Cottage Cheese Club

  • jrmcnaircpt:  Get it girl!!!!  :-)  And yes, totally from Martin!  It's a daily phrase in our house.  I even made my husband a t-shirt that says Dang Gina! :-)  Every time I see your screenname I see "junior Mc"  haha.  Hope that's cool.  ;-)

    Stewpll:  Welcome!!!  Funny you should bring up the gloves; that was my "tip" yesterday.  I use them and LOVE them.  No callus-y man hands over here :-) 

    Workout planned:  HIIT/Treadmill?/7pm?  Baby_Gina woke up mega early this morning so I didn't get a chance to do my HIIT as planned.  I'm thinking about hoping on the treadmill tonight.  Our ghetto machine's incline doesn't work, so I'm Jackie Joyner Kersee-ing my 10's.  :-)  SPRINT!!!!!!!!! 

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Clem/Coffee.  S1:  CC/Yogurt  M2:  Leftover EFL Taco Pasta S2:  grapes/string cheese M3:  I have steak out...that's it so far  S3:  EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: OMG, I just realized that I forgot to do my Abs last night....add that on to HIIT.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  Double/triple batching your recipes to have lunches stored.

    Positive statement about yourself:  Pre-preg jeans keep getting looser in the waist......pretty soon the thighs.  Keep it up girl!!!

  • Good Afternoon Ladies and maybe a gentleman (not to sure). I hope you are having a wonderful day today.

    Welcome Sue. You will love it here. I sure do.

    So I got up this morning in a really funky mood. I have been doing well exercising and eating. So I got on the scale which I told myself only Sundays.  I can happily say I am down 9 pds right now...I should be happy about that but I think I am not because I dont see or feel it. I know that most of it is water. I need to 50 pounds and I now that only losing 9 is not going to show anything, but I guess I would like to maybe feel it. I will get out of this mood. Maybe I just needed to whine a little bit.. mmmm wine hahahah no stop that Connie.

    Workout plannedTreadmil and zumba

    Foods planned:  M1:Oatmeal, Coffee.  S1:  Soy Beans and Apple M2:  Spinach salad with almonds, egg whites and craisins S2: Grapes M3:  Turkey burgers minus the bun but stuffed with saute mushrooms and a little bit of Bleu Cheese  S3:  EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Stop getting yourself down when you are doing great

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share I still say take that nice warm Lavendar bath a night. It helps you sleep plus relaxes your muscles.

    Positive statement about yourselfYour having a good hair day

  • Wahooooooooooo, it's Friday! 

    thomassd, I typically only do cardio on the days it's scheduled. However, once this friggin frigid weather is gone and it warms up, I'm guessing that will change as I'll walk the lakes & paths in my area on most days. Can't wait for nice weather!

    Back2BFL, how nice of you to sit with your Dad when he gets his chemo :) My mom had to do it a few years back and one of the things she really appreciated was hanging out during that time. And congrats on the pound weight loss! Woop woop!

    Sue, welcome friend! Sounds like you are doing great and will have no problem hitting 129.9 on your 40th :) Keep it up girrrrrrrl!!

    Jrmc & Gina, you young'uns ;) You two are killing it! Okay, so now my mission is for the shakes…got it .

    Connie, down 9 pounds - hellllllllllll yeah sister! Don't focus on the 50 - give yourself smaller milestones - go for another 5, then another, then another, etc - and before you know it, those 50 will be gone. You are doing GREAT and every time that beotch voice nags, remind it that you're working hard and helloooo, have LOST weight!

    I was M.I.A. yesterday because I had a funeral :( One of my dearest friends lost her dad suddenly so it was tough watching her go through that. I did fairly well with the food, but missed my afternoon snack and had a few beers at the bar with friends after the service. Oh, and I didn't work out…eeeek. So I figured tomorrow I'm going to pull a Gina and double up. Well, actually triple up - two cardios and an upper body. My mission is to get all shakin-workout-ugly!

    Workout planned(include your time of day): skipping today (insert gasp) unless I can leave work an hour early…but tomorrow I will be doing 40 min of HIIT cardio and my upper body training.

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + clementine + green tea 2. Cottage cheese + clementine 3. Whole wheat pita + turkey + tomato, lettuce, avocado + mustard 4. String cheese + clementines 5. BFL sloppy joe + green beans 6. Protein bar

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: My workout. I'm working a full day and then have to get out to my sister's house to hang with my little niece and nephew for the night while their parents have a little fun. I get up at 5-5:15 every morning so waking up earlier just did not sound appealing today. I'll get it all in tomorrow…and this is really weird, because I never would have said this before, but I'm actually looking forward to spending an hour and half in the gym. Not that I'm complaining about these shorter workouts, but I went from at least an hour a day (which got me nowhere weight wise) so it has been an adjustment (in a good way) going to shorter, more effective workouts. Okay, quelling the rambling now ;)

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Now, just to make sure, is it okay to eat right on a day, skip a workout, but get the workout in, within the next day or so? I'm guessing it is fine as long as you don't make a habit of it - sometimes it is just seems to work better??

