Cottage Cheese Club

  • First off, thomassd, HELL YEAH GIRL - you are looking fannnnnntastic! I completely agree with the others, I can see a difference and I'm shocked the scale hasn't dropped…are you sure it's working??? You are shrinking my friend! Woop woop!!

    OMG, so true, this group IS crack. Couldn't have said it better myself, Jr. I like the idea of switching out my self-diagnosed food addiction with the CC crack. I absolutely love reading everyone's posts. And G, I soooo think our founding Chubmom would be so proud :) Chubmom, even if you are still out there, lurking ;) know that you da bomb and we'd LOVE to hear from you. Get back on here sister!!

    I have a fear of large gyms and meatheads. Well, not a legit fear but when I've been a member of a club, it was always a smaller one - never a big chain (in my 20s I always thought people were judging me for my weight - I was about 20-25 lbs over what I am now). I'm grateful that my condo building has a pretty kick ass set up. Then I'll mix it up and do my UB in my home so I'm not in the workout room every day. And G, that is so true - you think people are like "what the heck is that girl doing?" when in all reality, they're probably not even paying attention - or they're like "I need to figure out what she's doing so I can look that good!"

    Sue, I know a lot of diehard runners and girl, I am so sorry to hear about your knee as I'm sure that has been a downer. I am in awe that you did all of those races!! Holy crap. Sending healing vibes your way so you can get out there for that run after this challenge! My next 5k will be in your honor sister. And I will toast to you afterwards, when my ass is plopped on a boat, in the middle of the lake, celebrating the day away, catching some rays ;)

    Obviously I don't want to get to work as I've written a novel. Hmmm, what else…kidding kidding. Here's my Friday check in!

    Workout planned: UB @5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + peaches + coffee 2. cottage cheese + mango 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. 2 string cheese + mango 5. BFL Italian style turkey burger + green beans 6. PB toast

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Nothing really. I have family coming into town this weekend so I need to focus and stay on track while whoopin' it up.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Scrambled eggs with a side of PB (an EShorty family tradition): simply scramble your eggs and place on your plate, take a tablespoon of PB and swipe it from your knife onto the side of the plate; when you're ready to enjoy, put a little PB on your fork, followed by eggs. So.Damn.Good. PB really is good with a lot of breakfast foods. Hell, PB is good just by itself!

    Positive statement about yourself: Even though you are having a gross-day where your pants feel a little snugger, don't let it throw off your weekend. You're almost through 5 weeks!! No turning back now…woop woop!

    Have great weekends everyone!

  • Thanks everyone, encouragement is always needed. Its so hard to see when you look everyday. Honest as the day is long my scales have not moved and actually gone up. I really dont care because I feel so much better than I did. You guys are the best! Everyone have a great Friday. Off the Ymca I go!

  • Good morning folks!  I need a jacuzzi bath!  Holy crap my hamstrings and lower back are feeling my LBWO from Tuesday.  I was sore yesterday, but today... OUCH!  LOVE IT!!!

    Nice progress Thomassd!  That should definitely be motivation for the next 8 weeks!

    E- "I need to figure out what she's doing so I can look that good!"  When you're working hard (as you are if you're following BFL), there's no denying that you're not sitting around wasting time between sets, and it gets noticed!  I notice people all the time in my gym that are really on a good program, and they're inspiring.  I also notice the morons that have a 50" chest and 4" calves, and they're entertaining!

    Workout- UB Pull Muscles (Back, Traps, Biceps)--- didn't go this morning, but I've got plenty of time tonight- It's Friday, which is girls night for my wife, and I won't feel guilty being at the gym.  Then I get a steak!


    1- Pork Tenderloin, Wheat Sandwich Thin

    2- 2 Tbs Peanut Putter, Banana, Wheat Sandwich Thin

    3- 8oz Grilled chicken, 1/2c. black beans, salad, almonds

    4- 8oz pork tenderloin, 1/2c. black beans, ON Amino Energy (Pre-workout)

    5- EAS Advantage, Apple

    6- 8oz Filet Mignon, Tater, Broccoli

    Missed a meal yesterday, so it's left over for today.  Will stick to the schedule better today!

