Starting 2/25/13 - who's with me?

  • I am glad to be here.....I agree...sounds like a good group!  I was SO discouraged by my photos..... disgusted, too.  I haven't told anyone I am doing this except my dear friend who happens to be my hairdresser as well. She did it 10 years ago and had great results. I went and got some videos today and have been viewing some cardio and weight workouts on On Demand through our cable company.  I am actually thinking of joining  the local rec center around the corner which offers membership monthly.  I have purchased the BFL For Women as well as the Champions version and its chuck full of great info and motivation.    We're on our way!!! I am moving on from that person who was in those photos!!!

  • Hi mamakat and everyone else. I imagine that it must be hard working and having three boys. Well done.  I was your age and had three girls when I completed the first 12 weeks of BFL.  So far the first three days have gone well, but today I haven't managed to get my weights workout in due to work and family demands today. So a bit disappointed but I'm just going to carry on tomorrow and do the lower body weights that I missed today and cardio. So at least it's been done even if its not in the correct order. I've eaten we'll though. What I don't want to do is to use set backs as a way to give up. I so admire everyone who gets up early to do the workouts, I just haven't been able to do that so far. But really feel that that is the way forward with the success of this programme.

  • Hi All - 31 year old Male with a desk job. I am 5'10 and at 200 lbs and hope to hit 180 by the end of the 12 week challenge. Glad to find this forum! I have done well eating "clean" so far but will admit that today I am very hungry. I just ate my weight in green beans.

  • I pushed a little too hard after my hernia surgery..... Should've been more patient, but I will now. I'll still keep up with this group.  It is a very good forum (this one) and BFL is a lifeline for me.  I'll be back soon.

  • I started the same day.  I had a BAD 2 weeks.  My week usually start off well and it's all down hill by Thursday.  I'm looking to turn that around this 3rd week and get on track.  I did BFL in 2009 and lost 20 pounds.  The past year or so I've been putting it all back on and I'm back to the same weight that made me start BFL back then.  New factors - I'm going out WAY more than ever, post-divorce.  Food, alcohol and not working out like I should. I'm over 30 now too.  

    So where is everyone and how has it been going??