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep it up…and think of some good dance-party tunes to play with the kiddos tonight (my sister and I are grew up having our own little dance parties so of course her kids love them, too). 

  • E, lately I've added a a longer Saturday workout, which was typically my free day.  Just a warning missing days and doubling/tripling up is a TRAP!!!  Sometimes its the only option, but it's way too easy to become a habit.

  • Noted jr. Thanks for the advice - definitely not going to make a habit of it. Like hell if I want to lose this momentum that I've got going...thanks friend!

  • Hey girlfriends!  Happy Friday :-)  The only thing that makes me sad that it's Friday is that this forum gets REALLY quiet on the weekend.  :-(  So if you're around, please check in!

    Oh Shorty-gal, I am not a youngin ;-)  Am I?  I'm 30.  I like to think 30 is mega young!  I probably shouldn't have been watching Martin when it was live....haha.  THANKS MOM.  

    OMG.  I used the treadmill yesterday for my HIIT.  Holy ***.  I used my speeds from back when I was in shape.  Dude.  I almost died.  I was a little too big for my britches.... (which is normally a good thing!)

    Workout planned: UBWO/home gym/3pmish?  I took a vacation day today to have a jammie-day with Baby_Gina!  2 day weekends are just not enough!  So I'm hoping to get my workout in during her next nap.  I'm planning to HIT THOSE 10s, too!

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Clem/Coffee.  S1:  SC/Yogurt  M2:  Leftover Chicken Stir Fry S2:  grapes/string cheese M3:  I have steak out...that's it so far (that was last's night plan, let's try it again!)  S3:  EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Stop starring at your sleeping baby and get your ass in the gym :-)

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  I hope you are all taking weekly photos!  It's the best motivation EVER.  

    Positive statement about yourself:  Dang girl.  BFL works!  Week four:  -4.5 lbs, -4% body fat, looking leaner....

    PS....this is me getting BRAVE.....should have put some makeup on this morning....

  • Great pics Gina!  What program are you using to crop/ add text?  Do it allow you to put 2 images side by side into 1 file?

    I'll be 31 in May, and I was definitely watching Martin during its original airing... though I was only in 5th grade!  Can't see parents allowing that today... I think I turned out unscared.  

  • Thanks gal!  :-)  You're on your last week--I'll bet you look REAL good, girl!  

    I do all the editing on my iphone.  I use the InstaFrama app (from Instagram) for sidebysides and text.  It's kinda awesome.  I love being able to see my progress from one week to the next!  I actually look forward to "picture day".

  • Thanks Gina.  Can't wait to take those final pictures.  I have a feeling you'll be floored!  Primarily since I've given you the impression that I'm a girl.  No worries--- I did just jump in the middle of a thread full of women.

    Off to kill the treadmill... 4 more days!

  • OMG, I'm so embarrassed!!!!  I just yelled in shame at my computer!  Sorry dude, just totally used to cheering on the ladies....This explains why I wasn't feeling the warm and fuzzy vibe from you, right?  :-)

    That being said, now I really can't wait to see your afters!  haha!  

  • No worries Gina.  I debated just not telling you until I posted pics, but thought better of it.  I'll try to work on my warm and fuzzies.

    Got blood work done this morning.  Should have results by mid-week.  Blood pressure was 105/70!  BP has never been a problem for me, but it's typically slightly above normal, 126/90 was my last reading.  Pulse rate was down to 58!  Thanks HIIT cardio.

    Going to be a tough day for me.  I'm in the office today, and they cater in lunch on Saturdays.  Then I've got a dinner event tonight with an open bar!!!!  Talk about testing your discipline.  Wish that dinner was next Saturday!

    Here's my plan:  I just had an egg white sandwich with deli ham on whole wheat.  I'll eat oatmeal and a whey shake about 10:30.  Eat salad and whatever protein is a part of the catered lunch at noon.  Chickfila chargrilled sandwich and fruit at 3p.  EAS Advantage Shake before the dinner.  Grilled Mahi and veggies at the dinner (and no beer).  

    Workout:  45 minute bike ride down the beach road between work and dinner.  Nice and flat, just killing a few more calories (HIIT was yesterday).

    Saturday is typically my off-day, but I have pushed through the last few weeks to try to get the most of my results.  

  • Love the photos Gina!  I can definitely see the improvement. And to think (they say) most of the 'body transformation' happens in the last 4-5 weeks of the challenge.  I don't remember where I picked this analogy up but losing weight is like pealing papertowel sheets from the role.  They come off one at a time and it is hard to tell the difference until most of the sheets are gone!  Keep stripping those sheets away girl, you look great!  I will take my 4 week photo on Tuesday.  Watch out- I just might post it!

    JR - sounds like you have a full schedule, a busy boy!  The open bar dinner event would be though for me too.  Maybe you can talk it over with yourself before you get there to visualize what a successful night would be to you.  I also bet this is not your last dinner event - you will do great.  

