Cottage Cheese Club

  • So here is our check in:(cut and paste what you want)

    Workout planned(include your time of day):

    Foods planned(you can write your plan to give others ideas or just say whether you have all planned)

    Obstacles you have to overcome today :

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:

    Positive statement about yourself:(can make it past/present/future tense)

    Make today a great one ladies...“Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.”Bill Phillips

    When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

  • Workout planned: My sciatica is still driving me to drink so will try some stretching and get in a 20min HIIT on the treadmill this morning.

    Foods planned: I have to start getting organized or something it going to slip through the trying to prepare all evening meals as this is my "risk" time so I have a roast in the slow cooker as I type. Bought lots of veggies and fruits so am not having shakes this week but will incorporate them next after getting 1 wk under the old belt.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today :Teenager is home today sick so we will be running to doctors so have to make sure that I have snacks ready to go and this is where the above planning is biggest obstacle is my negativity so have to shut that beeotch voice up and we'll be good to go..

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:planning my wkend meals out and making them as delicious as I can..maybe we can share some of our BFL recipes here as we collect them...have to find some of my oldies..

    Positive statement about yourself: I'm worth the effort, I'm not too old to feel good and I believe if I keep putting one healthy foot in front of the other I will get there....oh yeah and this sugar queen had NO sugar yesterday!!! WOOT WOOT!!

    When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

  • bump for the CCers

    When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

  • Workout planned(include your time of day):  20 Minute Cardio/Spin Bike/5:50am/watching Brothers & Sisters on netflix :)

    Foods planned:   8am:  Pancakes from EFL Cookbook/1 clementine/black coffee.  10:30am:  LF Cottage Cheese/Yoplait.  1:30pm:  Turkey on wheat/baby carrots.  4pm:  Planning on apple/2 LF String Cheese.  7pm:  Beef Stir Fry.  9pm:  Zone Perfect Bar? 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today :  Got my ass to work on time.  :-)  Actually, before time.  Thanks to 5:30am workouts, I get out the door earlier than just laying there, hitting snooze. 

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  I make the pancakes (2 servings) the night before and mircrowave at work.  Pack your lunch/snacks at night.

    Positive statement about yourself:  Girrrrllll, I know you can look damn good!  Do it already!

  • This is so great…thanks again Chubmom72 - You rock!! Yes, kick that negative beeotch to the curb - hiiiiii-ya! Congrats on the no sugar yesterday…holy AWE.SOME! Very inspiring and I'm going to think of you when I have the temptation tonight…I know that Ms. Dark Chocolate will come 'a knockin'. Here is my check in:

    Workout planned: I'm going to dive into BFL starting next week as I'm taking this week to reread my BFL book/meal plan. However, I am still going to workout/eat right. Today, around 4:30 CST I'll run for 30 min (training for a 5k on 3/9/13) then do crunches.

    Foods planned: Breakfast - Fage 0% yogurt w/ Strawberry, coffee; Snack - missed it; Lunch - 1 serving BFL oriental chicken salad with raw red pepper; Snack - apple; Dinner - 1 egg, whole wheat english muffin, almond butter; Snack - frozen peas.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Dealing with boredom eating at night. I either have to keep working (which I don't mind as I love my work) or throw myself into a book or tv. Statement to myself: make tea when you feel the urge to eat (I love Yogi's Egyptian licorice - has a sweet taste).

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Any ideas for easy snacks?? I don't mind apples, but they are not my favorite. I think I have intolerance to dairy (greek yogurt doesn't bug me though) as well as almonds, which sucks. I just want something easy - hell, I want someone to just do this all for me but no such luck!

    Positive statement about yourself: I'm healthy and able - there's no excuse not to workout and eat right. Reminder "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" - said by a rail thin model, but hey, I'm guessing it's true!

