Cottage Cheese Club

  • Good morning everyone!

    Great weekend.  Rocked the Saturday schedule.  Dinner went well, but they only had little 8oz bottles of water, I bet I drank a 12 pack!  Steered clear of the beer and wine, grilled mahi and rice (WHITE... booo!), but a pretty decent job of controlling my intake given the circumstances.  I had an apple and EAS shake right before heading to the dinner.  The cravings are so much easier to manage at this point.  And the temptations just aren't as strong!

    E- today is day 84... but not really planning to have a "last day."  This week will be moderate intensity low-impact cardio and a little loose with the diet to help me recover, then next Monday it all cranks up again.

    BTW, if you haven't seen the thread, pictures are in:

  • Ugh....OMG.  I feel sooooo gross.  And sick......  It's the revenge of the Free Day....  Seriously, YUCK!!!!  I feel like I need to sleep all day.  :-( 

    Eh, my fault, moving on.....I did however have an awesome day with family that we haven't seen since November/December.  They're mostly there for the baby, but that's just how it goes.  :-)

    How's everyone doing?  Hope you all had great weekends!

    Eshorty--I meant to tell you last post that I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's dad.  :(

    Workout planned: LBWO/Home Gym/9pm....

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Clem/Coffee.  S1:  SC/Yogurt  M2:  Subway turkery sub on wheat, no cheese, veggies, mustard.  S2:  SC/Yogurt M3: Not sure; we need groceries  S3:  EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today:  getting rid of this Free Day hangover....

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I'm craving chili....That's pretty BFL, right?

    Positive statement about yourself: Nice compliments from the fam yesterday; keep up the good work!

  • Hello! I decided after a 10 year hiatus of accomplishing the BFL program AGAIN! I had to laugh when I saw the Cottage Cheese Club because the first time I successfully completed the program, I ate ALOT of cottage cheese to get there and went from a size 14 to a 6/8 in one cycle. I am just THRILLED to be back again and prove that it wasn't a fluke to accomplish so much the first time.

    The difference is that I've made some life changes (new EXTREMELY SUPPORTIVE husband and 10 year old daughter) and have long-term goals to build on from here. My daughter is photographing me this evening and doing all the measurements plus "training" with me on upper body today.

    Workout planned(include your time of day): upper body, 6 p.m.

    Foods planned(you can write your plan to give others ideas or just say whether you have all planned)

    Obstacles you have to overcome today : staying on my food schedule

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:

    I also preplanned all my workouts for the first 30 days and created a no-nonsense-no-brain-functioning ritual for food. For instance, every morning and evening I mix up a protein shake. I also have a 2 liter plastic bottle next to me constantly so that I keep sipping on water.  When I get a craving for something, I write it on a list and then on my free day I literally try to consume everything on the list. My dog gained 10 lbs during this time because I couldn't possibly consume a large McD's french fry, steak n'Shake chocolate shake, KFC biscuits AND chicken, ad nauseam in one single day. Really, I tried but at some point, it went to the dog every single free day.

    ACCOUNTABILITY: I contacted my former employer, a plastic surgeon, and asked him to sponsor me in before and after photos to promote his business.

    Positive statement about yourself:(can make it past/present/future tense)

    Visualize Success by role playing as having already achieved it.

    Make today a great one ladies

    Until I fall in love with me, the world won’t know. I teach people how to treat me when it’s my own level of self-respect that is present. Do I believe that I have the right to have the body I desire? YES!!!!!!!

  • "Revenge of the free day"... You're not lying.  I genuinely do not enjoy the things I used to love.  

    I need to try these EFL pancakes... seems like tons of people are eating them.

  • I hear you on the free day, mine was yesterday!  I took it by the neck with a wine tasting and pot roast for dinner.  The next day is always the hardest, mentally and physically!  I am laughing thinking of you Baber, making your list every day and checking it off on your free day!

    I still am impressed on your pics jrmc.  I am completing my 4th week tomorrow and still considering posting those pics Gina!

    Gina - I made yummy turkey chili on Sunday.  Veggies, kidney beans and lean turkey, totally BFL!

    Workout Done: Cardio on Elliptical 6AM

    Foods Eaten: M1:Egg whites/Fiber Eng Muff/Coffee.  S1:  GNC Protein Shake  M2:  Two lite string cheese/chobani blueberry yogurt  S2:  Egg whites/Fiber Eng Muff/Coffee  M3:  Chicken/Roast ButterNutSquash/Broccoli  S3: Cottage Cheese

    Obstacles you have to overcome today:  Hungry after free day!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I got my weight lifting gloves today!  Looking forward to weights tomorrow!

