Cottage Cheese Club...starting first challenge Feb 25th join in!!

  • So you want to join the CC club do ya? Well it has a double meaning...the first being the obvious, and in my humble opinion, not the tastiest, cottage cheese is a great source of protein and it is about to become part of my diet whether I want it to or not. Second meaning and I would go as far to say a must for anybody wanting to be a part of our little "check-in" club, you gotta have some junk to get in here and it can be in the trunk if you want or the hips or you can just as well have it all over the drumsticks. I myself, have the cottage cheese just about everywhere below the belt when the sun hits me at just the right angle or those lovely fluorescent lights they put in the change rooms to torture me. But by the end of my challenge I hope to officially be a part of the “eating-only” CC club....join me if you want for some extra laughs and support through this up and down BFL challenge. If you want to check in daily or weekly it's all up to you but it's great to have somewhere to go and chat about your BFL day when your family gets sick of you talking about it. So give a little background and let us know what your challenge goals are and when you have a struggle we can help each other through it!!

    So myself, did BFL 10 years ago and loved it, got in great shape, everything was fine until I got pregnant again and the vicious hormone monster took over and I let it slip away. Been paying most Weight watcher leaders and receptionists salaries for the past 6 years with nothing really to show for it. Have no problems with working out and just finished a few months of Crossfit, which I love and that has helped peel some of the onion(Bill Phillips analogy for all u old school chaps like me) but I need more. My eating habits suck and when I say suck I don't mean that most days I nibble on carrots and order salads when I go out to restaurants but sometimes I order a full fat when I say my eating sucks I mean(confession time), pizza, beer, slurpees(yes there are adults that drink these)wings, bread, bread, bread, white bread, cookies, french fries..oh and did I mention bread? of course this is not all in one day, I try to spread it out over the week. Who can resist an ice cold Cdn 67 beer in a glass bottle with a beautiful steak set before them? Obviously not yes this is why I am contain that out-of-control appetite down to ONE day a week. I've done it before so I know it's big food challenge for me, workouts is just taking it and pushing it a bit harder and dropping 25-30lbs off my a$$...and not letting my 40’s slip by like I just let the 30’s....Ch1 Day 1....


    When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

  • I would love you join your CC Club.  I am one that let my 30's and 40's slip on by me. I am one of those who hate to eat. That is why i gain my weight. I am happy with just having breakfast and that keeps me happy until the next day. I am a mother of 3 girls and 1 son. My youngest is 10. My daughters are all grown and moved out with families of their own.  Before I had my son I was able to lose about 30 pounds on Lindora. Then once I had him my whole body just shut down. I only gained 10 pounds with him but fast forward 10 yrs today and I have gained about 35. I need to lose from my shoulders down. We just got a new house with a pool and to this day I will not even go in the spa because of the way I look. I am a wine drinker and to confess I love Tequilla... I will look forward to my free day. Just to have a shot or two.....or three hahaha. I started the BFL today and all I can tell you is that I am starving. I have done the breakfast and snack so far, but 12:00 can't get here soon enough for me. I hope this is a good sign. As for exercise I will be doing it at night. I get up right now at 3:30 to get ready for work so it is impossible for me to get up any earlier (sorry but I can't).

    I appreciate the invite to join your club.  I am in.

  • You are speaking my language chubmom72! I'd love to be a part of the CC club.

    A little about me: I'm short (5'3") and have been overweight pretty much since high school (I'd say by about 50 lbs at the most). I don't have kids so that is a weight struggle unknown to me. However, I am really starting to see the age/weight struggle (I'm 35 and what has worked for weight loss in the past just isn't cutting it anymore). I don't mind exercising as I've always been athletic, but then will eat too much and completely disregard the hard work I did in the gym. And weekends are my biggest downfall. During the week, when I have my job and a routine, I do great - but then Friday rolls around and I have such a hard time (totally my fault)...then beat myself up on Sunday nights. It's a constant battle and I have no doubt that I have food addictions. I've tried BFL before but didn't make it all the way's a great program and I need to get back in the saddle. One of my concerns is how to do this without buying the Myoplex products - this gal is on a budget. I'm going to swap out the Myoplex for foods from the food list and hope that is fine??