  • Morning CCers! How were your weekends? Hope you all had fabulous ones! Mine was great. Stuck to the program all but Saturday - my free day. I still have to get over that mental feeling of "ooh it's a free day, I just want to eat bad" - I didn't do horrible, but definitely did some damage with chocolate (those damn cadbury mini easter eggs should be illegal). Moving on!

    Jr, OMG those dudes with the huge chests and teeny tiny legs…they look freakish. What I never understood is the guys with huge arms and big bellies?? But the bellies aren't beer bellies per say, just thick but without a 6 pack. Puzzling!

    Sue, how did the rest of your week go without the hubby?? Did your boys drive you to hit the bottle on your free day? ;) 

    Gina, sister, tell us: just how fabulous was BWWs? If you didn't suffer from a major food hangover, then I'm going to pencil that in for one of my upcoming free days! And I'm trying the shrimp scampi this week - woop woop. 

    Thomassd, hope you're teaching those boys a thing or two over at the Y this morning ;)

    Connie, Wantn, Chubmom, everyone else….hello helloooo helloooooooooooo - sending good vibes your ways. Connie, how is your arm???

    Checkin time!

    Workout planned: LB @5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + peaches + coffee 2. cottage cheese + orange (my skin needs some color Jr. ;) 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. 2 string cheese + melon 5. BFL shrimp scampi 6. 1 slice of wheat toast w/ PB and a tablespoon of lite cool whip (another odd combo Gina…it's good!)

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Can't think of anything.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: This past weekend, I splurged on a suuuper cute skirt to wear this summer. It's a little snug but every week I'm going to try it on. Come summertime, I'll be rockin' it :) Gives me even more motivation to keep at this.

    Positive statement about yourself: Start of week 6. Half way point and feeling fantastic! Thanks to all the CCers who help to keep me going!! You all = da freakin' bomb

  • Ugh!  I lost it on my free day - what is my problem?!  I am usually good until just after lunch then forgetta bought it.  I will let you know if it is possible to ruin your entire weeks of hard work in a 4 hour time period. I did do 45 mins of cardio on Saturday and Sunday to help off-set this but man, I am going to have to put some restrictions on myself for next Saturday. 

    EShorty - I love that you have a skirt you can try on every week to see how you are doing.  And it is only the beginning of April!  You have all summer to wear it like a rock star!!  :-)  I have a pair of jeans with a supercute design on the back pocket that has been waiting in the wings.  They haven't gotten much looser yet but they stare at me when I open my closet. 

    Thomassd - do you have any special piece of clothing that you try on every now and then to see how you are doing?  You totally should!  Again, your progress is so obvious from those pics you posted.  Hope you had a great weekend!

    JR - how was the Friday night steak?  Love the Friday night girls night!  Do you have kids? 

    Gina - how is the weight workouts treating you now that you are doing the right weights?  Does your husband do the workouts with you?  He can bulk up for tennis season!  ;-)  Do you play tennis too??

    Workout planned: LB and abs - 6am

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/FiberOneEngMuff 2. GNC Protein Shake  3. FetaOliveTurkeyBurger/LowCarbRoll/Tomatos/HalfApple 4. ThreeStringCheese/Apple 5. Chicken/Veggies/Rice? 6. CottageCheese/Tomatos

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I think I need heavier weights at home for my LBWO.  My powerblocks are not bringing me to my 10's when I do quads and hams.  I have had to adjust doing 25/20/15/10/15/15 but we will see if that works.  What is your thought JR (our resident forum trainer!) and all?  Should I just go buy heavier weights or increase reps would be acceptable?

    Positive statement about yourself: I really got myself back under control yesterday after the free-day.  Back on track!

  • Good morning!  Feeling great this morning.  My Friday night was a disaster!  Had a pretty good workout Friday night, but the wifey was still out with friends, so I ended up at Waffle House for dinner.  Usually I can get by at Waffle House, but I was at about an 80g of protein deficit (remember I was planning on a big steak).  Know this... Waffle House is not the place to try to find 80g of lean protein.  And a $10 "steak and eggs" at Waffle House tastes exactly how you think a $10 steak and eggs from Waffle House should taste.  I think next time, I'll just go to be hungry!

    But no worries, I got my delicious steak on Saturday.  Living at the beach, there is no shortage of great food!  9oz Filet, Baked Potato, and Green Beans... and since Friday was "free day"... a BEER!  YUM.

