Starting 2/25/13 - who's with me?

  • This will be my third go-round with BFL, and as they say, the third time is a charm.  (Or so I hope)

    Had moderate success with my first and second attempts, but never completed the full twelve weeks.  Very determined to lose the weight, as my husband and I would like to start a family this year, but I'd like to lose some weight first.  I found that when I was active on the forums, I held myself more accountable for my diet and progress.

    All the participants here are super supportive, so I'm looking forward to jumping back in.  I've been half-heartedly following the program for the past month or so, but I need to buckle down and go whole hog!

    Anyone else with me? =)

  • Hi Ball of Goof!

    WOW!  It has been 3 years since I completed my first BFL challenge!  I managed to lose 20 pounds the first challenge.  I did  regain some of those 20 pounds, started eating clean again and lost that and more.  I am down to 165 from starting at 198 back in 2010.  I'm back for more and to actually FINISH my fitness goal of getting and staying in shape!  

    Although I have a target weight loss of 30 pounds I am more focused on the shape of  my body than the number on the scale!  That will be my true success! I left my original profile post below to remind myself of what inspired me to do the challenge in the first place.  Even though it has taken me this long to come back; perseverence will prevail! :-)

    There are a couple "starting 2/25/13" threads.


  • @ballofgoof.  I am starting with you on 2/25/13.  I haven't visited BFL since 2001.  I had a great transformation.  I never bothered to send any pics in but it was great.  Fast forward, loss of brother, mother, a baby, and most recently a divorce...IT IS TIME TO FOCUS ON ME.  

    Good luck, see you on W1D1!

    DONT GIVE UP...and don't look back.


  • I'm starting Monday, too.  Started a challenge last year, lost 20 lbs, got bored, gained it back.  This is the story of my life.  Hoping to stick with it this time!

  • Hi! I am starting today, sunday Feb. 24th as I too, want Saturday as my free day. I tried the challenge a couple of years ago and made it to week 8 with some good results. Too much stress in my life at the time and I gave up. I am very ready now though and would love to share success stories, tips and encouragements with you all. I am a 40 year old woman, 4 kids and presently weigh 133.1 lbs. I used to be very thin, naturally and the last 3 years I have gained 24 lbs and can't lose it. My doctor says it is almost completely stress-related and my health has really paid the price. I have made some drastic, positive changes in my life however and want the best, healthiest body of my life. Looking forward to this!


  • I am starting on Monday. About six years ago I completed the 12 weeks and achieved fantastic results. So I know that it can be done. It was very hard work and required a lot of self discipline. My main motivation is that I am getting married in 13 weeks and I have a lovely dress but need a lovely body to go in it.

    I am going to have day one as my cardio session as it suits my life style better and will do that first thing in the morning and upper and lower body workouts I will do in the afternoons.

    One of things that I remember from last time was that  I planned everything in advance and kept extensive notes. I also recall only noticing visible changes from week 8 onwards, when suddenly day by day my body started to change. So I know that patience is required.

    I would be very happy to be part of a support group of any members starting Monday 25th February.

  • Group,

    I too am ramping back up this week. I noticed that so far ladies have responded to this thread...anyone shy or not interested in the other side joining in. I would understand if that is the case.

    Like some who posted here...I tried BFL about a decade ago and did not follow through. Then Jan 9th last year I tried it with a dedicated group of bloggers on this web site ‘the 9-ers’ who pulled most of us through with good results. That group is now dormant and some are on in other forums that I post to occasionally. But I would like to post with a group following the same timeline to assist us all with staying on track.

    My history, about mid-2000 (say 2006), was heavier than I ever had been. My weight was topping out at 252. The highest before that was around 228. Lots of travel and eating out with no exercise did that to me.

    I was able to drop about 20 pounds on my own to around 234 and stayed there for about four more years. Still not feeling like I should, I picked up the BFL book again and logged on to this web site last year. That year got me to 200 pounds and I felt strong with some muscle definition but not muscle bound. It was a great year.

    The last couple months I find that I am starting to revert back to some old nasty habits and am gaining again… 206 now and probably some more fat than the scale says due to some muscle loss.

    So, I have re-dedicated my workout activity and am starting it up again.

    Anyway, enough about me...good luck to all and I will see you on the site hopefully with lots of smiling results.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I'm on board!  First time BFL 'er. Found your post Tabitha to be inspiring.  I am a 46 year old mom of three boys, work in Pediatrics and I am SO ready for a change! I will be a regular here with you all and look forward to taking this journey with you!!

