• Today Feb 18, 2013 is day 1 for me. I'm super excited.  I know in the weeks to follow my willpower will be tested. How do YOU keep your willpower strong to complete your 12 weeks of Body For Life?

  • Accept the hiccups, illnesses, pulled muscles and missed sessions as a result. Planning is everything... And week 7 will test you sorely! The photos are important, save your shoot till week 6 to give you the continued motivation. I'm just over the 'hump' week, it's a challenge to stay the distance but worth it... Good luck!

  • You will have days where you really dont want to go, the days you feel like that just seriously take a minute and think why you are doing the challenge and the goals you have. I want to go on holiday and not feel embarrassed walking around the pool, so when I have a moment where I fancy not going, I just imagine how I would feel, makes me get off my *** and down to the gym.

    I agree with the above post, mid week 6 now and really starting to see the results now, cant wait to compare the photo's.

    Also, the diet is the key,you can never out train poor food, just think about what you are eating.

    Keep me posted, I have a thread I update most days, helps me stay focused.

  • Thanks Gus Mac. Congrats for making it to and past the 'hump' week. What you said about accepting the hiccups etc is huge for me. In the past I would mess up and stop completely instead of just continuing to move on. Appreciate the advice!

  • Thanks RAF_Ric. Great advice on keeping your reasons for doing this at the front of your mind. I will do that for sure. I'm going to print out all my reasons and put them up on a few walls in my house. I love working out but I'm not as good at sticking to a clean diet. I will remember your words about not being able to out train a poor diet. That is so true. I don't want to waste my workout sessions! I too want to feel good about myself hanging out by the pool on vacation! Appreciate the advice!

  • You're very welcome, here is the link to my blog/thread


    Help me stay motivated writing a diary of sorts.


  • Okay..  I might be the odd person out, but I took pics every two weeks.  Seeing even the small differences made it easier for me to keep going.  Without actually SEEING the results every two weeks it would have been hard for me to stay motivated.  The other huge piece of advice I can offer is to prepare your meals ahead of time.  Nothing will mess you up quicker than being unprepared with your meals.  If you have them prepared for the day ahead of time, it's harder to justify eating something different (as in bad).  

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • I take measurements, especially of my belly, regularly. I didn't see much change in the pictures last challenge, but watching my diameter shrink was a boost. It's probably good to monitor yourself several different ways, 'cause when one looks stagnant, another might show progress.

    The other big thing for me is being active in one of the groups in the "Getting Started" area (ours also started Feb 18 - come join us in the "Starting 2/18" thread!). Everyone helps motivate everyone else. You hit a day you just want to quit, then you read someone else in your group talking about how they felt like taking a day off but pushed through it, and you get a boost - "they did it, so can I!"

  • All wise words from the above people! I find that being actively involved in a thread makes me accountable for my actions of the day...when I want to skip out or cheat a bit, I think about how it is going to affect my group! I know it isn't a great motivation, but it works for me! And the bigger lesson of BFL is getting out of our ruts and doing our lives in a different fashion than we have been doing...and that takes a bit of re-programming and re-training of ourselves. This re-education is a matter of repitition, so anything you can do to make it stick in your life is to your advantage.

    I am in the middle of week 5 now, I am in the groove of exercise and PLANNED eating. This is now my norm. Just do it for a day, and then do it for another day, and then do it for another day, etc. Good Luck!

  • Champion! Wow! Thanks for the advice. I had to go to a work lunch meeting yesterday so I ate my planned\prepared lunch before going so I wouldn't be as tempted. It worked! If I didn't have my lunch prepared and ready for me to eat I would have been hungry at the meeting and possibly failed. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  • Awesome, thanks! Checking out the Starting 2/18" thread now!

  • Thanks a lot BobbyA, re-programming doesn't come easy for me but I am working at it one day at a time like you said. Even one moment at a time. Trying to string consecutive victories together. Then next thing you know we'll all be in the shape we want to be in. Thanks man!

  • Greetings BobbyA,   All of the above have some great advice.  I did find that putting a picture of your before photo on the fridge or a cubboard in the pantry helps to keep one motivated and away from extra goodies at times.  Writing your goals in your journal and planning ahead for the week help a great deal and learning to go around or over obstables is a big help in the long run.  I always use the BFL  Success Journal that I get on line (esite) to help me to stay on track and that has helped me a lot the past two challenges I've done.  Not a champion yet but still I keep on trying. Way to GO BobbyA!!! Keep MOving FOrward!!  (perhaps a special calender will help too with room for daily notes and thoughts) and of course be sure to ask for support and advice from the forum too!

  • @DRTBZ

    AWESOME planning!  Another small piece of advice for those types of meetings is to take a healthy snack (or even your HEALTHY meal) in with you so you don't feel tempted to cheat when someone sees you not eating and offers you something. Because there will always be people who offer and encourage you to eat whatever they offer.  

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45