  • Checking in early today...feeling a little discouraged.  Did my workout this morning--upper body.  But I kinda suck at it.  I feel like my form is bad and I was fumbling around with different weights.  Ugh.  I know it's my first time back through this workout and it'll get better, but I was feeling bad about it.  THEN, I weighed myself.  Which I hadn't since last Friday. I'm UP 2 lbs.  For the love.  Still need to take before photos.  Still need to do measurements.  Sorry, I'll get pumped back up, I promise!  The weather doesn't help.  ANOTHER snow storm last night.  There's been one a week here for the past 6 weeks.  Dear Mother Nature....get a life.

    Workout planned(include your time of day): Upper Body with free weights/Home Gym/6:00am

    Foods planned:   8:40am:  I ran out of time last night to make my  pancakes, so I got eggs at my work cafeteria/whole wheat English muffin/black coffee.  10:40am:  Planning on LF Cottage Cheese/Yoplait.  1:30pm:  Planning onTurkey on wheat/baby carrots.  4pm:  Planning on apple/2 LF String Cheese.  7pm:  Chicken/sweet potato/green beans  9pm:  Zone Perfect Bar? 

    Obstacles you have to overcome today :  My negativity.  I don't feel like myself today.  :(

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  Am I eating too much???  What do you think?

    Positive statement about yourself:  Why am I having such a hard time thinking of one today??????  :(  I'm normally a super happy, positive person. 

    Also... I was thinking this morning that maybe we should do a weekly progress update?  With either lbs or inches lost, or a goal you met for for me, getting out of my MATERNITY jeans.  Even Photos--if you dare only!  Just something I was thinking about.  Not trying to overstep!  :)  (look at that, my first smiley face!)

  • Hang in there Gina…let's look at the positive: you worked out girl! Check that off the list (I'm envious as I'll have to do mine late tonight...hate being out of my usual routine). Stepping on the scale and gaining is such a punch in the gut. DON'T let it discourage you. I mean hello, you've already lost 40+ lbs - you totally have this! Visualize yourself kicking your next workout's ***. I view having a bad go-at-it as a test - don't let that mo' fo' scale win (trash talk it if you need to)! As for the weather, hang in there with the snow...I'm in the mid-west and love a good snowstorm - but not one every week! For the love of...that's insane. Thankfully we avoided this last one.

    While the fat girl in my head doesn't want to say my weight, I agree - a weekly update is going to hold me WAY more accountable. Let's do it. I'm starting next week and will report in then (as I cringe). As for pics (deep breath), I'll take one and post once I have the guts to do so - I just hate the thought that it's public vs. just with the CCers. Suck it up EShorty…

    Workout planned: 30 min of running

    Foods planned (and don't be surprised if I'm very repetitive with my meals…is that bad???): Breakfast - Fage 0% yogurt w/ Strawberry, coffee; Snack - missed it; Lunch - 1 serving BFL oriental chicken salad with raw red pepper; Snack - apple; Dinner - here is where I'm unsure. I'm going out to dinner tonight and am planning on ordering a salad with grilled chicken/dressing on the side.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: Traveling which screws up my usual workout time of 4:30. I won't be home until 9 pm tonight so getting in anything will be incredibly difficult. Also, eating dinner out will be challenging.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: I agree, Gina. I fear eating too much/gaining weight. Before revisiting BFL, I tried to be more healthy by replacing smoothies for lunch - it backfired as I packed on the lbs. Wanted to crawl into a hole and not come out - put such a damper on my mindset. I fear eating the wrong foods!

    Positive statement about yourself: (repeat) I'm healthy and able - there's no excuse not to workout and eat right. Do it for your family members who struggle with health issues. I can do this!!

