Cottage Cheese Club

  • I can definitely see a difference - you look fantastic girl!!! Ummm, and I'd like to be your size when I'm done with this! ;) Ok, signing off - need to refill the water, pack the lunch, plan the workout for tomorrow, blah blah blah...all that good stuff :)

  • Well, would you look at that!?!  It's Friday again.  Sooooo Happy!  That also means that my free day is almost here, too!  

    Eshorty, your free day AND 5K are tomorrow, right?  Good luck and enjoy the day :)  Overachiever ;)  

    Chubmom, hope your week is going well.  Check back in :)

    When's everyone else's free day?  Any cravings?  Mine have definitely subsided compared to last week!  Which is hopefully good. I do have a thing about really going for it just cause it's there ;)

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Upper Body/6:40am/Home:  Oops, I did it again.  Ran out of time so I'll need to finish up tonight.

    Foods planned:   M1:  EFL Pancakes/blackberries/coffee.  S1:  Shake  M2:  Panera Classic Cafe Salad/Chicken/Whole Grain Baguette S2:  Cottage Cheese/Yogurt.  M3:  Up in the air still...  S3: Shake/clems

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Today I'm art directing a FOOD photo shoot.  Delicious cheeses and antipasti....Normally I go "hog wide" at the shoots.  Free, yummy food.  The photographer even brought in my favorite donut to welcome me back to the studio (cake donut with chocolate icing and SPRINKLES!!!!)  I brought my breakfast and snacks and am avoiding temptations.  :)

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  Take weekly photos.  Gives you something to look forward to, as even a tiny change can get you out of a slump.  

    Positive statement about yourself:  Way to resist, girlfriend!  You can wait till Sunday.  

  • Alright checks in since last Friday...I'm hoping everyone is still out there, busy working on BFL!  I hope I'm not becoming TOO annoying with all my check ins.  They just help me be more accountable to myself. 

    So, I had planned Sunday to be my free day, but as Saturday went on I kept thinking I'd like it to be today.  So, I took my free day, starting about 2:30pm.  I had a delicious taco pizza, some chocolate, and a couple beers.  Nothing too out of hand.  I started back up on Sunday and did my cardio--man, that was rough for some reason!  I almost gave up.  But I didn't.  I told myself that I can do anything for 20 minutes.  And to get my ass in gear!  Thankfully that worked.  :)

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Lower Body/8:40pm/Home:  The baby woke up at 5:30am this morning (normally sleeps till 7:30am) so I got up with her instead of working out.  I'll get it done tonight after she goes down. 

    Foods planned:  M1:  Shake.  S1:  CC/Yogurt  M2:  Subway turkey on wheat/veggies/avo S2:  String Cheese/Clems  M3:  Chicken/Peppers/Rice  S3: Shake/clems

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: It's a Monday.... Haha.  Just trying to get through it.  It's 50 degrees today, but it's supposed to snow tonight.  Great....

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  Checking in here is a great motivational tool.  Please use it!

    Positive statement about yourself:  Nice job girl, fitting into your favorite dress this morning!

  • Hello CCers! It was a crazy weekend so I wasn't able to check in - basically treated my weekend as a free weekend :\ I'm back in the saddle!

    Dang_Gina, do NOT think your checkins are annoying - they are GREAT - don't change a thing sister! And nice job on maintaining control at the photo shoot!!! Wahooooooooooo! That would be very difficult, especially when you're treated with your favorite donut…oy vey! Nice job :) 

    My weekend was crazy - my free day was on Saturday. My friends and I ran the 5k without a hitch…then it was off to let loose. This is the 3rd year we've run this particular 5k (which always ends with a beer, followed by a day/night of bar hopping). Oh wow, after really watching what I've been eating for the past 2 weeks, man did I feel it at the end of the night. Don't get me wrong, the burger/cheese curds/fries/chips/beer throughout the day tasted great, but when it all caught up with me, I felt like crrrrrrrrap. Lesson learned, big time. Free days will not be an all-out binge. So yesterday was a day of recovery - barely eating/didn't get a workout in as I was hung over from crap food/beer. Today I'm back at it and rarin' to go!

