Cottage Cheese Club

  • E or Shorty  - thanks for the compliment -a little redfaced, but I'll get over it.  You and Dang_Gina are entertaining to follow.  I don't need my Monster before the gym, I can just read your posts an git all caffeined up!  Dang! You guys are a pancake-eatin bunch!  Need that recipe.  Getting a little bored with the hardboiled egg whites (easier to take as I have an hour commute each morning).  

    Started noticing some changes around week 4, but the action didn't really take place until the last 2-3 weeks....pretty similar to JR.  I did the weights by the book, but added some non-HiIT cardio on the HIIT days - usually 15 or so minutes jogging or eliptical, plus I swim on Sat and Sun (access to an indoor pool).  Plan on starting C2 in another week.  I'm still going to the gym, but doing some lighter lifting (w/exception of legs on Wed) and I'm still doing cardio at least 5 days a week - run/eliptical/spin class/swim. Also do a little sideline landscaping with a buddy of mine on Saturdays -get a decent workout with a shovel or pickaxe (desk jockey during the week).  Try to eat 6 small meals a day and usually did.  Kept it pretty close to BFL, although I could not begin to tell how many calories I was eating a day.  I'm a fairly simple guy and try to keep the planning simple as well.  More than anything, I think paying attention to the portions helped me.  Agree with JR - not to be scared of calories if you are eating clean.  

    Gina - ok, I think I remember that now and it was Damn Gina, but I confess, didn't watch much Martin on TV.  Seen a number of his movies - "You keep on slappin me mama!"  My wife and I had a hard time letting the 80's go. Pretty much our decade. Now that I've aged myself.    

    JR - wish my wife would join me, but she thinks I get too pushy.  Usually do my workouts solo.  Just get a spotter when needed.

  • Gina- there's a lot of saturated fat in 80/20.  I try to get 90/10, and it's still one of the highest saturated fat amounts of anything I eat.

  • Jr:  I had a feeling.  But since my Dad is the kinda guy to "buy half a cow", he just drops the sh!t off, haha!  So, I'll save it for a free day to make REAL burgers.  I just can't take a turkey burger.  Yuck.

    David:  That's funny you said that about your wife thinking you're too pushy. My husband is a tennis pro and we hardly ever play because he doesn't treat me like the awesome wife I am; instead like a client.  I'm always yelling at him:  "STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE I'M PAYING YOU!"  Haha.  We can go about 20 minutes before we want to kill each other.  Ah, marriage.  ;-)

  • Gina - 20 minutes, eh.  My wife has the hand to my face within 5 saying back off man!!!  It's actually pretty funny. I did tell her if she entered, I would not work out with her and would not be the food nazi.  She's thinking about it.......

  • This has been a crazy day with the marathon bombers!  Watertown MA is my home town and my parents and other family still live there, all of them about 1 mile from the police focus.  I live just one town over from lockdown area.  Watertown is just 3 miles long by 1 mile wide with 33,000 residents so very dense.  It is so strange seeing my town on national news, etc.

    So I woke up at 5:30am and heard about the suspect chase into Watertown and started watching the news then.  I started my UBWO at 6:30am with the weights in my bedroom.  It literately took me 2 HOURS to finish my UBWO between the calls, texts and me just consumed with the TV coverage.   Good thing I had the day off today!

    We tried to keep busy today - Hubby had the day off to so we took the boys on a hike for 1.5 hours and then laid down about 4 of the 6 yards of mulch.  I think I got my cardio in today too!

    Shorty - I can't believe the snowy seen were you are!  Blah!  Die winter!  And I love that other website you sent.  I know I should be keeping a work out log.  Do you keep one?  Everyone else?  I have a bit of notes on my iPhone but should do better at keeping track.  I'll put it on my to-do list!

    JR - Thank for the advice on the bars.  Now that I think of it, they have those black balance bars at the gym.  I really want to try the 'big boy bar' so I am going to do it this next week!  And I never thought of how I at my last carb in the afternoon.  I did Weight Watchers for the past 2 year where you end up eating a TON of fruit and veggies.  So I am happy to eat my greens.  I do wish I could eat more fruit though.  I miss my bananas!

    Workout planned: Cardio 6:30am-8:30am!

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. ThreeCheeseSticks/Apple 3. GreenSalad/Chicken/Feta 4. BakedChicken/LFCheese/EngMuff 5. SlicedTurkey/Avacado/WWBun 6. ProteinDrink/DecafCoffee

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Gained 2lb from yesterday AM.  I know, I know...

