Concerned about time between last and first meal.

  • I'm currently in my second week, beginning 3rd, and so far I love it. I'm noticing little changes already, which is getting me pumped for more. However, I wake at 5:30 AM, and my work out is finished by no later than 7 AM, given that my gym doesn't open till 6. Myoplex has become my breakfast of choice, which takes no time as I use the pre-made ones. So, breakfast at 7, which puts my last meal at 3 PM, baring any meals I eat late due to travel, etc. Take away the 7-8 hours I sleep, and that still leaves quite a bit of time between first and last meals.

    Do I need to add a meal, or eat a low fat snack before bed? Changing my workout time isn't really an option, as past 8 or so in the morning it's past impossible in my little local gym, as it's far to crowded to maintain a good BFL rhythm.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • I'd skip the myoplex shake in the morning and consumed a LARGE meal after working out that will hold you until Noon. Then just eat every 3 hours until the end of the day. Your metabolism is still working a ton after working out so eating a big meal will only keep it going. Maybe a schedule like this.

    Meal 1- LARGE meal at 8AM

    Meal 2- LUNCH - 12PM

    Meal 3-  Protein shake- 3PM

    Meal 4- Dinner- 630PM

    Meal 5- Protein Shake- 9PM

  • Thanks for your response. For clarification, what would you consider to be a large meal, in accordance with BFL guidelines?

  • Could be anything really....Just going off of a wim...

    2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites

    1 whole wheat toast with PB

    1 piece of fruit.



    1 Avocado mixed into the tuna for "Mayo"

    1 whole wheat pita wrap

    1 piece of fruit

    Just mix and match. i'd say make your breakfast the largest meal of the day (calorie wise) and dinner the smallest because you are working out so early. I mean just try something new every week and adjust it until you are seeing the results you want. I use MyFitnessPal APP for computer and Iphone. It tracks everything. If you have it, or get it feel free to add me on there as a friend so you can see my meals.     --     DomFruch02   (MFP account name)

  • This is how I have been doing my meals and it works for me

    8:00 - meal 1 -breakfast

    10:00- meal 2 snack

    12:00 meal 3 lunch

    3:00 meal 4 snack

    6:00 meal 5 dinner

    9:00 meal 6 snack

    I usually work out around 4 or 7.

    Good luck!!

  • It is strongly recommended that you have six meals, not five. And spacing them out more then three hours (except when asleep) goes against the program, because it will mess with your metabolism. The key is to feed the fire, on cue, at preset times. Obviously life gets in the way sometimes, but it's doable.

    If you're first meal is at 7, this could be a possible mealplan-

    7- Meal 1 (Which can be Myoplex- it's made to be a meal replacement, the first meal is fine too. Especially after lifting, the liquid protein is quickly absorbed into your system, giving your muscles that boost they really need).

    10- meal 2

    1- meal 3

    4- meal 4

    6- meal 5

    9- meal 6

    I have mine spread either 2.5 or 3 hours, depending on the day. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for everyone for responding. I'm going to shift my meals to 3 hours apart, except for breakfast, and see where that takes me. Thanks again!