    Enough rambling from me for now. Thanks so much for starting this was AWESOME to find your post today. I'm excited to have you (and tiredofthis22) along with me in this journey - it's difficult when the people in your daily life don't understand the struggle. Here's to dropping the chub!

    (I'm totally new to this forum there a setting where you have set up a group?)

  • Yayyyyy you gals for joining!!! It sounds like we all speak the same language and share similar struggles...EShorty I too, am vertically challenged and if I could only have 4 more inches I'd be a lean machine...but dems da breaks so let's be lean shorties together:) And wkends???!!! Well Friday to Sunday evening may as well be called free days cause that's what they were to me as well...and the guilt???? preaching to the choir sister!!! This is why I chose Sunday as my free day because any other day would just turn it into a free choose wisely wkend warrior!!!  Tiredofthis I can relate to the swimsuit phobia and just turned down a friend who wanted to do an underwater class you want me to get harpooned I asked her? Of course she weighs 90lbs soaking wet so she cannot relate. We have a cabin by a lake and every flippin Sept I vowed that it was my LAST FAT SUMMER...well that was 8 or 9 years ago. Support is definitely a key to winning this game so any problems we have let's get it out and try and come up for a solution. Every morning I will start  a Cottage Cheese thread and maybe I will just have some generic questions to keep us Tiredofthis how many glasses did you have last night?? LOL I think the key is to replace our bad habits with better habits and it happens overnight for some people and others it is a longer process we just have to agree to let each day go by and not let one bad meal turn into a day, one bad day into a week and one bad week turn into a month!!!! So Shorty you mentioned myoplex, well I'm not entering into the official challenge so I just went out and bought an organic protein powder from Costco and am going to make my own shakes. I know some people get down right die-hard with their food but I've done it in the past and it was difficult to transition after challenges. So I am trying to have a ration of 50-50 carb/protein ratio every meal...sometimes it might be 60-40 but at least a protein at every snack and meal. Alcohol is a hard one Tiredofthis, I love an ice cold beer any day of the week but I can say no to one pretty easy. You have to find your replacement. But for friends that have done the challenge that were bigger drinkers than me, cold turkey was their only way. Free day for the first month for me will be just that FREE...not a free meal a completely FREE day of eating whatever I want...only people that really struggle with food can understand how important that is to keep us going in the beginning but I do remember it gets easier and it becomes less of a free-for-all in the end. Alright SHUT ME UP ALREADY...anybody else that wants to join just post your life story and keep following us...will talk to you all tomorrow...let me know if you think I should just continue on this one thread cause it might make it easier than having to search for a new thread everyday.!!!! STAY STRONG CCers:)))))

    When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

  • ooohhhhhh, can I get in on this?!?!?! 

    Ok, I won't lie....I copied this from another 2.25.13 forum.  That's ok, right? 

    This is my second go-round, first being back in fall of 2005.  I finished the challenge and had awesome results!  Since then I've just done my own thing as far as working out goes....took up tennis--MAJOR FAT BURNER, running, SELF Challenge, Jackie Warner Videos, Spinning, Etc. HOWEVER, I slowly let the weight creep back on the last couple years... Then I got pregnant.  At my heaviest weight ever.  And I'm not ashamed to say--well, maybe a little--that I *might* have pulled a Jessica Simpson....ha!  Yeah.....My daughter just turned 4 months last week and is sleeping 10-12 consecutive hours through the night so it's high time I got back on a program.  Especially one like this; that I know will yield results!  I've been on WW since coming back to work 5 weeks ago.  All in all, I've already lost 40-some pounds since my delivery.  I have about 25 more to go to my "happy weight".  

    I'm feeling just fine on the program so far :-)  The WW really helped with the BFL eating, since I was already eating so well to begin with.  I'll miss a glass of wine (or two) when I want, but I can totally hold out for my free day.  