    Positive statement about yourself: Hubby said that he can see new definition in my arms.  oh ya!

    Okay, back to the news...  Looks like that have had a shoot out with someone they found in a stored boat!  Wicked exciting!  I seriously want this over before I go to bed!!

  • Wow David!  Just checked out your pics.  Nice job!  You must feel amazing.  What are you goals for C2?  More abs??

  • Thanks, Sue.  Wish the quality was a little better on those pics, but I did spend a little on some professional ones that I will be submitting as the official "after" photo.  Photographer - sweet girl that did my son and d-in-law's wedding - did a great job!  I had never done anything like this and she made it fun.  Definitely surprised the wifey...maybe even impressed her...a little.  

    One of my goals for C2 are to continue working towards what I didn't get in C1 - a six pack.  I also have some performance goals so hopefully by focusing on those, the abs will take care of themselves.  B/w running/eliptical/and swimming, I get plenty of cardio which means I need to get cleaner on the food intake.  A little disappointed I didn't get the abs this time, but it makes me more determined to get em this time!

    Wow!  I didn't realize you were from Watertown, Mass.  I listened to the news my entire drive (1 hr) home.  At the time they had not got the younger brother as now he is in custody.  Yep, hiding in a boat under a canvas.  Shame he didn't go down in a blaze of glory so he could meet his 72 virgins in heaven.  Glad your family is ok.  Just a mile away from it all, wow!

    Very impressed you and your husband spread 4 yards of mulch.  That is a workout and should count as cardio!  

    I say go for that "big boy bar"   Agree with JR - you'll have no problem getting a spot if you need it.

    Eating your last carb in middle of day can be really effective.  I'm saying that as I'm eating a bowl of cereal at 9:15P.

    You Cottage Cheesers have a great weekend!


  • Totally off topic, BUT, remember that time I was all like, "my baby is sooooo awesome, she sleeps 11 hours STRAIGHT, she's like, soooooo amazing!"  Yeah well, that's biting me in the a$$.  Up at 2am, 4am, 6am.  Do you think I got my workout in this morning?  Noooooo. 

    In short; Baby_Gina is salting my game.

    Also....I think I'm declaring week 8 a do-over.  My focus was anything but.  I managed to get my workouts in this weekend, but my diet was so-so. 

    David, apparently I'm not as forum crafty as the others, since I can't find your photos.  Sooo, I'm gonna need a link to that hot bod.  MmmK? 

    Sue, I'm so glad you're ok!!!!  I was listening for your town to see if you were part of the lockdown.  SOOOO scary!  I was glued to CNN all day Friday until he was finally caught!  I'm glad he's alive; mostly because he's going to wish he were dead.  Anyway, way to keep up with your daytoday!

    Workout planned: LBWO (my fav!!!!!) / Home / 9ish

    Foods planned: OMG, we are dangerously low on food!  I didn't even have my pancakes today!  I'm buying all my meals from the cafeteria today.  SHAME.  M1: Eggs/Oatmeal/Coffee S1: SC/Yogurt M2: Cafe food....S2: SC/Fruit M3: Spaghetti S3: EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Make good decisions!!!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  Are there any frozen meal options?  Like Lean Cuisine or Amy's Organic?  I wouldn't mind having a few on hand...

    Positive statement about yourself: You know what you need to do to be successful!

  • David, this is the pancake recipe from the EFL cookbook:

    Combine in a blender:

    • 1 cup cottage cheese
    • 1 cup oatmeal (not instant)
    • 1 cup egg whites
    • 3 splendas (or whatever sugar sub you want)
    • a splash of vanilla
    • a few liberal dashes of cinnamon.

    Blend for 1 minute.  Cook like regular pancakes, 1/2 cup of batter at a time.  Use an electric griddle if you have one!

    • Serve with 1/4 cup sugar free syrup and 1/4 cup fruit.
    • You should get 4 mega large, 1/2 cup pancakes.  2 per serving.
  • Holy "off the front page" CC'ers.  That's what we get for light posting on the weekends.  Gina- our weekend warrior must be off enjoying one of thos delicious cheese burgers!!!!!