    Positive statement about yourself: I got Mom points today.  Read a book for 1.25 hours to my big guy and took 30 min walk after dinner with my little guy.  :-)

  • Jr, again major props! I'm curious as to when you first noticed your body starting to transform, physically? I know for some people it's very quickly, whereas for others it can be towards the end. What has been your biggest hurdle?

    Gina, how are you doing today girl? I hope the free day hangover is finito! And congrats on your family noticing your results! That is so awesome - I can't wait for the day when someone notices :)

    Baber, WELCOME friend! Another CCer who has done this before - I love it as it just goes to show BFL totally works. If we all stick with it, we'll get there. And congrats on your exciting life changes within the last 10 years!

    Stewp, thanks for the reminder…need to put weight lifting gloves on my shopping list. And score on the Mom points! Sounds like a win-win for both you and your men :)

    Connie, Wantn2b/Calinorge, Hallie Bug, thomassd, nbielecki, back2bfl, feeling lost, Chubbbbbbbbbmmmmommmmmmmmmm how are you all doing??

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Running with inclines @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + clementine + coffee 2. Cottage cheese + clementine 3. Whole wheat pita + turkey + tomato, lettuce + mustard 4. String cheese + 2 clementines 5. Quinoa with EVOO, lime juice, black beans, corn, red/yellow/orange peppers, cilantro 6. Protein shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: I forgot my water bottle again today. Son of a… Looks like I'll be filling up this little plastic one every half hour :) Good excuse to stretch my legs.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: This ecard is so me lately

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep pushing the heavier weight. Yesterday I felt the shakes in my legs…yeah!

  • Be bold Stewp11... post 'em!  It really is liberating.

    I will go back and add pics from weeks 4 and 8 to my "file" so you guys can see.  I felt changes in weeks 1-2, I didn't start seeing much until week 6, and then they were pretty modest.  Clothes were feeling a lot looser around week 8, but even at week 10 I was thinking... when am I ever going to see REAL changes!!!!  By week 11 I was feeling better about the results, but never felt great until I posted the pics from week 1 next to the final pics!  

    I'm sure that doesn't help much, but hopefully it says don't get discouraged.  I wasn't think the changes were very dramatic at all, but in the end I feel great about the results!  Don't get me wrong... I still want more.  My next goal is... magazine cover muscles!!!

  • Here are progress pics:  Before week 1, After week 3, After week 8, After week 12.  I think the biggest change was the last 4 weeks!

  • Fantastic progress! Your increased self-confidence is obvious too!

    Stewp, I'm glad that I could make you laugh because my free days were generally on Saturdays so I had Sunday to recover from the junk food binge with proper nutrition and exercise. OMG it was funny driving through all the drive-thrus and ordering something specific. I still couldn't quite believe it at the time that this program would work but I could and did make it work by holding the proverbial junk list in front of my nose! Sundays were a challenge and I couldn't wait for Monday when I'd feel better!

    My daughter and I are already planniing the free day from the Harry Potter Cookbook in two weeks.

    This is going to be great fun being back in the challenge again


  • Jr, thanks so much for sharing your pics/experiences thus far - it really is invaluable to us all. I'd say that you are well on your way to getting those magazine muscles my friend! I can see a difference in each - and it reminds me of how important it is to take pics. My next one is this weekend (on the 4 week plan). Hoping for something noticeable! 

    Baber, I'm not a mom, but as a daughter, I think it is so cool how you are showing your daughter the right way to take care of your body! Kudos sister!!

    Gina, girl, please tell us the Sunday hangover isn't still lurking?? How was your yesterday?

    Thinking of ALL the CCers today (actually of all the BFL'ers on this site). Hope those of you who haven't checked in for a while are still rocking it. And if not, and you need a little pick me up, get your sweet asses back on here - we're all in this together friends ;)

    Workout planned(include your time of day): UB @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + clementine + coffee 2. Cottage cheese + clementine 3. Whole wheat pita + turkey + tomato, lettuce + mustard 4. String cheese + 2 clementines 5. Quinoa with EVOO, lime juice, black beans, corn, red/yellow/orange peppers, cilantro 6. Protein shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Not a damn thing.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: No tips, just another funny:

    Positive statement about yourself: Noticing the love handles going down…yeah baby!

