1/28/13 Team Check In

  • How's everyone doing.  I missed almost all of last week due to the flu.  My weight is the same, but body fat has dropped a couple of points........... :)

  • Where's my people?!?!?  Did the legs this morning.  Already waaaay stronger!  Hope everyone else is doing well.

  • Blasted the legs again this morning!!  I've been able to increase the weights I use for all of my lifts everytime I hit the gym.  My nutrition has never been this good before, and I think that is what is making the difference.  That plus I've never taken this much rest between hitting the same muscle group another time.  Weighed in this morning and lost another 3.2lbs since last Monday.  That puts me at 18.2lbs so far!!  

  • Anybody from my team still in the challenge!?!?!?  Feeling abandoned here!!!!

  • Hi J-gilmer1979.  I started on Jan 28th too.  Week 5 and still hanging in there.  I haven't missed a workout, which makes me proud because my back flipped out on me in week 4, and then had a knee blow out.  I slowed down a bit, but never stopped.  

    I'm very happy for you for your weight loss.  My weight at last weigh in was only 3 lbs down. I'm trying not to pay too much attention to that, and concentrate on the changes I'm seeing in my body.  Really good changes!!  

    I'm really struggling with getting all the water down.  I'm not naturally thirsty, so after about 5 glasses, I don't want any more.  It's tough to keep drinking when you don't want it.  Many days, I don't get all the water in.

    Diet has been quite good, and I'm finding that I don't struggle with that too much.  I am counting calories, fat, carb and protein, just to make sure I'm on the right track.  I find the only time it's difficult for me is at dinner, when I'm used to eating more food.  But this is much healthier, and if I feel deprived, I just wait until I can have my evening snack.

    I keep coming back here to boost my motivation.  I was glad to see your post, and glad to see that you are doing well in your progress.  Keep up the great work!!!

  • I feel relieved to know I still have a teammate out there.  Congrats on the success you've had so far and keep pushing on.  Visit back often so I don't feel alone!  ;)