    Gina- don't beat yourself up over the 80/20.  First off, it's delicious.  Second, I'd take a little extra animal fat for a cheat over a highly-processed sweet any day.  Hope you're not going to tell me know you have 1/2 a cheesecake to go with it ;)

    David- I hear you on the wife struggle.  My wife is incredible, and I'm lucky to have a former athlete for a wife that'll kick ass in the gym.  Just don't try to take away her cheese dip and margaritas!  I'd love to see her go "all in" for 12 weeks and be blown away by the results.  I really struggle with "if/how/when" I should encourage her.  

    We had a GREAT weekend, with 0 work!  Saturday I worked on a Habitat house, grabbed a couple beers at the marina with some friends, then spent the evening at a charity function with Motorcycles, BBQ and Beer.  How's that for a free day?

    Sunday, yard work, beach time (water no beer), great UBWO (pull) and 2 mile run with the wifey.


    LBWO- check!


    1- EAS Whey, 1c. mixed fruit (frozen), 1c. skim milk, ON Amino Energy (pre-workout smoothie)

    2- EAS Advantage shake, 1 apple

    3- Oatmeal, 2 tbsp peanut butter

    4- Jambalaya (chicken, chicken sausage, rice, peppers)--- remind me to share the recipe if you like jamabalaya)

    5- more Jambalaya, 1oz raw almonds

    6- Beer can chicken (8oz white meat), baked potato, 1/2c. black beans

    7- Casein protein, 1c. skim milk

  • Top o' the morning CCers! I've been writing this post since I arrived at the office at 7 am. I just want to be like "leave me alone people...I've got a very important group of peeps to chat with!" Sons a… ;)

    Sue, wow, what a weekend. I bet you and your family are sooooo relieved to have those f'ing lunatics off the streets. I bet it was surreal to see your hometown in the midst of that crazy ass man hunt. After watching the coverage, "Boston Strong" couldn't be more true. Your city/surrounding communities are amazing! How did your boys handle it?? Regarding a workout log, I printed off the upper body/lower body training logs (found here: click "progress reports and success journal") and put 12 weeks worth in a 3 ring binder (I didn't bother with the aerobic sheets though). I fill one out prior to my workout. It's has totally helped me! My attention span can be very short at times so as I go, I check off each exercise - otherwise, I'd lose my place. It's terrible! I also have a snap shot of each exercise on my phone so I can easily access it (if I need to review the tips of what to do/not to do) vs. carrying the book around with me.

    Jr, thanks for the food tips, along with everything else. I still feel clueless when it comes to the food, so I go by the list. But the weight hasn't been dropping off, so I totally end up questioning myself. However, I just have to re-read all of our posts and it puts me back in a great mindset - it's not going to happen overnight. Sure I want the quick weight-loss, but not at the expense of gaining it all back one day because I didn't make it a lifestyle change. The results will come, as long as I follow the plan and put in the 10s! And major props for the charity work you do - awe-to-the-some, friend!

    David, the pancakes are great! Very filling and once the batter's mixed up, it's a slick process. And that's awesome your wife is thinking about doing this with you. Do you all find it more challenging being the only ones in your houses that are doing it? It's just me myself and I currently, so I don't have to consider anyone else…I think it would be difficult unless you were both doing it?? But then again, maybe not?? And I love the banter you all have with your spouses! I always tell people that when I get married, we're buying a duplex. I get one side, he gets the other :)

    Gina, have you had a serious talk with Baby G?! ;) Girrrrrrl, yikes 2 am; 4 am; 6 am?? Do you feel like a zombie from lack of sleep? Ooooh eeee sister! She must be going through a milestone of sorts? I've heard that happens, from my sis who has two kidlets. As for seeing my brother's little men, they are finally home but I'm banned at the moment - I'm fighting a horrible cold and the last thing I'd want is to get those little peanuts sick! Damn it. Week 8 do-over: go for it! I'm also starting week 8, but have to get in my Friday UBWO in today, along with my LBWO because…

    …this f''ing cold sucked the life right out of me this past weekend so I didn't get in my last two trainings. When I woke up on Saturday sounding like a man, I knew I was doomed. I ate good (minus a "free meal" + beer/wine on Saturday) but failed to workout. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Today is a new day/new week!

