Any 50ish women starting now?

  • Hi, I did BFL many years ago and was a bodybuilder in my 20s. I have since gotten into the worst shape of my life. I thought I could do this without outside support but that just isn't going to work. So if anyone out there is looking for a little extra encouragement feel free to jump in. Patty

  • I am reading the Body for Life for Women book right now and plan to get started this week.  I am 49.  

  • I started Monday so second day and am 51. Achieved great results about six years ago.

  • I will turn 50 this May, I am 15 lbs over-weight and flabby all over.  Glad I found this site, I have signed up and ready to get started tomorrow, Feb 27th !!!!

  • I am 51, and I'm in week 5, this is my first time doing BFL.   Even though my mind doesn't want to believe that I am in my 50's, my body has rebelled a little.  Like you, when younger, I was very toned and fit, although not a body builder.  I worked very hard at staying in shape.  

    Time has a way of sucking you into complacency, and I found myself with 30 lbs of extra weight and no energy.  It was a bit of a shock, starting such an rigorous exercise program. Early on, I was struggling with aching muscles and last week I had an issue with my back and also my knees.  Fortunately, I have a terrific chiropractor, and he got me back up and running, so to speak, although I refused to stop during all of that last week.  I just slowed down a little.

    I am slowly seeing positive changes in my body, and for the most part, have not been paying too much attention to what the scales say.  I think the weight loss will come, at least that is what every one else says. But I feel stronger, happier, I sleep better, and the aching muscles are a good feeling to me now.  I know that this program can easily become a way of life, so I have confidence that I will get to my goal, and once I do, I will work to stay there.  It feels too good not to.

    I wish you all the best success pattyinNH.  We can do this, and we will!!!!!!!!

  • I am 52, and I have started today. How is it going?

  • Hi Everybody, I'm AJ.  Count me in!  I just turned 49 and am going to make this my best year!  Did a successful challenge last fall, took a couple of active weeks off then started C2.  Unfortunately I crashed on my bicycle cracking a few ribs which slowed me to nearly a stop for about a month.  I'm ready to start again tomorrow.  Need to get my photos done today and finish prepping food for the week.  What is everybody eating?  I need new ideas.  Let me know how you guys are doing so far, I'd love to hear.  It really does help having a group to talk with.  


  • Hello all,   I am 48 years old and starting the 12 week challenge today.   I did this about 15 years ago just after a surgery that kept me on the couch for the 12 weeks.  Although I couldn't work out at the time, I still lost body fat and felt great after.    I didn't enter the challenge officially that time as I was only interested in staying healthy while I recuperated.   I had no idea how well I would do...

    This time, I am starting after 2 foot surgeries last summer that also kept me on the couch.   I started to lift weights 4-5 times per week in October and felt great.  In November I did the dirty girl mud run (3.2 miles with about 10 obstacles) with my daughter and some friends.  I felt so good after that.   I guess, I felt like i could just keep competing so I signed up for the Spartan Sprint Race (4.7 miles in the mountains with 15 grueling obstacles) on February 10th.   I spent most of January with the flu but tried to come back and do the race.   I did and it was grueling but fantastic at the same time.  Although, I ended up with a stress fracture in my foot and am once again limited in what I can do in terms of working out.   So I am working out with my husband about 3 days each week, doing workouts that don't require me to put too much pressure on my feet.  

    The weight training is already helping me see gains in strength. So I thought coming back to body for life and incorporating the eating for life plan would help jump start my body fat loss while making me lean out a bit. The eating plan makes all the difference in the world.  The eating for life cook book has some really tasty meals in there that I have continued to make these past 15 years.  

    My husband and I just became empty nesters and we generally eat pretty healthy to begin with although we go out to eat a few times each week and we love good food.....   So, I need the plan to keep me on track.    

    I am really looking forward to starting this challenge again all these years later.  Only this time,  I am entering the challenge.   I think it will help me stay on track for all 12 weeks.    

    I am really glad to know that there are others my age who are doing this as well.   I know for me, gaining those extra 10 pounds at this age is much harder to lose.  


  • Congrats to everyone for taking the Challenge! When I started the Challenge, I was 51 and  in pretty poor shape. After 12 weeks, I was in better shape than in my 20s. This is a fabulous program and will change your life completely.  Keep up the great work! If you have any questions, I am am always here for you.

    Carolyn Aragon

    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 46+

  • Hi Patty, I need some encouragement I'm 51 and on day 51 not seeing a lot of change. My first week I lost 5lbs not sure how  but scale hasn't moved since.  My eating has been good and not going over board on free days at all.  Think I need to turn my weights up a notch. Anyway I look forward to this journey with everyone.