    GINA--- You're a little MIA... check in!  You're usually the weekend warrior.

    Sue- Maybe try "planning" your free day.  Go ahead and include the unhealthy meals, but know what you're going to eat and maybe that will keep you from "totally losing it!"  But don't get down.  Free days are just that.  It's not going to kill you, and it won't undue 6 days of great eating.  On the weights... do you have resistance bands?  You may find that the increasing resistance with resistance bands provides the challenge you need to hit 10s.  But I do like the idea of increasing your reps, particularly if your goals don't include increasing strength or muscle mass.  If you find that those high reps don't get you there, I wouldn't increase any higher... You'll need to find some way to add resistance... or change exercises.  What exercises are you going?  Have you tried using 1 leg at a time?

    E- my wife loves those stupid cadburry eggs!  I think they're terrible, I just don't understand that filling.  But I am a sucker for a some good dark chocolate.  This weekend I was craving bread pudding!  Fortunately, I filled up on steak and tators, so I easily passed on dessert.  Love that you have "no obstacles" today.

    Almost forgot my plan for the day:

    Lower Body this morning... killed it!  I was supposed to do this yesterday, but had to swap with UB (push) because my legs still weren't recovered from killing it on Wednesday!  I love LBWO!!!

    OK- enough exclamation points


    1- EAS Whey (1.5 serviings), 1c. OJ, ON Amino Energy (pre-workout)

    2- 2tbs peanut butter, wheat sandwich thin, banana, EAS Muscle Armor (post-workout)

    3- EAS Whey shake, chocolate mixed with coffee

    4- Advil (not really a meal, but it's 1 week from tax filing deadline)

    5- 8oz grilled steelhead trout, 1c. roasted potatoes w/ olive oil

    6- 8oz grilled pork tenderloin, wheat sandwich thin, mustard, almonds, apple

    7- 4oz ground sirloin, 2oz whole wheat spaghetti, tomato sauce, bell pepper & onion

    8- casein protein, 1c. skim milk

  • Ugh, yeah....MEGA MIA!  Sorry about that--don't you hate when work gets in the way of BFL Socializing?!?!  ME TOO!

    So, I had a nice little freeday Saturday lunch at BDubs with the fam.  It was pretty delicious!  I didn't have a food hangover as much as I did with the Tall Oberon (Is that a Michigan thing, cause it's a big deal around here).  I instantly had a headache.  Bummer!  Of course, because I lack self-control, I decided to have a glass of wine before bed even though I didn't really want it.  But, after all, it was my FREE DAY.  Gag.  ;-)

    I took Baby_Gina for a million stroller walks this weekend, which was awesome!  We live in a crazy hilly subdivision, so I got a few 10s in there without even trying.  :-)

    Shorty....OMG.  You and me?  Same person.  Guess what I ate for breakfast on Saturday morning?  Like 1/2 BAG of the mini eggs.  They are so delicious I can't help myself!  It's a good thing they're a seasonal candy, I'll tell you what!  Hey, good idea with the inspiration-skirt!  I'm sure you'll be rockin it in no time!

    Jr:  Waffle House steak?  No thanks!  Glad to hear you got a "real" one the next day!!!!

    Sue:  I think the weights really are going better now!  Except this morning when I "misplaced" my edited sheet and spent like 5 minutes looking for it, only to start using my old one, and realize that that was actually the right one.  Confused yet?  ME TOO.  haha.  So my husband said he would start working out once we scheduled our vacation....well, it's scheduled as of this weekend and he says he's going to start working out again TONIGHT.  Everyone needs a little inspiration, right?  Oh, and I only play tennis for the skirts ;-)  And the cardio.  I basically just make him feed me balls and I run around for them. 

