Starting 4th March 2013 - anyone in with me?

  • Hi All,

    I am starting on 4th March 2013 anyone in to share this journey with me?

    A little bit about me:

    I am 5'9'' and I weight 83Kg. Probably about 24-26% bod fat. I am not new lifting weights so I have a fair bit of muscle on me which I like but with my fat weight gain (about 35lb at least) i do feel very bulky and i dont like it.

    How did I get here?...well in 2009 I started taking bodybuilding seriously, decided to compete in a natural figure class and started my competition diet.

    I ate well for 3 months and trained really hard...or at least that is what looked like to me...infact I underate and overtrained for 3 months...but I ll get there in a minute.

    So in 3 months I had great results, I was so happy I never been so slim in my life and I loved it, I still remember the day I bought a size 8 trousers...A.mazing feeling.

    However, as it turned out I never made it to the stage. Unfortunately I did come across a very unprofessional coach, but I will not go there in details a part from saying that what happened has messed up with my mind A LOT...and as a result I couldnt keep up with what I was doing anymore and i litterally just started eating everything i could get my hands on...needless to say my body just baloooned and I put on so much weight so fast I couldnt believe it. Yes I was eating a lot more but still not so much to justify that amount of weight gain.

    Since then I just tried and tried to get lean again...beating myself up for being weak and gaining all the weight back on. Nothing carbs, low carbs, low fat, hight fat...nothing works anymore. I damaged my metaboilism and my mind so much that my body doesnt respond to anything anymore. You can only imagine how frustrating that can be. All the cardio, all the dieting, all the clean food, all the missed meals out for what? for no results.

    It took me a few years to get my head around it but I know that my body needs recovery, and balance, and love.

    My plan is to do 12 weeks on a higher calories plan where my goal will be to recover properly and hopefully add some muscle, and recover , then start another 12 weeks where I will be slowly cut calories down to a small deficit to promote fat loss.

    The hardest thing for me, believe it or not will be to keep up the high calories for 12 weeks, because I tend to focus on how much weight I am losing, have I lost yet? etc...but for me at this stage is about focusing on recovery and the bigger picture.

    This time I am going to do it the right way. And this is where I want to start from.

    I am going to post pics and measurements and planning to keep tracking my progress at 4, 6, 8,10,12 weeks for both cycles.

    I am not sure if anyone has had a similar experience, but regardless of that I would love to share my journey with you.

    So...are you in?


  • Starting 2/24


  • Planning on starting 3/3.  I will watch for your pics. Best of luck!

  • Hi Ilyp,

    Me and my partner are starting Body 4 life today so we are just one day ahead of you. Stay in touch! We want to be part of the Body for Life Community and give support and get support. As a lifelong and college athlete, I totally relate to your bad experience! I under ate and over exercised most of my life, so I am in the same boat as you. My college basketball coach encouraged me to play in a game with a torn acl and I ended up blowing out my knee completely, I was on crutches for 12 weeks and gained a lot of weight.

    The key is don't let weight and body image control how you feel. I have continued to run for a long time, partially because I enjoy it but also because I am afraid of gaining weight. I know that by following the body for life workout plan and diet I will be fit and healthy. My reasons for doing body for life are to rest my knee and become as balanced mentally and physically as I've always wanted to be.

    Let me know how day one goes!


  • ilyp & Hallie,

    I can relate to some of what you have shared -  I competitively danced throughout my youth and college years and have never been overweight.  I have battled anorexia nervosa for the past 15 years (I'm currently 36 y/o), so I fully appreciate the "mind" aspect of "have I lost weight??", as well as the experience of a badly damaged metabolism and body.  I have spent the past two years putting on 20 pounds and working through my ED -- I'm 5'6" and currently weigh 121 lbs, which is the highest I've been since I was a freshmen in college! - This was also my "goal weight", so I'm feeling pretty motivated (and a little bit proud of myself!).  I have poor muscle development, and am as far from "in-shape" as I've ever been.  My goal now is to develop muscle and strength; to love, nourish, respect and exercise my body.  My ultimate goal is to be fit, strong and have energy.  My hope is to share in the encouragement and support of others along this BFL path, so count me in!

    Sending you all virtual good luck high-fives and love!


  • Hi All, I would also like to join in.I started March 4. I am so very ecited to do this challenge. I am 32 turning 33 in a few short weeks and have come to the point in my life where I need to start focusing on me a bit more. I am a Canadian who in the last year married an american and moved to te USA. Prior to my move here so much travel back and forth and streeses of moving. I gained over 30 lbs. Not to mention I am only 5'1. Now I weight 140. I was once 108-110 and I want to get back there and know I can with some support. Since Monday I have done really well. Followd the workout and eating has been ok too. I did find the stash of rice cakes today and had a bunch ( not the plan ). I find myself wanting sweets these days. I hope with my commitment and dedication I can loose these 30 lbs

  • Hey All,

    I am Just getting into the forums, but I started my first challenge on March 4th as well. It was just two days before my 26th birthday and seemed like as good a time as any. I am over 300lbs, so I am not expecting to be a poster model or anything as a result of these 12 weeks, but I am hoping it can set me on the right track for the rest of the year and then my life. We can do two more official challenges this year if we want to and I would like to see where all three can take me. It is a long way to go, but hey, we are at the end of our first week.