  • Listen here you two ROCK!!!! You both came on here, you both have a plan and that's a step in the right BFL direction. Gloomy Gina we all get the blues, just keep telling yourself this is temporary and grab a mojo statement...when I'm down I always repeat in my head I'm beautiful, I'm healthy and I'm doing this!!! Obviously from the size of my A$$ I haven't said it enough lately but you get the idea;)) I don't think you are eating too much, if you are feeling satisfied then you are probably on the ball. I think Bill always said the key is 60protein/40 carbs?? Something like long as you get protein in every meal that's the most important rule for staying on track right. And Shorty is so right you are doing awesome and way closer to your goal than me sister so keep pushing through...I like your idea of a weekly check in and maybe just leave it up to each individual? I hate the scale at the moment so I can't say I'm wanting to share that with the world just yet..but will post something nonetheless. I think we should all commit to taking a picture of ourselves every two wks in the same outfit so that we can post them all at the end of the challenge...Shorty it's funny you mentioned you were repetitive with your meals because I was just reading an article about the National Weight-loss registry and it was one of the key factors used. These people have lost at least 40+lbs and maintained it over a 5+period. In the beginning of all their diet plans, repetition in meals and workouts for the first 3 months helped them develop habits that became 2nd nature to them. So I too, am with you on the same old meals for the first bit of this challenge. Confession time: I failed last night...this should really be in black font...there that's better. So here's my oldest has pneumonia and I have been up throughout the night and we were at the doctors yesterday and I thought I would be back earlier than I was...should of just grabbed a sub but I didn't so missed lunch and then continued on with my next snack and supper. Then I was out with soccer and didn't get back in till around 9pm and well I should of just went right to bed but the beer cooler started calling my name and the only way to shut him up was to have one along with some baked kettle chips...CARBSSS!! EEEEEEEK Yes I'mmmm so weak. BUT I did write it down(I am writing everything down)and I can see the big 4hour space where I had no food. SOOO I am just picking myself up and not letting it turn into a 2 day thing.

    Workout planned: upper body workout---home gym

    Foods planned:cooked a full roast in my slow cooker so...egg whites/bacon(cdn)...roast/orange...turkey sand...cottage cheese/apples/cin....roast/carrots....greek yogurt/strawberry(aiming for the 6meals today)

    Obstacles you have to overcome today :skipped meals so will set an alarm for 3hours after i eat

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:I found some old recipes I will post some...some quick go to snacks for me:ccheese/apples/cinnamon...sandwich with turkey or ham...greek yogurt is awesome wth 8gms protein I have it with a few pieces of beef jerky...keeping a full bag of jerky in the car, I love Grimms from Costco it's lean and moist.(I know it's high salt content but it will get me through the first month at least and I have very low blood pressure;))

    Positive statement about yourself: I CAN DO THIS...It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not STOP!!!! Confucius

    When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

  • dont give up!!! I always get discouraged and seem to start a new diet every Monday lol! if i would just hang in there i'd probably lose some weight. I so want to make this huge change in my life and focus on myself and hopefully it will over flow and my family will follow. YOU CAN DO IT! .............................and so can I (: aim for your goals!!

  • No quiting here--just a bad day I guess!  Thanks for all the support, friends!  :-)   I should really just stay off the scale for a bit and look at results by inches lost, and like I said, loose maternity jeans to no maternity jeans :-) Yesterday I saw in the media gallery that someone took a progressive photo of their "muffin top".  No face shown!  That's a good approach for anonymity!  I think I'm going to set up a denim goal for myself; I'm sure I have about 4 sizes of jeans I could use for progress marking.  :-)

    I need to look at the BFL book again tonight on the food part....I'm missing the 40/40/20.  Is that a daily thing? OMG, how do I not know this????  Also, are you gals getting on the protein shake wagon?  I don't really remember doing it much last time....Mostly cause I LOVE to eat and would rather chew my food as opposed to drink it.  ;-)

    And Chubmom?  I LOVE BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love it.  Especially craft, 200 calories a bottle, beer.  Mmmhmmm, that's right!  Oh, Sunday.  Come on down!

  • I am on day 3. I had my husband hide my scale so I will not weigh in everyday. I thought I would weigh in every Sunday morning. So far everything has been really good. I was never an eater so now having to eat 6 times a day is a little hard to get use to but I am doing it. What I can tell you is that I am always hungry and from what I hear that is a good sign. I am drinking (4) 24 oz cups of water a day. I think I am getting enough of that.

    Obstacles:  I have to try and get more exercise in. I get up every morning at 3:30 to get ready for work. I am home by 4:00pm. No excuses, I just have to fit in in there. I know I would feel better.

