God, I freaking love this little human!

    Anyway, saw the Ped today and she said it's time for tough love; there's no reason to be up in the middle of the night....Oh boy!  But I think you were dead on with the Milestone callout!  Lots of leaps happening  :-)  Hey!  I have a weird question for you....when you have PB sandwiches, how much PB do you use?  Also, hope you're feeling better and your cold is on it's way out for good!  Then you can go love on those baybays!

    Jr:  No really, are we still friends?  ;-)  You look super happy in your sunburn photo (OMG, OWW)!  I'm thinking it's because you still look REAL GOOD with red strips across your abs?!?  Yeah, let's go with that! 

    Oh, David.  Well, thanks for the 3 week status love!  You are right, I need to upload more photos.  I took them all the way to week 6, forgot week 7, and then was plain discouraged in week 8 and didn't do it on purpose.  Get a life, Gina!  Anyway, I was JUST thinking about My Cousin Vinny.  Cause it's an amazing movie!!!!  Well, hell, what was it that I was watching that made me think about it??????  I'll get back to you.  But I agree, Marisa is a hottie. Mama can rock a pencil skirt, that's for sure!  Also, Seinfeld fan are you?  You know the one with Donna Chang?  It's the reason I had to hyphenate my last name when I got married.  WORST DECISION EVER. 

    I have to run to a meeting, so I'll come back with the rest!  I know you're all on the edge of your seat, haha. 


  • Workout planned: HIIT / Spin / Home / 9ish

    Foods planned: M1: Today I tried the oatmeal with protein powder and PB.  OMG, I wanted to die.  Down the disposal that went.  2 eggs it was! S1: Greek Yogurt/Rice Quakes (bad choice) M2: It was supposed to be a sandwich but my bread was hard: Roast Beef, avocado, apple.  S2: EAS Shake M3: Leftover Spaghetti S3: EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Bringing back the focus!  Time to use this energy for GOOD. 

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I'm asking this again because I really want to know what you all think:  Are there any frozen meal options?  Like Lean Cuisine or Amy's Organic?  I wouldn't mind having a few on hand...

    Positive statement about yourself: You are not just a mom; You are a HOT MAMA!

    Sue, hey girl, hope to hear from you soon :-)

  • Hey Gina - Baby G is good lookin baby!  Agree with doc, tough love all the way.  Few nights of dealing with the crying and then they figure it out.  Our boys hardly ever came to our room when they got a little older.  

    I'd say one hot mama qualifies - alsa a good Trace Adkins song.

    Love Seinfeld - that was a hilarious episode - Donna Changstein. So many of em.  "She had man hands!"  "A festivus for the rest of us"  "Serenity Now!" and of course.......





  • Gina-  I'm done with you.  Why you got to go and call me out for bromancing?

    And how did the "world's largest 6 mo. old" come from the world's smallest mama?

    On your frozen food question... Freeze your own!  Most of the stuff I cook on a weekly basis freezes easily, and you won't have all the preservatives and crap in the pre-packaged meals.  Soups, chili, jambalaya all freeze really well.  Honestly though, I've never really looked too deeply into the frozen pre-packaged meals.  Wish I was more help.

  • OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just tried to send my BFL photos to my work email so that I could upload them in my folder and.....I effing sent them to a work collegue instead!  A MALE collegue.  Listen, I know I show off the goods on here, but like, we're all aiming for the same thing and it's no big deal.  This?  Is 0% ok with me. 

  • Damn Gina!!!!!!

    You just my freaking day!  I'm literally laughing out loud.  Karma for the bromancing comment?

  • Damn Skippy that's karma for the bromancing comment!  Hope your collegue appreciates the goods.  I haven't stopped laughing yet.    

  • OMG!  So much going on!  I did attempt a post yesterday but my iPad crapped out on me and I was too annoyed to re-do.  Not only with the whole marathon bomber thing going on up here, my hubby's entire department got let go yesterday!  Blah!  He had one foot out the door anyway and he does get severance but it still sucks.


    • I can not believe that you sent those pics to a co-worker!!  That is way too funny (trust me you will be laughing soon!)  Is that guy sharpening your pencils and bringing you coffee now?  Yikes!  That is one for the books. 
    • I also love that you are doing a 'do-over' for week 8.  I have just finished week 8 yesterday and I have also been in the mid-BFL slump.  I have been draggin me-self to the gym.  But I have to say I am still enjoying the schedule and choice of eating.  I had a hard time last Saturday on my free day.  I was feeling lost -didn't want to eat BFL way because I wanted to give it a break but couldn't think of what else to eat that was healthy.  Boy my mind screwed with me.  Something for me to think about I guess...
    • Baby Gina needs to get with the schedule!  I think they say these sleep changes are usually followed by new skills, like crawling or walking!  Watch out then.  My 10 year old still comes into my bed and I have to admit that I love it.  I know it will end any day so I am enjoying every mo.
    • Holy Protein Pancakes!  LOVE THEM!  Do you know what the nutrition value is?  Are they high in carbs?? Do you put fruit in the pancake to cook it?


    • Regarding the bombing, etc. the boys were not that plugged in to it.  My 10 year old Jack knew about it but his daily life was not affected and we tried not to watch TV with them in the room.  My 8 year old wasn't that aware of it but then again, he is a quick one. 
    • Is the cold gone?  You need sun and heat to kick that cold!  I say drown it.  Drink tons of water.
    • I am proud of you to get your hands around that free day. Something I am still in the battle rounds with (round 8 coming up.)  I am going to keep you in my mind on Saturday.  I realize it takes me until Wednesday to bounce back from the free day. That is 1 to 3 to get back.  So a 1 week vacation will take 3 weeks to work it off?!  I hope my trip to London doesn't take me 3 weeks to come back.

    JR - I was wondering where in FL you were.  Are you a natural born Floridian?  Holy hot abs!  Literately, that is some sun burn.  I can totally see the spray lines. he he  You got to rotate once in a while my friend!  And David, laughing at the bromance comments.  You two would make a cute couple. ;-)

    Workout planned: Cardio 6pm - Do you think evening workouts make you sleep better or worse??

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. GNCProteinShake/Coffee 3. SlicedTurkey/WholeWheatBun/StringCheese 4. Protein PancakeYUMMM 5. Chicken/Feta/Salad 6. CottageCheese

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Just a bit tuckered today.  Woke up way too early.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Out of ideas..

    Positive statement about yourself: I know I can do this for 3 more weeks!

  • Hi Sue!!!!  I wanted to put this up for you on the pancakes right away.  I'll be back later to check in and respond to those 2 bromancing smartasses!  ;-)