    How is everyone feeling after their first week?

    I am definitely feeling better and think I have lost a little weight. I even had a cupcake for my birthday on my free day without any guilt.

    Hope everyone can start week 2 strong and carry this on.

    Tim, (Southpaw3687)

  • Hi,  I also started on March 4th of 2013. First week was easy with little bumps but gotta finish it this time around. I just ordered the Muscle Armor and Betagen so let's see how my stomach takes it. I am in La Jolla , CA if anyone is around to workout together and build a support group.

  • Congratulations to everyone for still being here after week one :)  Jenn, I think its awesome you're taking the time out to take care of yourself - it sounds like the past year or so has been incredibly stressful for you!  I sure hope you didn't beat yourself up over the "unplanned rice cakes" (trust me, it could of been wayyy worse, lol.  My "unplanned foods" were on the opposite end of the allowed foods spectrum!).  And Tim, Happy (belated) birthday!  I am in awe of your motivation!  I commend you tremendously for your foresight, goals and above all, for allowing yourself a guilt-free cupcake!  I hope everyone is still plugging along alright.

    My first week was far from ideal; nonetheless, I hopped back on the saddle yesterday.  Things were ok Monday through Thursday, then Thursday I got some horrible news while at work (though, the news was unrelated to my job); the type of news that plummets your self-esteem, sense of self and makes you want to curl up in bed and never leave the house.  That said, I wound up having a sugar-fest of sorts Thursday night (frozen yogurt, candy, the whole works).  This was one of the first times I was able to plainly see and witness the direct connection between my emotions and food play itself out.  For so many years, I withheld food when dealing with emotions; the past several months, I've turned to sweets to deal with emotions (would love to find a happy medium, lol).  I laid on the couch all day Friday, somewhat wallowing in my own self-pity.  No daily workout -- I didn't overeat, but I didn't eat my "six meals either.  Sunday, I got off my butt (still didn't exercise) and cleaned the house, while attempting to build my self back up and move beyond the mortifying news I received on Thursday.   I'm also noticing that it really is important to plan out one's meals ahead of time.  I struggle a little bit with having to eat so often, but I'm trying.

    So, I'm back on track now - Tomorrow (March 13th) is the anniversary of my twin brother's death a few years ago - I'm certain he will help keep mind where it should be, so that I am GOOD to my body, not abusing it <3   I just want a healthy, strong body.  Cause trust me, when you go from underweight and add 20 lbs (without exercising or anything), all that happens is you are normal weight, but more out of shape than most people who are considered "overweight", but actually have muscle on their body.  Ok... now I'm rambling (sorry!).  

    I really hope everyone is holding strong!

    Life, light & love,


  • Over halfway through week two!

    How is everyone doing?

    Thank you Jen for the kind words and the cupcake was delicious. I am sorry for the bad new that you got last week and the slight derailment from plans, but no one is perfect. It is great to hear that you are back on track and I hope you have had a better second week so far. :-)

    Sorry JF Rodriguez, I am around Springfield, OH, but I am going to try to frequent this board quite a bit. Betagen seems to sit right with me (tastes pretty good too, just watch for settling), but I am not currently using muscle armor. Hope you find it sits well with you too.

    The rest of my family is getting a lot of sweets in the house as we get closer to Easter and they are getting pretty tempting. I am doing well with that so far though. but Starburst Jellybeans are one of my problem items. I usually stock up because they are a seasonal thing, but I know that they are just empty calories. I told myself I am going to try to avoid them this year.

    I had a few stumbles with trying to get in daily strength or cardio, but I was able to do it. (with one day rest.) One of my twelve week goals is to not miss an exercise and I am still on target for that. One thing I think I am doing too much of is checking the scale. I know that your bodyweight fluctuates throughout the day, but I think I should resolve to check it once a week at the beginning of my free day. Without focusing on that, I hope I can better plan my meals and exercises. I think it will also help with my attitude to not see it fluctuate so much. The important part is that I already feel happier, healthier, and more energetic.

  • @ southpaw3687 thanks for your feedback. Sweets ha? well we know it can be very tempting but remember we cannot have different results doing the same we were doing= definition of insanity. Keep plugging in and ask them to please keep the sweets out of your sight.  

    All; I read this today and i hope it helps.

    “Watch your thoughts; for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become habits. Watch your habits for they become your character. Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”

    ― Lao Tzu

    We are what we think.


  • Hey all,

    How is everyone doing finishing up week two?

    That is two down and as JF Rodriguez quoted we are forming our habits as we do this and shaping or destiny from it. Taking care of myself is definitely I need to make a habit of and I assume every one here would agree. I see some people in our group that need to lose weight, some that need to gain muscle and others that need to improve their overall health. If it truly takes 30 days to make something a habit, we are almost half way there.

    What kind of goals has everyone else set for themselves?

    My closest goal is  to get under 300lbs by the end of week 4. It seems like it can be attainable to me, but if it takes a bit longer it is still a good milestone to celebrate.

    Keep Building those good habits,

    Southpaw3687 (Tim)