    Workout planned: LBWO/Home/6am 

    Foods planned: M1:  Pancakes/Clem/Coffee  S1: clems/SC. M2: Subway turkey/wheat/Apple (which I shouldn't have had, but I was still hungry.... S2: Yogurt/Shake  M3: Pork loin, sweet potato "fries", green beans. S3: EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today:  Nothing, really....workout is already done and that's half the battle!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Plum out of ideas :-)

    Positive statement about yourself: Baby_Gina thinks you're awesome.  This past weekend, anyway.  ;-)

  • Sue, I hear ya on the free days - talk about a horrible guilty feeling when you splurge! I had the same remorse on Saturday night when I went to bed - I surely did not need that last friggin' handful of cadbury eggs before crawling in. Son of a…. Yet, I try not to beat myself up too much - but I still need to tame that damn sugar beast in me. The fact that we're good the other 6 days helps?? ;) 

    Jr, the filled cadbury eggs are great, but the ones I was talking about are little candy coated chocolate eggs. They are the crack of easter. Tell your wife to avoid those if she hasn't tried them!! Evil, they are pure evil. That sucks about the WH - at least you had your steak on Saturday! And ah yeah, can we say jealous when I read "living at the beach…" Warm weather sounds sooooo good right now. Instead we're supposed to get 4-6 inches of f'ing snow tomorrow night. What the? Yes, yes, I'm in MN and all, but that is not common in April! Grrrrr.

    Gina, I hear you on work getting in the way of socializing. There are so many times I would love to be like "enough with the interruptions! I'm busy trying to keep up with my email/bfl/pinterest boards/fb/twitter/etc, can this project wait?" Oooooh, fun a vacation! Where to? Ha, seriously, add to the same person comment: cute outfits while playing sports = here, here! I'm a golfer and cute skirts/outfits are a must. 

    Workout planned: Running w/ inclines @5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + peaches + coffee 2. cottage cheese + orange 3. peanut butter on wheat 4. 2 string cheese + melon 5. BFL shrimp scampi 6. PB toast + lite cool whip

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Zilch

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Gina, loved the shrimp scampi! I could've eaten the entire batch. Nom nom. I realized after eating my portion, I was still hungry so I had a bowl of peas. Some days I'm starving and other days I'm just fine. Does everyone else fluctuate like that?? I'm guessing it's normal but it can be frustrating and really tests me. Oy vey! 

    Positive statement about yourself: You've done great so far. However, you know that you can do better…push yourself sister!!

    Story of my life (I hope this ecard posts):

  • Hey CCers!  How's everyones Tuesday shaping up?  It's raining here in Michigan.  You know, the kind of day where you want to snuggle up on the couch and watch movies all day?  Unfortunately, I'm not doing that right now though.....I'm at a food photoshoot and I'm hopping not to be tempted by the yummies around me.  Thankfully we're shooting seafood today, so I can't go too wrong there, but there are lots of muffins and whatnot around.....

    Shorty, we're going to Puerto Vallarta for a 7-day, all inclusive vacation in August.  I'm so excited!  I have to admit that when we do vacation, we DO vacation.  We don't workout, we don't leave the resort, we sleep in, get drunk at the poolside bar and EAT.  That's it.  And it's amazing!  It will be hard this year leaving baby_gina at home, but we need it!  Also, glad you liked the scampi!  it's mega yummy!  I think I need to steal a lemon from the shoot today and make it this week....Oh, and sometimes I'm still hungry after I eat my meal, too.  Not all the time, but like yesterday, I added an apple to my sandwich cause I needed more food!  It could have been fries....

    Workout planned: HIIT/Spin Bike/Home/4:40am.  Oh baby_gina, you're killing me!  She woke up at 3:45 and finally went down again at 4:30.  So I figured I would just do the HIIT and then go back to sleep.  I barely even remember doing it now.  haha.  

    Foods planned: M1:  Pancakes/Clem/Coffee  S1: Shake/Apple. M2: Zoup! RB/Pepper sandwich on multi-gran flatbread  S2: SC/Clems M3: Maybe some delish fish leftover from the shoot????  S3: EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today:  Avoiding temptations.  Watching portion size.  Did I order the right thing for lunch?!?!  

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Do you think I'm sabotaging my thigh-slimdown with the spin bike???  Cause they're still large....Although, that's where I gained my weight first when I was pregnant, so it makes sense that they would be the last to go...

    Positive statement about yourself: You didn't go back to sleep this morning.  You looked that HIIT square in the eye at 4:40am and said, BRING IT.  :-)

  • Good morning everyone.  This morning I am thankful for BFL because it helps control STRESS!!!  Craziest tax season ever, and hopefully my last ever!  But having a program in place has made my workouts a priority, and that has been awesome.  6 more days!