    Anyway, I'm really excited to be back on BFL!  I really think I'm going to rock it.  :-)  

    That reminds me....I need to take my before photo!  And measurements.....  

  • Hi Gina!!! Sounds like you are pulling a Jessica Simpson with the weight loss as well!! Good for you. You are more than welcome to join us... I started a new thread for our check-ins you'll find it here:

    I am going to keep the same link going for now on and whomever wants to join in you will find us all up there^^^^^^^^ See you there!!!

    When the world says, "Give up,"
    Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

  • Hi gals! Wow, seriously…it gives me such relief to finally have found people who GET IT (big sigh of relief). I've decided that I'm diving in 100% next week. As for this week, I'm going to re-read my BFL book and focus on meal plans. If I don't, I know I may struggle - this gal needs to have ducks in a row vs. winging it. I'm focusing on following the meal plans and doing cardo workouts (I am at the tail end of training for a 5k so I need to keep running - preferably without intervals! The event is next weekend so I will be fine once I make it through this week).

    Tiredofthis, I love wine - red wine is my weakness (mainly on the weekends with the occasional glass on a week night). Sure, I can go without, but after a hard week, I view it as a reward (I need to stop viewing wine/food as a reward…I mean seriously what the heck?!!). Looks like it's red wine only on my free days from now on. As for tequila - yea, cheers to that - it's my favorite shot…and when you mix it in a good old Margarita, I'm done. Free days only from here on out! Speaking of free days - I'm not sure what I'll do. It will either be on Saturday or Sunday (chubmom, I definitely like your Sunday rationale). I'm toying with the idea of mixing it up, depending on what I have going on. Do you think that would be bad? I will follow the program the other 6 days. In my past, I've had the mentality that if I didn't workout on a regular basis, my weekend was shot and that I would re-start it all the following week. It did me in - the mental games were ridiculous and I'm putting a stop to them right now. I found a great quote on Pinterest: "A year from now you may wish you had started today." Let's just change that to "3 months from now you may wish you had started today (especially with summer right around the corner!)" Side note: must avoid looking at recipes on Pinterest. Holy geez that gets me.

    Chubmom, I busted out laughing at your harpoon comment. Your humor is top notch! I am a firm believer that laughing through the tears will help greatly. And here here ladies - bathing suits…..ugh. When I walk by "that section" in Target I just want to cry. And yes, I can't even tell you how many times I've told myself the same thing - last fat summer, next summer it will only be tank tops and cute skirts/dresses (I've completely sworn off shorts), next year at this time I'm going to be my dream weight, next year at this time blah blah blah. Well, we're going to do it! This summer is the summer of flaunting our fabulous selves. Cabin life is all around me, too (my mom has one, sister has one, friends have them). When it comes time to put on the bathing suit to swim/sun/boat - yeah I cringe. Throw down a few drinks and with my liquid courage, I'll partake - oy vey. Tiredofthis, I have a pool, too - only I have to share it with a bunch of people in my condo building. Hence the reason why I get in early and leave before the rush…I'm envious of the skinny gals who can strut around like it ain't no thang.

    Chubmom, what are you mixing with your protein powder? I'm a fan of Vega One so maybe I'll pick up a tub of that. Before I buy it though, do you have any advice on what to look for - like a certain amount of protein? Calories? Fiber? All that jazz? I have a fear of buying the wrong stuff and gaining weight because I didn't "follow the rules".

    Now it's time to hop on the other thread you started today (I think both threads are great…you make the call if we should keep both or stick to one, Chubmom). Again, thanks so much!! I agree, supporting each other is going to be key. My ending thought for the day: THE FREE DAY IS COMING, THE FREE DAY IS COMING!!

    EShorty out….for now :)

    ----- And welcome Gina! Yesssssss, another inspiration for me. So excited you are on here!! Congrats on your baby girl and losing 40 pounds already...sheesh, that is amazing!!