    Meals: Today I made the pancake from the BFL recipe for breakfast. Let me tell you those are some huge ass pancakes. I was only able to eat 1. I have my breakfast around 6:30 then I have a shake around 9:30 then lunch at noon. I love having the shakes, but is it wrong for me to have them everyday?.

    Tonights Dinner; I am planning on making stuffed bells peppers tonight with Turkey meat, wild rice and salsa. Is that ok? not enough? Not to sure.

    Positive statement: Don't give up on yourself Connie. You will be so much happier when this is all over with and with the new you.

  • Hello All - I'm on day 5 and let me just tell you that the 5am alarm goes off too damned early!   This morning, I literally had an argument with myself to get my chubby ass out of bed for about 20 minutes (inside my head, I swear).  The good side won and am proud of myself for not giving in (like I've done sooooo many times in the past when trying to start a new program).  

    Workout planned: Upper Body

    Foods planned:  Protein Shake, egg whites/oatmeal, low-carb turkey chili and salad, protein shake, roast turkey breast/greenbeans

    snacks:  I've been doing well with the 100 calorie EAS protein shakes or cottage cheese/strawberries, so far. . . but I'm only on day 5, I'm sure I'm going to get tired of this fast.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today :  meal prep, make sure my meals are prep'd and ready for work and I know what I'm eating when I get home for dinner before the mindless munchies take over

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  I'm going though old cookbooks and the internet looking for healthy meals to put together a meal plan for next week - I'm trying to dummie-proof this as much as possible and eliminate all my excuses. . .bc I have sooooooooooooooo many when I get tired and cranky.  AND I'm putting together next weeks upperbody & lower body workouts so they're ready.  I'm sure I'm going to have an argument with myself every morning to get out of bed for a few weeks.  At least healthy, positive me can come back with . . . .  you already have the food and workout planned, it's not like you have to do any thinking.

    Positive statement about yourself: I keep repeating  "I can & I will" to myself. It seems to motivate me.  

  • Hello beautiful CCers! 

    Chubmom, thanks for sharing the info about the Nat'l weight loss registry…awesome, gives me a sense of relief that I won't be doing something wrong if I don't mix up my foods. Whew! And hey, so you failed the other night - sounds like you were thrown a curve ball. Bottom line: you recognized it and moved on. Kudos to you for writing it all down - that is huge. I have a myfitnesspal account and have re-started tracking everything - it really opens your eyes! And if you have a smart phone, it's at your fingertips 24-7. But girl, you have such a great attitude and the strength to not let one bad moment stop you from your goal!

    Gina, I'm also going to stay off the scale for a bit. That is great advice from everyone! I'm going to weigh in every 2 weeks, when I take updated pics (as I'm still cringing at that thought). Regarding the protein shakes, I'm going to give it a try - adding a scoop of it to fruit (Chubmom gave me the idea). Giving it a whirl as my last meal of the day, starting next week.

    Tiredothis, props to your attitude "everything has been really good…" loved reading that! Keep up the great work :) Stuffed peppers sound delish…ah, who am I kidding, any food sounds good to this shorty!

    Wantn2bahotmama & feeling lost, helllllooooooooo! Feeling lost, no more getting discouraged. You've got this - and hey, if you can help your family by helping yourself, it's a win-win! We're all here for ya :) Wantn2bahotmama, NICE WORK on getting your ar$e out of bed! And with the planning - I soooo am going to do that this weekend. I'm with you on having everything in place so there is no excuse NOT to follow this. When I'm struggling to find the motivation to workout, I try to remind myself that in the grand scheme of things, the time spent working out is so small compared to the amount of time in a day. It's those damn inner-voices that get me. Sons a….NO MORE!

    Checking in. (Side note: I always seem to type novels…Aye yay yay) Yesterday was tough as I had to travel/eat out (plus, I had to take a photo and felt like crap after seeing it…my eyes, as usual, went directly to my thunder thighs). I did not get a workout in (grrrrrr), however I gave myself props for eating better than I normally would have at a restaurant. I had a salad, balsamic dressing on the side, with steak, cooked mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers…(good so far….and then….) goat cheese (a big weakness of mine). I also had a few bites of cheese garlic bread but then made my-size-2-sister eat the rest…and I had a few bites of my mom's sweet potato tots. So yes, failed but it could've been worse and today is a new day. I'm slightly nervous to dive into the program next week - only because of days like yesterday, where I'm out of my routine. I'm not going to let that set the tone, but I need to come up with a plan to hit that $h*t head-on next time!