    Workout planned: Lower body @ 5 pm

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + blueberries + coffee 2. Cottage cheese + peaches 3. Whole wheat pita + turkey + tomato, lettuce, cucumbers + mustard 4. String cheese + grapes 5. Plan on making the BFL taco pasta salad 6. Protein shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Not a darn thing.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  Dang_Gina, good call on the gum. Lemon bar is so my new fave. I'm a girl who always has needed a sweet after a meal…the gum rocks!

    Positive statement about yourself: One of my fastest 5ks…yeah girl!

  • Morning CCers! Hope everyone is doing great - please check in as you are missed :) Not much to report since yesterday…the day went great, got my workout in. Only thing is that I have to use heavier weights. I'm not as sore as I had anticipated. Maybe it's because I was working out before, but it seems odd to me.

    Workout planned: Running with intervals @ 5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + pineapple + coffee 2. Cottage cheese + peaches 3. 1/2 whole wheat pita + turkey + tomato, lettuce, avocado + mustard 4. String cheese + melon 5. BFL taco pasta salad 6. Protein shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Damn time change is screwing with me. Didn't sleep well last night so I'm tired today.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: When everyone started doing weights, were they really sore? I'm pushing myself (or so I think) when I'm lifting, but the next day I'm fine. Also, made the BFL taco pasta salad…totally recommend it. So far I have really enjoyed all the recipes in the book!

    Positive statement about yourself: Good dedication to the program. Yes, you can do better but this week is a new week - rock it!

  • Thanks EShorty; I was hoping I wasn't being annoying!  Whatever gets us through, right????  And, OMG, awesome work on your 5K.  You are a huge deal.  ;-)  I'm glad you enjoyed your free day--that's my kinda free day, too!

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Cardio/6am/Spin Bike/Home

    Foods planned:  M1:  EFL Pancakes.  S1:  CC/Yogurt  M2:  Spaghetti Squash with Ground Turkey Marinara. S2:  String Cheese/Clems  M3:  Chicken/Peppers/Rice  S3: Shake/clems

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Per usual, just keeping the focus at work.  Lots to do! 

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  As far as weights go, make sure you are hitting your 10s. That's the most important. I think you might be a little sore--good sore--but you don't want to be injury-sore.  I'm a little sore today from Deadlifts--I need to watch my form.  I might be doing them wrong....

    Positive statement about yourself:  Dang girl, you almost look skinny today!  *almost*  :)

  • Good morning everyone. Happy Tuesday to you all. Well I had my weigh in on Sunday and I only lost 1 pound. So now for two weeks I am down 7 pounds. Had a kind of rough Monday and I have no idea why. I ate my proper foods did not eat anything I shouldn't have. But I just felt Blah for some reason. Not sick. Just felt blah, didn't have it in me to exercise. I just wanted to make dinner and do nothing. I didn't have any kind of appetite so I have no idea why. Now here we are today and I will try my best to get out of this funky mood. Already had 3 cups of water and oatmeal so here we go.


    Workout planned: Taking a walk with the family and doing some UBWO

    Foods planned: oatmeal breakfast, EAS Shake for snack, Chef Salad and apple for Lunch, String Cheese and orange for snack, and fish with asparagas for dinner

    Obstacles you have to overcome today:  Get out of your funky monkey mood

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I need to think more positive.

    Positive statement about yourself. You never give up so knock it off

  • Connie, I experienced my first blah day yesterday. It took everything to get home and strap on my running shoes - didn't have motivation at all…I feel your pain sister. Hang in there! When you feel blah, just remember why you're doing this and picture yourself in the body you want. That's what I try to do...key word: try. Why is it so hard sometimes?!?! How was the rest of your day after you posted??

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Upper body @ 5 

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + pineapple/melon + coffee 2. Cottage cheese + pineapple 3. Whole wheat pita + turkey + tomato, lettuce, avocado + mustard 4. String cheese + melon 5. BFL taco pasta salad 6. Protein shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Still trying to get on track with sleeping. I've had bizarre dreams/nightmares the last few nights - what the heck? Tonight I'm going to wind down and put away the work at least 1 hour before bed.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Keep at it CCers…we're all in this together so please check in if you're struggling or if you are kicking your body's ass and want to help to keep us motivated! Or just to say hi :) Umm, totally random: Dang_Gina, ever since you said cake donut with chocolate icing, I want one...soooooo getting one on my free day. Is it wrong that I've been thinking about one ever since?? Tee hee.