    E-  I don't think any amount of love for family, friends, job, or anything else would make me want to live in MN.  Gina aren't you up in the frozen tundra too???  Moved to Florida 3 years ago, from FREEZING Atlanta.  NEVER LOOKED BACK!  Love it.

    And ladies, the golf and tennis are both GREAT down here.

    Sue- I noticed I forgot your question yesterday.  No kids, and no plans for them.  Love kids... but we're selfish people, and we're ok with that!

    Great UBWO (push muscles) this morning!  I mean GREAT!


    1- EAS Whey (3 scoops), 1c. OJ, ON Amino Energy

    2- 4oz ground sirloin, 2oz spaghetti, tomato sauce

    3- 8oz grilled trout, 1c. whole grain rice

    4- Awesome mexican salad--- probably not BFL approved, but I get it close

    5- 4oz ground sirloin, 2oz spaghetti, tomato sauce

    6- 8oz sirloin burger, wheat sandwich thin

    7- casein shake, 1c. skim milk

  • EShorty - 4" of snow?!  That sucks.  The last of the snow has finally melted here in Boston (I HOPE!) and all the flowers are starting to come up.  It is suppose to be 70 degrees here today!  I will send some warm weather your way.   You can get out and go golfing which is one of my favorite things to do too!  BTW, I think you asked about my chicken burgers a while back.  I love Trader Joe's Chili Lime Chicken Burgers and Trader Joe's shrimp on a stick, both in frozen section.

    Oh Gina, you job sounds so cool!  Keep strong around all those temptations.  I remember someone telling me to say to yourself 'That's not MY food' to help talk me out of eating things that I didn't bring from home.  Sounds corny but on some level it will work if believe what you are saying.  :-)  And your vacation time will be well deserved for you to live it up at the pool bar and late night snacks.  How exciting for you and the hubby! Those are the times you want to splurge, not home alone on a Thursday night so don't feel bad about it.

    I am going on vacation too to celebrate my 40th b-day.  My friend in town who is originally from London and I are going May 15th for 5 nights.  It does suck that that is my 12th week of this 1st challenge but I will deal with it!  It is my goal to wear my fun jeans that vacation.  I am sure this week will be filled with many many pints, crisps and fattening foods.  It will give me more motivation to get back on track for the summer.  Just think of the golf skirts and bathing suit!! Yikes!

    I so love cardio the day after LBWO. Sore and tired legs feel great.  I wish my UBWO made me as wiped out.  I am working on that.  JR, you asked about my exercises.  I pretty much only do Dumbbell Lunges for quads and Stiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlifts for my hamstrings.  Any suggestions on better, or just different, exercises I can do at home with my powerblocks?

    Okay, now I need to get back to work.  This forum is a time-suck.  A positive time-suck but one none the less!!  Love it!

    Workout planned: Cardio Eliptical 9am for 45mins

    Foods planned: 1. EggWhite/EngMuff 2. TurkeyBurger/LowCarbBun/Avacado 3. GNCChocoShake/Coffee 4. EggWhites/Apple 5. TurkeyBurger/LowCarbBun/Veggies 6. CottageCheese/Tomats

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: It is too beautiful outside to work...

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Need to shake up my at-home weight workouts.  Especially UBWO.  Any fav bicept exercies with free weights?

    Positive statement about yourself: Week 6 completed!!  YEAH!

  • JR - Know thyself is the name of life.  My sister and her husband have chosen to not have kids and they are totally happy and we are really happy for them.  They have dogs to keep them busy.  :-)

  • Hey, everyone!  Sorry, I've been MIA.  I have been getting in my workouts and eating clean, for the majority of the time.  Took my 4 week pics, but am only seeing how to upload one at a time?  How are you getting your pics in with this paragraph?

  • ha!  well, I just figured it out!  Here are my 4 week pics.  Hoping to see more improvement in the next 4 weeks!

  • Back2BFL you look awesome!  You can absolutely see the change from week 1 to week 4.  Your stomach is thinner and your hips are smaller.  In just 4 weeks!  Imagine what your pics are going to look like at week 8?!  Keep up the hard work, it is totally paying off!!