  • Eshorty, THANKS! My daughter asked me to show her how to do some really, really light weights and just seems amazed that I eat so frequently. She's a tween so this is perfect timing to teach her that the best health for her skin is WATER and GOOD NUTRITION and regular exercise. I'm enjoying the process of showing her how I can improve my health with just tweaks in lifestyle.

    The initial photos we took of me were a bit,....shocking,.... but then I decided it was a good place to start so that she'd witness how it is possible to become and remain fit. I'm just glad that we can be here for each other for moral support.

    I feel so rejuvenated already and it's only Day 3!!

  • Baber, you are setting a great example for your daughter!  And sounds like great mom/daughter bonding time.  Teaching her now (by showing her) will stay with her always.  I am sure she is a great inspiration for you to keep up the good work! 

    Okay, here they are.  My week 1 to week 4 pics. (Sigh) Both taken at 6am so please excuse the lack of expression!

    Jr., your progression photos give me strength!!  I was not going to post these because personally I see very little change.  But seeing your photos reminds me that I do believe in the program and want to give it the full 12 weeks and not judge so quickly.  Thank you!  I think I will take weekly photos.  It will give me something to look forward to every Tuesday.

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Cardio 35mins & abs (only did LBWO yesterday and didn't have time for abs)

    Foods planned: 1. Egg Whites/Fiber One Eng Muff 2. Three string cheese lite/apple 3. Whole wheat pita/chicken breast/avacado 4. Protein Shake 5.  Chicken breast/RoastButternutSquash/Red Peppers 6. Cottage Cheese & tomatos

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: *overcome* = posting my pictures!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: So something that has been nagging me is that women talk about this program increasing the size of their thighs.  That is 80% of my problem spot (Little in the middle but she got much back!!)  Is anyone else concerned about this?  Do you have any tips on how to avoid increasing the width of my thighs?!

    Positive statement about yourself: I can do it!

  • E- this is a great post!  I can feel your excitement and energy.  I'm a little scared that you're going to turn into a clementine though ;)

  • Great job Stewp11!  Have you taken measurements too?  I wouldn't recommend taking them every week, because water retention can play a big factor... but sometimes the tape measure will show what you aren't seeing in the photos.  Every four weeks is a good cycle.  I did photos on a 4 week cycle too.  I see a difference, particulary high on your waist (that tiny little hour glass) and your hips.  I'll bet the tape measure shows it too!

  • OMG, hi!!!!  So.  The Revenge of the Free Day?  Lasted till yesterday.  As in, I felt so bad I had to go home early from work and missed the morning yesterday.  I'm thinking it was more than a FD Hangover, but whatever it was, not cool.  Because of all that yuckiness I missed HIIT yesterday and had to do it this morning....Still have to do weights tonight. 

    Recognition Roundup time! 

    Eshorty:  Thanks for caring, girl!  I'm feeling much better today.  I have to say, you are the best BFL Cheerleader!  I appreciate it more than you know :-)

    JrMc:  I already went crazy over your progression photos, but I have to say again that YOU. LOOK. AWESOME.  :-)

    Stewp:  I'm so glad you posted your photos!!!  You look great, girlfriend!  I can totally see a difference in your tiny waist--you have like NO body fat on your belly--and your thighs.  Keep up the awesome work!!!

    Baber:  Ok, what is this Harry Potter cookbook you speak of?  Are you going to make boogie jelly beans for Easter or something?  ;-)  So awesome that you're getting your tween involved.  Starting good habits now will only help her in the future--good job mama!

    Is that it?  Where are the rest of our CCers???  :-(  Keep it rockin and come back and tell us how you're doing! 

    Workout planned: UBWO/Home Gym/9pm....

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Clem/Coffee.  S1:  EAS Shake  M2:  Left over EFL Chicken Scampi Pasta (sub chicken for shrimp)  S2:  SC/Yogurt M3: HORRIBLE planner this week!  Still need groceries....  S3:  EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today:  Besides finding more hours in the day?  Nothing.  :-)

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I had something else to ask but I I'll ask this:  I'm pretty sure the answer is "follow the damn book, Gina!"  BUT, have you ever subbed a BFL weight exercise with an non-BFL?  For instance....A BFL Chest exercise for a Non BFL exercise.  I only ask because I use free weights at home and there are a few that don't have many options, but I know of other non BFL options.  RAMBLER! 

    Positive statement about yourself: Was told I'm "looking back to normal" today.  HA!  :-)  Thanks.......I think?