    Positive statement about yourself: Slowly but surely you're getting there. HIT YOUR 10s!

  • Good morning everone,

    Shorty, my day yesterday was a little bit better. When I got home from work I went on the treadmil for 20 minutes and then I made fish and baked steak fries and I only had 2. After dinner I did some arm exercises with weights and some crunches. I'm still not drinking enough water. So I really have to change that today. I am glad that I am not alone on that. I also wish I had the answer to "WHY" but I just have no idea. I appreciate talking to you about this. It does truly help.


    Workout planned(include your time of day): walk, and resistance bands

    Foods planned: 1. BFL French Toast, Snack: EAS Shake, Lunch Chef Salad dressing on the side and Orange, Snack: Yogurt, Dinner: Turkey burgers with Cottage Cheese

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Still having a hard time with the water.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  I was having a hard time sleeping too, but then I started doing a little bit of stretching before I went to bed and it really has helped.

    Positive statement about yourself..You can do this, so no giving up.Giving up is not in your blood

  • Hey Gals :)

    I read your updates about sleep, ladies, and I might have some suggestions that could help.  I've been sleeping AWESOME lately (sorry, not trying to rub it in) and this is what I think is doing it:  Bath and Body Works "Stress Relief" in Eucalyptus Spearmint.  I have the lotion--which I put on right before bed, and I also have the Pillow/Sheet Mist.  So I mist that on the bed and I'm out almost immediately.  Worth a shot, maybe?

    Another suggestion I have is really winding down before bed.  If you have the time, take an hour or so before you actually go to sleep and take a hot bath, drink night time tea, and turn off your damn iGadget.  I am soooooo guilty of being on my phone until the last second.  That has helped me in the past.  Hopefully one of these suggestions helps you both :)

    Shorty-Girl, wanting that donut is not bad....I want it, too!  :)

    Connie/Eshorty--I was feeling a little "blah" yesterday, too!  Let's just blame it on Tuesday and move the hell on! 

    Workout planned(include your time of day): UBWO/6:30am/Home Gym--only manged to get 3 of 5 sets done....I'll do the last 2 tonight after little girlfriend goes to sleep.

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Coffee.  S1:  CC/Yogurt.  M2:  Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Marinara.  S2:  SC/Apple.  M3:  Eshorty....I'm making the turkey loaf tonight!  S3:  EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Stop watching The Walking Dead at work.  They're going to fire you.  :)

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  See Above :-).  ALSO, this is fun:  a co-worker told me today that I should be a healthy-living life coach, haha!  My other co-worker started her challenge on Monday (YAY!) and I make her check in with me everyday :-)  I say things to her like, "Where's your Protein?!?!?"  ;-) 

    Positive statement about yourself...Your hard working is paying off and it shows :)

  • I just began week one monday so I hope its ok that I post on this thread. Thanks in advance.

    Workout planned- 10:00am lower body workout

    Foods planned: 1. chicken breast, cottage cheese, fruit. 2. snack- cottage cheese n apple. 3. protein shake. 4. chicken breast, broccoli, potato. 5. protein bar. 6. Protein shake pudding

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Gym was packed so I had to wait on machines and weights. Getting in my proper meals and portions.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I was wondering if the fruit listed in the book is the only fruit you can have. I am struggling with that because I am a big fruit eater.

    Positive statement about yourself: I am out exercising everyone on the couch.

  • Welcome Thomas SD to our little group. I for one am thankful that this group exists. We just try to come on here and keep encouraging each other. They all have helped me a lot. As for the fruit. Honestly I try and follow what it says although I can admit that I have a banana sometimes when I make a smoothy. I also go on to My fitness pay on my phone and follow my food intake there. Keep up the awesome work and hope to hear from you again soon


  • Welcome Thomassd!  I'm so happy you've joined our little group :-)

    As for the fruit, I'm with Tired on sticking to the list.....Reward yourself with a ginormous "forbidden" fruit salad on your free day.  You know, and then sprinkle it with cheesecake bites ;-)

  • Welcome thomassd! I concur with tiredofthis (aka Connie) and Dang_Gina - so happy you joined! Ahhh and yeah, I had a total lapse in judgement and have been eating pineapple, which is not on the approved list. Eeek! No more after today…so like Connie and Gina said, go by the list - I will too. I just read that bananas and pineapple are high in simple sugars so it's best you eat fruits that are lower instead. Rules, rules, rules…. ;)

    Connie, good to hear your day was a little bit better. I agree with Gina, let's move the hell on! After a few irritating days, I'm ready to be done with this attitude I've had. Love this group and how you all can pick me right up!! And thanks for the tips on the sleep. Tonight I'm going to do stretches and use the B&BW stress relief goodies, which I will pick up on my lunch (if not, I'll grab it this weekend). I concur, Connie, talking about this totally, totally helps.