    Workout planned: LB + UB @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + pineapple + coffee 2. cottage cheese + mixed berries 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. EAS Shake 5. chicken, brown rice, green beans 6. PB toast

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Not feeling 100% - happy it's not a cardio day!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: This weekend I noticed the free day concept finally becoming a free meal(s) concept. After having "great" free days then suffering the consequences, I'm content with not going allllll out. And I think it's important to get there by way of experiencing those b.r.u.t.a.l free day hangovers :) 

    Positive statement about yourself: Don't start to slack off now…keep at it - the results will come!

  • Gina- don't know how I missed your post this morning.  You are hilarious.  Sorry about the lack of sleep, bummer.  Another check in the "no kids" box!

    Here's the link to David's post: it's buried in the 1/21/13 thread.  

    E- the charity work is awesome.  I've got things pretty good, so I try to help where I can.  I don't have tons of $ to donate, but I can usually find time.  So if it's a cause I believe in, I try to help out.  Truth is, I typically end up receiving more blessing than I could ever give.  Funny how that works.

  • Jr, I think we cross-posted!  And yeah, that kid thing is exhausting!!!  I totally respect and understand your decision not to procreate. ;-)  Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!  Pretty busy, by the looks of it!  I'm pretty guilty of lazy weekends.  It's just how I roll ;-)

    David, REALLY? Damn. You rocked C1!  And don't take this the wrong way....BUT, you look 15 years younger!  Don't let that go to your head though, haha ;-)  Keep telling your wife how amazing she is!  :-)

  • Gina - Sorry to hear about your lack of sleep.  I still remember those sleepless nights.  They too shal pass. I say that as my 19 year old called me from college at 2am Sat morning wanting to talk about a girl issue.  I didn't sleep much after that, but I'm happy he feels he can contact me with any issues.  Just wish he would realize that I've been over CCT (College Central Time) for over 25 years.    As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but laugh, not at you..ok maybe a little at you, but you are so freakin funny.  My wife is the same way. She can take what most would see as a mundane story and bring you to laughter.  You have a gift.  Thanks for the compliment!  I feel a lot younger - not sure how many years, but 15  sounds good.  By the way, I saw your pics on your profile.  You look great!  And that was just after week 3.  Time for you to be posting some updates.  Your photos even look energetic.   I will definitely be eating some pancakes this week. Thanks for the recipe.

    E - it is sometimes diffiicult being the only one. Char does her own thing and to be honest, regarding working out, I've been pretty much a loner for years and enjoy it.  That being said, I do enjoy taking some spin classes and some bootcamps on occasion to satisfy my competative streak.  I won't be upset if my wife decides not to do C2 with me, but I would love it if she did.  Man! Your weather is crazy.  You guys just need to move down to Texas where everything is bigger and warmer..most of the time.

    JR - agree with you on volunteering.  I spend a few weeks ago doing some various cleanups with some fellow church members.  You summed it up best - you do receive more of a blessing than you can ever give.  

    Ok guys, just got brave or crazy and posted my a few of my prof picks on my transformation.  I have to say JR, you inspired me to do so.  Hopefully, I won't regret it.

    Gotta run - been a busy Monday ....par for the course


  • Let's just start off by saying AWESOME job, David!! Your pics look fabulous! Wooo hooooo! In your other post you mentioned you wanted to eat cleaner. Are you planning on cutting out anything specific in C2? I always struggle with the whole wheat carbs - I just feel wrong eating bread - but I love it and it's on the plan so if anything, I'll reevaluate before my C2. Any who…FANTASTIC job - you deserve that Champion title! 

    G, did baby G treat Mama nicer last night?? No matter how much she salts your game, the girl is so so SO damn cute that it would be hard to get upset with her!

    Sue, where are you sister?? I know it's only been a few days, but we miss you!! 

    Same goes for you Thomassd - and have you whittled away yet?? ;)

    Jr, as David said, how you summed it up is the truth. You always receive more than you give…fo shizzle. What a great gift!

    Alright, I have to wrap this up…We're short staffed so this girl has to crack the whip and get back to it. Whoo cheeee (my attempt at a whip cracking sound)

    Workout planned: Running with inclines @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Whole wheat bagel + low fat cream cheese + coffee 2. cottage cheese + watermelon 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. String cheese + melon 5. bbq chicken, brown rice, green beans 6. Greek yogurt + mixed berries

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Doing cardio with a cold. Not fun, but I'm going to kick this cold's ass on the treadmill.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I love coffee.…when I can't think of anything, I'll just share the first random thought that pops into my head. Orrrrrrr maybe not. :) 

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep going….those muscles are in there, making their way to the surface!