Running outside

  • I love to run outside with my dogs.  They heel offleash beside me the whole time so I believe I should still be able to do the BFL run without them bothering it.


    My question for all of you is how do you measure and push your intensities without the treadmill?  On the treadmill it seems so easy because you simply up your speed every minute and the timer is right in front of you.  I would really like to continue running outside, any suggestions?



  • I have an interval timer and just run intervals, like 60 seconds all out then 30 or 60 seconds recovery jog. It beeps when I have to change speeds. I do these intervals for the 20 minutes. Or maybe your watch has a timer?

  • Megs33 - I bought 2 CD's from Chris Cary (long time BFL participant) at and loaded them on to my i-pod. There are 4 levels on the "Open Road" CD so it should cater for everyone with the correct timing for each interval identified through a change in music tempo (all music is written by Chris, a very talented guy). The other CD was the "Rockin' Iron Weight Training" which also works well but I do find that the intervals are too short for the exercises (mostly free weights) I normally do as there is not enough time to change the weights over and get ready for the next set. These CD's are BFL approved, I might add, with Chris having taken the idea to EAS some years ago and getting full support. I can no longer run on a treadmill as outside is just too good. Good luck!

  • Hi Megan,

    Get yourself a good a stop watch.  You should have a good idea of what your level 4,5,6, etc. should be from running on the treadmill.  I do my cardio runs outside and it helps me from getting bored and I just plain enjoy my runs so much better!

    Rock on!


    "Without struggle there is no growth"

  • Thanks guys,  I appreciated all of these suggestions and will likely use all of them.  I am definitely an Ipod and Itunes freak so look forward to gettng the CD's made for BFL.,

    Cardio is tomorrow!


  • I wish I could say that my outdoor running experience was successful for a HIIT workout, but watch for loose gravel.  I fell flat on my hands while accelerating around a turn on a decline.  I cant imagine if I had my two 70lb dogs in tow, would have been a bigger disaster than my two badly scraped palms ( and scraped ego).  So, my advice might be to start on a school track, where it's level and clean, just to get the feel for your accelerations.  Or somewhere flat in general.   But it is so nice to be outside, give it a whirl, but beware of those loose pavements!

  • LilD,

      I have to watchout for the same thing on a treadmill. I never realized that I tend to sway a little when I run. I am so focused on running straight that it helps not seem like I am busting my hump running.


  • I had to start HIIT outside when my home treadmill broke and I am lovin' it!  I kinda feel the pace for the different levels, maybe because I did run on the treadmill for so long I feel like I can gauge it for myself outside.  I actually think I've been getting better workouts and hitting better 10's because I am not limited by the numbers on the machine to determine a level, but rather I'm focused on my perceived level of effort.....if I'm running my 8 and it seems like 8 should be more than what I'm doing, I pick up the pace a little ....on a treadmill I may have just waited it out.    Hills help, too.....I try to run my neighborhood in such a way that I'm running uphill on my 8,9,10 and more flat on my 6,7....that may or may not be possible depending on where you run.

    Good luck!  

  • oh...and obviously I use a stopwatch, too!  Forgot to say that!