Virgin BFL-er

  • I just started today 2.20.13, did the sign up and did my first workout.  Still reading the book and will need to learn the nutrition part of it.  I am at an all time high weight of 203 this AM and feel tired, depressed and am very dimply.

    Now the good news... with your help and guidance I WILL lose this weight and find me again!  Anyone want to join in?  I think... I know, we need each other.

  • PackerGirl - you're welcome to join in with our group. We started on the 18th (hence the thread title - "Starting 2/18"), so we're probably on the closest schedule to yours (most groups start on Monday). Or you could treat this week as "warm-up" while you finish the book and get a handle on the nutrition end, then join BallOfGoof who's starting on the 25th (in the thread "Starting 2/25/13 - who's with me?").

  • Congrats on your decision to make a change for the better.  There's a lot of people on the board willing wo help you with any questions you will have.  I started my challenge on 1/28/13, and I think I've been abandoned by my group.  I can't get anyone to respond, so I've been feeling a little alone in this.  It really helps to have a group I think, so I'd have my official start on a Monday.  Good Luck!

  • Welcome to BFL Packergirl and I wish you the best on your Challenge and hope you get in with a great starting group.  I won't start mine this year until 8 April due to gym cogestion still lingering on but thinning out now. Keep MOving Forward and be sure to ask for help and inspiration when you need it from the forum!!!

  • Welcome!  You have already taken a huge step by reaching out to the forum for support.  Keep up the positive attitude and you will do great!

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45