    Shorty - good luck on tripling up on those workouts.  Sound like you will kick your own butt.  Hope your dance party was rockin'!

    Today, Saturday, is typically my 'free day' but I have a ladies wine party tomorrow from 3-6pm so I am switching my free day to tomorrow.  Has anyone ever done that?  Selected which day of the week they want their free day on?  I am only moving it by one day so I am thinking it is no biggie.  I just have to get through Mom's 70th b-day party tonight with the yummy cupcakes I just made.  Free day is so close, 16 hours and counting....

    I did weigh myself today and I am up 2 lbs.  It is a bummer but I ALWAYS have to tell myself this is not about the scale number.  I am not very good at listening to my own advice but I am working on it.

    Workout planned(include your time of day): skipping today because it is my free day.  Will get on UBWO tomorrow in the AM.

    Foods planned: 1. Three Egg Whites and FiberOne Eng Muf  2. Three light string cheese and apple 3. Whole wheat pita, chunked chicken breast, 2% cheese and avocado - toasted 4. Protien Shake 5. Chicken, veggies, couscous 6. Cottage Cheese and strawberries

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Smelling the sugary cupcakes I just made and stewwing over my 2+ lb gain :-P

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: What do you think about roasted veggies (like butternut squash?)  Carb?  Veggie?

    Positive statement about yourself: I can feel the NEW muscles in my legs.  he he

  • Looking good, Gina!

    Hey, all.  Have any of your ever worked out on your free day?  My plan was to go to the gym today, but not sure if that will happen.  I've stayed on track with my eating, but tomorrow might be a better gym day; however, it's my free day.  Anything think that's a big deal if I do my LBWO tomorrow while having all my free foods?

  • Thanks for the photo love, friends!  I really appreciate it!  Showing them here definitely is making me more accountable.  

    Stew, I hope you DO post them!  I'd love to see everyone's progress.  Oh, and squash is on the carb list, so go for it!  Also, I totally switch up my free day depending on my life. Normally I would have taken it today, but we have family visiting tomorrow and my Dad--bless his high-cholesterol heart--is bring enchiladas and he likes to add about 7 pounds of cheese to them.  Anyway, I'm free-daying tomorrow so I can enjoy their company  (and food) and not worry about it.  

    Workout planned: HIIT.  At some point tonight.  Not sure when.  Have a CRANKY baby around here....

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Clem/Coffee.  S1:  SC/Yogurt  M2:  EFL taco pasta but with black beans inplace of ground turkey S2:  1 egg, 1 slice toast, tsp Nat. PB M3: Probably same as lunch, add green beans  S3:  EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Drink that water!!!!  It's so much harder at home for me...

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Quinoa:  Carb or Protein?  I'm thinking carb, but it's kinda the same argument as greek yogurt, yes?

    Positive statement about yourself:  Keep up your momentum!  You can do it!

  • What up CCers! I'm cracking up at the posts between Gina & Jr - duuuuude. And with Connie's earlier post "Good Afternoon Ladies and maybe a gentleman (not to sure)." - I love this group!

    Ummm, and G, NICE pics girl! Your hard work and dedication is SOOOOOO SO SO paying off. Woop woop! As for Quinoa, seems like everything I've read on it is all over the map. I made a huge batch for this week's dinners and thought of it like a carb. But yeah, I'm also curious on what everyone thinks??

    JR - awesome check up at the doctor. How did your day in the office/dinner event go? I'm guessing you did just fine being you are kicking this challenge's ass! When is your "last" day?

    Sue, I seem to find that my free days switch between Saturdays and Sundays - I don't think it matters as long as you stay true to the plan on the other 6 days. And girl, don't step on that scale (I made the mistake of doing so last week, even though I told myself I wouldn't) and was up a pound…but I reminded myself I'm building muscle - the scale WILL go down (it helps that I've noticed my waist has shrunk a tish).

    Back2BFL, I've read to get your workouts in - even if you have to make one up on your free day.

    My weekend went pretty good. I was able to get my upper body workout in on Friday and I'm happy to say this girl had the shakes. A few hours after, I went to lift up my 8 yr old niece and definitely felt muscle fatigue. Saturday was my free day (even though I was planning on it being Sunday) and so yesterday I did 2 HIIT cardios…wow, talk about getting workout ugly. It felt great!

    Workout planned(include your time of day): LBWO @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + 2 cuties + coffee 2. Cottage cheese + 2 cuties 3. Whole wheat pita + turkey + tomato, lettuce + mustard 4. String cheese + 2 cuties 5. Quinoa with EVOO, lime juice, black beans, corn, red/yellow/orange peppers, cilantro 6. Protein shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Not a damn thing!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Portion control has always been a biggie for me. Today I saw these great tools online:

    Positive statement about yourself: Keep it up…it WILL pay off. You're feeling great sister!