Starting February 25, 2013

  • I completed the 12 week Body for Life program in 2002. I started at 200 lbs, and weighed 179 lbs after completing the program.  I know from experience this program works!  In the period from 2002 to 2011 I stayed in reasonably good shape by running and competing in martial arts. In November 2011 I began having a hip problem and it progressed to the point where walking was painful. Thankfully ten months later the pain was finally gone. However in the meantime I gained a LOT of weight.

    I am now a 40 year old male who weighs 237 lbs.  I am going to spend the next two weeks easing slowly back into weight training and cardio. The cardio should come relatively easy for me, but I haven't lifted weights in years. I am taking two weeks to prepare for this, then will start the 12 week program on Monday February 25th, 2013.

    If anyone wants to join in we can trade stories and keep each other motivated.  I am preparing for a strenuous job assignment that begins in May so I now have a deadline to prepare for.


  • Hey Don!

    I am starting on 2/24/13.  (I like Saturdays as my "free" day) a little about me;

    WOW!  It has been 3 years since I completed my first BFL challenge!  I managed to lose 20 pounds the first challenge.  I did  regain some of those 20 pounds, started eating clean again and lost that and more.  I am down to 165 from starting at 198 back in 2010.  I'm back for more and to actually FINISH my fitness goal of getting and staying in shape!  

    Although I have a target weight loss of 30 pounds I am more focused on the shape of  my body than the number on the scale!  That will be my true success! I left my original profile post below to remind myself of what inspired me to do the challenge in the first place.  Even though it has taken me this long to come back; perseverence will prevail! :-)


  • I'm going to start on Monday, too.  I've done the program several times, losing as much as 20 lbs the last time (this time last year).  I've never actually finished though....I usually get content around week 8 with some decent results and then I go back to my old habits.  Trying to see way through to the end this time.

  • My first time...determined and have planned it out. Look forward to talking with you all along this 12 week journey!  WE CAN DO IT!

  • I have also tried BFL several times in the past and when I started to see results, I gave up and never finished a full 12 week program, but this time I am determined and want to see the real results and entire transformation that happens.  Ready to go!!!

  • Hey Don,

    I am in as well.

    I know there is another group also starting up on that day (Today) with a thread going on the BFL web site... not sure if you have seen it or not... but I know Angie and CC and Mamakat have posted to it.

    I am right with you with the weight.

    I know we can all do this.

    I did BFL last year (2012) to completion twice and it helped me drop 34 pound net weight and really made me feel energetic and stronger.

    I have taken off a couple months with less activity and my weight is trending up again about 6 pounds net and I am sure there is some muscle to fat conversion on top of that.

    So I don't want to go back there again (you know, where I just came from with heavy weight and low energy level).

    So, that is why I am is not fair that it takes so much to be fit and strong and then it is so easy to fall right back into the bad habits routine. SO we need to make this a lifestyle change even beyond the 12 week program ...right!?!

    So, let's do this 'for life.'

    Thanks in advance for starting this thread and I cannot wait to hear everyones successes as we move through the weeks.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • It looks like you will have a TON of people starting with you.  :)  It's good that you have already experienced a successful 12 week challenge in the past; it helps to know it works for you personally.  If it has been a long time since you have trained with weights, I would HIGHLY suggest spending the money to have a trainer show you the proper way to lift.  This will help you avoid injuries that could curtail your progress.  When I started, I already "knew" how to lift weights..  but one of the trainers at the gym I use stopped me one day and showed me how just the slightest change in my form would increase my results.  I used the same weight I had been using, but definitely FELT it a lot more.  I then scheduled an appointment for her to show me the correct form on all of my exercises and my progress improved.  Good luck!

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45