  • Ok - I'm in.  I read all of your posts and this sounds like something I want to be a part of (this group of people).  I have done the challenge before and had great results.  But I found out in December that I had a hernia - I had surgery in late January so it's been about 4 weeks.... I know I need to go slow, but if I am NOT working this program, I eat too much, drink too much beer, gain weight, and lose self esteem.  Anyway, here's what I gleaned from what I read:

    There is something in each of your posts that we can ALL take onboard (perserverence, focus on ourselves, reduce stress, rededicate our lives).....  Ok - I have no need to fit into a wedding dress, and I am NOT going to start another family!!  But I do need support and it helps to feel like I've helped someone else.  

    I'm 55 and I sit a desk all day long. I've weighed as much as 210 (at 5'6) and have gotten down to as low as 180.  Starting this one at 192.  I guess my goal is .....  is ..... 170 ??  Maybe even 165 - but then I want to STAY THERE !  I will check in frequently - I can not not do this. I can not wait another week to start even if I have to start slow....

    I look forward to getting to know you all.

  • I am new to BFL and today is day one for myself and husband. So far everything is going really well except I am really hungry. I am not an eater, I have never been one. I know that is why I gain weight because I have shut my metabolism down. Now with eating 2 meals already and I now counting down until I get to eat again. I am drinking the water but I think I might have turn the metabolism on and let me tell you it is working. I have been reading all of your posts and I think we all can relate one way or another to each other. I look forward to more post to read. Good luck everyone

  • Ok, I'm in!! Today is my first day and I'm really excited! This will be my first BFL round. I've had a few friends who saw great results. I really want to do stick with this and be proud of myself in 12 weeks for doing the very best I could! I have a total of t 50 pounds to loose and realize I won't loose it all in 12 weeks, but hopefully I will learn to change my eating habits and get in shape. Here's to the next 12 weeks!

  • It's coming to the end of my first day, and I can't say it's been a great start. I managed half my cardio because I'm using a cross trainer which is in my summer house, but it was freezing down there as the heater was broken despite me going at some pace. I was disappointed. I will be doing my weight sessions in a local gym though.

    A bit about me.... I live in the uk, am 51 with three daughters and am getting married on 25th May. I'm 5 ft 6 inches and currently weigh 150 lbs. I would like to be at 135 lbs in 12 weeks. That being said I am realistic that a number on the scale is less important than feeling firm and well toned. Last year I had got myself into very good shape with a personal trainer and carefully watching my diet. However just when I looked in the mirror and thought that I was looking good I started to let my good habits slip again. I only have myself to blame for being all or nothing, something that I'm sure others can relate to.

    As I recall from doing BFL last time was that the first two weeks were the hardest because you need to establish a new routine and structure. Also it takes a bit of adjustment to getting the weights at the correct level to reach the desired failure of the muscle.  Perhaps we all need to remember that even if we don't get off to a perfect start, it is better to have started imperfectly than not at all.

  • It's February 26th......  Where are you all??  Day 2 is a hard one - make it through THIS DAY (I'm talking to myself as much as anyone else).  I was down 2 pounds this morning which is encouraging, but I know it wasn't like - burned fat or anything.... Hope you'll all work hard at this.  All of you sounded like you really wanted to make some life changes.  I need help - that's why I'm here..... So - let's hear from you!

  • Oh - I just wanted to tell Julie one thing:  This is HARD WORK.  But if you put in the effort, the serious effort, it is totally rewarding, totally worth it

  • I usually stay "anom" on message boards--more of a lurker.  Mostly because people can be so rude to one another!  Happily, this doesn't sound like that kind of place :-)

    This is my second go-round, first being back in fall of 2005.  I finished the challenge and had awesome results!  Since then I've just done my own thing as far as working out goes....took up tennis--MAJOR FAT BURNER, running, SELF Challenge, Jackie Warner Videos, Spinning, Etc.  Then I got pregnant.  :-)  And I'm not ashamed to say--well, maybe a little--that I *might* have pulled a Jessica Simpson....ha!  Yeah.....My daughter just turned 4 months last week and is sleeping 10-12 consecutive hours through the night so it's high time I got back on a program.  Especially one like this; that I know will yield results!  I've been on WW since coming back to work 5 weeks ago.  All in all, I've already lost 40-some pounds since my delivery.  I have about 25 more to go to my "happy weight".  

    I'm feeling just fine on the program so far :-)  The WW really helped with the BFL eating, since I was already eating so well to begin with.  I'll miss a glass of wine (or two) when I want, but I can totally hold out for my free day.  

    Anyway, I'm really excited to be back on BFL!  I really think I'm going to rock it.  :-)  

    That reminds me....I need to take my before photo!  And measurements.....