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Running w/ intervals @5

    Foods planned: 1. Greek yogurt + pineapple (son of a…) + coffee 2. Cottage cheese + mango 3. Whole wheat pita + turkey + tomato, lettuce, avocado + mustard 4. String cheese + melon 5. BFL taco pasta salad 6. Protein shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Yet again, the lack of sleep I've had. Yesterday at work was challenging - especially when everyone needed everything that second. That's how my job typically is, but with little sleep, I had a short fuse. Last night, I didn't sleep good again. I could hear everything around me - which is rare because I'm usually a very sound sleeper (slept through a fire alarm in college…I'm sure I had a wee bit 'o booze in my system but still!). So today, I'm going to crank some good tunes and rock out. I love me some gooooood music.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Gina, stop watching the Walking Dead at work… ha! I love catching up on shows as I'm working (shhhhhhh). I just wish Bravo would play full episodes. And AWESOME job on helping your coworkers - woop woop! A new business venture for you in the future?? Just add it to the insane crazy schedule ;) I'm a sucker for a good quote and I came across this one and thought it was fitting: "Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do." Way to go, girl!

    Positive statement about yourself: (sometimes I'd like to call this section 'statement to yourself') Nothing comes without its challenges…kick that beotch attitude to the door - it's not getting you anywhere! Get your good attitude back.

    Oh and Gina, how did the meatloaf turn out?? 

    Have great days everyone!

  • So.  Let me tell you about this B I encountered this morning.  She told me I was skinny, then she turned around and took it back!  Translation:  My scale told me I was down SEVEN pounds.  I cried.  Seriously.  Then I got back on (DUMB) because I wanted to see those numbers again, and guess what?  Only down .5 pounds.  Grrrrrrr.  Not sure what happened, but at least I'm down something.  I only weigh myself on Thursdays for a status check.  Maybe I'll just opt out of that tool and stick to the measurements and denim fit.  Because, I did try on the pre-preg jeans again, and while they are still tight in legs, they fit better around the waist.  A little.  :-)

    Eshorty:  Glad you're feeling better!  We'll chase the blahs away together on this board! Bummer about the sleep again, but I can't wait to hear if the BBW suggestion helps you! (I'm actually going there on MY lunch, too :)  I need to get some new spring candles 2/$22, yeah girl!) 

    The meatloaf was good!!!  It actually wasn't that far off from the recipe I usually do, so it didn't shock the husband, or anything.  Ya know, cause it's all about him ;-)  Kidding.  Also, I saw that it made 6 servings, so I baked it in a muffin pan to make 12 even mini meatloaves.  Turned out great!  I only put them in for 50, not 60 though. 

    Connie--I meant to congratulate you on your 7 pound loss total!  That's so awesome :-)  Keep up the GREAT work!  Tell HotMama to check back in with us :)

    Ummm, where's our CC founder?  Chubmom?  Come back! 

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Cardio/Spin Bike/9pm?  I stayed up too late last night and couldn't get out of bed this morning :( 

    Foods planned: M1: EFL Pancakes/Coffee.  S1:  CC/Yogurt.  M2:  Leftover Meatloaf, Corn.  S2:  SC/Apple.  M3:  I need a plan....  S3:  EAS Shake

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Get that cardio done, girl!

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  Oooh, I forgot to add my water "help".  Straws.  Seriously.  I fill up a large 32oz Nalgene bottle and add a straw.  I suck it down faster that way.  ALSO, if someone else at work is going for a refill, I go with them and drink mine on the way to get more.  I do still need to work on it at home though.  I used the same straw method last night and it helped!

    Positive statement about yourself...Remember when Shelley asked you this morning "If you were SURE you'd just had a baby"?  Hell yeah!

    Burn out the day, burn out the night!  ;-)