    Workout planned: 30 min of running/crunches

    Foods planned: Breakfast - Fage 0% yogurt w/ Strawberry, coffee; Snack - apple; Lunch - 1 serving BFL oriental chicken salad with raw red pepper; Snack - apple; Dinner - 1 egg, whole wheat english muffin, almond butter; Snack - frozen peas.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today: As with each day, the "snacking" is something I have to get used to. I've always had 3 meals a day (and typically with large portions): breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have to buy better snack options, so thank you for the ideas everyone! VERY helpful. 

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: Does everyone change up their weight training routine from time to time? Or do you stick with the same exercises? I've heard you want to change up so your muscles get "confused" but as with my food, I like to find a few options and stick with them.

    Positive statement about yourself: (repeat) I'm healthy and able - there's no excuse not to workout and eat right. Do it for your family members who struggle with health issues. I can do this!!

  • Good morning everyone,

    I had a fairly good night last night. I walked about a mile in a half caring 2 pound weights. Not to sure what that will do but I do see a lot of people doing that. When I got home my husband asked if we could have baked chicken with cranberry sauce and broccoli instead of the stuffed bell peppers. I baked the chicken for a little over an hour in Chicken brother low sodium. As my 10 yr old was eating his piece he came and told me that his chicken was bleeding. Ok so now I am freaking out. I am poisoning my family. I made him drink a lot of water and he then just had a bowl of ceral. Needless to say this girl did not sleep at all last night making sure my family wasn't getting sick.

    Workout planned  All upper body today

    Foods planned i had scrambled eggs with pico de gallo for breakfast, Snack:protein shake with fresh strawberries: Turkey sandwhich on whole wheat with mustard lettuce and tomato. Snack: Fat free yogurt with strawberries. Dinner: Taco salad with ground turkey, lettuce, pico de gallo, avacado, fat free cheese.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today : GET MORE SLEEP

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share:  I tried walking before and after dinner and i prefer walking after dinner. I feel more relaxed. When I walk before dinner i feel sluggish after I eat.

    Positive statement about yourself: 3 days away from first weigh in, Keep it up, your doing great.

    Make today a great one ladies...The difference between can and cannot is only three letters. Three letters that can shape your life's direction.

  • Hi and good morning,

    Welll . . . . . last night, errrrrr. . . . not sooo good.  Got home, my 6 year old didn't feel like doing homework, so had to wrangle him in. . . .my husband's cranky . . . .BAM! Somehow I found myself with a handful of mini saltine crackers in my mouth.  Then the carb monster took over and there goes another few handfuls.  Drats!  The rest of the night. . . where I didn't "pig out", let's just say I didn't say "on program".  

    Typically I'm an "all or nothing" kinda person . . .  but I kept saying to myself this morning as I was trying to convince my chubby butt out of bed "progress not perfection"  .  . . . and this is day 6 of week one, I've done well so far, not perfect, but well.

    On a side note - I had cardio this morning, where just a few days ago, getting to 3.8 on the treadmill was difficult. Today, I was moving along at 4.5 without any issues.  It felt good. . I think next week I can start running. Note to self:  pick up a good sports bra this weekend.

    @tired: hang in there, hope your family's ok.

    @Eshorty:   yuummmmmm, chheesse breeaddd (said in voice of Homer Simpson).  Your size 2 sister sounds "too thin", you were just helping her ; ) hahahahaa

    Gina: hang in there, please don't get discouraged.  I have a friend who had trouble losing the weight on the scale despite her eating right and exercising. . . but after about a month, she dropped 12 lbs all at once, it was like her body was holding on as much as it could, then it realized it wasn't going to win.  

    Tomorrow is my free day and I'm sooooo looking forward to sleeping an extra hour!