Third times a charm! getting started again

  • Well here I go again.....have fallen off the Body for life wagon twice....let hope this ones sticks...could use all the support I can get.

    Have a great ride :)

  • You will do great! Just focus on one day at a time......You can do it!


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 18-29

  • Thx day at a time.....I will do it!

  • Heading into Week 3.

    Here is progress so far.

    Week 2 - gained about 3lbs not sure what that means

    Could be i'm still not eating correctly....shheesh

    My motivation was low the start of the week, but only missed 1 cardio workout.....feeling pretty good about that.

    My food was off track and I'm stuggling with those darn cravings.

    not going to give up.....also managed to increase to 15 lb dumbbell, for a few of my feeling good about that as well.


  • Greetings karensgreatbody,  I believe you can do this challenge and succeed this time.  Do a little more on the planning phase,  try to get some approved fruits in your diet when those cravings occur and be sure to drink lots of water and spread out those 6 smaller meals throughout your day if you can. Hold those special cravings for your free day and pick just one or two a week to indulge in on that day only. Sounds like you are on track and don't let the scale confuse you it is only one of the the tools for measuring progress.  Keep Moving Forward up there in Canada!!!

  • Hi WPBill, Thank kindly for the encouraging words....they really do help. So far so good!!!!  Seems my eating habits are causing me a little more frustration than I had hoped.  Why is it everybody else appears to have lost weight, although I have increased by almost 5lbs....(trying hard not to get on that darned scale, but even my Jeans are tighter...not liking that at all).  Will take this Sunday to prepare and plan meals for the upcoming it sure will be nice to let go of some of this FAT!. Have a wonderful day.  How are you doing with the BFL Program?'s darn cold here in Canada, looking forward to spring. :)

  • Karensgreatbody,

    You can do it. I am only at week one of my first challenge ever and I refuse to look at the scale. I am a very muscular woman and Body for Life incorporates strength training that burns fat and builds muscle. I have faith we will loose the fat as the weeks continue and we stick to our eating plan. Muscle weighs more than fat!

    Every time I don't plan enough ahead or don't pack food, I get hungry and frustrated. Keep it up!


  • Hi Hallie Bug, Wow, so wonderful you've decided to give BFL a start. :)  I know you will do it!


  • I have had the same problem... How is it going for you now??  I need accountability-  as life seems to always take over!!

  • Hi All, Things are starting to progress during week 3 so far:

    I can actually feel my body starting to change, and today was the first day I've noticed any sort of change at all. :) I feel stronger.

    Still having trouble with cravings, and meal portion's.....not doing that well in this case.  But decided to begin with preparing all my snack foods for the day in little containers.  And the kicker's actually working.

    On the weight/scale front....I wish I could stay away from that darned scale, as it brings me nothing but grief....although on one happy note today when I got on it my weight didn't go up as it has been doing for weeks.  I had actually lost a few pounds.  So feeling good about that too.

    Here's what I realized so far...If you can manage to stick to it for the first three weeks, I think the body crosses a barrier of sorts.  So keep up the great work everybody, don't give up and don't give in.....and when you do, or if by chance you don't do as well as you thought you should have....dig a little deeper, and let your mind and thoughts and self talk just jabber on AND GO WORKOUT ANYWAYS.

    Enjoy this beautiful day Karh